The Gathering

(A simple story with some questions at the end…)

[short story… by  ~burning woman~  ]

The Ancient surveyed the group with his mind.  “I see we are all gathered – let us proceed.  Agenda, please.” 

Orija closes her eyes and intones: “This Great Gathering, ninth of a series of ten, is called to decide the fate of the Sol system in which lies a planet called Earth which has been of concerns to Gathering for some years now. This meeting will address those aspects that lie within our jurisdiction.”

“Very well.  Please begin.  I recognize Volarian Mosl as the first delegate.”

 “The Volarians are, hm, quite uncomfortable with the energies emanating from the Sol planet called Earth.  Without going into details already well known to this august body, we propose a terminal solution before the discomfort spreads further.  It is known to us that some Belgelians have offered limited space folding capabilities to a segment of Earthian humans who claim descent from those known to us as the Nibiruans.  As a result we have been forced to strengthen our shields against the possibility of a sudden eruption of Earth humans — whom we consider to be corrupted beyond redemption –within our space.  The situation among my people is volatile as we have not had to deal with outer world aggression in long ages.  Even our oldest mages cannot remember the days of war.  We are asking, once more, that this Gathering do something definitive to resolve this issue.  We do not wish to wait for another Gathering.  If nothing is done now, our space guild will take action as it sees fit to protect both our space and our trade routes.”

“Thank you Volarian Mosl.  Your position is clear to us.  Who else wishes to express thoughts on the Earthian problem?”

 “I, Jessik, ambassador for the autarch of Narssis wish to express our thoughts on the matter?”

 “Yes, ambassador Jessik, you may speak freely.”

 “Thank you.  I have a question to pose to the gathering.  Regarding the Earthian humans, as a species evolved on only one world, with limited intervention from outer world peoples, can it be said here, before this august gathering, that over the time we have watched them, they have been freely given all the necessary information needed to move in a direction,  or should I say, to develop in a way consistent with that of the rest of the Galactic family?  Can any Earthian claim that we, in some way, failed to give them all the necessary support to develop their minds and their hearts in accord with the Galactic aim of cooperation and mutual support for the sake of life?

 “This is of paramount importance to us Narssisians as adjudicators of the Galactic Code.  Should Earthians discover the workings within the Galaxy once they leave their planet, they may be instructed by some to put in a planetary claim that critical information was withheld from them and  further claim that whatever crime they could to be charged with, such as genocide or planeticide, would not apply since they were ignorant of the basic requirements of the Galactic code?”

 “The question has been heard and entered.  Would the Angels respond to ambassador Jessik’s question?”

“We are the Angels of Aglamar” responds in perfect unison a chorus of voices from unseen entities scattered throughout the Gathering, “and we will respond to the question truthfully. 

 “Since the beginning, the Earthian human species has been observed, guided, taught and shepherded by the very best of our specially trained Guardians.  Many went and lived on the Sol planet Earth as teachers.  It was not unexpected that the earlier Guardians would be treated unfairly and unkindly by the fearful, hate-filled creatures.  It was however quite unheard of that this treatment would continue and intensify.  After waves of persecution of those who heard and obeyed the teachings of the Guardians, it was decided not to send any more.  We chose instead to contact Earthians through the use of thought forms, awakening empathy in some of them.  It was our thought that Earthians would be more likely to listen to their own.  But again experience gained on other worlds failed us here.  They did not listen.  They have grown increasingly belligerent with the development of their modern technical skills.

“They used the knowledge brought to them to develop an inhuman form of technology that has rendered them insensitive and brutish.  What limited knowledge of the good we sowed among them over the millennia was apparently and for all practical purposes, lost, or deliberately discarded.  Few there are of Earth who today understand even a little of what life is about and we have plans with the Galactic Space Guild to attempt a rescue of this remnant. 

 As Angel Guardians, it is our intent at this juncture to withdraw ourselves from any further involvement with that species of humanity.  Sadly we conclude they are lost.  We regret to so inform the Gathering.”

“Ah, thank you Angel Guardians of Aglamar.  The darkness of sorrow clouds our thoughts on this matter.  Do we wish to continue this Gathering?”

 “Representative Weill-Straat from Qobel.”

 “Yes, representative.”

 “Qobel resents the implication that Earth is of no value.  We have put much energy to develop a plan for adding Earth to our interplanetary trade franchises.  Qobellian trade ships are orbiting the planet, out of the range of their scanners and shielded, of course,  awaiting the results of several delegations sent secretly to many of the greater Earthian trading houses which they call Banks and Corporations.  As always we are advocates of free choice, therefore free trade. 

“We believe that the Earthians are uniquely adapted to engage fully in interplanetary trade and understand its function better even than some Qobellians, to our shame.  There is a native trait in the Earthians that renders them immune to any suffering their trading may bring to life, including the life of members of their own species.  They understand the value of trade and the necessity of sacrifice to further its reach.  In fact, one of their most admirable traits is their willingness to sacrifice any number of lives for the benefit of trade and to go to war to protect and enhance trade on their world.  To us, the Earthians demonstrate the only hope for further advancement of civilization as we have developed it on Qobel. The wish of Qobel therefore is that we be given a free hand to fully interact with Earthian trading houses.”

 “Thank you, representative Qobel.  Is there anyone else here who wishes to address this issue?”

 “Yes, I would please.  My name is Lisa Echabar.  I am, huh, was, from Earth.”

 “Lisa Echabar from Earth.  You may address the Gathering.”

 “I had wished to say something profound on behalf of my world but after listening to the delegates, I am afraid my voice will seem rather small, frail and distant.  Perhaps even confused.  Yes, I am confused.  I wish to speak for Earth but everything said here about the people is, sadly, quite correct.  They have been given all the knowledge needed to live up to the demands of the Galactic code.  I know because my tribe lived according to the code and we were happy and healthy for long years.  It was because of our adherence to the code that my tribe was enslaved and finally destroyed.  Earth was an abundant planet under the rule of the code.  No one ever needed to go without either food or shelter.  It was known, and it is known, even to the technos, that peace is better than war – but never quite as profitable.  It was, and is, known to all that health is better than disease, but also not as profitable.  It was, and is, known that cooperation is superior to aggression, but again, not as profitable. 

“I have a complaint to voice at this Gathering and that is, when the predator/prey concept was surreptitiously introduced to Earth, where were the Angel Guardians then?  Did you not know that such a concept would bring horror upon a world designed originally to be a simple paradise of loving interaction between all the species of life upon it?  Or did you know but choose to do nothing to prevent this deadly poison from being brought to us? 

“I will tell you what happened to my world and to my people.  Both were given free will and free choice much sooner than they were able to understand their implications and responsibilities. The freedom came before the knowledge was given.  So it turned to lust and degradation.  When the knowledge was finally introduced, it was too late.  The poison was burning in every heart and every mind.  Only those scattered in small tribes in deserts, mountains or small islands on the seas escaped for a time.  But it came to them also, and when it did, they died by the millions.  I myself was a victim of the technos. 

“Perhaps it is not entirely the Earthians’ fault that they are as they are.  Perhaps they are not redeemable, and certainly this Gathering cannot pay heed to Belgelian and Qobel desires to take advantage of their inhuman trait, their lack of empathy and their innate greed.  Better to let them destroy themselves and cause their planet to simply go to sleep under them, holding back her seasonal bounties until all surface life is gone.  Perhaps that would be the most compassionate thing to do. 

“To bring them out of their world at their current state of understanding would be to plunge the galaxy in endless wars.  To allow them to proliferate more would be to increase the level of suffering the many must endure to support the luxuries of the few.  There is no balance on Earth.  What love there is, if it can be called that, is of a sexual and predatory nature. 

“Since those of us who were willing to demonstrate a better way; who would have made a difference, are not wanted on Earth and since the Angel Guardians have decided to abandon their efforts on behalf of those who were once my people – but are no longer – I don’t know what else to say.  I am not condemning; I am not accepting.  I am simply stating.  Please understand I do not seek redress  or justice for myself in this.  I only wished to share my awareness and experience.  May this Gathering act wisely in this grave matter.”

“Thank you, Lisa Echabar, ambassador for Earth.  Your thoughts are felt and understood by the Gathering. A vote to decide the fate of planet Earth and its life will be taken by authorized representatives of the council at the next, and last, Gathering.”


Earth humanity, known as Homo Sapiens is a very ignorant and smug species.  That such as the above could actually be taking place, seems of no consequence here.  That the planet itself is showing signs of serious stress and possible environmental collapse is of little consequence. What matters is business as usual, let the consequences be borne by others.  That over 30,000 innocents die each day of preventable causes is acceptable collateral damage for the sake of free trade.  “The spice must flow” as the spacing guild navigators are fond of saying in Frank Herbert’s Dune novels.  Whatever the cost, resources must flow to the factories, and the goods must flow to the stores and from thence, to the homes to be turned into garbage and effluent.  That such garbage and effluent require the living sacrifice of 30,000 innocents – mostly babies and young children – each and every day, is cool; not a shocking revelation but just more “so what, there’s too many people on the planet anyway;” crass justification for the piratical profit from imposition of sanctions and maintenance of deadly endless wars.

Do we possess the knowledge to make our world into a paradise but simply refuse to do so?  Are we without empathy for those who suffer and die because of a system we support for our selfish ends?  Are we doomed; an irredeemable, violent, vicious, mindless species?  Is there no longer any choice, or are we unwilling to pay the price required for change? 

And what is that price?  What does life demand of us?  Of me? 

Now, who’s going to be the first to tell me to get into the spirit of Christmas?


27 thoughts on “The Gathering

  1. rawgod

    It won’t be I, because the spirit of xmas is a degradation of human spirit, used to fund the coffers of the already-too-rich. Sure, there are people who are genuine, but unless their generosity is never-ending and not confined to a limited period each year, they are only fooling themselves.
    The problem is either we have given over our self-autonomy to others, or allowed others to take that self-autonomy from us for what we call “the greater good,” but actually is the greed of the greediest.
    Is it possible to recover that self-autonomy? I personally doubt it. We would have to get rid of the 3Gs, god, gold, and government to have any chance of recovery, and 99% of the world population believes in at least one of those Gs, if not all. Maintaining any part of the current system is self-defeating, they all must go.
    And what to replace them with? Nothing. Absolutely nothing!
    As long as top-down systems are allowed to reign, someone will always think they know better what is good for everyone else. This is the bane of human existence. We must all be reduced until all are equal with nothing, and then build from there. Is that even possible? As much as I believe it is, I am one in over 7 billion who do. Soon I will be dead, and my understanding gone with me. There are others, but we are all just ones in over 7 billion. We are not allowed to come together, and probably we would all have different paths to put forth. Such is the way of humanity.
    In my mind, we cannot fight. We cannot teach. We cannot cajole. We can only be ourselves. And if that is not good enough, then we must perish, and let life try again…


      1. rawgod

        Hey, Frank. S’T offers compassion and empathy, but she also admits she doesn’t know if they are enough at this point. While they are part of my vision for self-rule, they are not things you can govern, buy, or force people to feel through religious indoctrination. You only arrive at them through raising your own consciousness, going beyond the self.
        Self-autonomy means taking responsibility for every action you take or refuse to take, considering not only how it affects you but how it affects every living being around you. There are not enough people in this world who take the time to consider all others, which to me is what compassion and empathy are all about.
        That you disagree with me is your privilege, but in this comment you offer no remedy, just a shut down of thought. I will go check to see if you have offered a remedy of your own. Maybe then I will understand your processes.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hi Frank! I hesitate a bit to butt in here. I think, however, that with a bit of mental sticky tape these thoughts can make sense. Assuming that “self autonomy” means the same as self empowerment, I have spent many years working with these concepts to get a sense of their positive workability, i.e., their psychological worthiness. Simply put, self autonomy or self empowerment when linked with a firm purpose to live compassionately and to develop one’s personal empathy, creates a powerful working force that always does what is right (at least in the moment) and always eschews evil, which is always predatory selfishness. Personally I “get off” on imagining myself as ultimately unselfish (not the same as selfless) in interaction with another, or others. I desire to feel my lifeforce flowing into another to give life; to support, succour, heal, protect, encourage, feed, clothe… whatever is required of me. That approach to life requires total self empowerment since the energy I use cannot come from some collective. It has to be my personal life force that is pushed from me and into that other. From my contemplations and experiences compassion only works this way. When a succouring energy flows from any collective it isn’t compassion. This is the problem faced by those who would create a better world by forming and using collectives. It is an error that destroys all the good individuals within the collective hope to accomplish. We need to learn to live empathically and compassionately purely as individuals, though not, of course, shunning those who choose a different approach according to their own awareness and experience.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      A deeply thought comment, as usual, rawgod. In skipping across the comments to get a sense of how the story is taken, I get the impression that there are two “spirits of Christmas” being referred to. One is the standard “Western” Santa Claus version where the rich get the best and most toys and the poorest toil to ensure Santa’s sleigh is abundantly filled for delivery to rich “kids.” This is the spirit of greed that animates everything supportive of global predatory capitalism. The second is more implied than openly mentioned, but it would seem to be the spirit of self sacrifice. The real spirit of giving, not from affluence unto those already affluent, but from a heartfelt perspective, belief, philosophy that it is more blessed to give than to receive. There are those who, in their heart, “remember” this injunction: Pr. 22:16 He who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and he who gives gifts to the rich — both come to poverty.


      1. rawgod

        Hi, S’T,
        Your reply confuses me. Does self-sacrifice demonstrate the ideal of the spirit of xmas? Is it self-sacrifice to give money you do not have, or is it self-sacrifice to give of yourself when you have little or nothing to give. I’m trying to understand, but just not getting it. Maybe I need to rest…


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Understandable. I always forget that few people have “benefited” from the kind of mixed upbringing I had! Self sacrifice, to me as a preteen young religious person was a kind of overriding romantic idea/ideal of the truly faith-based religious. I fully intended to live a life of ‘poverty’ totally dedicated to the service of the poor. I’m being literally truthful here. Turned out I had so much fire in me that it scared those who exercised power over me and made the crucial decisions: my request to enter the religious life was denied. Who says there are no guardian angels, huh? Anyway, after a time of intense teenage madness with my fire using a different kind of fuel, I came back to look at what I thought I’d lost, only it wasn’t lost, just matured. It wasn’t quite so black and white but it made more sense. Common sense had weaved itself into the tapestry. A couple more decades and self empowerment became a part of it. Then I could live ‘the’ compassionate life without the questionable support of some religious organization.
        Which brings me to answer your question: in its ultimate meaning, yes, self sacrifice is what the birth of Christ is all about. This is a theological “fact” which I need not ascribe to though the example given to all believers is screaming obvious. It’s been turned on its head, completely corrupted by the greed of the marketplace of course and for the churches it spells out to additional donations and a bit of extra power and control. Institutional Christmas is evil, pure and simple. As to giving of oneself, ideally that is where giving should emanate from. I learned that giving begins when there is nothing external left to give, as in this New Testament example:
        “Mk. 12:41 Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts.
        Mk. 12:42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, [Greek: two lepta] worth only a fraction of a penny. [Greek: kodrantes]
        Mk. 12:43 Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others.
        Mk. 12:44 They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything — all she had to live on.”
        That was how I saw it but absolutes don’t work here, so common sense is the final arbiter. I have bills and on-going responsibilities which could not be honored if I gave everything I had today. Can’t be done under current conditions, so I put money aside diligently to meet calls for help. My neighbour can’t make ends meet with her meagre pension but she keeps her house and dignity because I’m here to make sure of it. I subsidize my upstairs renter so she no longer has more month than income to deal with. Otherwise I just keep my eyes and ears open for situations I can do something about. In some sense that’s self sacrifice. It means that instead of taking advantage of retirement with the usual BS lifestyle, I stay around and I chase jobs so I have extra income for those who can’t work to subsidize their income.
        You said yourself: “there are people who are genuine, but unless their generosity is never-ending and not confined to a limited period each year, they are only fooling themselves.”
        The real spirit or Christmas is as you say, never-ending. It gives year round. That’s all I mean by self sacrifice. Not the “all of me” in one firework shot, but all of me for the rest of my life -within common sense.


      3. rawgod

        Yes, life is different today than 2000 years ago, and I love the “within common sense.” But there is so much suffering in the world, no matter what era one looks at, that it is easy to empathize to a standstill point. No matter how much one has, it is impossible to ease all suffering. There is no possible way to do that–alone. But there are those in this world who have that means, if they were motivated to use it. Where is their self-sacrifice? And that includes the church, especially the rc church. Probably still the richest organisation/corporation in all the world, who say they are concerned about suffering, causing the most suffering of all. They take the old lady’s two copper coins, and give her nothing in return… Of what use is her sacrifice? I cannot see it.
        This conversation seems to have strayed far away from its beginnings, yet it is all relevent, I think. It is impossible to save this world without total sacrifice, and I don’t know that it is worth it in any sense of the word value. Humans are not humane. There lies the end of it for me.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you very much for your heartfelt reply, once again. For those who are empathetic, who know within that they care, the point cannot be about saving the world. Even Jesus, the son of god, blatantly failed at that (I’m taking the position in this brief statement that the story is true – personally I don’t believe it) but I’m taking a different tack based on Altarian teachings. It matters, what I feel, think, say and do about “the world” inasmuch as I am in it, and a part of it, and knowing that this one life is ending here but I have “contracted” to return in some future time to pick up where I’m going to leave off. Things I have to learn, including “tricks” of empowerment to enable me to do some “stupid talk” when the time comes (cf: Antierra’s history – Antierra manifesto). It matters because I am defining myself as an avatar of compassion. It matters because I can’t fail. But while I am teaching myself how to act in, and respond to, a world such as this, I am also changing myself. When I die, which can’t be that far away, being 73 and rising(!) there will be a different person standing on the other side. That person will be a compassionate empath based entirely on the information and experiences I have forwarded across the divide. Meanwhile, I don’t do hope because I can’t afford to do despair. I don’t do love because I can no longer afford to entertain hate. I do compassion and where I fail, I learn to recognize my faults, admit them freely and reject them as having any legitimacy in my life.
        The thing I’ve learned over the last four decades is that I am responsible to change myself, not the world. I’ve also learned (and observed) that my changes have, and are, affecting those whose lives I touch and interact with so it behooves me to be on my “best behaviour” at all times. The hardest part for me to accept was that “my” life is, in the end, all about me. I do what I do because I chose this path, and choose day by day to remain on it – not to save the world, or anyone (except incidentally but one can never take credit if such a thing happened – sorry Jesus but you were a blowhard) because I did it for me. I think that is how all would-be change agents should look at themselves. We need to become honest and truly humble about our agendas. Only then can we evolve through detachment from the need to rack up points. We desperately need to grow up and eschew the need to feel “someone” patting us on the back. Why then work at emphasizing (teaching?) the need to make this a better place? Because I know now that I am a part of the neural network of this world and all the life on it. What mental change, or change of mind, I manage to accomplish flows out as new information, into the network. When I die, this information will continue to “infect” the entire network and weaken the grip of the Matrix upon man, and this world. It’s subversive work and according to my Teachers, it is quite effective.
        Another little bit of explanation from a certifiable nutcase or someone who has acquired a bit of wisdom… 🧙‍♀️


  2. sherazade

    Lo dirò io per prima ben oltre i Mea culpa universali che tu hai espresso e che condivido
    Riconoscendo che siamo completamente impotenti se non nel nostro contrapporsi individuale che arriva a poco ma che serve a chi lo apprezza come insegnamento a noi per mantenere la nostra umanità viva.
    Lo spirito del Natale per noi tre fratelli adulti seminati un po’ su tutto il globo significa un appuntamento importante nel quale ci ritroviamo senza altri impegni che noi i nostri figli i nostri nipoti : non siamo tanti siamo 12.

    Il prezzo da pagare è alto ed è il quotidiano riscontro delle diseguaglianze e delle sofferenze che portano contro le quali ognuno di noi individualmente può opporsi Ma è uno su miliardi il risultato. Tuttavia bisogna farlo.

    Ti abbraccio Sha ‘Tara respira forte e profondo il cielo di Roma oggi è luminoso!

    Non credo assolutamente che lo “spirito del Natale” sia un degrado dello spirito.Questo è un giudizio apriorioristico e ingeneroso.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hello dear Shera… translated, your comment reads thus: “I will say it first well beyond the universal Mea culpa that you have expressed and that I share. Recognizing that we are completely powerless if not in our individual confrontation that comes little but that serves those who appreciate it as a teaching to us to keep our humanity alive.
      The spirit of Christmas for us three adult brothers sowed a bit all over the globe means an important appointment in which we find ourselves without other commitments than we our children our grandchildren: we are not many we are 12.
      The price to pay is high and it is the daily response to the inequalities and sufferings that each of us can oppose individually. But the result is one in a billion. However, it must be done.
      I embrace you Sha ‘Tara breathes deeply and deeply the sky of Rome is bright today!
      (this next must be in response to rawgod:)
      I absolutely do not believe that the “Christmas spirit” is a degradation of the spirit. This is an apriorioristic and ungenerous judgment.
      If I understand, or follow, I agree that at this stage we can only do what needs to be done from a personal standpoint, if only to remind ourselves, and secure in our heart, that we choose to live as human beings and not as brute beasts responding only to appetite. Personally, I do not denigrate the concept of Christmas as a sharing of humanity time but I understand rawgod’s statement very well, living in this decadent essentially “white” Western society. Christmas “here” is only about commercial profit and the giving that is encouraged is used to increase the power and riches of the foremost “Christian” charitable organizations, such as those, e.g. of the Salvation Army. (*If the deluded donors only knew where their money is really going*)
      If I understand the part about your family, I agree with you there. The best “charity” begins at home, so it is said. ——–
      Translated: Se capisco, o seguo, concordo sul fatto che in questa fase possiamo fare solo ciò che deve essere fatto da un punto di vista personale, se non altro per ricordare a noi stessi e assicurarci nel nostro cuore, che scegliamo di vivere come esseri umani e non come bestie brutali che rispondono solo all’appetito. Personalmente, non denigrare il concetto di Natale come una condivisione del tempo dell’umanità, ma capisco molto bene l’affermazione di Rawgod, vivendo in questa decadente società occidentale essenzialmente “bianca”. Il Natale “qui” riguarda solo il profitto commerciale e il dono che viene incoraggiato viene utilizzato per aumentare il potere e la ricchezza delle principali organizzazioni caritative “cristiane”, come quelle, ad es. dell’Esercito della salvezza. (* Se i donatori illusi sapessero solo dove stanno andando i loro soldi *)
      Se capisco la parte della tua famiglia, sono d’accordo con te lì. La migliore “carità” inizia a casa, così si dice.
      (Here’s hoping this all makes sense to you!!! 🙄)


      1. sherazade

        Ho capito molto bene. Tuttavia io voglio sperare che non tutto e non ogni cosa sia definitiva ma che ci sia un margine di recupero. Noi sentiamo l’obbligo morale di dare il nostro contributo senza cedimenti allora ci sarà chi seguirà idee e azioni ‘positive’. E ritorno al pensiero di Madre Teresa di Calcutta “Tante gocce fanno il mare”.
        Buona notte cara Sha ‘Tara


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I so totally agree with you on that. One can see the way and consider it false, but one can create a different way and follow that. The world can choose to condemn itself to hell but that is no excuse for me not to look after the welfare of the mother and child next door. We can put “boots on the ground” also, eh? Merry Christmas, Shera!
        Tradotto: Sono totalmente d’accordo con te su questo. Si può vedere la strada e considerarla falsa, ma si può creare una strada diversa e seguirla. Il mondo può scegliere di condannarsi all’inferno, ma questa non è una scusa per me per non prendermi cura del benessere della madre e del bambino della porta accanto. Possiamo anche mettere “stivali a terra”, eh?
        Buon Natale, Shera!

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  3. Regis Auffray

    Another very interesting “story,” Sha’Tara. It is no wonder that I (and probably many others) would rather be “aliens” than Earthians. And yes, please do get into the “spirit of Christmas”, whatever that may mean to you. Lol!


  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Regis. Would you care to explain what you mean by saying you would rather be “aliens” than Earthians? Are you implying that being an “alien” is automatically superior to being an Earthian? How about being a Qobellian for example [ref. to the story]? Or, from another story of mine, a male on the world of Malefactus? Earthians are far from being at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to cruelty, violence, hatred of life and general irresponsibility. There are “aliens” and there are “aliens” and some will seem fairer but prove fouler. I have met many and discernment was a much needed accessory in those encounters. Beware facile assumptions.


  5. Neelam

    Inhuman form of technology, sexual and predatory love, blatant disregard for human lives…all fueled by lust/greed for power which manifests itself in the form capitalistic tyranny. We are in the verge of mass destruction, but who wants to live in such a world where nothing makes sense?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Neelam. Many of us, although pained endlessly by the callousness of man’s world, choose to live here and to study the workings of what I call “the Matrix” in order to empower ourselves to defeat it in time. We already know that the Matrix will be defeated. We already know that, although mankind (homo sapiens) has failed and will die out as a species, it will be replaced by a new kind of humanity that will live in affinity with life. We know civilization is going to collapse; that its death will be a terrible thing but necessary in order to guarantee that it will not infect the new. Because we know these things; because we know that we do not die but translate (as I call it) into another life; because we can learn great skills and return empowered and with much greater wisdom, we simply persevere to the end, never doubting, and while we are here we train and discipline ourselves against letting ourselves, our lives, be cheapened by the System and the market. We refuse to be enslaved by faith in religions, capitalism or nationalism. We belong nowhere and everywhere. We practice self empowerment and in my case, doing it through compassion, eschewing violence, returning good for evil, the obvious and simple things that make us aware of our own reality, how we do not belong, hence are free to live our lives as we choose. It’s an awesome place to be in and it’s just a matter of personal choice; nothing to do with race, gender, beliefs, traditions, possessions. Choice, always choice, then a kind of crazy sort of courage to push it along.

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        That brings up the “How?” question, doesn’t it. There’s a little story about a community of mice being terrorized by a cat. They couldn’t hear the cat approaching to kill one of them, so someone proposed to put a bell around the cat’s neck. Every mouse at the meeting cheered. What a great idea, they said, until the chairman quieted them down and asked for one volunteer to put the bell around the cat’s neck. That was the end of that great idea…

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  6. deteremineddespitewp

    Hi…I’m like late
    The story reminds me of one written by maybe Asimov (?). Below is an approximation of the story as I recall it.
    A great figure of a galatic organisation is brought the news by a functionary that the beings on Planet Earth have discovered nuclear power. The great figure says this is grand news for Humanity is entering the next stage of development and soon they will discover Space Travel and enter the great galatic community. The great figure begins to enter their name in the ledger of advanced species, idly asking ‘How often do they conduct experimenting above their planet?’.
    ‘They don’t’ says the functionary, ‘they are using their planet surface’
    ‘Idiots,’ says the great galatic figure, and strikes out the entry from the great ledger.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      The theme remains much the same, the story having been illustrated in many ways, particularly by science fiction writers. Bottom line: when it comes to affinity with the greater human world, mankind never measured up. The “instructions” on “How to Become a Real Human” taken from the galactic manual were given to man and demonstrations were made but nothing came of it. We chose misogyny, racism, enslavement, war and bottomless greed resource extraction. Now we reap what we sowed. Any planned rescue attempt has been vetoed: there is nothing to rescue.

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for the link Roger. Unfortunately no subtitles and no language choices. To me the commentator sounds like he has a mouthful of mashed hot potato… but without delving into the details I have a pretty good idea where it is going and I have no argument with the conclusion. We’ve passed the crossroads and took the wrong turn at Albuquerque!

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      2. deteremineddespitewp

        Sorry the transmission didn’t work on the link. I was listening to another one about the fires in Australia one group was predicting two years ago a high risk of such fires happening in approx. 2020.


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