Looking under Rocks

[an essay from   ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara]

What would happen to society if no one except of course politicians, experts, billionaires, media talking heads and entertainers or actors, ever questioned the status quo? If no one ever “looked under rocks” as I read from one commenter – I think it was Hyperion – on one of my blog posts.

You look over a field in the hot sun with scattered rocks, or hey, cow pies(!) and you see nothing moving, nothing happening, except perhaps some flying insects. But if you’re a farm kid full of curiosity as I was about a thousand years ago, you turn over the rocks or cow pies and crouching there you see a life you didn’t suspect existed. You enter into a different and fascinating world.

What happens if you never stop turning over rocks and cow pies? That’s easy: you become a conspiracy theorist. You see aspects of your world no one else knows or wants to know. That makes you dangerous to the System first of all but also to the believers. It upsets things.

If you’re in church and the preacher says something you know is a lie and you interrupt the man to correct him, you may as well pack your bags: you’re outta there unless you put yourself under discipline of “the elders” and repent. The Preacher is the defender of the status quo and everyone in the auditorium is one of his body guards. No dissension allowed in the ranks. The Preacher cannot lie.  Well, guess what, this civilization is the church and dissenters are being increasingly marginalized. Ask yourself “why?”

Before we were labeled conspiracy theorists we were called rebels. We were those who rebelled against an authority we could no longer endure. We said… “Hell no, we won’t go!” and eventually we stopped one of this world’s grossest, most abusive, murderous and unjustifiable wars.

Without these very powerful protests how long would capitalism’s war against the people of Vietnam have gone on? If, instead of pulling away we had wholeheartedly supported the war criminals by giving them fresh bodies to throw into the fields and swamps; to cause mayhem; to use flamethrowers and Napalm against helpless women and children?

But who wants to be remembered of that now? Poisoned waters under collapsing civilization bridges! We’ve done worse, much worse, since Vietnam so let’s remind ourselves to be proud, very, very proud of the millions of innocents our acquiescence has exterminated as if they meant absolutely nothing.

Today I live in a society of dummied down sheep. The government says not to turn over any rocks, there’s great danger under there. People acquiesce instantly and happily convince themselves that it’s OK not to question dictates that come from “the leadership” – in the current case it’s mostly from medical dictators. But they can’t be wrong, they’re wearing WHITE lab coats. Why white, by the way? Because, well, white is pure and holy, black is dirty or evil. God is white, Satan is black. How could any one doubt who’s telling the truth?

Does it matter if it’s a Doctor Mengele* in the white lab coat? Not in today’s world. Can anyone question a doctor Mengele’s agenda in today’s society? Sorry, no. That would be engaging in a conspiracy and such people are dangerous traitors to the human race. Better the evil you know, or think you know, than the evil that lurks in conspiring minds.

…and that is how this current society of sheep has thrown away any right it may have had once upon a time to claiming it lived in certain democracies which not incidentally guaranteed freedom of speech and certainly freedom to express thoughts not garnered directly from the poisonous lies of bought-and-paid-for medical “experts”, equally corrupt politicians, billionaire ghouls looking to make their next quick billions and their lapdog mainstream media.

Do I sound angry? Yes? Good. But I’m not angry at the obvious evil doers, I’m angry at the fear-driven submissive collaborators who make their evil possible. I’m angry at the mind slaves who believe that by submitting they will save their own hides.

*Josef Mengele, also known as the Angel of Death and the White Angel, was a German Schutzstaffel officer and physician during World War II. He is mainly remembered for his actions at the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he performed deadly experiments on prisoners and was a member of the team of doctors who selected victims to be killed in the gas chambers. Wikipedia


19 thoughts on “Looking under Rocks

  1. rawgod

    Remember, S’T, when we first knocked heads. It was over hippies. You called us a no good drug-crazed group of worthless assholes running away from society? Do you remember? We “hippies” were the first to rebel against the Viet Nam War. Our slogans were “MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!” “DROP FLOWERS, NOT BOMBS!” and suchlike cutsie phrases. If it were not for the hippies there would have been no anti-war protests. That discussion took place only three years ago. Hippies should have been shot, you said.
    Now here you are, taking credit for protesting the war in Viet Nam? That sounds good on your resume, only it never happened!
    Now you are a conspiracy theorist. You’re looking under rocks and cowpatties to find the dirt only conspiracy theorists can find. How is stopping all the sporting circuses a conspiracy. How is shutting down most industries a conspiracy. The capitalist world is thankfully grounding to a halt, and you are telling people it is a hoax. This is exactly what we hippies were trying to do almost 60 years ago. And you told me we were sex-fiends and drug-addicts, kids playing at trying to change the world. Now here you are fighting to keep the world the same. Don’t isolate. Don’t social-separate. Work! Work! Work! Spend! Spend! Spend. You sound like Trump!
    I have to laugh at you, S’T. You call us sheeple, yet you’re the one jumping on other people’s bandwagons. You told me you cared about people. You said you were compassion personified. What kind of compassion are you offering to people telling them the corona virus isn’t real? That hospitals said to be overflowing with Covid-19 patients are actually standing empty? Yeah, I have to laugh, to do anything else would be tragic.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      My dear rawgod, let’s chill, just a bit, and put things in perspective.
      We did knock heads over hippies who with infiltration from the CIA went into the drug and sex scene and lost themselves, or returned to daddy’s comfortable status quo to become the lawyers, lobbyists, bank and food store managers or whatever daddy had had in mind. But meanwhile some of us who DID PROTEST AND FIGHT AGAINST THE VIETNAM WAR carried on into peace activism, marches, demonstrations, running for office… on and on while being ostracized, mocked and openly threatened.

      What you forget, or did not notice, is there was a major split in the so-called ‘hippie’ movement with most getting lost, though some put more clothes on, kept their long hair and bought more Harleys and quickly dropped the inane cutesy slogans. Many of the original anti-war young people were there because they were afraid of the draft, of being taken and added to the slaughter. Once that was over rawgod, “poof!” – gone, and those of us who saw the writing on the wall kept on fighting because we knew we had won a battle but the war front was spreading, not shrinking. Not all wars are “hot” wars and this was a war against the planet itself. Were we wrong, rawgod? Look around you and ask yourself where did all that “flower power” drug and rock-n-roll induced go?

      Can I ask how many miles you walked delivering pamphlets, how many $1000’s you personally spent buying paper and gestetners to print batches of informational pamphlets? To put gas in cars, to support the families of activists or buy bus tickets to organized demonstrations? How many sleepless nights spent either producing materials or delivering them? How many local council meetings did you personally attend to protest pipelines, logging of parks, encroachment on agricultural lands (which in this area are among the richest food producing lands anywhere on the planet)? How often you confronted the police, those watchdogs of the elites, and tried to reason with them? Did you even read “Silent Spring”?

      For some of us it became a lifelong commitment to a struggle for planetary sanity. My “bio” is still known by many here. For years I was president of SPEC, the largest environmental organization in BC. Gary Gallon, a US draft dodger and close friend, was our director who eventually left to join some UN organization in Nairobi. We were instrumental in getting the NDP under Dave Barrett elected in this benighted right-winged province. And as a result we did get a serious piece of legislation passed called the Agricultural Land Reserves which speculators and developers continue to despise and circumvent by any and every way they can to this day. I spent long and stressful hours in interviews for the CBC, CTV and my picture ended up on the front page of the Toronto Globe and Mail. (I am not bragging, I don’t like remembering my battles, but seems to me you were asking.)

      Let’s briefly switch to the horrors of COVID-19. Show me the long lines at the hospitals. Show me the afflicted, suffering people desperately waiting for beds. Name just one person you know who lost a family member or an acquaintance through STRICTLY and ONLY the effects of C-19 and under the age of, say, 75. Show me the bodies, rawgod. I go on YouTube looking and all I find are videos showing empty streets, empty hospital parking lots, empty waiting rooms. I see parked ambulances, the crews talking on their phones or watching Netflix. No panic, no lineups… nothing. Interviews with hospital staff show nothing unusual or exceptional going on except for the mandatory wearing of masks and gloves and a whole lot of empty chairs and scary signs. I see nothing to move me to change my mind that says COVID-19 is a false flag with a serious set of dovetailing agendas for totalitarianism. It’s a continuation and intensification of 9-11, nothing more, or less. And there is more coming, and as Roger says in a comment, pity the innocent.
      But I do recognize the power of faith. Nothing I say will change anything and that’s OK. It won’t shut me up, but I have no expectations as I did when I was 18 or 25 or even to my mid 30’s. Now I know not to expect, but I am not hiding either. Think what you want, do, or do not, what you want rawgod. I shall keep on writing as there is very little else to be done.

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      1. rawgod

        The news just announced Boris Johnson, British PM, has been admittet to hospital for serious symptoms of C19. Yesterday I saw him announce he was better. Seems he was wrong.
        I’ve lived most of my life on the outskirts of society. I’ve never had tens of $ to donate to use capitalist materials to combat the capitalist state, let alone thousands. I’ve walked thousands of miles across and around this great nation spreading the word that our nation is not as great as people think it is. That America is not the paradise people seem to think it is either. Yeah, after the FBI and RCMP i filtrated the hippie movement a big part of our numbers went back to the safety of capitalism, but no true hippie evr turned into a biker or a gangster. The rest of us just went into hiding, although a lot of communes carried on.
        Yes, I’ve read Silent Spring. It was just one more indictment of capitalism. There are many.
        In those days we were both fighting real issues in our own ways. I have not lost sight of that. What you are fighting I’m afraid are paper lions…


  2. franklparker

    Like Rawgod I am detecting a great many inconsistencies in your arguments. You have railed against capitalism and the harm you say it does. But I seem to recall you were less than complementary about climate activists (although you admire and regularly quote George Monbiot). You are entitled to believe that Covid-19 is a hoax and a scam. As another commenter said on a previous post, you need to explain what the conspirators hope to gain from it.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Sheesh… without writing another chapter, my fingers are getting tired, what more can I say, or how can I say it better and clearer? First, let me refer you, if I may, to my response to rawgod re: inconsistencies. Do I have a credible background to dare have an opinion, perhaps even more than an opinion? Take a look, see what you think.
      I’ve already, I believe, written at length what the many dovetailing agendas of governments and their elitist masters have and what they hope to gain from this C-19, accepting for the sake of this argument that it is a false flag of such proportions that, like 9-11, any idea running counter to the official story-line is simply unthinkable.

      Look at what is happening: attempted piecemeal destruction of local economies and autonomy. Massive fear mongering seeding distrust among people, thus a clarion call to people to rat on one-another and a boost for security forces; possible mandatory vaccinations and implanting for tracking and recognition. Implementation of the cashless society forcing all transactions to be traceable through AI algorithms. Heightened dictatorship of medical and pharmaceutical cartels. Heightened centralized security measures leading to more fracturing of already fragile democracies. Loss of income from job losses historically leading to massive increase in poverty, stress and suicides, as well as ill-health among a growing number of marginalized children. Loss of education (no big deal for me, but relevant overall). Destruction of small businesses giving a broader profit base to giant corporations in all consumer sectors. Then there’s the “set-up” (all great cons require a set-up): telling the self sequestered and quarantines frightened population that the virus is going to make a serious come-back, worse again than this pandemic; preparing people to accept “the next wave” of massive propaganda when the perpetrators decide it’s time to turn the screw in a bit tighter on the tortured wrists of global humanity to implement the final act of George Orwell’s “1984” script. Some quotes:

      Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. – George Orwell
      Truth in the hand of one person is still the truth. [unknown]
      “If you do not specify and confront real issues, what you say will surely obscure them. If you do not alarm anyone morally, you yourself remain morally asleep. If you do not embody controversy, what you say will be an acceptance of the drift of the coming human hell.” – C. WRIGHT MILLS (1916-1962) American sociologist

      The compassion thing also keeps coming up and I’d like to put that to rest if possible. I am a compassionate being-provable by my acts, not my words. However, in this “crisis” is a conundrum: cheering the destruction of “capitalism” through the fall of the economy versus the despair of millions from loss of income. The problem here is that “we the people” have seldom, most never, made the least effort to replace capitalism or communism (two sides of the same coin economically speaking) with a working and majority supported “working” socialist system. Therefore we are smack in the middle of an irresolvable conundrum. If I support the crash, I support a terrible catastrophe to befall those who can least afford it but I rejoice that the Earth is given a breather. Massive death = a cleaner environment. If I support a “get back to work” policy under current capitalistic rule I condemn this world to a guaranteed death from entropy. I am left with one slight positive choice, however: the distant “hope” that “we the people” will realize that as a society they are like a bunch of people in an SUV driving 200 kms an hour towards a cement wall and arguing as to the best place to sit (somebody said that already, I just remember it) and they will by whatever popular means, put a stop to it and change how they interact with their environment. My problem with climate activists is, they are too much like we were in the 70’s: unable to see the forest for the trees. We need a transition in energy consumption, not draconian measures (including punitive taxation) to end all usage of fossil fuels as if that was the demon on our backs. The real demon on our backs is our own greed, lack of vision and apathy.

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  3. jim-

    The most irony I find in this whole situation is the world has carte blanche accepted decrees from politicians they do not trust in the slightest. I’m not certain, but maybe people care about the vulnerable more than you think?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I agree that the crisis has created an environment of “recognition” of one’s neighbours. The problem is, it’s a Janus-faced creation. Some people are drawn together when they see the need, many are pushed apart, separated, by the manufactured fear. From my experience, if this madness eases off we will see a dwindling of “caring” and inherit a rise in distrust. Grant you, I don’t claim to be an optimist, my experiences with humanity have not led me in that direction!

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      …and then another… and another, like those Russian doll things? But…but…but… these are System rocks, hierarchically layered… Keep turning them over and eventually you will find yourself peering down into a “Time Lord” headquarters. (Our closest one, so I’ve been told, is located somewhere in the Orion constellation. That would mean you have discovered the “mystery” of worm hole travel. Way to go, George!)

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Observer: “Why are you turning those rocks over, George?”
        George: “According to a blogger acquaintance there’s worm holes under there.”
        Observer: “Well of course. There’s worm holes everywhere in this field.”
        George, disappointed: “Aw, damn. I thought she meant space travel.”

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  4. Hyperion

    Sha’Tara you wrote an excellent piece. It was you and I talking about NASA and Atlantis where I, tongue in cheek, insisted you had to turn over the rocks to find what was really going on. In this case, reasons to avoid losing one’s budget for not spending all the money. If ever there were a truth, non conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact, it is the billions of dollars WASTED every year because every entity under the government budget office is ransacked of every penny if they don’t spend it all by the first quarter of the fiscal year. $100s of billions are wasted every year. This money could care for every homeless person in North America. It could feed most of the world’s hungry children, it could return polluted lands to fallow ground. This money could stop wars instead of start them but our government sees being a good steward of the tax payers money as a crime punishable by loss of job, fines, and imprisonment even though Federal laws are clear on fraud, waste, and abuse, it is only a wink wink. And it’s all preventable and unnecessary.

    Oh, the troubles you have seen and fought hard against. I did not believe for a second I would live through Vietnam. It took me 10 years and the belief all of the protestors had changed government and people’s minds to trust again. It took that long for me to trust and enter the fray once again. For a decade it was honorable and noble service but then, the evil of entropy and political correctness turned it all into a lie. Now the infestation has destroyed every fabric of societies, government, religion, commerce, and all forms of human interaction and communication. There is no pure and noble purpose. I am often reminded that I am just a remake of Don Quixote, the man from La Mancha searching for chivalry and only finding windmills in bad repair to thrust against. I don’t dislike conspiracy theorists. I just want them to get their facts straight and stop making shit up for market share and monetization. Most times there is a thread of truth to their theory, but they are rarely solved in one or two lifetimes and entropy removes our desire to care. The litmus test for any conspiracy that involves government wrong doing is if it takes excellent intelligence, decisive action, tight planning, and none of the thousands of people involved ever say a word. Well, then you know it isn’t true. It is at best an outcome of total bumbling and intransigent outdated thinking. That isn’t to say the governments of the world aren’t capable of horrendous things. They certainly are, but they could never keep it a secret. Just cruise through all the stories of leaked information to confirm that. Who I thought did the best job was Assange of Wikileaks. He didn’t have to project or assume. He had the facts posted online for everybody to see and draw their own conclusion. And the young trans girl that aided Assange to expose the truth of the endless wars broke the law so they had her by her neck. She fought and remains true to herself until death. Hero, criminal, or martyr. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. In the mean time we are all free to choose. To me, there are so many causes that need addressing that conspiracy is probably not needed. The real challenge is focusing on the one thing we can do and then do it. Fight the war, fight capitalism turn Mafia Boss, fight our precipitous slide into nationalism on our way to despotism or worse. Fight for the planet and work our way to our local neighborhood and fight for decency there. Everything needs fighting for to return us to sanity and meaningful existence. If we are still fighting NASA’s fake moonshot, or the anti Semitic attack on the World Trade Centers claimed by Osama Bin Laughin but really carried out by the fumbling, bumbling, incompetent CIA at the President’s request we are missing the chance to hold the evil doers of today accountable. P&G, Oil, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, retail chains, Star Bucks Coffee don’t need conspiracies. Their wrong doing is out in the open. Let’s put a half a million in the street and rid the world of StarBucks and their overseas child slaves. Let’s move on to the big boys and tear them down. 30,000,000 Americans will be unemployed and unable to pay their bills by the end of April. The highest number in history. We will be desperate, angry, destitute and the Gov, banks, and enterprise will have us on our knees ready for whatever offer they make and be thankful for it. I think preppers called this SHTF. A whole new generation of rocks have been set in place and we need not look hard or long to uncover what all this brought us to. Here is my theory. The intransigent bumbling and incompetent paralyzed government is not nearly as big a threat as our collective apathy. Perhaps we are just tired but right now a mass protest in the streets has all the controls in place to put it down. No, a good rebel reads Mao Tse Tung’s writing on guerrilla warfare. His method of the small against the mighty has been undefeated by every western power since 1937 when Mao was in headlong retreat from Japanese oppression and Chinese Nationalist, Chiang Kai Shek. He won and his followers continue to win. You don’t have to be a Chinese communist. You can be anything you want, but if we are going to change things, we need an actionable strategy. Let us be on the side of protecting the innocent, the poor, the vulnerable and provide opportunity for everyone who wills it. Let us be on the side of a clean and productive environment without the rape and pillage. Let us make sure that no female has to internalize fear and pay the price of living with her dignity or life. The theories of wrong doing are likely a necessary part of this society but there are so many, we need to choose our battles and go after it. Once cleared, move to the next and next and next until we hand it over to a worthy new generation. Or, am I stoned again on too many chocolate Cheerios? In that case, ignore me. But, I hear your true message. Words get us halfway there, our minds get us the rest of the way.



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