Antierra Manifesto: glossary of terms

The Following is glossary of terms for the “Antierra Manifesto”
It isn’t exhaustive, and there may be some repetitions… my apologies for not posting this sooner…

Chronology (local):  from 1328 to 1341 (Galactic time, not CE time)

Terms  –

The references to “Old Earth” are to the planetary entity Túat Har  which in Altarian means “Place of Chaos” – this current “Earth”.

Avatari – (Altarian term) adepts graduated from the highest schools of logic and selfless commitment to service – not necessarily Altarians but having a foundational ISSA nature.  The Avatari travel dimensions through the process of physical death and reincarnation – never by resurrection. First level Avatari are known also as WindWalkers.
Malefactus  – One of Earth’s stacked worlds, in the lower astral realms, third from the bottom of the stack – the main concern of this story.

Other names: (from before the invasion of the “metal men”)

T’Sing Tarleyn  (land of man) (pron. sintarn) (man is ‘arleyn’ pron. ‘arn’)
T’Sing Taleya  (land of woman) (pron. sina-eeya) (woman is ‘ahya’ not to be confused with the derogaroty term ‘gora’ which means female slave)
T’Sing Talla  (land of freedom) (pron. sinaya) (freedom is ‘aya’)
T’Sing Tallala (Land of Freedom and Hope (pron sin-eelaya)  Hope is ‘la’ or ‘ya’

(Note that males always emphasize the “t” sound whereas females hide it.)

Ditani  – closest planet to Malefactus
Takkar – World of Dwarves (not of the Stacked Worlds – of Al’Tara’s travels -believed to have been a myth until discovered by Al’Tara)
Aíoná – Galactic wandering mind library – recorder of galactic events accessed only through mind-meld by the Avatari.  Aíoná is a Supra-Avatari, ‘graduated’ – was once a WindWalker.

***Chronology in years:

Antierra:  Arrival according to brand #1328-1-1-04
Meaning: year 1328, batch 1, # in batch 1, class 4 (fighter) All ‘wild’ slaves harvested are classified as year, batch 1 and number in batch based on how many ‘wild’ individuals enter alive in the fighter compound.
Tiegli: (born 1301)  1314 – 1328 (died in killing orgy at 27)
Deirdre: (1322) – 1335 – (to 1338 – flight to Koron)
Tiki: (1326) – 1339-32-19 (to ? – teamed with concubine, survives Antierra and still alive at end of Book I)
Zel’ lover slave (1323-04) 1336-14-09 to ? – escaped to desert, still living at end of Book I
Tieka  –  young trainee lover, arrive 1341 @ 13 years of age.  Escapes to desert with Zel, 1341.

Various types of artificial intelligence:

CydroidsAdvanced form of android – cloned from human DNA and perfected through tank growing process. (see below)
Cybrid – (borrowed term from Dan Simmons Hyperion and Endymion- from Techno Core)
Robotsprogrammable and computerized, cf., Cedric the Medic
Morphsshape-changing using cosmetic gene splicers; morphing
Cydroid –  My term for android – AI cloned from human DNA.  Using gene splicing processes, can ‘grow’ other than human parts, or can be fitted with parts from other human bodies.  A Cydroid is an ISSA entity but need not look human at all.  Can be designed to fit needed/chosen function.

More generic terminology found in manuscript:
datacomreplaces comlog
– artificial “sun” that orbits Malefactus, south to north.
Great Desert Beast – female divinity from a legendary past, a mythology of Malefactus.  When she arises from rock and sand she roams the land.  Antierra’s fighter title.

Female Classes and Sub-Classes: (see Sec. 2 – Stacked worlds theory)
– class 1 – birth ‘mothers’
processors (sub-class of birthers)– human computers.
fighters (or female gladiators) – class 4 – self-explanatory
entertainers, providers, sex slaves – class 3– self-explanatory
healers (sub-class) from the entertainer class
worker drones – class 2 – the largest female slave class

***Male worker drones are not classed.  They are given a private first name and the name of the family/consortium they belong to.  These are all eunuchs

ISSA – intelligent, sentient, self aware beings sometimes called “humans”
Elbre – another name for the kingdom of Tassard – the actual country
Hyrete – capital city of the kingdom of Tassard
King Jestor Tassard – previous king and “father” to the current one
Tassard and Tassardi – Kingdom and the people of Elbre
Estáan – Second great political power of Malefactus
Estáani – people of Estáan

a classic year – a standard galactic year close to that of Old Earth.
Cholradil – (pron. show ray) a natural born empath on Malefactus
sleue – slang term for a compound used in emergency patching and welding of damaged ship hulls in vacuum space.
Melkiars – galactic invaders – robotic, machine-like life form
cheelth – (pronounced sheel) a type of metal-like substance that can deflect thrusts and blows from cutting weapons – used in some armour
chakr – (pron. shoak) drug made from shakr plant that grows at the edge of the desert
neuro-inductor  – nerve control and programming tool
stacked worlds – see description in ms.
stacked worlds – descr. #2: Also known as “absolutist worlds” and also as “relative worlds” (by those who inhabit these worlds and are aware of each other.
osoleys – sea birds – in the great Rift valley called Shaliant on Altaria
Fallouin – main river on Altaria
cosmetic gene splicers – used to make permanent cosmetic changes to one’s basic body form
priapic compulsions – overly concerned with virility or masculinity, esp. as old men sexually molesting young girls, particularly virgins.
real time sharing (borrowed term) – Artificial Intelligence type of telepathy – used by the Technocore (cf., Dan Simmons sci-fi novel, Hyperion)
ich diene – “I serve” (motto of the Prince of wales – German)
whip-steel and fibre-steel – highly resilient compound used in space craft and weaponry
plasglas  — an unbreakable compound of aluminized plastic and glass
polymers – neutral name for various types of strong plastics – common term
X-ram or Shearing Drives installed and controlled by “Spacers” in critical positions within space in any dimension patrolled by the USC (see ms)
repulsion drive vehicle – land vehicle (skimmer) or “carriage” or carrier – old technology still in use on Malefactus
USC – United Space Command
UTW federations – United Treaty Worlds federations – later known as
United Treaty World Supremacy  after the Melkiar wars
Supremacy – human worlds, military dictatorship combining UTWF and USC authorities, also comprising the persistent armed religious affiliations combined under the power known as “Theos
sartorial chaos – gaudy, clashing expressions in expensively tailored clothes (as worn by rich men on Malefactus)
holo-imager – self-explanatory: gives an image in 3 dimensions. Method of viewing holorecs – holographic recording/imaging/play-back with voice
infovid – method for viewing informational graphic recordings
membanks – computer generated information banks accessed by brain shunts.
FreeNet ‘jabber’ – slang for commercially-driven media fodder whose purpose is primarily to entertain, not educate.
yalney  – deadly poison taken from a local desert plant, the ‘yaln’ root.
yaln – desert plant containing the toxin called yalney
dollam – bushes with sweet water laden, edible leaves available year round, though not as filled in summer.
drook – professional or professionally trained challenger of female arena fighters.  Fight only for money.
ahya – proper T’Sing Tarleyn word for woman (not to be confused with the derogatory term ‘gora’ which means female slave)

Women titles in compound:
Fighter – Class 4 female slave
Gladiator – (uncommon – Antierra’s name for Fighters)
goronda – general purpose female slave
teela – “bitch” – specifically for young newly arrived trainees who do menial work, such as cleaning compounds and working kitchen duty.  Teelas are usually assigned to a fighter as personal slave and/or lover and for eventual training in weapons.
gora – generic derogatory term, all female slaves.
gorok – young fighter trainee working kitchen duty
dikfol  – slang for woman gone crazy (due to blows to head, loss, grief,despair)
dungut – male – despicable, disgusting, stinky, ugly, untrustworthy, brutal.

Characters in story:

Al’TaraAltarian name of An’Tierra or var., Antierra
Paul Shearing – inventor of the X-Ram Shearing drive
Pieta Olnava  – wife of Paul Shearing – first human to use the Shearing drive to cross dimensional barrier
Dr. Balomo Echinoza
Cydroids – female: YBA1 to YBA5;  Male: XBA1 to XBA10 – Dr. Echinoza’s Cydroid family.  There are fifteen members in all.  Not all are on Malefactus at the same time.  Nickname of female Cydroids “Yoba followed by number.  For male Cydroids, Antierra uses Xoba (pronounced ‘zoba’) followed by number
Warmo – chief inquisitor and torturer.
Grand Admiral Chang-X  – Commander in Chief of USC – see notes
Michele Dellman – freelance journalist; chronicler; investigator for UTW
Deles Kotmallo of Parnako, journalist, friend of Dellman
Parnako – water world within Supremacy jurisdiction
Takkar – ancient, ageless gloomy Dwarf world, thought to be non-existent until discovered by the Altarians

Male names in compound:

Delton – first overseer of handlers – died in bar brawl
Achnarr – corrupt overseer [cf: sec. 37] imprisoned for fixing fights
Hudu – lover of Tieka
Huntu – lover of Lover #1336-14-09 nicknamed Zel by Antierra
Algomo – judge – friend of Balomo – intervened on Antierra’s behalf
Tarnat –  one of trainers in compound

Women name in compound:

Tiegli – first friend.  Killed in killing orgy
Dierdre – Cholradil (pronounced showray) – class 3, demoted to arena fighter- Lover of Antierra (note: a Cholradil is a rare type of natural born full empath)
Satka – remaining “concubine”
Tiki – friend of Antierra, trainee and pure-bred fighter
Swala – older fighter, trains Tiki – shares cage with Antierra
Tieka – young trainee – in love with Hudu – won’t fight. #1341…
Gonda – older fighter, vows to help lovers escape
Victa – fighter who treacherously attacked Antierra on behalf of corrupt judge
Zel – Lover of Huntu – secret name not revealed–brand #1336-14-09
Tomia – dikfol in compound, dies in last killing orgy



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