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Dear December 11, you shouldn’t have…

Thank you so, so much, dear December 11… but really, you shouldn’t have… 


The backyard, yesterday, December 11, under 30 centimeters of snow.


A different angle, you’d think this was Scandinavia. Where are the reindeer?


The front yard, looking north. Still no reindeer. Too early?

What was it like two days before?  This is what the camera was looking at, in the backyard: 


These very pretty little roses blossom all year round. Today however, they are buried under the snow.

Two days ago also, in the neighbour’s back yard we had to bring down a tall and very dangerous tree.  Here it is, waiting for a friend to haul it away for fire wood: 



And today?  Today it’s just cold, cold, cold. Predictably the schools are closed.  For me, more shoveling of the white stuff, compliments of global warming.  I’ll say this, it’s good for the tire, mitten and snow suit for kids business.