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Good morning WordPress. If I were to write what’s on my mind lately I’d be a river run wild. I’ll spare you as much of it on the surface resembles much of what is already standard fare on WP. What about what sits below the surface though?

A hodegpodge of thoughts? 1st: The classic and unanswerered question: who (or what) am I? Easy as difficult: I am me, no one and nothing else. Means I am what I, and no one/nothing else, thinks. What I think is all and everything that matters to me-nothing else. I am not what I have/am reading or otherwise absorbing from my surrounding, local or cosmic: there is no local or cosmic in my mind. I am not a physical body but a mind. The physical is the slave part of “me” that only matters in physical exchanges in a very short and meaningless life. Lots of people try to impose their views upon me: I use my physical machine to respond to such without letting my mind get tangled into the mess, and it is a mess.

What I really think no one but me will or can ever know. My physical handles the mess through endless sloughs of belief systems that change by day, week, or year and after each shift my grey matter is just as happy regardless. From a Buddha to a Jesus to Mein Kampf and a little Red Book or Animal Farm or the smooth yarking of some talking head or a preacher, I allow (free) my grey matter to play with or engage with and I remain unchanged.

Example: vaccines. An interesting aspect of a capitalistic (greedy) world to bring itself surely down to hell (end) to be eventually replaced by something else (usually) worse. I’ve mentioned in the past how I see this happening (the mind – me – can see into the future so no big trick.). I’ve been pro and anti-vax until I moved away from the playing field. Now I know the vax is a maga scam that speaks of money and control. By the same token my grey matter convinced itself that being vaxxed was better than not so as to put the sheeple it interacts with at peace – so that is vaxxed. But it means nothing at all. I think my grey matter self realizes this as it walks around knowing it was a placebo. Of course the trick is to believe/not believe in placebos.

Why then do I exist and why here particularly on this world? Now I delve into the strictly personal realm of real living, speaking not as an earthling or as I prefer to express it, as Earthian. I am a Human. A Human does not respond to earth beliefs, there are no thoughts as such in the earth sphere of expression, only beliefs and belief systems. As the prophet said, there is nothing new under the sun, and as any Human can see. Everything is related to something else, only expressed in different ways, using different symbols, all part of the earth pattern.

Whatever the Human thinks, ponders, wonders about or seeks (a big part of becoming Human) in no way implies any belief or any overt or covert method to try to convince anyone else of anything. For me that’s the cue. If in my mind there is the least desire to convince another, that’s where I’ve slipped into the earthian model of belief.

Enough for now, enjoy being you!

8 thoughts on “more this ‘n that

      1. Phil Huston

        Pick a deity, Any deity. The great Is. Guess what? They don;t care if we get it in this realm or not. So the why of when and how are not relevant. I have a Bluetooth keyboard because I like the key spacing (smaller) and the footprint (smaller).

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  1. wolfess

    Concerning getting the ‘placebo’ — I’ll tell you my reasoning concerning that by way of a phrase my dad used concerning guns: “It’s better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it.” Being my 68-years-stubborn self I am not ready to go gently into that good night, but … what other people decide is totally up to them and totally acceptable to me — just wear a muzzle if you’re within breathing distance ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜‰

    Concerning deities — back in a past life I considered myself to be a ‘christian’. What changed that was the way they treated my retarded son … some idiot church-goer decided it would be a good idea to start a choir of young children (4 to 6-year-olds) Jon was 6 at the time so I asked if he could join. They were only too happy to welcome him … right up until after the first time the choir sang in front of the congregation. As you can imagine, none of them did an outstanding job, but that wasn’t really the point — the point was allowing those children to praise that angry old man in the sky. The very next day all 3 ministers — oh my! — paid us a visit to tell us that until Jon could sing the words better he wouldn’t be able to sing in front of the congregation (some old bat had taken umbrage at seeing a retarded child singing in front of her). So being the good gawd-fearing mother I was I decided to pray about it; that worked until I was late getting out of sunday school one time to come upstairs to see a girl holding Jon’s arms behind his back to keep him from running to the front of the church to join his fellow choir members. I took him home and prayed for wisdom … I wrote a letter using various bible verses and then showed the letter to my husband … he said to put cc:att’y at the bottom. So I did, and passed out those letters to all the ministers and the board members; the next day the ministers again came to our house and said it was NEVER THEIR INTENTION TO DISCRIMINATE against Jonathon — bingo! what got their attention was the cc:att’y at the bottom of the reasonable, thoughtful letter that I had written! So we told them that the only way to keep us from going ahead with the lawsuit was to allow him all the way back in … the choir sang one more time and was then disbanded. What I learned from that experience was that nonbelievers are much kinder than those mo-Rons who pray to the angry old man in the sky.



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