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Ah well, why not some Fred Reed?

Now don’t go quoting and saying that Sha’Tara indorses (the dictionary claims that’s a variant, but I think it’s an indoor form of endorsement) Fred Reed.  I just think that he’s sometimes a Good Read.  But I do think the following is pretty accurate.  Enjoy, and please, don’t go posting it as if it came from me. It does not, did not, will not.  I just copied and pasted.  Last and final disclaimer.  Ok I did add a couple of comments.  It’s what I do, comment.  I think my entire life is a comment… or a series of comments.   

Also, and for good measure, this was written in 2010, which is like saying, Oh boy, ancient history already!  You think so?  You could write the same article today, about today’s situation wherever in the world and come up with the same conclusions and reactions. Even the tapeworm-brained senator Lindsey Graham is still at it, in fact even worse.  Now he wants the ethics committee done away with.  Well, I’m sure he’s got a good reason, if a tapeworm brain could reason, which it cannot since, as Fred remarks, a tapeworm doesn’t have a brain. Also note that Israel’s “Bibi Nut-and-Yahoo” is also still at it, and much, much worse than in 2010.  His bad everything days are coming closer and closer together.  

Back when in prehistory, my history teacher would say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  If I were in his class today, I’d venture a correction: “Uh, Mr. Andres?  Shouldn’t it be, ‘The more things change, the worse they get’?”  Predictably he’d give me “the look” and I’d be telling myself why can’t I just shut up, just shut the hell up?  

Brain as an App-start using it-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Let’s Attack Iran!     by Fred Reed

Senator Graham has the brains of a tapeworm, making him eminently qualified for the senate. Tapeworms, I note, do not have brains. It is characteristic of warlike innocents, to include the Pentagon, to believe that if you destroy navies and air forces, you win wars. This worked well in Vietnam, you will recall, and as soon as we destroy the Taliban’s navy, Afghanistan will be a cakewalk.  Oh good. I see that Senator Lindsey Graham wants to attack Iran. The US, he says, should “sink their navy, destroy their air force and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard.”

Now, I understand that practicality and realism are alien concepts in American politics, to be approached with trepidation, but maybe, just once, we should think before sticking our private parts into a wood-chipper. Just once. I do not propose consistent rationality, forethought, or intelligent behavior. I profoundly respect my country’s traditions.

However, folk wisdom from West Virginia: Before you say, “I can whip any man in the bar!” it is well to scout the bar.

Some will find the thought of American martial incapacity outrageous. Can’t beat Iran? Buncha towel monkeys? Among grrr-bowwow-woof patriots, there exists a heady delusion of American potency, that the US has “the greatest military power the world has ever seen.” Ah. And when did it last win a war? In Afghanistan, for ten years the gloriousest military ever known, the expensivist, and whoosh-bangiest, hasn’t managed to defeat a bunch of pissed-off illiterates with AKs and RPGs.  Note that the United States cannot defeat Iran militarily, short of using nuclear weapons. It is easy to start a war. Finishing one is harder. I could punch out Mike Tyson. Things thereafter might not go as well as hoped.

At this point Lindsey of Persia will doubtless allude to the wonders of air power, of “precision-guided weapons,” of smart bombs that presumably read Kant on the way down. Those pitiable Iranians would have no hope of stopping our mighty bombers. True.

Implicit in this Thomistic fantasy (Clancy, I mean, not Aquinas) is that Iran wouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t dare fight back without a navy, etc. Lindsey had better be very sure that Iran couldn’t block the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation. Enough of the world’s petroleum comes from the Gulf that the price would rise drastically if the Straits were blocked. Some economies would simply stop.

How many supertankers going up in flames would be tolerated before operators of tankers refused to risk it?

The Air Force, to include Naval Air, may be confident that it can destroy all of Iran’s missiles. The Air Force always believes that air power can do anything and everything – make coffee, win at marbles, everything. After all, don’t its airplanes say “Vrooom!” and “Swoosh!”? Don’t cockpits have lots of portentous buttons and spiffy little screens? Unfortunately the Air Force is regularly wrong. Iran recently began serial production of the Nasr 1, an anti-ship cruise missile. Tankers are thin-skinned and highly flammable. The Nasr 1 can be fired from the back of a truck. Trucks by their nature are mobile. They are easy to hide.

In fact the entire military is regularly wrong about the ease and duration of its adventures. For example, it had no idea that Viet Nam would turn into an endless war ending in defeat (if that makes sense). Iraq notoriously was going to be a walk in the park. That the war on Afghanistan would last ten years with a distinct possibility of defeat…this never occurred to the soldiers.

It is barely conceivable that the Five-Sided Wind Box could do what Field Marshal Graham thinks it could do. The unexpected is always a possibility. But, the stakes being what they would be in Hormuz, hoo-boy….

Another possibility is that Israel will attack Iran, as it has threatened. I would like to think that even Bibi Nut-and-Yahoo has better sense but, if the US can produce gibbering wingnuts, why not Israel? The practical effects of an Israeli attack would be indistinguishable from those of an American attack: America would have to solve the problem. Which it probably couldn’t. Israel can bomb Iran’s nuclear codpieces, but it can’t defeat Iran. And if the Strait were blocked after an Israeli attack, the entire globe would holler, “Israel did it!” which would be true.

The distance from “Israel did it” to “The Jews did it,” though logically great, is emotionally short. People think in collective terms. Remember that after some Saudis dropped the Towers, the alleged war on terror morphed almost instantly into intense hostility for Moslems. It doesn’t make sense, but what has that got to do with anything?

Congress doesn’t support Israel because it likes Israel, but from political expediency. If the wind blows the other way, so will Congress. Gasoline at twelve dollars is a lot of wind in a commuting country.I know a lot of Jews, who are all over the place politically and intellectually. They have in common a complete lack of resemblance to the scheming, hand-rubbing, heh-heh-heh Jews of Neo-nazi imagination. Few sacrifice Christian children (a temptation strongest, I can attest, among Christian parents). But…people think collectively.

Things worsen for America, yet we really don’t know where the country is going or how it will react. The last domestic catastrophe was the Great Depression, when America was a very different place. How bad can things get, economically, politically, internationally? How does a pampered population incapable of planting a garden respond to genuinely hard times? “It can’t happen here,” one hears. What can’t? I suspect that all sorts of things could happen, given sufficiently hard times.

The United States is today an edgy, unhappy country, sliding toward poverty, increasingly dictatorial, inchoately angry, hostile to blacks, the French, Mexicans, Moslems and, creepingly, the Chinese.  (Jews, perhaps to their surprise, don’t make the enemies list.) Americans don’t do cosmopolitan. The federal pressure for diversity exists because otherwise no one would associate with anyone else. The Persian Gulf is one of few places that plausibly might wreck the industrial world. There would have to be someone to blame. And Israel can’t survive without American support.

Maybe I’m crazy. But if I were an Israeli, I’d find a nice café on Diesengoff and enjoy a double cappuccino, watch the girls, and keep my bombs in my pocket. Let somebody else take the fall.

{OK, so he forgot to include the Russians in the list of hostiles but then in 2010 they were relatively quiet, watching the latest Pentagon production in wide screen: “Our Troops Conquer Afghanistan” – a sequel to “Our Troops Conquer Iraq” which was a late sequel to “Our Troops Conquer Grenada” which was a sequel to “Our Troops Conquer Vietnam” which was a sequel to “Our Troops Conquer Korea” … OK, so it’s a bit redundant but as long as the sheeple keep watching and paying, just keep the reels spinning, and keep ’em coming. My comment here}

November 9, 2010

Fred Reed is author of Nekkid in Austin: Drop Your Inner Child Down a Well and A Brass Pole in Bangkok: A Thing I Aspire to Be. His latest book is Curmudgeing Through Paradise: Reports from a Fractal Dung Beetle. Visit his blog.

Copyright © 2010 Fred Reed

The Best of Fred Reed


Death, Mind and Collective Brainwashing

   [thoughts from   ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara]

Let’s begin with death.  “What is death?”  Perhaps that is not quite the right question to ask.  Perhaps a better question would be, “What is it that dies?”

If you reduce any collective entity to its individual components – to its particles of light, of energy, does it still die?  What if the “memory” of the entity that “died” was now carried by its scattered particles?  Hopefully I’ll get to that when discussing the concept of mind.

Death is a coming apart of a collective.  Therefore only a collective can experience death.  Death is the scattering of the individual parts of any collective.  As long as collectives have the power to call individual particles to themselves to feed themselves, they can overcome some the effects of time, the erosion that time imposes on everything it controls.  When its individual components can no longer supply its growing needs for converted energy, it begins to disintegrate at an increasing rate.  It literally dissolves.  That’s called entropy.  It’s also called “limits to growth” where a collective has surpassed the capacity of its environment to keep it alive.  Many believe now, or can see, that man has reached this point on this planet.

Perhaps I could think of entropic process as life’s sluice gate, to flush out overgrown and destructive collectives, from universes (the largest we can “know”) and down to our own bodies and smaller so the greater (cosmic) process can develop as life intends or so individuals can regain the freedom lost to collectives.  Individuals seek freedom.  Conversely collectives seek to constrain, to gather, to bring together in order to control, then to squeeze life from individual particles.  In the great chess game played by collectives, they’re forever competing against each other and enslaving (called mergers) of other entities to “grow” the more powerful one. 

Time, the bane of collectives, cannot control individual particles.  Time cannot destroy or kill individual particles because these belong to life’s canvas of infinity.  Death is the effect, the poison, of time upon collectives.  That’s as simple as I can explain it to myself.  (I am speaking here of the “time death” which is as artificial as time itself, affecting only collectives, not of natural death which is a fusing, transferring and reshaping through what I’d call the energetic flow, or flow of free energy.  I sometimes think of it as re-formatting.  That’s not death as such, just transformation.  A collectively-minded entity will see it as death but a free entity will see it as a simple metamorphosis.) 

There is another aspect that is not affected by time, and is also infinite and that is – mind.  I believe everything is of mind and has a mind because everything through its individual members (particles) belongs to infinity, not to the realm of time.  As well, no collective can exist without a mind.  Collectives are self-aware to some degree, therefore not mindless.  But the mind of the collective does not belong to it, nor does it emerge from it.  The collective must somehow trap existing minds in order to claim legitimacy. Any collective of necessity it seems, can only have an artificial “mind” made up of individual minds it has enslaved to do its bidding.   Therefore all collectives are predatory by nature.

Speaking of collectives, let’s consider the city. What is a city?  What purpose does it serve?  How does it not only remain together but grow? What feeds it the energy it needs to function?  A city is a complete contradiction on a world such as this.  This is a lush, natural world that calls for nature to express itself in the most wonderful and luxurious ways, both exotic and erotic in its freedom.  But man for the most part has never made the effort to understand the nature of earth; never fell in love with it so as to go and live within it, unconstrained and free.  In fact man declared long ago, from the appearance of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, that nature was his enemy.  His “creator gods” commanded man to extend his rule over nature and subdue “her.” 

So a dark, destructive, hate filled, murderous mind entered man’s collective thought and one of the results was the building of fortified cities which, being fed with enough human fodder have proliferated into megalopolises.  Do these collectives serve humanity, or the elites?  Well, just look at how the buildings grow, and who lives and operates in which: there’s your answer. 

In the Hebrew sacred books we read that Cain, the first son of the first parents Adam and Eve, after murdering his brother in a fit of jealousy was “marked” by God so he would never be molested for his crime.  Follow this if you will: Cain goes off to the land of “Nod” and builds a city. 

Three things stand out:

ONE:  The very first ruler of man was a murderer. 
TWO: He becomes the first of the elites to be declared unaccountable for his crimes – by none other than God. 
THREE:  He builds a city, symbol of power over and against. 

The die for humanity’s future is cast as in a divine forge.  The pattern is set and indestructible – the forging of the ring of power that would rule all in the darkness of a dark mind, but who’s the Lord of the Ring of power?  What’s behind the collective that keeps all forces of subversion, corruption, oppression and suppression so well fed and immune from judgment regardless of the terrible conditions it causes to exist in man’s world?  

As we readily can see today, the collective mind that rules humanity on Earth, or Earthians as “my people” call them, is corrupt and evil.  It is anti-life, thus explicably misogynist, and totalitarian in nature.  How it gains its power is by ensnaring individual minds to do its bidding.  It is made up of individual enslaved minds that serve the collective in the belief that an individual “has no chance” or “can’t make change” and therefore must “belong” to some form of ruling mind collective. 

I just read an article by a blogger who rants against Donald Trump, fears him, hates him, excoriates him (which is fine by me, don’t get me wrong on that!) but closes by lambasting “third choice” voters.  She says, if you vote for Jill Stein you are giving your vote to Donald Trump and it will be your fault if he gets in the White House.  So you have to give your allegiance to one of two utterly Matrix-chosen despicable characters, by closing your own mind and believing against all evidence to the contrary that Hillary Clinton is a better choice for POTUS than the Donald.  In other words, here’s another slave of the collective that says, don’t you dare exercise a free vote – we’ll blame you if things don’t go our way; it will be your fault for exercising your “conscience” vote.  Such thinking ensures that the Matrix pawns always win when “popular” choice might just make a difference.  

Earthian minds, through fear, hatred, and brainwashing from the crib on up, have been, and are, enslaved to a murderous belief system.  Few are those left who understand the real concept of freedom of choice, decision making, and how to respond in self-empowerment to any and all conditions extant.  The first thing an Earthian mind does when confronted with a problem is seek for a problem solver, in that’s where the Matrix holds all the cards. 

Problem solvers, though a dime a dozen, as prolific as garbage, are very, very expensive.  Doctors and hospitals, lawyers, insurance companies, politicians, bankers, police, shrinks, security guards, educational systems, prisons, counsellors, egotistical academics, the military, corporate CEO’s and their research scientists, lamestream media and its herds of presstitutes in short skirts and fancy suits and the M-Billionaires who speak for God.  Got money? No? Well, we’ll mortgage your life and give you a solution to your problem.  

YOU (pointing a carefully manicured finger in your face) cannot, EVER, seek that solution without coming to us.  Any solution you try to apply on your own, whether it’s eating natural foods or smoking a joint, we’ll declare illegal.  We’ll hunt down the source of your freedom and destroy it.  We’ll search your homes and fridges for illegal substances and imprison you when we find it, and if we don’t like you, and we can’t find evidence to jail you, we’ll plant it, drug you so you won’t remember, and you WILL go to jail.  You get me, sweetheart?

Why collectives are evil, why they always die: difficult concepts to mull through.  Even more difficult to share with other intelligence.  But in these times, such thoughts could prove salutary.  Our “System” or collectives are, after all, dissolving before our very eyes…


All truths are within us and for these truths we seek within ourselves (The One Tree – Stephen Donaldson)

“The coming years will prove increasingly cynical and cruel. People will definitely not slip into oblivion while hugging each other. The final stages in the life of humanity will be marked by the monstrous war of all against all: the amount of suffering will be maximal.  Pentti LinkolaCan Life Prevail?

“Bring back normal, get our cable TV back no matter the cost, nuke whoever you have to, just give us our lives back!”  You have to see the end of all this taking shape, I know you do.  Putin attacked no one.  Muslims are not the problem.  Neither Republicanism nor Democratic stoicism will defend us from ourselves.  Mediocrity cannot rule, but in the 21st century it can obliterate us all.  I leave you with the root of our collective demise, the reason Obama or Clinton or Trump types enthrall the masses so:  “Most of our pocket wisdom is conceived for the use of mediocre people, to discourage them from ambitious attempts, and generally console them in their mediocrity.” (Robert Louis Stevenson)  Phil Butler is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.
There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity.  In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite.  (Paul Gauguin)

I believe in the power of the imagination to remake the world, to release the truth within us, to hold back the night, to transcend death, to charm motorways, to ingratiate ourselves with birds, to enlist the confidences of madmen. ― J.G. Ballard, from “What I Believe.” Originally published in the French magazine Science Fiction, January 1984.

There is a certain clinical satisfaction in seeing just how bad things can get. —  Sylvia Plath

The Power Pizza has Three Slices (however you slice it)

                   [thoughts from    ~burning woman~    by Sha’Tara]

I felt the need to write a follow-up to the essay, “How far back must we go?”  So here’s a bit of an explanation and fill-in using the Earth world view I was taught to see by “the Teachers” some years back.  Having no argument with their explanations, I present that world view here as my own which of course it now is. 

The forces of mind control and repetitive actions due to programming, come in threes.  I first clued into this from my doctrine-heavy Christian upbringing in which the three main Powers were a godhead of a father, a son and a holy spirit.  This is dogma and must be believed in when one is confirmed in the Catholic Church.  There are little variations to this dogma in any other Christian cult.  It’s the basis for the whole faith.  This awareness explains why Christianity was able to grow so rapidly into a world-dominating religion and remains the leading force of religious power even today.  Remove one or two of these “persons” from Christianity and the house of cards collapses into meaninglessness, much as Islam is currently experiencing – they don’t have a Trinitarian god.  Keep this in mind: Power comes in threes.    

This isn’t about religion.  This is about daily Earthian reality and how it all works.  Basically, all of earth people’s lives are circumscribed by faith.  You have to believe “in” certain dogmas (in science and economics they’re called “theories”) for the System to work – and by that I don’t mean it must make sense, it does not, never did, never will – but it certainly works well, just as well as did the Spanish inquisition.  There is purpose behind it all, and that purpose is the exercise of Power Over.  The less the number of power holders and the greater the number of oppressed, the more Power accumulates to the holders of it.  No elitist power, from the would-be gods down through the hierarchy, is ever manufactured.  All of it is forcefully extracted from billions of victims and slaves of the Power Holders. 

How do they do this?  How do they steal your power?  Through lies, disinformation and the blatant, deliberate spreading of fear, which leads to mindless hate, which leads to wars and genocide.  I just watched “High Plains Drifter” with Clint Eastwood.  An old story of greed, violence and retribution.  Basic story: “The Stranger” who never gives his name rides into the town of Lago as a drifter.  Challenged, he shoots three gunmen and is hired to protect the townspeople from three other gunmen due to be released from jail and certain to come calling for being railroaded by the town’s leaders.  Unbeknownst to the leaders, “The Stranger” is in town to avenge the killing of an honest sheriff by the entire town in cahoots with a mining outfit stealing gold from protected government land (a reservation?).  To achieve his ends, “The Stranger” proceeds to sow dissension, suspicion, fear and hate among the townspeople who are all guilty of collusion in the death of their sheriff.  In the end, the town is destroyed, its leaders killed and the three gunmen who had been hired to kill the sheriff are killed by “The Stranger”.  Then he rides out of town, mission accomplished. 

We like these kinds of simplistic stories where the lone “good guy” wins against impossible odds, and the villains are exposed, jailed or killed.  But that is not what happens on earth, quite the opposite.  We slave for the villains; we support them, raise statues to them, give them peace prizes, name towns, universities, streets after them.  We vote them into office so they can further oppress and kill us with endless wars, meaningless labour, manufactured poverty, denial of basic justice and health care.  And we give them all our money and more because we fear each other more than we hate them. This we know.  Yet we cannot, ever, escape this destiny of subservience.  If we get to hate them enough to overthrow them we immediately replace them with characters of the same mindset or even worse. 

I said the forces of oppression come in threes.  These are what I call the gods: Religion, the State and Money.  Childishly simplistic concepts that shouldn’t ever see the light of day outside a sand box or playpen.  Yet they rule the world (and much more!) and are never seen for what they are.  And what keeps them in power?  Three other very basic concepts: faith, hope and love.  These are even presented as virtues in the Christian New Testament: 1Co. 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”  Indeed, you could attach faith to Religion; hope to the State apparatus; love to Money: three for three.  An ever winning combination for the Powers.

How desperately Earthians need to believe such things are true by simple description.  Yet the same people do everything in their power to deny every assertion ever made about love particularly.  How many people stop dead in their tracks and ask themselves this honest question: why doesn’t love work?  No one, because the answer would be devastating.  Love’s power is to destroy what faith and hope pretend to build up.  Yes, I say pretend, because they too are lies.  They uphold a triumvirate of endless, circular oppression.  Faith says, believe it even when every common sense in your mind says it’s a lie.  Hope then says, stick with this belief and things will work out for the good in the end.  Love says, if it feels good do it.  Don’t think about it.  Don’t reason it.  Just do it.  That could be the perfect motto for “free enterprise” capitalism.

A brief side trip with love.  In a small US town (Wichita Falls, Texas) earlier this month a 20 year old man kills a 13 year old girl he was obsessively “in love with” by shooting her 14 times.  Ain’t love grand.  Going back a few millennia, for God, love meant wiping out all sentient air-breathing living creatures on an entire world… “Ge. 6:7 So the LORD said, “I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth — men and animals, and creatures that move along the ground, and birds of the air — for I am grieved that I have made them.”  I know others who love the world as much as God does.  Monsanto comes to mind… in fact the whole military industrial complex just loves the world to bits, literally, with its chemicals, cluster bombs and nukes. 

Anyone with a grain of common sense and an iota of knowledge of history would be able to see through these forces of oppression.  But of course the Powers don’t allow people to draw such a conclusion.  There is a powerful programming at work that maintains a permanent delusion that says change comes from switching allegiance between the Powers.  For a time, Religion rules the world.  Then the State rules.  When both have demonstrated their utter corruption, Money comes to the fore and forces all and sundry to worship at its altars.  Bankers and “business” now rule the world and push for globalism through oppression and bloodshed so they can gain ever more power.  Now you can see what corruption actually is, but it’s too late to save your civilization.  When the last head of the triumvirate of power loses it as we are experiencing now, that is the end of the civilization the gods raised, murdered with and finally plundered to the bare bones.    

Now some people are beginning to clue in that Money in the guise of capitalism is just another corrupt Power.  But what do they talk about as a replacement?  As a counter force?  Some speak of people coming together under a “loving” deity, let’s call her “Gaia” or some such nice motherly name, and some continue to believe that Government can be cleansed of its corruption, can rein in the power of Money and bring some kind of justice and peace to the world.  And for some, Money will solve everything, it just needs to be applied in the right places.  Never mind that these ideas have never worked.  Never mind that it’s impossible to rid any Power of its internal rot.  Logic and common sense do not rule here: faith, hope and love do.  And there are only three possible choices that people as collectives can pick from: Religion, Government or Money.  The Power Pizza has three slices.  These may vary in size but there is, and can only be, but three slices.  And, according to the status quo (which public education reinforces so everybody will believe this) nothing of consequence exists outside the outer circumference of the Power Pizza.

Behold your gods, O Earth!  

The Canoe Race-a Satire on Capitalistic Economies

“The Canoe Race – a satire”


As you can see by the date embedded in the link, the following “parable” is now 6 years old.  What should be obvious to all somehow remains a mystery.  Corporate mismanagment and theft of wages and benefits of employees, bailouts, lay-offs and use of off-shore tax havens to avoid paying taxes in US-based enterprises is on the rise.  Could it be because of unchecked greed?  Oh no, surely not.  That is such a harsh and politically incorrect word to use.

In his “Dune” books Frank Herbert often mentioned “the law of the minimum” when talking about resource use and allocation.  An intelligent person understands that resource (or energy) re-allocation has to be based always on the minimum.  Always use the lowest number when guaging resource availability.  Competitive capitalism uses the opposite law, if it uses any law at all and it would be better said that capitalism is a lawless appropriation of any and all sources of energy with no thought ever given to the possibility that a resource will end – at least not until another, even more profitable resource has been discovered and brought into use.  

The one English word that perfectly defines capitalism is “MORE!” with the exclamation mark.  Do note, all you poets, that “More!” rhymes quite comfortably with “Whore!” – and with good reason.  Capitalism cannot function within a finite condition of resource availability, at least not without powerful governments dictating a steady-state economy (see Wikipedia, ) because we live in a finite environment and yet capitalism is the “economic model of choice” used to exploit, rule and control this world.  That being the case, the logical conclusion is that man’s entire civilization based as it is on such a perverted economic system can but collapse, the main beneficiaries of capitalism’s “largesse” being the very last ones to recognize their own demise.  By the time Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Australians realize their quasi-divine concept of capitalism has eaten through the last victuals in the global pantry, there will be nothing left to come back on.  They will die.  That, of course, has always been the price paid for worship of idols.  Now for the parable:


A Japanese company (Toyota) and an American company (General Motors) decided
to have a canoe race on the Missouri River.  Both teams practiced long and
hard to reach their peak  performance before the race.

On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile .

The Americans, very discouraged and depressed, decided to investigate the
reason for the crushing defeat.  A management team made up of senior
management was formed to investigate and recommend appropriate action.

Their conclusion was the Japanese had 8 people paddling and 1 person
steering, while the American team had 7 people steering and 2 people

Feeling a deeper study was in order, American management hired a consulting
company and paid them a large amount of money for a second opinion.

They advised, of course, that too many people were steering the boat, while
not enough people were paddling.

Not sure of how to utilize that information, but wanting to prevent another
loss to the Japanese, the paddling team’s management structure was totally
reorganized to 4 steering supervisors, 2 area steering superintendents and 1
assistant superintendent steering manager.

They also implemented a new performance system that would give the 2 people
paddling the boat greater incentive to work harder.  It was called the
‘Rowing Team Quality First Program,’ with meetings, dinners and free pens
for the paddlers.  There was discussion of getting new paddles, canoes and
other equipment, extra vacation days for practices, and bonuses.  The
pension program was trimmed to ‘equal the competition’ and some of the
resultant savings were channelled into morale boosting programs and teamwork

The next year the Japanese won by two miles.

Humiliated, the American management laid off one paddler, halted development
of a new canoe, sold all the paddles, and cancelled all capital investments
for new equipment.  The money saved was distributed to the Senior Executives
as bonuses.

The next year, try as he might, the lone designated paddler was unable to
even finish the race (having no paddles), so he was laid off for
unacceptable performance, all canoe equipment was sold and the next year’s
racing team was out-sourced to India.

Here’s something else to think about: GM has spent the last thirty years
moving all its factories out of the US, claiming they can’t make money
paying American wages.

TOYOTA has spent the last thirty years building more than a dozen plants
inside the US.  The last quarter’s results:

TOYOTA makes 4 billion in profits while GM racks up 9 billion in losses.

GM managers are still scratching their heads… and collecting ever larger bonuses…



In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

                [a short story by   ~burning woman~   ]

“Don’t mince words: come right out and tell us!”  There is much anger in those voices, but more, it is a challenge, a challenge to back up my words; to prove myself.  Funny part is, that’s the very last thing I want to be able to do, but “they” don’t get it.  How many times do I have to say it: “I don’t want to be right.  But you have to prove me wrong!”

But instead, they shuffle back onto the porch of the old honky-tonk  – well, so to speak – and with hands in pockets, slouch forward, looking down at me standing in the mud of the partially thawed parking lot.  The garish red neon sign casts its bloody glow upon the surface between pickup trucks; bits of frozen soil reflect the light like rubies.  Thousands of fake rubies on top of ruts, a dozen rubes glaring from the porch.  Angry, upset, confused – dangerous in their abject destitution, desperate to strike out at anything that creates an unaccustomed chafing.

Of course the “argument” had been political.  Did I start it?  I don’t know, I may have mentioned the fact that international treaties were responsible for over half of these people being unemployed and having to supplement their welfare stamps with illegal activities, selling pot and hooch and their women, while those who work garner such pitiable wages from the mining corporations they can never, ever hope to make any of the endless ends meet. 

The sad thing is, there’s a tradition of this sort of thing here, long before the great depression of the 1930’s even.  Beating the “revenuers” and their women and children, is more than tradition or a way of life, it’s how these people measure their independence and freedom, even if on the long run the law wins and all of them have served, or will serve, long prison sentences.  The sad thing is, the women and the children play this game too, having no idea how to change the system of abject oppression they have to survive within and struggle under; having no idea there could even be a different kind of way. 

So there they stand, promoters of drugs, booze, prostitution, managing a prison designed by their elites, a self-serving dystopia maintained through a totally dysfunctional society feeding upon itself in an ever-shrinking loop.  Observe with me: through the open doors of the metal-clad rickety building, behind the bar is the country’s flag.  Of course.  And the money enriching the tills says, “In God we Trust.”  And every time a cash register rings its bell an angel gets its wings, isn’t that right?  

I see these things as a matter of course ‘cause in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is a visionary.  I see these people, staring at me, daring me, itching for a fight out here, in the mud of the parking lot.  And these men are proud!  Tell them their pride is the final nail in their dying world’s coffin and they will tear you to shreds.

So, friend, do as I do.  I lift up both arms, open my hands wide and wish them all a good night, walking slowly backward to my truck.  But when I finally get in the cab, lock the door and put my hands on the steering wheel, I notice they’re shaking.  I won’t deny it, I’m scared half to death as I drive away slowly, carefully and as quietly as the beast will let me, expecting headlights to flare up behind me and start following.  The parking lot remains dark.

You, sitting here in the bouncing cab, secure in your seat belt and staring at the winding road bordered by snaggy, leafless bushes, after witnessing the above, remember this: if you think you have some wisdom to impart to this world, be very circumspect because sharing wisdom to the average Earthian is casting pearls before swine.  Do not think that teaching wisdom is worth the price of martyrdom.  A society such as this cannot raise martyrs, your death would only serve as bloody entertainment to supplement its meager fare of pleasures and feed its desperate lusts.    


What it means to be an Individual – essay


[thoughts from  ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

What are the 4 most dangerous words ever voiced at a corporate board meeting?  You’ve probably heard it many times.  It’s, “I have an idea!”

Why are those words dangerous?  Whatever the idea may be, that’s not the danger.  The danger is that the words expose the thinking of an individual, and an individual in today’s world is THE ENEMY.  “No, you, as an individual, cannot have an idea.  You cannot have an opinion unless it’s already part of the consensus.  We have the idea and we supply the opinion – we being the Power of Religion, Politics or Money, pick one, pick all three, there are no individuals anywhere within those hallowed halls, only zombies, ghosts, skeletons and puppets.

But what if you insist on being “an individual” and you know your ideas are as valid as consensual ideas?  Then you leave the board room.  You leave the collective.  You stop believing that power is in numbers and you walk alone.  The problem I see is that, while many people really believe that walking alone is best, they can’t make up their minds whether they should always walk alone, or just sometimes.  This brings me to the subject of voting. 

Prime example is the current political farce being entertained down south.  You have a duopoly with two miscreants running for the highest office in the land.  Yes, there are alternatives, like the Greens or Libertarians but everybody is pre-wired and brainwashed to believe that no matter how many people turn on the duopoly and vote for the alternative, they can never “win.”  So they bleat their discontent and dutifully vote for one of two morally and psychologically bankrupt puppets of the status quo when either choice is a disaster in the making, guaranteed.  The point, says the programming, is that you have to “win; you have to get that gold medal.  It doesn’t matter that all around you is abject poverty and complete social chaos and it’s going to get worse: this is the Olympfix and you are there to win the gold, not to worry about social, environmental or economic conditions.  You can take care of that in a fifteen minute acceptance speech but to get that chance you have to win – at any cost.”

“If you don’t vote, don’t complain later” is the common “wisdom” but I beg to differ.  If I don’t vote for a George Bush and the sick psychopath engineers a war that kills hundreds of thousands of innocent unarmed civilians, and I don’t support it, I’m the one who’s got something to complain about.  I’m the one who abstained, in conscience, from supporting the status quo.  I’m also the one intelligent, and observant enough to know that however I vote within the status quo, the results will be more of what I’d want less of, and vice-versa.  The collective under any banner is a herd of blind sheep.

As an individual however, I never have to win anything.  I am complete in myself and I sustain myself with my own thoughts, by my own philosophy and I prove myself by my words and my acts.  I speak, and I act; I live and I die, without belonging; without a pre-written speech; without funding from some charitable organization; without sponsors or supporters. 

A free individual feels no need to become a leader or even a way shower.  She needs no one to push her on, or to praise her.  If she is reviled, she won’t care about that either because, as I said above, her words and her acts are who she is, not opinions or brainwashing.

If I lived across the line, would I vote?  The answer is an unequivocal “no.”  Voting is for sheep, for people, or sheeple, who have yet to learn to reason the simplest concepts for themselves; who have yet to awaken themselves to the delusion that is their collective (un)reality.   


The Sacred Cow Trinity

      [thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

 I’ll start with a truly erudite intro, a well known and popular song that brings Matrix induced emotional tears to the eyes:

Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o,
And on his farm he had a cow, e-i-e-i-o.
With a moo moo here, and a moo, moo there,
Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo,
Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o.

In case there’s any doubt about the topic, this short essay is all about cows.  A particularly insidious and infectious breed of cows: Sacred Cows.

Is there anything more popular than sacred cows on this world?  Nothing comes even close.  Man’s society (that’s the species, not the gender) functions entirely on the basis of faith in sacred cows.  Now I need to make a basic list, so we’ll all know what I’m talking about, because you see these sacred cows have many names, none of which, of course, would remind anyone of cows.  Long live misdirection!

Oh wait, before we draw up the list, it may be advantageous to actually define the term, sacred cow.  I wonder if Wiktionary can be of help here. 

sacred cow ‎(plural sacred cows)  (idiomatic) Something which cannot be tampered with, or criticized, for fear of public outcry. A person, institution, belief system, etc. which, for no reason other than the demands of established social etiquette or popular opinion, should be accorded respect or reverence, and not touched, handled or examined too closely.

Well, there you have it, exactly what I’m talking about.  Now let’s make a list of Major Sacred Cows.  It’s easy, there’s only three actually and all the rest of them fall in ever-expanding lesser categories of sacred cows.

The first: Religion, belief in Deity.  Do I need to elaborate?  I think not.

The second:  The State, Government, without which, however lame, ignorant, sick, despotic, sociopathic it turns out to be, people firmly believe they could not exist without. 

The Third, obviously is Money which under a carefully and powerfully maintained system of unjust trade which creates crushing oppression world-wide, people believe they could not exist without, in some form or other, and it’s a Cow with many different skins.

The milk from all three Cows is poisonous, not only to man, but to his world.

I live in Canada, and write from Canada, so for the time being I can point the finger at this evil Trinity of Sacred Cows and I can be reasonably sure, as of today, that I won’t be arrested, jailed, tortured and either burned alive (the old favourite trick of Christianity) or stoned to death or beheaded (the old and current favourite trick of Islam) for blasphemy.  Not that such threats would stop me from writing this, but just saying, for those who take what’s left of personal freedom for granted; freedoms that only remain in effect because the psychopaths that have high-jacked all “democratic” nations’ governments have not yet found a sure-fire way to cancel these personal freedoms.  That such a time is fast arriving, particularly in “*Pentagonia” some twenty or so miles to the south of here, is no longer in doubt.  Still, here, George Orwell could still write, maybe even publish, “1984” and “Animal Farm” without facing a kangaroo court and lynching. 

Why do I say that Religion (particularly organized, registered, politically active Religion), the State and Money are sacred cows?  Because they are not only completely unnecessary in a properly functioning world of *ISSA beings, they are an obvious detriment to health, wealth and happiness for ninety five percent of the entire human population.  Where they defecate is sacred and can’t be touched.  (Don’t worry about my statistics, I make them up as I go along, but in this case, I think my dart is heading for the bull’s eye.)

The social harm caused by organized religion, particularly when riding the political cart, has been so well documented, it boggles the mind that any intelligent person would still seek to find fulfillment or any sort of social improvement within that vehicle.  In “*Pentagonia” any individual running for the topmost political office of the land has to have some kind of verifiable and viable link to the official religion: Christianity.  Some will object to that, stating their constitution, and claim that the Pentagonian government is free of religion.  Sure, and I’ve got three sections of beautiful farmland with a clean, clear trout-filled stream running through it to sell you at cost – on Mars.  Just try to imagine a self-described, publicly advertised atheist running for president and how far s/he would get.  No, you have to be a visible member of the Ruling Elite Religion, and that’s not debatable.  It’s much less debatable in any Muslim theocracy.  There it’s blasphemous, hence punishable by death, to claim to be an atheist.  You don’t have the choice to believe or not.  Believe in Allah, or die (without even the hope of glimpsing your seventy virgins).  Oh, and don’t forget to check the belief menu du jour: there’s a right way and many wrong ways to believe in Allah.  The wrong way gets you dead.  Along with your family, but that’s only common sense.

The situation is no different with governments.  Anyone knows by now that changing labels at the top end makes no difference to the big picture.  That’s mainly due to the fact that governments do not run the country, they only rule it.   The country is run by the bureaucrats, and they are hired, not elected.  No matter who’s on top, the bureaucrat will continue to go through the motions s/he was hired to go through forty-one years ago yesterday. 

Only in rare cases, when a particular bureaucrat openly and publicly violates some oath of office, will firing take place, or charges be laid.  But that’s a drop of water in the bureaucratic ocean.  Nothing can fundamentally change.  We have the examples of many dictators, Stalin for example, who purged and purged and purged the bureaucracy until all the flags were blood stained and bones were bleaching under the snows, to establish his particular pathocratic version of government.  Millions died, tens of millions more toiled unto their death in work camps.  And where is his famous USSR empire today?  How different is Russia today than it was under the Czars, and Stalin, fundamentally speaking? 

Do I even need to talk about money?  Money is the ultimate illusion; the ultimate gamble; the foremost path to absolute despair for a growing majority of the world’s population.  What is money?  Well, it’s numbers, and it’s something between an incredibly popular and long-running soap opera and the weirdest of organized sports whose players (everybody) are owned by bankers and plutocrats. 

The problem with money is, it possesses no intrinsic value.  A dollar bill is a promissory note – a promise to pay – and when you consider the kind of minds that come together to make that promise, well, believing it takes even more faith than believing in an invisible sky wizard.  In today’s world, at this moment, the world’s money is counted in trillions upon trillions of dollar-euro-ruble-yuan-camel dung-casino chits’ worth of debt.  That’s it: the only real value ascribed to money currently is debt which is avidly bought and sold as wonderful collateral. 

They must have stopped teaching arithmetic after I left school because it was taught that if you have three apples and you owe your neighbour five apples, you are short two apples.  That’s it.  If you cannot find some way to replace those two apples, you’re in debt and your neighbour is entitled to take from you anything of value to make up his loss of his two apples.  That was the game.  Now you can sell your shortfall to some ding-dong from another planet who then sells it to another loony from another galaxy and as the loss is moved from idiot to idiot who can’t possibly understand the basic rules of the game, you no longer have a debt… that is until the bouncing ball makes its rounds and comes back to knock on your back door:  “Hi honey, I’m home!” 

So, look at those three Sacred Cows, man’s Sacred Trinity of Powers, and see if, through some bit of logic and common sense you can’t figure out what’s wrong with worshipping those things.  See if there isn’t, tucked deep in the back of your human mind, some rebel idea waiting to be brought forth into the light, even if you need to purchase a twenty dollar LED light bulb to do it.  See if that idea is developed enough to give an inkling of what life could be like without Religion, Government or Money.  As John Lennon would say, Imagine.  Is that so hard?

What would it take for people to live peacefully and contentedly side by side everywhere in the world?  Could it just be the desire to live in peace?  Not a chance.  Any desire has the life-expectancy of the average New Year’s resolution.  Desires are based on feelings and… well, let’s not go there except to say, as long as people insist on interacting based on feelings, they should never be let out of the nursery.  Desire for peace, desire for equality, desire for acceptance, any desire: you can pile them on, three-thousand thick, liberally douse them with water, cut off the oxygen and they’ll still go up in smoke with nothing to show except more of same old. 

Not desire.  Not wishes.  While I’m listing the “nots” what else is guaranteed not to work in any effort to topple sacred cows?  Love.  There’s the real problem; the real illusion.  Love is what makes people worship, and there’s nothing to worship but sacred cows! 

So here I go again:  the one and only “solution” and the certain death of all sacred cows: compassion.  Think of compassion, not love.  Forget love.  You can repeat that infamous biblical bit spouted by that false apostle, Paul of Tarsus in his letter to the First Church of Corinth.  It’s “the love chapter,”  as in, “1st Corinthians thirteen” (feel lucky now?) All About Love.  What it isn’t, what it is.  What it could be, should be, would be… whatever.  All I need to know about love is what the greatest “love” Religion in the world has done in its name, or in the name of its loving Deity.  That closes the book with a snap loud enough to wake the whole snoozing biblical research library. 

How do you define compassion?  First, it’s something you have to choose to become; it’s not something you do, and it’s not something you can turn on and off at will.  Compassion is a way of life as well as one’s ultimate purpose.  It doesn’t have rules on how it expresses because it is infinite in scope.  Compassion is never reciprocal.  Think about that: never reciprocal, whereas love always is.  Unconditional love is a total contradiction, an oxymoron.

Compassion is exponentially self-sacrificial.  The “self” becomes the famous burning bush; the living sacrifice, the self-ignited and self-fueled fire to compassion.  Compassion is the flaming arrow into the mind that lights the fires of empathy.  The compassionate being in time must of necessity become an empath.  Again a very misunderstood word that.  An empath feels what you feel, the happy, the sad, the glowing health and the pain.  The full empath knows all of it, all the joy and all the sorrow, all the time.  Compassion will lead you there and once empathy is fully awakened, there is no going back, not ever, not even for a Star Wars sequel.  And, obviously, an empath cannot, by nature, harm another.  That’s the whole point and that’s what Sacred Cows are designed to blot from the human mind.

It should be an easy conclusion to arrive at, that compassion leads to self-empowerment; to the power to take responsibility of all aspects of one’s own life since that life is now expendable in service of others.  The compassionate being has no use for, no need of, any sacred cows.  They’ll be allowed to finish their lives, wandering the cities and the plains until they die of boredom and old age.  In a compassionate world sacred cows cannot survive because they cannot reproduce.    

*ISSA: acronym for Intelligent, Sentient, Self Aware.

*Pentagonia: based on its real power center known world-wide as “The Pentagon” – a previously nameless empire cum-nation of war, perpetually at war, whose economy is based primarily on making and selling weaponry and using them in war-making against helpless civilians, volunteer doctors, wedding parties, schools, hospitals, unarmed non-white children, whether on the other side of the globe or at home.  Citizens of Pentagonia who until now had no name and perforce had to call themselves “Americans” for the continent they live on, are called Pentagonians.