Antierra Manifesto – Blog post #67


Of course there is a rule against throwing sand or any other material into another’s face but in this fight everything will be reduced to technicalities. There will be lawyers on both sides arguing the fine points of their idiotic arena fighting laws for months, perhaps even years, if any infraction is committed, or deemed to have been committed. All I know is, I have to remain within the letter of the law if I hope to demonstrate our power on that day. For us to make any impression; to leave any kind of message that can be heard, we cannot resort to subterfuge or cheating, even if we could get away with it.

And I cannot delay it any longer. I must speed up my Teaching.

End blog post #66

Begin blog post #67

Chapter 29 – The Teaching Continues: Power in Simplicity

I call the women together, as many as I can without attracting too much attention and I make the boldest and craziest request of them I have ever imagined doing.  I have to involve all of them in some way in this  [coming fight: see last chapter] so that through me they will all be champions and winners in it.  My intent is to create an opening in their mind for an awakening to a new level of power.  They are a simple, child-like people.  I have to ‘remember’ the simpler means used by the people of Old Earth to empower themselves and introduce those here carefully.

There is a way I learned on Old Earth that could unite them behind me.  The ‘power of prayer’ as I remember it.  I don’t remember it working to bring about what the prayer asked, of course – there may have been exceptions and I remember some people I truly respected testifying they had seen ‘miracles’ done as a result of prayer.  But I am not superstitious and I will not jeopardize innocent minds with unverifiable stories.

What I do remember about prayer is that it brought people together to speak for a common goal.  Yes, our Old Earth requests were made to Old Gods who were quite deaf, if not dead.  But the words in the requests bound the people who prayed in a common circle of power.  That is the binding these women need now.  Time to go inside their hearts and their minds and re-create the human being in them.

“Listen,” I say to the nine women I have assembled to ostensibly demonstrate a new move with the double-edged battle axe.  “You call me Desert Beast.  You know is not quite true.  I not be her, I be one of her girls.  I too fly across skies to other worlds like her.  I need you believe me now.  This very important to all of us.

“I be Daughter of Great Desert Beast.  She be Great Mother to all women and girl children.  I want you make up words to Great Mother in Desert to help me.  Make poison and cutting blade turn away from my skin in battle with evil Warmo.  For this you make what is called prayer, meaning you ask her, all together but quietly – she has very good hearing if you speak of me – and must find same words for all fighters to talk to her.  When she hear you ask, she give me power and protection.  When I kill our enemy Warmo, she give all you the victory.  In arena when fighting our enemy I represent all you.  All us.  Now all you have same power and same protection.  She write down all your names in fire letters in sky boat where they written forever…”

“But we not have names…”  Objects one of them.  I continue to explain.

“Yes.  You all have name.  Think name and say name in prayer.  Think name you know, you like for you: that be secret power woman name.  Ask her, in my power woman name that is Antierra, then say your own secret name.  She hear.  She happy and she help us.  Your prayer, it wake her up from bad sleep, from bad dream she be trapped in.  Then she make sky boat fly again.  When you look in sky, if you out here, look.  If evil black metal birds that eat woman flesh not there, means Desert Beast sky boat coming to make new light; chase away evil black birds.

“One day, you see this.  Now believe this.  Always remember this, she your Great Mother, she be called a goddess.  Never to tell men of this – is great woman secret – power is in secret.  Never say to man you have goddess in heart.  Never!  They kill you, all you.  If speak this, goddess leave again.  Give no more power, no more help.

“Goddess, Great Desert Beast, she come down one day, she tell men herself.  You be her people and one day she come, she take you to place where you find all your children, all lost, dead children taken and eaten by black metal men, she bring back to you.  You happy then, forget bad things.

Again one of them interrupts, which is always a good thing; it shows they are intently listening and trying to understand the meaning of the worlds.  “If believe this, how long we wait for goddess?”

“Always is long time from beginning to pray.  So you not forget.  Never forget.  Always pray to goddess, every day.  Teach young ones to pray.  When dying, pray.  Not be afraid.  Not curse.  Just pray, leave body, leave pain behind in dead body.  Find new life in goddess.

“When I gone, dead in body, you pray.  I not really dead.  I come back.  I teach more.  This I give you to remember, to believe.  This you not understand?  No need.  Just believe.  If things bad, believe.  If things good, believe.  This is forever gift I give to all you.  This you call real love.  This when you die in body, you keep in woman mind.”

“What be mind?”

“Is like spirit.  Ghost.”

There is a collective intake of breath.  “Ah… we dead in body, we be ghost?”

“Yes.”  I did not know these people had a remnant of superstition, nor did I realize they knew about ghosts.  How stupid of me.  With so many deaths here, how could there not be ghosts crowding these places not knowing yet where to go?  These women see and sense the ghosts of their dead  partners, friends, lovers about this place but never speak of them.  It is forbidden and I’ve ignorantly opened another dangerous can of worms.

“Ghost is bad thing.  Evil.  We dead in body, we be evil things?”

“No!”  I shake my head in frustration.  “You be like ghost, not real ghost.  You be you but no body.  If you good, you good after die.  If you bad, you still bad after die.  Same you. That be mind, that be spirit.  You with no body.  But you free, not like ghost.  Ghost cannot leave but you fly away in skies like Desert Beast.  No need sky boat, just fly.  See everything, free, free.  No hurt.  No hungry.  No thirsty.  Happy like little fish in big water.  Swim in air, swim in water, swim inside sand, rock.  Easy.  That be spirit-mind you.”  I wave the training battle axe I’m holding in my hand to emphasize the point.  I stick its handle point hard into a crack in the stone, then I point it at the sky.  Anything to create a visual memory for the Teaching.  I almost wish I had the magic staff that split the rock or brought fire from the sky.  Almost.

As I explain to them the rudiments of worship and its real purpose which at its core is always self-empowerment, I ask myself how much of what I teach I believe.  But then, if you already know something to be true and real, you don’t have to believe in it.   You never have to fear that you could be wrong about such a teaching.  I have the experience of it and experience is the greatest of all teachers.

End blog post #67

12 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – Blog post #67

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  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks for commenting, George. I knew this was not going to be a popular aspect of the story but if one follows Antierra’s reasoning against the backdrop of the violence and corruption of the kingdom of Elbre, well, of T’Sing Tarleyn or Malefactus, you can begin to see the sense of it. Think back to the time of slavery when the black slaves would gather together whenever possible and pray, chant and dance a mixture of their remembered worship traditions from Africa and prayers taught them by evangelical Christians. When you have nothing; when your life is worth nothing except your labour and what you bring the “masters” on the slave auction block; when any member of your family can be auctioned off, or killed in front of your very eyes and nothing you can do about it, what is left? Where does hope come from? We of the consumer West have had it so good for so long we’ve forgotten what it means to be slaves or worthless labourers. Now that we’re returning to those dark days, we are about to discover that all that shit we’ve been indoctrinated with about justice and equality and democracy and… and… was just pure propaganda. The “religion” of the poor is about to make a huge comeback. When living under extreme oppression atheism or some smoky belief in “evolution” is not going to provide the answers the oppressed will be needing. Indeed, not a popular view of the future but I bet you Darwin would agree with me.

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  3. Hyperion

    A very good turn in the story. This is exactly how all belief systems come about. Buddha, Moses, Muhammed, Jesus, Elvis. All people who brought a message that survived the test of time because when there is no hope or knowledge, one can pray to their deity and if the prayer isn’t answered then it was not worthy and if it is answered the belief is affirmed to the individual. Now, Antierra gives an uplifting message to the women that will morph into a call to action eventually. Now, death has less power and so the fear of death is diminished allowing for bolder action. The Islamists have taught us that with their explosive vests and self sacrifice. So, I get it and think it works well here. Our personal beliefs need not be challenged by accepting what Antierra has done to free the women of Malefactus

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that comment, Daniel. This, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with current personal beliefs. Those who feel that way are demonstrating to themselves their own insecurity in what they put their trust in. If you’re sure you don’t need to “worry” what anyone else believes, or tries to get you to believe. As I pointed out to George, here we have a situation where women are absolute slaves without any status as human beings, the only “animals” men have to use, abuse, fight against. They have nothing, not even a hope of anything ever changing. From nothing comes nothing, so someone has to introduce “something” to get something going that will hopefully result in massive rebellion against an untenable condition. Speaking of suicide bombers it bears remembering that it is the meddling and overt oppression and theft of resources from the Anglo-American empire and adjunct corporate and banking predators that gave rise to this. Again, when there’s nothing to lose, or when the enemy has destroyed your life, your family, friends, village, city, nation, and taken away your livelihood… only a coward would accept this condition. The Palestinians, the Houthis of Yemen, the Syrians who know what will happen to their nation if they give in to US, British and EU backed terrorism, who fight back, and on, despite the much superior funds and weaponry of the enemy, these are the brave. The cowards are those who continuously attack them to create a “regime change” that will hand over national resources to multinational exploitative sharks. There, that’s my rant!

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      1. Hyperion

        I really feel like I’ve seen the hallmarks of Malefactus on earth and tho not a new development, certainly one that is easier to see with current media and streaming of everything to the world. War brought an end to advanced civilizations in 1177 bc. When we emerged we were greatly diminished and a crueler more violent man appeared. I really do want to see how the women of Malefactus bring about the change so desperately needed. Perhaps there is a lesson for earthians in the telling of this tale.

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      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I greatly appreciate your input here, based on your difficult experiences. In this life you’ve seen things I can only read about or speculate upon (though I do have “other” experiences from other lives that I make free use of) in seeking answers to the endless questions upon the violence of man to man, man to nature, nature to nature. Though it breaks my heart to see the painful things going on I have to accept that it is the way of it, for now, and I’m here to find answers, not to apply solutions – that will come in another life! It was the intent that there would be a lesson for the people of earth in the telling of this sci-fi tale (sci-fi for the people of earth current time but not for me as the story is part of my many incarnations in space/time) though it is highly doubtful that more than a handful will grasp the analogy.
        Which reminds me, I’m pondering your two latest blog posts on “Return of the Dragons” and will definitely have something to add to the comments… very soon. (Link: )

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      3. Hyperion

        Well stated Sha’Tara. I am steadily understanding more and more of your message. I’m slow on the uptake but have no resistance to learning and so your willingness to share your message is deeply appreciated and admired. I also appreciate your willingness to follow along with my story and give me the benefit of your thoughts on it. I do take tremendous risk of failure with my experimentation but failure is not a crushing defeat, it is a pointer to better outcomes and ultimately, this is what I wish to accomplish.

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  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks Daniel. Apart from my remembrances and current life “forced” changes, I have but one message which to me would change everything: to become compassionate beings as a way of life. I like your story, Return of the Dragons, and judging by the comments, quite a few others are enjoying following Alexandra, Dari and Cezar in protecting their ancient ways and rebuilding their powers in the present (and now in the future!) All stories have ups and downs and posting them in short blogs reveals this like nothing else. The way I see it, the only failure in writing a novel would be if I, as the author, did it because I had to, under a deadline, or as a chore. No way! The stuff has to flow even if no one else but me and the characters in the story understand or care for it. Basically I write for myself and with few expectations.

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  5. deteremineddespitewp

    Catch up time.
    I do like this speech, it has distinct Shakespearian overtones, without plagiarising or imitating the bard. There is an air of Henry V (not the historical one-not nice at all). Definitely a rallying cry.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Wow and wow, Roger (Down, Ego, Down boy or no bone for you…!) That’s quite a kudos. Whatever I could say here would come across as false self-abasement or hubris. Thank you very much, indeed.

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