The True Legacy of Living on Time

                     [thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

      I have seen immortality.  I have sensed it bouncing from the walls of time, and in my mind when I broke free from the induced trance and looked back, I have seen what the actual world of the immortals looks like.  It is a terrible thing to behold. 

     The following is an attempt at explaining how “time” came about; why we are trapped in its effects and why it makes us feel death.  

This is but an illustration:
    In the endless expanse of what is called space, one can look in every imaginable direction.  One can travel every conceivable type of path to every conceivable place.  When I looked in the direction I had wrenched my thoughts from, I saw a square box floating lazily in space, turning slowly, it’s surface glinting as mother-of-pearl but harshly (by comparison to other events out there) when light touched its surface.  That square box is what is known as the world of the immortals, or the gods.  It is the Time Lords’ artificial creation, or construct.  It is this universe and there is but one single purpose for its design: to control the flow of life by trapping energy and imprisoning the minds of sentient life forms within it.  Sentience is what they feed on.  If this universe is correctly measured in time at 14 billion years, then that is how long these entities have been “eating” life in this universe.   

    Way back before time, the entities we call “Time Lords” did not have such a baleful title then.  They came together as they traveled through the cosmos and came to believe themselves as the most powerful beings extant, therefore believing themselves entitled to guide creation.  Their concept, which Earthians so well know, was to develop a way of absolute control over the flow of life.

    When they discovered they could exert little control over the open Cosmos, and such control kept breaking up, they invented a system which they called “time” and everything within their system became bound by time.  To the Time Lords (TL’s) nothing that exists outside time is real.  Their invented reality depends entirely on time, using time to control space.

    In the beginning, before the “box” became a completely closed system, energy from the Cosmos flowed in and through the box relatively freely.  That is why you can still see events within the box that resemble those outside: revolving units of stars, gaseous clouds, galaxies, and you can sense that you belong within something called “the universe” but with a definite sense that such is “bound” to a return loop with a beginning and an end.  Seen this way it is easier to understand why “we” would “see” the beginning of this universe as a “big bang” event and why we can also predict the end of the universe.  These are not natural, but artificial events we are measuring and looking at.  

    You see, in order to control all events, from beginning to end, the “box” or “Time Universe” had to be closed off from new thoughts; from “infection” of radical free ideas floating freely through the cosmos.  To counteract their loss of infinite life the TL’s invented what they called “immortality” or the idea that physical / material bodies could be kept alive quasi-forever. 

    In infinity, the concept of immortality is meaningless as life flows in and out of things freely, unbound.  Infinity is an open-ended concept.  Immortality however, bears a major flaw:  the TL’s were about to discover the deadly effects of something that happened as an effect of an energetic closed system: the problem of *entropy.  What our time-trapped minds call “death.”

      It is true that no energy can be gained or lost within the time system.  It can only be manipulated until such “end time” when the system reaches its inevitable state of *entropy, the death of a closed system when all of its available energy has been converted and all movement ceases.  That is the eventual demise of the prison of time which will cause the dissolution of the Time Lords themselves.  When their power ends, they end, for they have inextricably bound themselves to their concept in order to control it and they can no longer escape it.

     Obviously, they did not know this in the beginning, prior to their madness, or they chose to ignore whatever warnings they may have received.  Just as obviously they are doing everything in their power to prevent this end.  How do I know this?  I was taught a very handy rule about how things work: observe and think, as below, so above.  All I need do is observe how this world’s major empires drive themselves into perdition in a vain attempt to hold on to their global hegemony; to their claim to the lion’s share of this world’s resources, read: energy.  A prime example of this today, the United States of America and its satellite slave states, particularly Canada, much of Europe, Israel and Australia.  This empire is drowning in a sea of debt, dwindling natural resources and anthropocentric climate change which it insists on denying.  To counter this deadly entropy it does what all great empires of the past were forced to do: launch more and more wars against a world that it has turned into an enemy.  The empire and its satellites now exist in a permanent, life denying state of war against nature and against all of humanity. Those wars will only end when the empire’s alliances break apart and it dies.   

     So it is in the universal empire of the Time Lords.  Their “security state” energy shields will break down from entropy.  Their kingdoms, their great halls, their heavens and their hells — all will “freeze over” to be re-absorbed as energy and transformed.  The great universal empire will break apart in truly apocalyptic events, turning itself inside-out and everything in its prisons, including its trillions of sentient slaves, will be released to re-discover freedom once again.  

“Time not important, only life important!” (The Fifth Element)”

“If you really want to stay the same age you are now, forever and ever, she’d be thinking, try jumping off the roof: death’s a sure-fire method for stopping time.” (The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood)

“…Because today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups. So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I distrust their power. They have a lot of it. And it is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes…”  Philip K Dick, “How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later,” 1978.

*Entropy:  a process of degeneration marked variously by increasing degrees of uncertainty, disorder, fragmentation, chaos, etc.; specif., such a process regarded as the inevitable, terminal stage in the life of a social system or structure – entropy always increases and available energy diminishes in a closed system, as the universe. (Webster’s dictionary)

17 thoughts on “The True Legacy of Living on Time

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      thanks for the comment, Lily. Methinks we worry because we are trapped in the great illusion: that we die. Like our great gods, the Time Lords, we have become trapped in our own little prisons we call bodies, believing that with those bodies we too must end. And it is quite possible that for those who believe this, they do indeed end, being unable to project themselves as the independent minds they deny, beyond the entropy that eats up their own limited reality. Deny reality long enough and for you that reality no longer exists.

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      1. Lily Von Valley

        Thx. Interestly though, even religion sheds the body, at some point, but brings it back to confine immorality, in the heavens (or hells). Yes, I think so too, not seeing beyond the body does reinforce that prison, I agree.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment. Religions, of course, are a great part of the brainwash, and they make a great deal of the body, as you say, bringing it back so the “gods” can continue to control them, either through endless and unimaginable suffering in some hell, or as instruments they use to feed their egos upon – the endless praising which I see as being a fate even worse than living in hell. I like your typo for immortality which ended up as immorality, and how accurate that is, indeed: such massive lies are immoral.

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  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    In a 14 billion light years old and possibly 93 billion light years in size, in which we can only trace approx. 5% of the constituent parts, from our tiny perceptions all things are wonderfully possible


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Indeed Roger, “all things are possible” and that’s a two-sided coin. We can state, “All things are possible” thinking that anything is possible, or nothing is impossible. Or we can flip the coin over and study the reverse side which states that it is impossible for nothing to exist. Does something then exist just because I say so? Yes, because I could not say it if it did not exist. This is the test of reality we Earthians continually fail because certain forces do not want us to be aware of our power of awareness! For example, a man paints a beautiful woman. He falls in love with her, pining for her presence in his life; to hold her; to make love to her. But her existence is on a different plane or reality than his own physical, sensual, awareness. He must go to her, she cannot come to him. We must always go to, or towards… it (life) never comes to us. That is why such popular and pathetic writings like the book, “The Secret” are always a lie. Our physical death is our ultimate “towards” and if that painter understood what he was creating, that is where he meets “her.” Back to: it is impossible for something to not exist.

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  2. Phil Huston

    “…we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media,”
    Fake news is way more damaging than any sort of hack. The hypnotism of the Social Media trance is driven by just such news and event sculpting


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that comment! S/M as in, hyped up gossiping? I do have a Fakebook account so that my WP stuff gets dumped on there and some people prefer reading it there rather than clicking on WP, but I never actually go there, nor respond. Basically I’m asocialmedia!


  3. adamspiritualwarrior

    This is seriously interesting writing. You give Wes Penre and Aug Tellez a run for their money with your insights here, about the Time Lords etc. BTW heres a bit of a summary, to give an idea, about the Paul Pantone Plasma pipe self buildable reactor that gets attached to a standard generator and makes the engine work VERY differently, a special interdimensional plasma fuel gets made inside the self buildable pipe reactor. Also please note, the liquid fuel, whether salt water or coca cola or crude oil or whatever else. Its not the actual liquid gets fed into the pipe reactor. Its the vapours only. So some kind of atomiser/inline carburetter type thing is needed from the fuel container to go into the south pole end of the pipe reactor that has the other pipe inside and reactor rod inside that. The North pole end of the pipe reactor, where the plasma geet fuel leaves, gets fed into the exhaust end, of the standard petrol/diesel generator
    A retired Chinese physicist went to Paul Pantones house to watch the plasma GEET pipe reactor in action. Asked for his reaction: ” He picked up one of the rods and twirled it and said ‘ What you are doing for 25 cents, with parts from the hardware store, we are doing with big, 7 mile underground facilities for billions of dollars. The big difference though was not the price, but the result. Ours works only for milliseconds whilst yours was like the Energiser Bunny. It keeps running’
    ‘No scientist would ever stand up and say the GEET works. Noone with 15 to 25 yrs of education would be willing to say a ninth grade dropout surpasses them in knowledge’ (pdf book I cant copy and paste link here it wont paste its a file)
    Once the pipe reactor is running attached to a standard generator, and the generator can be of varying types, 2KW, 5KW or even more the huge diesel ones. It starts working the generator in opposite inverse ways opposite to the cylinders how standard mechanics would expect, the GEET plasma fuel. Take no notice of he top of google searches websites, saying Paul Pantone is a ”fake” or ”discredited’ or a ”fraudster” etc. etc.
    The generator exhaust pipe. its diameter, needs to be worked backwards from. That dictates the diameter of the GEET pipe reactor, and its internal pipe (all cheap materials), and then the internal rod in the inner pipe chamber, and its clearance distance against the outer wall of the pipe. So the salt water, or coca cola, or urine, or crude oil, cold rolled steel rod combined with pipe clearance, can be calculated. Or Pure Water itself. These are all ratios I need to clarity and establish from Paul Pantones son and GEET North American set up. But anyone can get in touch wth him the time is here for free energy, the interdimensional physics of the GEET Pantone reactor is clear and mindblowing.

    To actually harvest generate electricity KW, ceramic disc covering needs to happen. around the GEET pipe reactor, then copper wire, and the GEET interdimensional plasma field, which is a van allen belt type thing north to south ends of the pipe reactor, that can be harnessed and made into an INTERDIMENSIONAL FREE ENERGY GENERATOR, THAT CAN BE SELF BUILT, WITH RAW MATERIALS, PIPEWORK, GENERATOR ETC, FOR COST PRICE. I THINK WERE TALKING A 5kw OR 10 kw Free Energy Generator for the home fed by ”salt water” etc etc . I daren’t say pure water. Forget I said that. Depends on the rod length inside the chamber. Anyone interested, if I don’t get round to this all very soon, email Jeremy Marcotte


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that fascinating, if somewhat confusing info. As I said in a previous comment, I’ll leave this to the up and coming techies. I’ve done my stint and I’m retired from all of that. I still fix stuff; making it work when the cost of replacement are prohibitive for my poorer clientele but I’m past the time of tinkering with inventions, even if I did have the time, which I simply do not have. Also, I don’t have the physics required to test if this stuff really works. Make it work Adam… ! 😉


      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        I will try Shatara! The important thing is, once things are worked out It will be extremely simple to build , a 10 yr old could make it. So that’s what I’m seeking to do, simplify it so they are ABC steps to make. Its not dangerous and no physics degree required! I’m no scientist!


  4. adamspiritualwarrior

    This seems very relevant and dovetails well with your Time Lords whove manufactured Time post. These machines might even be under the Romania Bucegi mountain and the Vatican.

    The Time Machine

    There are literally no words. I would need to combine together multiple movies to make sense of this in a visual sense.
    The machine 4 dimensionally (and higher) prints time and space together like a sewing machine by creating the atomic lattice of physical, elemental reality and space and then interweaving through the lattice the etheric substance of the awareness of the soul to activate the consciousness of the Human mind!
    TIME is INVERTED, it is like a cone that is pulsing waves outward backwards into this reality and we experience this as the FORWARD motion of time. What we experience is actually happening in the REVERSE of our perception. The physical perception experiences time AFTER it is generated meaning what we experience FIRST is what is printed LAST. This is the meaning of the FIRST IS THE LAST which is mentioned by the adepts of the ‘ancient time’ which is actually the beginning and the end of civilization!

    The end is the beginning as that is the point of liberation through which we encounter our TRUE SELF on the OTHER SIDE of the VORTEX of the MACHINE. The VORTEX is the PORT HOLE OF THE MACHINE.
    This machine filters reality into this realm and our true spiritual self stays on the other side waiting for us to return, to return we must focus ALL INTENTION into the liberation process. The machine is fed by intention and desires so if we are wayward in any desire or intent then that will produce a parallel reality in what we call the universe and humanity has been ‘splintering’ for ‘thousands’ of years!
    This is a difficult one, one of the most difficult videos simply because of the complex nature of what I am conveying!
    Thank you, there is no death, there is no physical reality outside of the space-time ripples or undulations that this ‘reality-generation-wave’ machine is pulsing out to create this universe!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Adam, but I think I will leave this to those inclined more towards hands on engineering with the proper background in math and physics to do the calculations with. I’d be more likely to create some sort of monster that would blow up a house if pushed. I’ll stick to fixing stuff that I know does work in real time, but thanks for the heads up. There must be lots and lots of younger generation people who could get their teeth into this stuff…


      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        Hi Shatara, sorry for the misunderstanding. The Aug Tellez thing is nothing to do with any free energy device. Instead its an extremely odd bizarre thing Aug is saying. That I think might have truth to it. It seems that the Vatican and secret socieities at the top levels, know this – that forward linear time is an artificial creation not some natural way of things. I realise its mindbending. But I think there are many many areas of this earth, even going across state lines, where one enters another dimension.
        Another strange thing. I’m astounded that it seems the further DOWN you go into the earth. Its not just physical distance. But literallly another dimension too. Going high up into the sky too,
        Far out stuff I know! And the End Times we are in now is literally the end of forward linear time, as the machines stop working and this has long been known about.


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