Interplanetary Intercourse

“You know our first navigator’s got to be a girl who will—”
“She will be,” Rydra said. (Babel-17, Samuel R. Delaney)

I’m not asking the world be sane,
Pointing at his naked loin, she says,
nor am I asking you be either:
That would be complete waste.
All I want now is sex from you,
Great sex, if you can manage.
She fondles him, watches him grow:
It has potential, much, I like.

In turn he ogles her, full taut nipples
Pushed out from cone-shaped breasts,
Pointing to either side of his face.
With hungry fingers he reaches,
Touching, rubbing, twisting lightly
Keeping his eye on that serene face
And on her legs: they were swift,
And deadly, the Martian women.

But she said, she liked.  It was
What they’d call on earth, an omen.
She wouldn’t hurt him, her desire
Would rule her movements and
It was for him at the moment. Yet
I am insane, she knows, he thought
To enter the Martian’s cabin, naked.
What will she do, once done with me?

Fear washes pale beneath red lust,
Ask her, it said, ask her, before
You bed her and she takes your mind.
Is she a member of the stranglers?
Would she kill him to complete
Her needed orgasm before orbit?
He’d heard some needed it,
It opened their minds to space
It’s how they became navigators
So went the myth, never dispelled. 

Bullshit, he hears himself say,
She’s just a woman, needy like me
Naked, like me.  In lust like me. 
He reaches his muscular arms
Full around her slim, firm waist
Draws her tightly to himself,
His breathing loud, his heart a hammer
His chest pushes against her
He enters her and both scream.

Ah, best I’ve ever had, he hears.
Are they his words, in his head
Unrehearsed – is he alive then?
They are her words from her lips:
Alive, unrehearsed, spoken to his ear.
You please me immensely earth man,
You live for me. I’ll want you again.
Now I must connect to navigation:
We depart, quick, do not say a word,
I mark you, I find you, later.


14 thoughts on “Interplanetary Intercourse

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      There, and other places. From what I gather very few places are as screwed up and uptight about sex as is this place! The sad part as far as Mars goes, it’s going to take several generations of “from Earth” Martians to develop their own mores and ditch Earthian social beliefs and systems. So not in this lifetime, or the next three or four. Not unless these Martian colonists are space people who left Earth and Mars a million years ago (give or take) and are returnees. We could be in for some surprises yet. Nothing is ever impossible in my cosmic awareness.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. We come from dreams ~

    >You please me immensely earth man

    You ain’t half bad yerself, Martian babe!

    A thing like that would make a black widow spider self-conscious, methinks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      There’s gotta be pain with pleasure… the more pleasure… the more!?!?!?!?!? Some people are willing to die for love, and some people call sex, love, right? I dunno, I just sit back, and watch the fireworks, then think up ways to talk about it. I love extremes, in a voyeuristic sort of way.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Who knows but they would be an improvement over the originals? If these “Martians” were returnees from a million years of travel through the galaxy, they may have evolved some superior thinking? Living, presumably, in the restrictive enclaves of spaceships, they probably learned a lesson or two about population control. If only we would realize that we ourselves are living on a spaceship with limited space and resources. I still shake my head when I read articles, reports or blogs from very intelligent people still claiming that we don’t have a problem of overpopulation on earth, just a problem of maldistribution of resources. But surely, if we fixed some of that distribution (and no doubt we should), it would be like throwing more water on sponges: they’d just absorb it and grow bigger, they wouldn’t get smarter. We need common sense from both end of the societal spectrum.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, indeed, “hmmm” Brings to mind all sorts of very interesting images… better keep my mouth shut on this one, hah! 🙂



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