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Limits and Inevitability, Environmentally Speaking

                  [thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

We understand “inevitability” don’t we?  We understand “limitations” don’t we?  A parking area designed for a compact car will not accommodate a motor home.  We know this.  So, what else could we know, if we wanted to?

Let’s look at our “global parking space.” 

As populations increase, so must, and will, poverty.  As poverty becomes endemic, so will famine follow suit.  With famine will come diseases.  With disease will come the draining of drug supplies and medical expertise.  There are many “planners” and would-be scientists who deny this, of course.  Science, this great god full of magical powers can always fix whatever doesn’t work, can’t it?  Evidence?  Who needs that when we can substitute faith.

Yes, faith.  Science can grow more crops, hence more food.  Science can make potable water from salty seas and oceans.  Scientific engineering can make more accommodations within expanding cities by building higher.  So what if science and technology caused anthropomorphic climate change?  We can now apply them to fixing it, better than new.  So, goes the thinking, science is what we need more of to solve our problems of overpopulation, famine and disease.  More highrises; more GMO crops; more vaccines, and consequently more “security” and militarism to control dissidents.

Let’s ignore the giant question marks raised by the previous claims and look at what our science cannot do.

Science cannot make the earth bigger than it is; cannot create more space on it; cannot produce more arable lands: agreed?  Since we’re still adding to the exponential population growth, and exponentially taking out of the earth more natural, or raw resources, and since earth is a planet, not a cornucopia, with a limited amount of such resources available without resorting to catastrophic scientific methods to extract these resources (heard of fracking anyone?) then obviously two things are in the process of happening despite all hopes, wishes and promises to the contrary: the damage being done to earth’s inner surface infrastructure and it’s surrounding ecosphere, or biosphere if  you prefer, is irreversible, and anything on it dependent upon potable water for growth and survival has already reached crisis point.

Yes, there are places where they are growing forests at the edge of the desert.  I’m not asking where the water to keep those trees alive comes from.  I’m wondering out loud if such efforts should be considered to be realistic in solving man’s food and famine problems and after wondering out loud, the answer is, pretty silly when superimposed upon the overall picture.  Basically, though a feel-good effort that can be touted as a great improvement, isn’t it a lot of fiddling while Rome is burning?

Should we, as an “intelligent” (say what?) species be looking at the massive deforestation currently taking place in temperate and equatorial zones rather than counting successfully planted shrubs on the north edge of the Sahara?  Have we all become “Marie Antoinnette’s” vis-a-vis earth, patting it on the head and sincerely saying, “Just eat cake.”  Hasn’t earth heard of Ronald Reagan’s trickle down theory?  While we gouge moon craters to extract crude from tar sands; while we burn thousands of acres of trees to grow cash crops in the Amazon basin and other places, surely those potato peels and lettuce leaves from our composting will easily take up the slack.

While I seem to have broached the problem of potable water and considered the processes of desalinization of sea water, is it politically correct to wonder, again out loud, just exactly what is being done with the salt being extracted?  If it’s dumped back in the ocean, will that not increase the salt content, endangering sea life in the area of the dumping before currents spread the salt more or less evenly again?  With enough extraction, will that not cause a global rise in salinization?  We could rationalize that it will be a “long time” before a deadly level of salinity accumulates, but are we going there?  The Dead Sea, also known in Arabic as the Salt Sea, has a level of salinity 9 times the norm.  Great for swimming on, but it’s essentially dead, devoid of plants and fish.  While it is rapidly drying up, is it trying to tell us something?

If the salt is being spread upon the ground, there is an old belief about salting the earth, and quote from Wikipedia: “Salting the earth, or sowing with salt, is the ritual of spreading salt on conquered cities to symbolize a curse on their re-inhabitation.[1][2] It originated as a symbolic practice in the ancient Near East and became a well-established folkloric motif in the Middle Ages.[3] Although concentrated salt is toxic to most crops, there is no evidence that sufficient salt has been applied to render large tracts of land unusable.”

An interesting closing observation, to which it is more than tempting to add… “yet.”  Food for thought?  We exist, live, survive perhaps, on a finite planet, within a finite environment.  We can throw as much “science” at this ball of polluted and disappearing potable water, thinning sub-soil, sand, rock and molten iron and whatever else it may contain as we desire, or can muster, but “science” and “technology” aren’t bottomless sources of magic.  Every scientific/technological discovery or improvement has a material cost paid for by the world we live on, a cost that “greed-capitalism” has never allowed to be factored in its cost analyses.

More than interestingly, as a global civilization made up of a bunch of nation states, we are all indebted to some kind of black hole we can only sink deeper into.  For the USA, the stats are, $20 trillions for its governing apparatus, combined with $62 trillions of corporate and personal debt.  Grand total: $82 trillions.  That’s a loud “ouch” for anyone who can partially comprehend such numbers.  The “richest and most powerful” country in the world has by far the most per-capita debt.  What interests me in this is, how much “in debt” to the supporting environment is man’s earth in its current state of pillaging, raping and despoiling of its natural resources?

Make no mistake about this: there is a massive natural debt accumulated since the European-based empires set out a-conquering and pillaging the earth.  The momentum has only increased exponentially over the years and has reached an untenable, unsustainable, rate of “borrowing.”  Much of that borrowing became environmental pollution (smoke and smog, spills, garbage dumps, paving, cementing, and holding it all together, wars, wars, and more wars.)  This in turn has become man-made climate change.

Have we reached the point of no return?  Oh yes, as a civilization, we definitely have.  That is why the general thinking has become one of dumb acceptance.  If we can’t turn it around, why worry?  Be happy!

Instead of closing on this “happy” note, let’s introduce a question: logically speaking,  what kind of “tour de force” would it take to stop the pillaging and repay the debt we owe the earth, a collective debt that is about to all but destroy us?  Could we envisage such a global sacrifice in order to set in motion a livable future for those who come after us?  How would we go about this assuming we cannot use any previous method known to have NOT worked?



Questions and dreams

…dreams, from   ~burning woman~ …by Sha’Tara

Questions that have remained unanswered for me: should dreams be shared with others?  Should they remain as “private” information?  Are they meant to explain other realities to individuals, or to collectives?  Are they part of the the great “collective unconscious”?  Information given by “others out there” as warnings?  Or simply how our memories, when the body is resting, are re-formatted by the mind to be stored in permanent “hard disk” space?

And speaking of space, I like to think that dreams are like space: if it’s only for me, what a waste!
Especially if one has spent a lifetime learning how to dream, how to retrieve the information imparted there, even something as simple as remembering them.  Especially after learning to assimilate day-time and night-time information to create a whole new paradigm of understanding.
So, about those dreams:
Some time ago I had a wild and crazy series of dreams – could have been just one dream covering many scenes and sequences too.  The main part takes place on a meadow and grassy fields bordered to the east by a barb-wire fence, to the north by oil refineries on a river and to the west by open country.
I stand at the south, facing north.
The skies are slate grey, dark.  A violent storm is blowing, but not a normal wind storm, or hurricane, though the movement of the air is just as great or worse.  Best comparison would be a wind tunnel with a giant fan.  The “wind” is blowing from the west, carrying anything and everything with it.  Nothing is left standing in its path.  I see grass, trees, clothing, unrecognizable material things and sheep.  Yes, sheep.  Blowing in the wind and being thrown violently into the barb wire fence.  One is still alive and struggling to free itself but cannot.  It has a reed branch pushed sideways through its nose and is trying to push it out with its hoof, unsuccessfully.  Gradually, the animal is “emptied” until only a head and skin are left hanging on the wires.  White strips of clothing are also ripping and tearing from the barbs and blowing away.
I hear voices, as of people talking from a distance.  They are speaking of a “pollution storm” and how they should have known it was coming and done something about it.  Then I realize that the “sheep” are really people, or better put “sheeple” — who did not care, did not hear, refused to hear and are now being ripped apart by this “storm” that is anything but natural.
I hear the voices again and they are saying: “We thought the Middle East would have invaded and taken over by now.  Wonder why they have not?”  But as I looked to the oil refineries, especially at the tall stacks painted a dark, dull, red and black, I notice the lettering on them is Arabic.  And again, I realized how the “take-over” was done, not by ordinary people from the Middle East, but by the oil consortiums and I see the connection between the refineries blowing their smoke into the air, and the “pollution storm” that is destroying everything.
I’m unable to truly portray the intensity of this event.  I remember feeling a sense of deadness, of deep sadness, knowing that for years the people had been warned of something like this; knowing that it was all preventable with a bit of common sense, some sacrifice and will-power.  But the people had been led down the garden path of commercial lies; of bodily comfort at any price and had never learned to reach out to the oppressed who supplied the pre-pollution storm “good life”.
So, I think such a dream is really a prophecy in simple symbols. 
The next dream:  I am standing in space looking up.  I see the moon and the earth further out, at about the same distance away as I am from the moon.  Both are incredibly beautiful, reflecting fully the light of the sun.
The information I have is that the moon’s orbit has begun to decay and in a short time the moon will lose it’s ability to remain aloft and go crashing into the earth.  Again voices, people around me talking.  We have decided to attempt to “prop-up” the moon’s orbit to prevent it from crashing into the planet.  In my hands and around me are “spacers” – those flat metal objects we use in venders to correct the spacing between different sizes of cans or bottles and prevent double vends or jams.  I’m looking at these familiar things and working out a plan to use them in this endeavor.
Then I begin to understand the significance of these “spacers” — I am not standing “in space” but observing from a space station, or space ship.  The “spacers” are us, not the objects.  We have come together as people of “space” to prevent a catastrophe, if possible. 
Our feelings are quite normal, professional you might say.  No fear, no excitement, no despair.  It’s as if this situation is not uncommon and we’ve done this before.  It’s just a matter of calculating the forces and creating new force-fields to replace those that are collapsing.  Yet we are not calloused about the situation and we know that much depends on the people of the planet if it is to survive.  We cannot do this thing alone.  We can provide the technology but we cannot “DECIDE” the outcome, that is we cannot provide the collective planetary will energy that is absolutely necessary for the success of our efforts on behalf of the people of earth.  And we certainly feel empathy for all the life involved here.  The empathy is not, for the most part, reciprocated from the planet’s surface.  And our chances of success correspondingly diminish.
After I woke up and shook off some of the heavier energies surrounding this event I realized once more how much “detachment” is mis-understood here.  Earthians hear “detachment” and sense “I don’t care”.  But as the dream showed, the “spacers” (including me) who would save this world cared a great deal more than the people on the planet.  They could really care because they were detached about the outcome.  They had nothing to lose or gain, whether they failed or succeeded.  Either way, they would go on to other duties in “space”.  So… they could focus on the problem fully.
Many more details, other events in-between, but this is already too long a read for most.

Of First and Greatest Importance (for immediate release)


Of First and Greatest Importance! (for immediate release)

              Thoughts from the Other Side – by Sha’Tara

           It’s a brainwave.  No, it’s an inspiration.  No, it’s more: it’s a revelation.  And now, having received this great revelation, and having fully understood its complete spiritual, quasi-divine ramifications, I have to pass it on to you, my dear, dear, readers who, I understand, are dutifully and with bated breath, waiting anxiously for more of my inspired utterances.

          Therefore and without further ado, let me go on with the story.

          I had a dream!  Yes, a dream, a dream beyond all dreams and in that dream I was taught about permanent, guaranteed health and well-being in the midst of all that hell-creating nefarious chemical factory called civilization.  The dream or vision, came from an impeccable source: A tall, black mantled and hooded figure stood imposingly at the foot of my bed – no simple feat since the foot of my bed is against the wall – and it said in all gravity: I Am Sirius.  Seriously, who would joke about something like that?  You can’t make this stuff up.

          So now, listen very carefully:  I found it.  I have it: the fountain of youth no less.  And it’s so simple you won’t believe it. 

 How to proceed:

 Step one, preamble: we all know how all the food we eat is now tainted with death-dealing chemicals. We all know that our meat comes from the most inhumane and horrible treatment of animals on “death farms” as I call them.  But there’s more, for you (me) smug vegetarians: we all know how much our parsnips and cabbages and lettuces and celeries suffer at our hands when we rip them out of their mother earth and cut them up while still alive.  How we beat our beets to get the dirt off, and choke our artichokes with oil and vinegar sauces.  Oh, we know, don’t we, but we choose to ignore it because we don’t know there is any alternative.

 Step two, preamble: we all know how our air is laced with chemicals, from fuel exhaust to sprays of insecticides and herbicides to chemtrails to coal dust to radiation.  There’s nary a breath of truly fresh air left on the entire surface of the planet.  But we continue to breathe this nefarious mixture of inorganic noxious gasses because we know of no other alternative.

 Step three, preamble: we all know how our waters are totally polluted with runoffs from chemically-laden and poisoned fields and orchards, from storm sewers, from industrial effluents, from runoffs of ubiquitous landfills.  There is no truly clean, fresh, life-giving water left anywhere.  We’re all being held hostage in a chemical swamp and if Flint is any example and lesson, we know we can’t trust our local water suppliers to ensure our water is properly filtered and tested. Yet we use it, we even ingest it, because we know of no better alternative and we’ve come to realize we can’t just drink beer.  As pleasant as that is, it’s too expensive and little kids don’t much care for it.

          I don’t want to drag this out much longer; the suspense is killing you I know, and killing you wasn’t my intent, quite the contrary.  You’ve suffered enough waiting for the other shoe to drop, the bomb to go off, the smoking gun to appear out of the hat.

Here it is:

As regards to food: stop eating it.

As regards to the air: stop breathing it.

As regards to water: stop drinking it.

          That’s it.  I told you it was a truly simple solution. 

          Taking a deep breath now, I realize I’m hungry.  I’m going to go upstairs, make a sandwich and have a nice satisfying ice-cold drink of water from the fridge.  Then I’m going to lie down, cross my arms over my breast and wait for death. 

          It’s a good day to die.  

Early Morning Kayaking: Hope River


This  (low density) picture was taken on the little Hope River, a small tributary of the Fraser (which I usually refer to as “The River”) that flows just behind the house.  If I choose to use that channel to access The River, I only need to drag/carry the kayak across the back yard and across about five hundred feet of grassy park land.  Even with encroaching human “civilization” all around, there is an amazing and varied number of birds and wildlife populating its haunts. 

05-23-01-reflections of morning3

It’s still a beautiful little river especially at high water in June.  This stream is however heavily polluted with chemicals from agro-business freely-dumped effluents from loafing barns, cattle pens and run-off of chemical fertilizers and pest control used on commercial crop fields upstream.  It is sadly only too representative of the general state of a planet in decay and decadence where nature can no longer cope with man’s gross incursions.  

Sorry about the negativity here, but unless all of us wake up to the reality of what we are deliberately doing to our natural environment we won’t be leaving much of any sort of quality future to the next generations.  For my part, knowing what I now know, having observed man’s ways and current trends, I would choose not to bring children onto this world – it would be too much like condemning them to a life of hopelessness; perhaps of unavoidable horror.   But as the old saying goes, “there are none so blind as those that will not see.”

I know it is currently very politically correct to speak of “climate change” as man’s own creation but I strongly suspect that “climate change” is not man’s most serious crime against a world’s ecology, in fact it is primarily a consequence of a cyclic natural occurrence – hence why “climate change” is becoming such a popular political topic, especially intergovernmentally.  

Two things I know for sure: government-sponsored “caring” about anything or anyone is a complete contradiction – and the majority is always wrong.   

We didn’t create “climate change” as the vast majority whose eyes and ears are glued to info-media is now brainwashed to believe.  Man-made climate change is a carefully constructed psy-op designed so that people will not look at the planet’s real man-made problems.   We did create a nightmare world which is about to get much, much worse, with or without climate change.  Man’s pollution-creating technology is entirely out of control and each new political administration of those nations “that matter” militarily and economically and who could make a difference, talk more and do less about the overall problems.  For these vested interest groups the trick of propaganda is to ensure that “business as usual” proceeds according to rules invented in the 19th Century.