Christmas 2005, a Prophecy

        (Voice from the other side ~burning woman~ )
[Yes, this was written in 2005, and every year since the truth of it has only shone brighter. The world as we of the West have enjoyed it, is passing as water through our fingers and nothing can hold back the winds that are sweeping it away]

What is it about “Christmas” that evokes such confused and contrasting feelings in people of the Western world? 

Certainly, it is not about some redemption from sin – Christmas gives rise to more “sin” than possibly any other time of year.  Certainly it is not about the story of a poor family in Judea 2000 years ago from which the Christian Savior or Christ purportedly issued.

What is so gripping about Christmas?  The hype?  The commercial lies so thick one can barely wade through them day after day?  Some distant hope for something better?  Something eternally stolen, ever hidden and ever replaced with artificial concoctions from the minds of gods, of rulers, of systems, and swallowed so eagerly by deluded, egotistic masses?

Christmas is the saddest time of the year for me.  But I know my feelings and I know what generates them.  It isn’t movies, TV, books, religious rituals, radio or garish store displays. 

It is the awareness of the monstrous lie Christmas has become and how it chokes all who try to swallow it by participating in it.  Particularly religious people.  Particularly those who claim to be followers of Jesus; of the Christ; the being, entity, person, prophet, divinity — call him what you will — whose “birth” Christmas is supposed to be all about.  (And please don’t remind me that Jesus was not likely born on Dec. 25, Gregorian calendar, if he even ever existed – I know that and that’s not the point.)

How in “Hell” I ask myself, did Christmas become such a time of debauchery?  Of gluttony?  Of revelry?  Of covetousness and cupidity in this post-Christian society? 

I was taught as a child that “Jesus” was the gift of God to the world, the gift of the richest person to the poorest.  I was taught that in turn, the rich of the earth were to share their possessions with the poorest.  I was taught that Christmas was such a reminder that such an act need take place regularly to maintain life’s balance. 
Maybe because where I originate the people celebrate this “gift” on January 6th and it did not then  entail the gross and crass commercialism so in your face here; maybe because it did not translate in piles upon piles of trashy “gifts” did I remember what I was taught.  And maybe, living here, in a pathetic carbon-copy world of “American Santaclawism” the message I got as a child resounds that much louder these days in hollow greed-swept outer malls where empty cans, plastic bottles, half-eaten Big Macs, cigarette butts, paper and plastic cups and tons of broken and torn packaging collect inside vending machines, along curbs and under cold, wet benches covered with the grimy film of diesel fumes from city buses… 

Yes, inflatable plastic figurines and fake icicle lights are out; decorated trees bleed to death in living rooms, ante rooms and dining rooms.  Yes, the jolly fat man (who reminds me of the utterly evil, utterly depraved baron Harkonnen of Dune) is out and about, promising more goodies to the rich, more junk foods to the obese, more whatever to whomever will spend their last overdraft dollar… and collecting money for “the poor” after it is laundered by the official charitable organizations…

At Christmas, a “celebration” that belongs primarily to the richest segment of earth’s people, as many as always, and perhaps more, people will die “out there” and their pain will never be felt, will never be known, will never be acknowledged, neither by the churches, the charitable organizations, the politicians  nor, heaven forbid, the Media.  They will pass away as clouds that give no rain.  Empty, hollow laughter will sound for a few moments all over this Western World, not knowing that it too is passing, just as the dying poor, the “Lazarus” types who died at the door of the rich man. (ref: Luke 16: 19-31, New Testament, the Bible)

Tonight I give a prophecy — in full realization that no people, no collective, no nation, has ever appreciated the prophet, for such a one always comes at a time of ending, not to make change – such is not the purpose – but to warn (and such warning is always so damned inconvenient!) — and this is the warning: this Christmas will not generate as much happiness as the last for merriment seekers.  Next year’s will be far less happy.  And after that?  Even for those who can afford to hoard and to lord,  there may not even be one.

Many more small businesses will fail as this year passes.  Christmas will not bring the expected and needed revenue.  The largest greed-based corporations will last a bit longer for they still have the fat of millions of slaves to eat or burn – but not as much as they’d like their greedy share-holders to believe.  All of them are bankrupt, no matter how much money or power they claim to hold.   

It is the end for this society.  The world of the rich is corrupt unto death.  The world that worships money and mindless pleasures, whatever the cost to life, is finished. 

And why?  Because compassion is scorned; because the real spirit of caring, giving and sharing is gone from most human hearts and the world is split between the billions who go about naked and hungry and the millions who wear the emperor’s new clothes. 

Those who sow nothing must ultimately reap nothing.  Those who sow the wind (resource wars today) must reap the whirlwind. 

25 thoughts on “Christmas 2005, a Prophecy

  1. jim-

    You are so right (this time) haha. Christmas today is a pretty pathetic attempt to show we still got it. And my Christmas tree won’t bleed to death. It’s made of poly vinyl chloride and it’s deadness will outlive a hundred lifetimes. It is a statue to the current state of inhumanity.


  2. rawgod

    Our tree, which seldom gets out of its box, is also as fake as xmas itself. The last time I had a live tree at xmas was probably in the early 80s. And that was just for the stepkids, whose mother was still trying to give them some joy before they started to grow up. That year we bought a fake tree on Boxing Day. For me a decorated tree holds no meaning. But my partner loves the lights and baubles.
    When xmas became so commercialized I cannot remember. As a kid I got one new toy each year, and I was happy to get that. But my friends got bunches, and they were generally broken the same day. I am now an atheist, they still worship Santa Claus. What does that tell you…


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      When I worked for Coke it was always my particular pleasure to make sure than when referring to the fat red phony X-mas deity, I called it Satan’s Claws. Since there was quite a high %-age of B/A Christians on board, the symbolism was not lost. It made no difference but I got some perverted satisfaction out of popping the balloon.


  3. Hyperion

    Sha’Tara you read like you definitely have seasonal affective disorder (sad). You have a way with words that tell the story and we all acknowledge it’s vitality and truth. How could we not? But dang! It’s the holiday season, you have to have at least one Ho-ho-ho in there. Well, maybe not. I actually get overwhelmed and depressed each year. It’s a time of sadness if one sees as you see the underlying banality of it all. My family is half Asian and Tiger Mom was not born into commercial glut. Her family didn’t have a tree. They came together, ate good food, had good fellowship and returned home. We have a modified version of that now. I cannot bring myself to do anything but wish people well. Honestly, if I go back to the one lesson I learned from Stranger in a Strange Land, it was to observe the people and let them have their time of joy or sadness. Each person owns their emotional investment whether they care about the origins and meaning of celebration or not. Why should we watchers care what the minions do? Sure, it would be far better to seek a more benevolent celebration where every person ponies up any stored magnanimous urges and gives to those less fortunate or ill. My Dragon Sisters go to the nursing homes and sing to the inmates, give food to the home bound, and warm clothes to children of drug addict parents. Strange as it seems, they do that all year long but dress up in traditional clothes for the holidays as a show of respect for the season. I like that better no matter how wrong it seems to the holiday revelers. And finally, I do believe Christmas as a pagan worship of the birth of some old dude the Romans killed, is pretty much already over with. What we see now is just an excuse to do what we do but the GenX and Millennials are not enthusiastic supporters and as they withdraw from the commercialized abandonment of morals, ethics, and values they find repugnant, the doom takes a stronger grip. You and I represent only about 25% of the world population and we are dying off in astounding numbers. The change is here today. I don’t know if we will recognize any improvement before we go. Maybe improvement is not in the cards, only change for change sake. But as a token of the old Nordic Yule that swept through Europe after the Norman conquest and exported to the new world, I wish you a better year, a better life and when you die in the battle against the staus quo, I hope you go down with your sword of truth firmly gripped in your hand because then I will see you in Valhalla where we will drink good honey mead from a ram’s horn and revel in our battles lost and won.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      My hat off, or shawl, or whatever, to your Dragon Sisters – Yeah! Personally, I’m not just sad (and thanks for explaining what that means!!!); I alternate the state with healthy dozes of satire, anger, hate, mocking, and horror of horror, non-belief in Satan’s Claws and his drunken elves… or is that drunken reindeer (rain dear?) And your Valhalla wish? I’ll drink to that, all the way to the revel level.

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      1. Hyperion

        That’s the spirit. Why should Sammy Claws and his drunken dwarves have all the illicit fun? Let’s level up on this mess. As one with tell tale signs my Nordic roots weren’t totally bred out of me, I often want to take an axe to some of the shenanigans you mentioned. I do question if that is compassion or just cave man problem solving. Don’t listen to me, I’ll just get you in trouble with humorless RCMPs. But please know that I admire satire, anger, hate, mocking and myth busting in a person. They end up being quite honest about their true feelings, which is a good thing. Bring it on, Sha’Tara. My mind is a dry infantile sponge.


      2. Hyperion

        That happens to me all the time. I think WP has an AI that steals our best work. Let’s form an alliance. The first one to get to Valhalla reserves a good spot at the table and unlocks the gate so the other one can get in. I actually make knives and tools as an infrequent hobby so I’ll make us a worthy saex and axe named Compassion and Empathy and we can go viking between meals.


      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        I like that. I’ll be wearing a sky blue robe with a hood and of course, I’ll have my magic staff. Leathers and furs for you, I gather. I’ll look for that baneful double edged axe!

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      4. Hyperion

        Now I have something to look forward to. I’m going to practice drinking ale from a rams horn while balancing my axe on my forehead. I dont want to seem out of practice or I could get banished from the keg.


      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        We’ll make straight for the keg and stand behind our own shield wall side by side. They won’t know what to make us when we challenge them in Franglish!!!

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  4. Regis Auffray

    Fourteen years ago, you predicted this and sadly, your prophecies have come true and even worse. It is not a wonder that I (and I am sure a multitude of others) have found nothing to be optimistic about for decades now.


  5. Sha'Tara Post author

    Sharp comment. Because of the great danger of falling into despair when faced with such reality, I’ve also been “promoting” the concept of self empowerment. That, from my experience, is the antidote to giving up. When I declare the end of civilization and insist that to continue to prop it up is to make its inevitable end all the more horrific, I am not saying we should give up. All I mean is, we must change our mind about absolutely everything we believe to be true and everything we believe in and “believe me” (!) we all believe “IN” something, some power, some force. For some it’s their country, for others it’s money or health or love or God. None of those have helped us in the past, they’ve just made us more docile, more obedient, dummied-down, adherents of group-think, prone to addiction(s), willing to kill and die for psychopathic leaders who should be run out of town on a rail. No self-empowered entity would fall for any of the System’s brainwashing and its endless lies.


  6. colettebytes

    Civilization might be ending, and the fake Christmas celebrations might be tiring and pointless in a world that has forgotten their meaning, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t send you a virtual Christmas hug and wish you peace and tranquility for the coming year. All the best Sha’Tara… Hugs from Colette 🤗🤗🤗


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Colette, and reciprocating! I choose to “rejoice” personally in contemplating the end of a truly evil system. What matters now is, “What is it going to be replaced with?” Patchups from the garbage pile, or something entirely new? We can do the entirely new but will people realize in time the necessity of choosing that most difficult way?


      1. colettebytes

        Personally, I think the coming collapse will likely be permanent for Homo Sapiens. Unless we figure out how to change our DNA, I would say we are ‘f_ck_d.’ We already overshot the patch up scenario. The new would require us to be a new species.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        … and indeed, Colette, we will morph/mutate into a new species – one that will totally repudiate all the so-called “values” that have thrown up this vile, violent and pointless civilization together using predation as its modus operandi. Thankfully (though we may be less than thankful when the collapse hits our own front door) predation is entropic, hence there is no possibility of this current civilization “jumping” across a bad patch and fixing itself, as I used to believe. I “know” now that there is no fix; I know why there is no fix; I know there must not be any fix. When the first man was enslaved, the first girl was raped, the first woman was slapped, the first nail was driven through two pieces of wood, the first animal was tamed and domesticated, the first raiding party slunk its way through bushes and tall grasses, this civilization began chugging forth on entropy to its eventual and inescapable demise. Any intelligent, reasoning person can readily see the war is over, the good guys lost, as Leonard Cohen put it, “everybody knows” but it’s in the programming to continue looking for bigger Bandaids or cures. The patch up business can raise hopes but more importantly, it can still provide the possibility of mega profitability.
        Leonard Cohen:
        Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
        Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
        Everybody knows that the war is over
        Everybody knows the good guys lost
        Everybody knows the fight was fixed
        The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
        That’s how it goes
        Everybody knows
        Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
        Everybody knows that the captain lied
        Everybody got this broken feeling
        Like their father or their dog just died

        Everybody talking to their pockets
        Everybody wants a box of chocolates
        And a long stem rose

        And everybody knows that it’s now or never
        Everybody knows that it’s me or you
        And everybody knows that you live forever
        Ah when you’ve done a line or two
        Everybody knows the deal is rotten
        Old Black Joe’s still pickin’ cotton
        For your ribbons and bows
        And everybody knows

        And everybody knows that the Plague is coming
        Everybody knows that it’s moving fast
        Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
        Are just a shining artifact of the past
        Everybody knows the scene is dead
        But there’s gonna be a meter on your bed
        That will disclose
        What everybody knows

        And everybody knows that you’re in trouble
        Everybody knows what you’ve been through
        From the bloody cross on top of Calvary
        To the beach of Malibu
        Everybody knows it’s coming apart
        Take one last look at this Sacred Heart
        Before it blows
        And everybody knows
        Everybody knows

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  7. George F.

    Your presence is opening my eyes and helping me “see.” I posted this comment in response to another blogger, and I wanted to share it with you. I stayed in character! LOL! This is just part of what Paul is beginning to “see…” but their will be more.

    As one of the only nanite-infested intellects on the planet, I can tell you as a plain known-fact that everything we experience starts in the mind and manifests itself into the Universe. Do we really want to manifest death? As a physicists, I can only quote Einstein or someone of that ilk who stated quite plainly: “All matter has a ‘desire’ to return to pure energy.” Yes, we are matter. And buried deep below our subconscious is a desire to return to pure energy. This is what Paul “sees” in my latest post…but I was leading up to that. You beat me to the punch. Is this coincidence…or Cosmic Consciousness at work?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I don’t actually believe there is such a thing as coincidence. If you watched the original “The Matrix” you may remember when Neo said he saw a cat pass by, then he saw it again doing the same thing, as in “déja vu” and it was an indicator that the agents were re-adjusting an aspect of the matrix. Coincidences are a result of programming interference. In our case it is definitely cosmic consciousness at work, and we’re tapped into it. We can’t know what that means in the big picture but with what we know and what we desire we are consciously part of it and because we made the effort we can taste some of it for ourselves. That’s what it means to be self empowered, and for me, to “believe all things and believe in nothing.” Déja vu is for the unawakened, the programmed, the sleeping who open their inner eye for a moment and are surprised that what they were dreaming is actually taking place (the second view of the same event) and then they shrug, pass it off as coincidence and go back to the hockey game…
      You have something amazing happening with your novel in “Random Walk” ( and part of my dream is that you can keep it going and pull off the shattering ending. You’ll do it! Keep an open mind on some of Anonymole’s and Hype’s suggestions and if the shoe fits…

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