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About that last Post

Ah, WordPress, thou art a bane to writing…

It seems that WordPress decided my last post was good enough to post when I was still in the process of editing it.  To make matters somewhat more fun, it told me that the first draft was not posted and it did not show up, but did in drafts, where I deleted it.  Yet when I downloaded I got two copies of said article.  One, the unfinished draft which was supposed to have been deleted, and the other, the finished product.

So I’m assuming you also got two copies of almost same material.  I apologize for the confusion.

The other thing WordPress loves to do is scramble my fonts when I create an article in my Thunderbird email program, which is what happened this time again.  So you get lines in small fonts in between lines of normal font.  Hopefully I’ll remember not to draft possible publishable WordPress posts in Thunderbird no more…  I apologize for that confusion also.

And that’s it.  I looked outside just now and didn’t see a mushroom cloud.  Things are good.


Perhaps it’s time to consider this is all a scam…?

More wise observations from “Aish”

Too much Too soon

We have the technology to explore the solar system, to colonize Mars, and transform humanity into a spacefaring civilization… But it costs too much money.

We have such incredible advancements in medicine we have the capability to heal the sick, the wounded, and the dying… But it’s not covered by insurance.

We have enough food to feed the world in excess… but the vast majoritycan’t “pay for it”.

There are more vacant homes than homeless… and more “homes” are being built

Think about how many brilliant doctors, scientists, and engineers our civilization has lost because they couldn’t pay for their classes

We have the technology to eliminate our use of fossil fuels which would allow us to stop polluting the environment… but the average “consumer” can’t afford them

It’s called “capitalism” + “oligarchy”.

If you’re rich, have capital, you can control the policies…

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Interview with Shreen Saroor, winner of Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Another part of our world here exposed; a part once thought of as exotic, and romantic. Now, part of a global and growing dysfunctional civilization. I’m reblogging this obviously because the woman being interviewed here is a hero, and obviously because it is a very well presented interview, but also to show how our “sins” find us out everywhere. You know what I was thinking about today which fits in with this reblog? I was thinking that it’s high time we, as an intelligent, sentient, self-aware global “family” stopped making excuses for ourselves, for our crimes we commit daily, almost unawares, always managing to somehow pass the buck, blaming someone else, particularly the leadership and the elites and… and… and… The patriarchy and its endless wars against the poor, the innocent and particularly against mothers, doesn’t exist as a separate force, or order. It exists because it is supported, globally, and sadly, not only by men.


Below is an interview I did for the Daily Mirror

Human Rights Activist Shreen Abdul Saroor is one of the fifteen activists who has been awarded the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law this year. The prize is awarded to dedicated Human Rights defenders from around the world who have done outstanding work in their respective countries to uphold human rights and the rule of law.

Your family was evicted from Mannar in 1990 by the LTTE. How did this affect your life?

I was in my first year studying Business Administration at the Colombo University when my family was evicted. My father was visiting me in Colombo at that time. I went to Puttalam to receive my mother, siblings and other family members. Mannar is an Island. There were two bridges- a road bridge and a train bridge. The LTTE destroyed both before the…

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World Refugee Rights Situation In 2017

I like asking the tough questions, and the one that comes to mind here, as I reblog this article is, how much of what we do consciously or unconsciously, colludes with the forces responsible for this horror and curse upon our global “civilization”?

The Human Lens

With the year end approaching, we are all immersed in festivities and relaxation but let us take a moment to recall that millions of war and conflict affected refugees; women, men and young children have had their lives destroyed and put at risk during this year.

Global situation is getting bleaker and tensions are rising all across the First World and the Third World where politics and poverty is playing games with humanity. Some of the worst situations for refugees are found in:

  1. Greece, a European hellhole for the thousands of refugees that are imprisoned in Moria, this refugee camp is a stain on the so called civilized principles of Europe. Living conditions in this overcrowded and mismanaged camp is so desperate that Greek authorities have warned against life threatening consequences.
  2. Rohingya refugees, in thousands lavishing in different camps at Bangladesh, on boats to and fro ASEAN waters…

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Honoring The Women Activists Silenced in 2017

Such is the reality of our world. How do we approach this reality in 2018? More of the same?

The Human Lens

There is no doubt that 2017 has been a gory year for human rights almost every where in the globe, rights campaigners and activists have been making noise in their many battles.  While both men and women have been defending human rights, this year proved that women face more dangers for their activism.

Women getting targeted for what they defend, on basis of the fact that they are mere women first then attention gets paid to what exactly are they fighting for. We have lost trailblazing women in the past months and this is a tiny attempt at honoring their work.

1. Shifa Gardi – IRAQ

A very daring women reporter on the front lines, she worked for the Iraqi Kurdish channel Rudaw. Shifa Gardi, was 30 years old and had broken many a stereotypes of male-dominated journalism. unfortunately, she was killed by a roadside bomb as she covered the…

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Janice Kortkamp: “An American Housewife In Syria.”

While I ponder how to approach writing about my experiences with forgiveness, this blog post came down the pike here, and I just have to share it. Please – PLEASE watch the video. It is an hour and twenty-five minutes long, approx. but worth every second. A breath of fresh air, non-fake news, coming from Syria via America, what I’d call the real America.


By Jerry Alatalo

“There is no such thing as an independent press in America. I am paid for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street looking for another job.”

JOHN SWINTON (1830-1901) Editor, New York Sun

or those on the spectrum ranging from an above average knowledge of the reality in Syria 2011-2017 to those with little or none, American housewife and independent journalist Ms. Janice Kortkamp has earned a great deal of respect and gratitude for energetically and courageously seeking and speaking the truth.


“Thank you all for coming. Thank you so much to the Syrian American forum for hosting me, and sponsoring me here today. I love talking about Syria and, so, really, I’m honored to have this time with you. We’ve got…

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An Interview Of Alfred Gluecksmann.

Lest we forget: the “other side” of wars. Instead of our addiction to violence and destruction, this is the side we should seek to know about, to understand, to “feel” so we can be empowered to give up on the violence we cling to though knowing it has never once solved any of our social problems as a civilization. We stand, once more on the brink of global war with the hawks waving the switch connected to their nuclear arsenal, an arsenal that is less and less of a deterrent and more of a double-dare you to push the button. Read this synopsis of Alfred Gluecksmann. Think about it then, as Jerry says, “Peace!”


By Jerry Alatalo

r. Alfred Gluecksmann, editor at Argentum Post here on WordPress, was kindly willing to take part in a short question and answer interview after we made the request. This is the first published interview here at The Oneness of Humanity, and we wish to do many more with men and women from across the Earth. Any readers wishing to participate in an interview and sharing thoughts can simply let us know, and we’ll easily make the arrangements.

Thank you Alfred for contributing your thoughts in the following words.

Question 1…) What was your primary motivation for entering the world of blogging on the worldwide web – on the internet?

This one requires the most comprehensive reply, but I shall be as succinct as possible.​

As the son of parents who were declared stateless and who escaped the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others…

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