Explaining  Altarian Cosmology – Basics

(I thought this “explanation” would come in handy as a follow up to the last blog post.  If you are interested in knowing where my ideas are coming from, here, in part, is one important source. Questions? Ask away!) 

Explaining Altarian Cosmology, the Basics
[Voice from the Other Side  ~burning woman~ translated by Sha’Tara]

Premise 1:  Every universe is a closed system sharing common space with every other universe and everything else (Unknowns:  “ghosts” – Watchers – Guardians).  We call this the cosmos.

Premise 2:  Every universe has its own unique set of rules and has evolved its own unique character.  This uniqueness prevents free and open interaction with other universes. 

Details:  Life does not exist in vacuum (chaos).  Spirit (Source of life) images and sends forth “life” into the cosmos.  Such “life” is equipped with all information necessary to “be fruitful and multiply” according to set patterns (rules).  To be successful, such life must delineate itself as other than.  That is what we call “order.”

A successful universe is one that integrates its original set of information into a working, growing whole.  It chooses to cut itself off from all other life to pursue its own definitions of life, thus becoming a self-sustaining closed system. 

Theories of Development:  We suspect that every “thing” is somehow linked to everything else, even when all evidence says otherwise.  Every entity from macro to micro contains within itself a “sluice gate” that can be opened to allow energy to flow between otherwise closed systems.  Who opens it?  We do not know.  We do know however that to prevent a sense of isolationism these are opened periodically.  We also know the process is extremely delicate and dangerous.  It requires intelligence far above anything we feel able to comprehend at this stage.

The longer an entity (universe in this case) evolves completely cut-off from others, the less likely it can withstand a sudden input of energy from another entity.  Should a sluice gate fail, a universe may suffer “rape” from another one.  Its “immune system” may have weakened to the point it may even die of shock. 

This Universe:  Our, perhaps better put, your, universe is binary; a balanced system using the basic male/female concept to maintain itself and propagate life within itself.  This is observable by using the adage, “as below, so above.” 

Not all binaries remain in balance for they must juxtapose a great many variables.  Usually, the imbalance is caused from within and corrects itself after much upheaval (conflict) that settles into new patterns of relationships (forgiveness, acceptance).

Observations:  We suspect however that this universe has suffered imbalance due to intrusion of alien energies through an accident at the so-called sluice gate.  The gate was either left untended by the Guardians (highly unlikely scenario) or was attacked and successfully breached and for an instant an influx of alien, basically male, energy forced itself into this universe.  Over the billennia, this influence has spread into developing ISSA consciousness causing what religions call evil or “sin” to become a constant, as described by the now current term, “necessary evil.”  

Evil or sin is observable (sensed) imbalance caused by a force not innate to the system.  Evil is never a natural state within any system.  It is always made up of excessive force.  Evil is an anti-life force.  Evil kills.  It is the only force that does so.  It creates agony and feeds on pain. 

Conclusions:  It has fallen to us as empathic, compassionate ISSA consciousness to either tame this alien consciousness or remove it from this system.  The “how’s” of it have been discussed at many a plenary universal session as can be surmised from the many sessions on Earth dealing with the subject.  The difficulties in identifying the location of this “evil” consciousness have increased exponentially over the millennia as it blended itself into the original consciousness of this universe. 

The oppressive nature of the alien consciousness has become a subject of awe and reverence in many developing worlds and its effects have been copied and used to create great oppressive structures that now control life on many such worlds (not just on Earth).  Simply put, the Intruder has grown in power and by infecting minds, has gained much following everywhere.  It “owns” certain worlds outright, hence the temptation to simply annihilate such worlds – an idea we have vehemently opposed at all time.

And yet well do we know that the current condition of this universe cannot be permitted to continue.  We know that subduing of the Intruder will cause much pain for a short time, and this pain we will feel within ourselves even as we struggle.  This universe is not lacking in information and “weaponry” to overcome this great evil — but it is still lacking in understanding, good will and commitment.  Mostly it is lacking in the degree of empathy and compassion that would signal all ISSA consciousness not as yet totally seduced by the Intruder to join in defeating it. 

It remains that whatever we are not willing to do for ourselves to better our conditions, no one else can do for us.  Hence, for those who still cling to the idea of redeemers, or loving gods, even of alien saviours — their great ineffectiveness and deathly silence gives that idea a ‘case closed.’  It’s up to you, and us, now. 

“Know this then, that as long as a single child dies of preventable causes on your world, you are experiencing evil.
“Know this, then, that if you are not moved to sorrow by this knowledge, you have been utterly duped and seduced by this evil.
“Know this, then, that in such a condition of heart-mind you can never be instrumental in defeating the evil that even now gnaws the marrow of your planet’s bones, and yours.”
[the Teacher YLea]



9 thoughts on “Explaining  Altarian Cosmology – Basics

  1. rawgod

    Here, S’T, is where you and I diverge. But I will not state how, I do not wish to fight. You have your “knowledge,” and I have mine. This does not mean we cannot be allies, maybe it is female/male. I do not know.
    As the phrase goes, just saying…


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      The cosmos is a big place, rawgod, room enough for any and all opinions to be heard, knowledge and experiences to be expressed, theories to be postulated. Some know that what they see is real, others say they see what they want to see. Is there a difference? Can something that isn’t be imagined or given some sort of reality? That’s a good question. If an intelligent and aware entity steps outside the binary for a moment of “non time” and she sees something there, since there is only one possibility for reality, whatever she sees is real. In this binary universe we can play pretend. We can declare something is real or isn’t real and be absolutely certain of our claim until such time when it is proven false and a new claim takes its place and so forth. In the binary playpen everything remains in flux – nothing is solidly, permanently “real”. As is said, you cannot put your foot in the same river twice or as Craig Johnson put it in Sheriff Longmire, you can always go back to the place you once knew as home but you can never come home again. That’s the binary, the endless fluctuation, permutation, mutation, change. In this entire universe, not one particle is the same as another, so how could anyone ever agree on anything? But “solutions” to collective error, or errors, have nothing to do with agreement. They have to do with awareness and understanding. If such is fuelled by compassion then you have all the solutions you need to any problem you encounter. Test it out. Think compassion and watch what your mind does with a particular problem or conundrum. Wow… it’s 2:00 AM, better call it a day, huh? 🕯


      1. rawgod

        I will only respond to your question, “Can something that isn’t be imagined or given some kind of reality?” Humans do it all the time. Gods and godesses. Myths. Fiction. Science. Nations. Boundaries. Time. I could go on, but there’s no use. People imagine things, others believe in them. It doesn’t make them real.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for responding, rawgod. As I pointed out, there is room for every opinion, every view, every concept “imaginable”. In my world, anything, absolutely anything, that can be imagined, thought up, imaged, verbalized and finally experienced, is de facto part of the greater reality. Unfortunately for Earthians, they exist in a straight-jacket mis-understanding of cosmic reality. They exist uncomfortably in the space-time continuum as some call it, a paddock in the midst of an unfenced ranch. It is a mind-controlling invention where any “thing” can be arbitrarily declared “real” or “imaginary” – hence not real. I call it the mind prison. My approach, as taught me by the Teachers, is open-ended: believe ALL things, believe IN nothing. That’s pure mind freedom. I allow for the existence of everything, every thought, every vision, every concept, every belief. I never say, that does not exist because that is obviously denial. What would I base my denial upon? Earthian stricture? What credibility does that have? Earthians believe in the most irrational concepts and accept those as real – their organized religions for one, but more particularly today, their copy-cat financial system; their creation, out of thin air, of fiat money by which they are destroying their world. Few question such faith in a complete chimera; a pyramid or Ponzi scheme to enrich the rich and bring death to the poor. There are many other traditional or invented beliefs used to justify war, misogyny, slavery, racism, exceptionalism. Those have no basis in any “fact” yet they are more than real enough to those they suppress, oppress and kill. What is reality? What is fact? We all make it up as we go along and find our own comfort zone within these restrictive concepts. So why not open the sluice gates and let life flow, whether we understand, or not, certain of its peculiarities or particular realities? There is a world called “Roccar” (as translated by my own mind) inhabited entirely by a single species of beings I call griffins, for that is what they resemble. It’s a stony world without a drop or water on it or a breath of wind. The creatures feed on emanations from certain rocks which they lick. I have lived on that world and have my own family living there which I have visited and interacted with, as a griffin myself. Because I am currently an Earthian, should I deny that particular reality of mine to satisfy Earthian strictures regarding what is, what can be and what cannot because it should not, be? What makes Earthians so “smart” in determining reality when so utterly stupid in interaction with each other and their world? I should deny my cosmic reality in favour of man’s social and religious strictures when they exude so much repression and gross ignorance after stumbling down the rabbit hole into an endless wonderland? As someone once asked me, “If everybody else around you put their heads in a bucket of shit, would you?”


      3. rawgod

        No one is asking you to deny anything, S’T. It is not material life I am interested in, I am concerned with the spiritual. That is my direction.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks rawgod. Yes, I am aware of your quest indeed. I just wanted to make the point that “spirituality” for me is part of cosmic inclusivity. I learned long ago and after abandoning religion that spirituality and materiality support each other. When they do not then judgment has entered into the picture and life will be stunted.


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