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Next Time Don’t Let Anyone Get Between Wall Street & the Pitchforks

A serious degree of frustration begins to rise reading about such events as 9/11 and the 2008 bail out rip-off but because the established media maintains such a staunch silence on both we need to remind ourselves over and over how deceitful, undemocratic and corrupt our “leaders” actually are. The following is a bit long but a good primer on why Donald Trump was chosen by the “deplorables” and “knuckle draggers” to drain the swamp. That he was lying didn’t matter, anything was better than more of the same as was guaranteed under a Clinton White House after Sanders turned coat the Democrat establishment shut him down and made him into a nice little puppet.

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Published on Friday, September 14, 2018

Ten Years After the Crash, We’ve Learned Nothing

The great financial catastrophe of our times is still badly misunderstood, and led to grotesque consequences, including the election of Donald Trump

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, September 16, 2008. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, September 16, 2008. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Ten years ago, on Saturday, September 13th, 2008, the world was about to end.

The New York Federal Reserve was a zoo. Imagine NASA headquarters on the day a giant asteroid careens into the atmosphere. That was the New York Fed: all hands on deck, peak human panic.

The crowd included future Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, then-Treasury Secretary (and former Goldman Sachs CEO) Hank Paulson, the representatives of multiple regulatory offices, and the CEOs of virtually every major bank in New York, each toting armies of bean counters…

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Reflecting on Life and Those deemed Unworthy of Life: A Visit to the Hadamar T4 Euthanasia Center

Another “Padre Steve” post, and considering the direction the “great” religions and politics of this world, a timely reminder to all and sundry to pay attention. Yes, the Earthian species is well known to ignore real danger until after it has fallen in the trap it has unconsciously or consciously been constructing for itself, but perhaps this time, with access to so much information, it could avoid, not the pitfall itself, but putting the final touches on the pitfall. Personally I think it’s too late for that but I’m a perennial pessimistic optimist so you can’t take my word for it. Instead, take current events and do some tough mathematical deductions, like 2+2 and see if it comes up with something other than 4. Reason, logic, common sense, are we still capable of some of that? Padre Steve, show us some of our very recent history now.

Padre Steve's World: Resist the Beginning, Consider the End

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

In a couple of weeks my wife Judy and I will be traveling to Germany for a time of relaxation, study, and visits with German friends. I will be writing about those events as they occur. But as we get closer to going I began to reflect on our visit to Germany last year. At the end of that visit while visiting our friends Gottfried and Hannelore I took a trip with Gottfried to the T4 Euthanasia Center memorial at Hadamar which is about 12 miles from where they live.

Hadamar had been a mental hospital for decades before it was chosen as one of six places where an euthanasia program ordered by Hitler was to be conducted. Hitler ordered the program on September 1st 1939, the same day his forces invaded Poland.

Between 1941 and 1945 over 15,000 people, deemed to be “life unworthy…

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Genocide in the Name of God: a Universal Truth About True Believers

I’ve just started “following” this blog and I was taken, shall we say, with this article so I’m reblogging it. It is my opinion that America, under Trump, has seriously begun the slide towards totalitarian fascism and we need articles such as this one to be reminded of “how it begins” and why, once set in motion, only bloody counter violence can end it, if indeed it can ever be ended. We have yet to find either moral or legal solutions to our propensity to plunge into the genocide of “others” we consider less than human when we measure them by our personal standards of what constitutes a “real” human. While on that subject, let me throw out the reminder: a true human is easily recognized by the fact that it does not kill.

Padre Steve's World: Resist the Beginning, Consider the End

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Seventy-nine years ago the members of Heinrich Himmler’s Einsatzgruppen were following the German Army into Poland. These forces were intended to do one thing, to eliminate any Poles capable of resisting the Reich and to round up and kill Jews. The sad thing is that while the Genocide committed by the Nazis is in a league of its own, the propensity for others to write about, urge, and promote genocidal practices is not unique.

One of the most troubling aspects of genocide is the degree to which people will go to rationalize and justify it, especially if it is supposedly commanded by their “God.” This includes people who exalt their human leader’s pronouncements to that of a god.

Eric Hoffer wrote:

“The impression somehow prevails that the true believer, particularly the religious individual, is a humble person. The truth is the surrendering and humbling of…

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Urgent Message To Americans From Syria.

Ok, here goes, this is all new to me. According to the “old ways” this should be a reblog and what I am typing here should be my comment to the reblogged post. I want to highlight one line from the reblogged post: “If mankind doesn’t end war, war will end mankind.” I think that pretty much covers it, but how many “Earthians” actually understand the truth of this? They’ll say, oh well, we’ve always had wars and we’ve always come up on top. Yes, but on top of what? From my place on top of the pile I don’t like what I feel under my feet. Do you? (feel secure and safe and “right” I mean?)

John Bolton Military Threat Endangers World Peace.

I’ve reblogged some of Jerry’s posts before and I know that he does his research. A little bit of truth, however unpalatable to some, should always be welcome in the midst of all the bought and paid for (commercial media) fake news.


by Jerry Alatalo

“Locked and loaded.”

any serious world affairs analysts around the Earth share the following interpretation. United States President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton’s threat of military action against the elected Syrian government of Bashar al Assad signals an imminent “false flag” chemical weapons event inside the last remaining terrorist stronghold in Syria – Idlib.

The last (most recent) Syrian false flag (filmed by the White Helmets) occurred in mid-April on the outskirts of Damascus in Douma. It was subsequently shown to actually have been the theatrical filming of Douma residents being washed down with hoses, where no chemical weapons whatsoever were present. After a White Helmets member acted as one who’d yell “Fire!” where there was none in a crowded theater, creating uncalled for panic … he yelled “Chemical attack!”, – whereupon his White Helmets co-conspirator started filming.

The White Helmets video of the non-chemical…

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To Jeff

So well put, please take a couple of minutes to read this… thank you.

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Lift the Lamp

As a kid, I didn’t fully grasp why my family hosted refugees. Trump has made it brutally clear.

Courtesy of Clara Jeffery; Nick Ut/AP

After the Cambodiangenocide began in 1975, my mom started taping pictures and headlines to our dining room wall. Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks and photos of the killing fields are what I remember about those meals. “We have to do something,” she said.

She started sponsoring refugees when I was maybe nine. We were clueless white people. There was no real preexisting Cambodian community in the Washington, DC, area. Our first refugee’s husband and baby had been killed. Something about a helicopter. She lived with us for two years, with no one to talk to in Khmer, much less her indigenous language. She was maybe 30 but needed a full set of dentures. She did…

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