What Happened When Migrants Moved into My Family’s Sicilian Village

Thumbing my nose at all slimeball racists and their Fuhrer, whatever country he may be leading, I’m reblogging this great story of one kind of reality on accepting refugees.

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Main image: The village of Sutera in Sicily.
Photograph: Alessio Mamo for the Observer

Refugees are breathing vibrant new life into the dying home town of Lorenzo Tondo’s father-in-law. If only Italy’s ascendant rightwingers saw it that way

At the same time every afternoon, while seated on the same bench, my father-in-law, Rosario Buttaci, silently watches John Babalola Wale and his family climb the steep walkway in the village of Sutera that leads from Piazza Europa to the old Arab quarter of Rabato.

In Rosario’s day, the “foreigner” who came to this picturesque Sicilian village was likely to be from Palermo, 100km away, or nearby Agrigento. But Wale, 35, is from Ekiti state in Nigeria, and he reached Sutera four months ago after a trek covering 6,000km. He lives with his wife and a son, like dozens of other African people seeking asylum who have come from another…

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5 thoughts on “What Happened When Migrants Moved into My Family’s Sicilian Village

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well I’m glad it fit the bill for you today, Lisa. I have been sensing some serious divergence in the Force lately… The white house Sith Lord is up to something worse than usual, even if it’s only in his little brain.


      1. Lisa R. Palmer

        I agree. And such sense is only strengthened by huge gaps in information, previously available to me, now presenting as blank white screens. Something is definitely up, and it doesn’t feel “good.”


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