Antierra Manifesto – blog post #109

This blog post concludes “The Antierra Manifesto” – thanks for reading.

What is Antierra thinking as she stands there?  She looks up into the stands, makes the “mercy” gesture and points at the two young girls beside her.  Her gesture is greeted by spitting and cursing.  She turns to the two children and while they are looking at the approaching men wide eyed and shaking, she puts her sword through their hearts.  Then she turns to the men and utters the loudest blood-curdling shriek that place has ever heard.  I had never heard anything like it and it made me shudder.  It seems to come from some awakened beast, not of human voice. Long it echoes along the high walls and through the compounds; so loud it is, it intimidates that wild and unruly crowd to utter and cowed silence.
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She then walks alone to meet the line of men, suddenly no longer an ugly and limping old crone who is nothing but skin, bone and sinew but a tall regal figure who knows her purpose and means to complete it.  The deadly sword flashes red in the plasma lights, the blade still dripping from the blood of the dead girls, and it performs a series of lightning movements that leave a trail of utter carnage until she drops dead, not of wounds but simple heart-stopping exhaustion.  This I can vouch for as I was standing close enough for my sensors to detect her heart stop beating.  She had taken her human body to its final limits.

One of the surviving challengers shouts his cry of victory but no one in the stands picks it up.  For once that crowd is stunned by what it is seeing.  Twenty-three men lie dead and dying around the body of the Desert Beast.  Where is the victory?

The remaining men rush upon the standing group of defenders and kill them one by one, still taking heavy losses.  Only nine men remain of that last ‘rush’ to claim their victory and all of those bear some kind of cut or stab wound.  The last female to remain alive kills herself with her dagger rather than submit to rape.  A new power has arisen on T’Sing Tarleyn.

Even in death the Desert Beast scores.  Never has this place seen such devastation at the hands of a few trained fighters against what, by comparison, can only be called an army of men.

The “harvesting” and trading of female body parts carries little excitement today.  The price paid is much too high for any male to find his enjoyment therein.  The greatest price lies in the message sent to the thousands who came to see women tortured, raped and mutilated before they were even dead.  What they saw instead was a severely organized stand by twenty three female fighters, most of these untrained and certifiable crazies, and an additional twenty females with no fighting skills whatsoever, kill one hundred and ninety-one armed males. 

A sobering set of statistics for the men to mull over.  Not all males are beyond the ability to use some reasoning or exercise wonder.  Many, I would guess, are glad their number was not called.  In previous orgies the ones called were always considered the lucky ones.  Not so today.

Of note:  The scavengers carefully avoid touching the body of the fallen Desert Beast.  No one approaches to cut off any of her parts.  They know she did not die of wounds inflicted by men and having no understanding of such a concept as spontaneous death through the shut-down of body functions as in a massive coronary, they still fear her presence.  After they leave, eunuch slaves and female fighters enter the arena to remove the bodies of the women and take them to the waiting carriers.

Of note:  There is a definite reverence among eunuchs and fighters as they pick up and carry the bodies.  These fallen women are heroes to those who remain behind.  This too is new.  Whatever else the Teaching may have accomplished in the few years it has been verbalized in the fighter compounds, it has made the fighters and some male staff aware that perhaps there is such a thing as life beyond death. This Antierra asserted constantly.  That idea was basic to the Teaching. This we Cydroids cannot know as none of us have “died” the real death. Those of us who were killed, such as XBA9 at the hands of the Warmo’s inquisition, were re-grown and are alive, all the more aware for our experiences.  Perhaps what Antierra taught is a similar process.

As to the women fighters, they are proud this day.  Among them, and perhaps among the compound male staff as well, the exploits of Antierra and her magnetic way of expounding any kind of Teaching, be it in tactical, weapons handling, relationships or ethics and her more questionable ‘spacer’ stories will live long and inspire generations to come.  I say this because I have known her.  I say this because through her I, Cydroid XBA3, became more human.  I just have this wish, that I had been able to join her in those rushes in the arena, to stand by her and use my considerable strength to protect her.  Something I know would have expanded my developing consciousness.  I wish I had been able to practice that special “touch” with her I saw the women do constantly for one-another.

As I think about it, I believe I was actually in love with Antierra.  Perhaps not as humans speak of love between man and woman, but there was something about her mind I found irresistible.  I “wish” I could believe her stories about reincarnation and crossing at will through dimensional barriers from world to world so I could hope to see her again as my sisters believe they will. 

For anyone who may some day read this data, think of it this way: Antierra was a human being who was able to make even an AI see life through a new dimension.  She made me, not less Cydroid, but more human.  I felt compassion when I watched her in the arena on that day.  I felt something hurt me deeply when she slid her sword through the two girls’ hearts to kill them instantly and painlessly.  What I felt was her pain, the pain she used to activate her decisive power.  Now her sorrow and her inevitable joy are forever a part of my brain patterning or shall I dare say, my human understanding. 

Signed: Cydroid XBA3, Doctor Balomo Echinoza Cydroid Family.  Location:

Arena Fighter Compound, Hyrete, Capital of the Kingdom of Elbre, T’Sing Tarleyn, Autumn, Year 1341.


After watching and listening to this ancient holorec report I sit for a long time alone in a darkened room.  I sip on a glass of sherry and find my favourite drink insipid as I consider the implications therein. 

 It is useless to try to dismiss it as exaggeration: Cydroids, like our Androids, could not lie.  Even one touched either temporarily or permanently by ‘real’ feelings would still be incapable of this kind of fabrication.  Only if someone’s life was at stake and a story need be made up to create a chain of confusing events or a diversion  would a Cydroid “lie” – but it would not be a lie to them, just an alternate temporary reality to complete and terminate a program loop.

 Let XBA3’s words stand forever as history; as our history. There will be no changes, no apologies, from me.  What I just wrote from the memcard records is an actual event and I am concluding my report as is. I raise my tepid glass of sherry to the crumbling stone walls of this ancient keep and toast Antierra: “To the Fighters of Hyrete!”  And from the walls comes an echo of many voices in reply, the once silent voices of the women who trained, loved, fought and died alongside of their Teacher:  “To the Goddess!”

Signed: Michele Dellman

(Personal comment – not to be included in the official report.

My work of chronicler accomplished here, there remains the daunting task of trying to understand what all this means to me personally, as a woman with the remnant of a small voice, in a greater galactic and universal world once more strangling in ever-expanding webs of male-dominated religious oligarchies, plutocracies and centralized brutal military dictatorships, all and still, in the name of God, Trade and Security where women’s voices remain taboo or all too symbolic beyond the confines of home, workplace or entertainment palaces; when men by and large continue to oppress and kill our spirit, our mind, if not always our bodies.

 And I ask myself this resurgent and damning question: what, ultimately, is a woman’s purpose in the scheme of human affairs?  I realize I just shrugged as Antierra was wont to when a question asked was not giving her the logical answer she could accept and truthfully verbalize.  

Maybe the worst part of this question is that I know what she would say: “As below, so above.  You are a woman.  You exist.  You are real.  So you continue.  The goddess lives in you.”

(“M. D.”)

23 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #109

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        I did! I had to re-read your last 3 blog posts several times to put the developments in perspective. Made a note in the comment. A new religion, huh? I thought that was COVID-19. Grind on, we’re all waiting!

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  1. deteremineddespitewp

    The most powerful and positive conclusion of this one of Antierra’s saga. Of the men stilled and awed, and fearful of the events they have witnessed.
    To have this as a narrative of witnesses and historians adds a dignified weight to the story. Here we read of a message which in will in truth never die and will be an eternal inspiration.
    Now the question which I must ask of you Sha’ Tara
    What are your plans to turn this into a book?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks again for a positive comment, Roger. Turning it into a book, that’s easy. It is already in book form though I have no cover and haven’t written any intro, like, “this book is dedicated to Alfie, my neighbour’s poodle for his support and having the sense to critique without being critical…” But it’s all there, edited for the blog posts. All I have to do is set up the search function to find every “blog post” entry in the 350pp ms. and delete the 109 interruptions! The problem is publishing. I won’t go to Amazon but there are other options. Thinking about it… honest!
      I’ve also begun work on the sequel bringing the spirit of Antierra back to the killing fields of Hyrete with a different body and of course, different name.

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  2. Hyperion

    A worthy end to an epic story, Sha’Tara. I think of Homer’s work written long ago and studied intently for centuries. There is the true story of Sparta where students, young women and men, would come together in a ritual sport of fighting each other naked to train them mentally and physically to defend Sparta. And also the story of Spartacus and Bodica who reminded all of the Roman Empire that they were vulnerable and could be defeated. The Manifesto has a rightful place in these epic stories of bondage and the fight for freedom to live as seen fit to do. I often use the term Noble Purpose in determining my own life trajectory. If I can believe I have chosen a Noble Purpose, I can see it to its rightful conclusion and if it results in my death, a noble death is not a waste of human life in my view. I see this Noble Purpose in the story and Antierra’s departure served that purpose. Of course, we know she is out there planning another entry into another dimension and time, again with Noble Purpose. Well done. I am left with many reflections and thoughts to consider through a newer, more clear lens thanks to Sha’Tara and Antierra.

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        They were disciplined, certainly, but they lacked imagination and the freedom of adaptation. They were eventually defeated by the “soft” Athenians.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      A glowing comment, Daniel. Being compared to Homer… well I did read and enjoy the Odyssey. The spirit of Antierra returns in the sequel as An’Alla (Anaya), a 12 year old “wild” female gora captured in the republic of The Union of Estaan, traditional enemy of the kingdom of Elbe and sold as a sex slave to find herself as a trainee in the killing yards of Hyrete to train as a female gladiator under Tikki… then the real story starts which ends in the destruction of Hyrete as was discovered by Michele Dellman, chronicler for the Supremacy. (Names and terms subject to change as Book II progresses. I will try to keep notes when that occurs.) I want to see how certain powers come together under the guidance of An’Alla: the men who turn against their status quo, the involvement of additional Cydroids from Koron, the fall of Albaral, various military retreats and defeats along the border with Estaan and finally the women forming their own underground groups with captured weaponry… and so on.

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      1. Hyperion

        Oh I do recognize that need to feed the author .I await patiently with chewed fingernails.


  3. Phil Huston

    While the agenda is as subtle as a broccoli fart resonating off a pew, I think when the question has no logical or acceptable answer it might well be an illogical question. Like what is a woman/female’s purpose. Why is it even a question? It shouldn’t be. It is, but it shouldn’t be. The better question is why is gender even a qualifier? We shouldn’t waste time trying to win gender. Acceptance. Equity. There’s a concept. Each by their own contribution, eh?
    Whew. Now go edit it, pitch it to Amazon, go for 3 seasons!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Phil. Writing about and against misogyny is in the hope that it will turn into a Black Lives Matter-like force vocal enough to make men realize the “wrongness” of the way they think about women and act towards them in general. Maybe we do need a “Women’s Lives Matter” revolutionary concept. Powerful enough to make serious change in women’s social status but different than feminism. Time for women to stop and think seriously about what they would like their purpose to be and recognized as in society; to change it from “man’s world” to just “the world.” I will be thinking about publishing. I won’t go to Amazon since I severely boycott that outfit, but there are options even though I know my material will somehow end up on Amazon anyway. At least I can say I didn’t put it there.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Phil Huston

        The issue is deeper than than the superficial we’re misunderstood blame game. Women are women’s biggest problems, much the same as 97% of crimes against blacks are committed by blacks. When a small percentage of women stop taking exploitation money and step up things might change. Civil rights and “equality” have already been legislated but did it change any minds? There’s the fight. You’re on the right path with your allegory, though. The right to free speech is already on the way out the window.
        And remember Wollstonecraft’s Vindication on the Rights of Women was the late 18th Century. It stressed education. Duh. It still took 120 years to get women the vote because the society had to change enough to quit worrying about the morality of her love life and read.
        And your real enemy? Organized religion. Good luck!

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      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “When a small percentage of women stop taking exploitation money and step up things might change.”
        What women are you speaking of, Phil? Those who chase after rich men or those who live off of some form of sexploitation? Under man’s misogynist system most women are sex slaves some way or other. I think you would need a very large percentage of women actively refusing to sexually “service” men, in or out of marriage, before any real change could happen. And even then if the religions and politics were not abolished entirely, the system would reassert itself in short order. It’s the way of it and most women accept it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Phil Huston

        Sisters who sell out sisters. Sisters who perpetuate the multifaceted cultural rituals that keep them from becoming more. Trust me, men may have written some of the rules, but it’s going to take women refusing to particiapte to change anything.


      4. Phil Huston

        As regards Amazon, taking a stand is a good thing. Cutting off your nose to spite your face is another. Changers have to ride a wave of necessary evils to get their message out.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        What you are saying here is the “raw” truth of “the way of it” also. Amazon is a massive exploiter of poor labourers. My boycott doesn’t amount to a hill of beans but it matters to me. I’m not trying to bring down Amazon, that’s up to those who use it to withdraw their support. What’s in it for me is living with my own beliefs and claims. It may mean cutting off my nose, but it won’t be to spite my face – it will be to prove to myself that non-compliance is often the only way to protest, for the same reason I don’t participate in Facebook, Twitter or any other social media… except WordPress but I think that remains in a different league. How can someone honestly speak against an exploiter while using their services? I’m not a politician anymore and that doesn’t wash.

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