Spiritual Awakening – Another Case for Compassion

“I always think everything can be a trap.  That’s why I’m still alive.” (Prince Humperdink – Princess Bride)
Humperdink is the quintessential politician.  Ruthless, heartless, cruel, sadistic, jealous, hateful, greedy, hypocritical and cowardly.  Add ignorant and you have George Bush and his clones
That, by way of introduction.  It’s not what I want to write about (but there may still be a connection).  I want to attempt expressing what it means to become aware that one is not indigenous to this world.  To allow oneself to experience the shock of such a realization and how to cope with this.  (Likely, I will fail – for as Yoda says: “Try not.  Do… or do not!”)
Oh sure, lots of people claim they are not from here.  Popular money-making books have been written by opportunists claiming this or that about the “star roots” of Earthian humans.  I won’t say it’s all bogus – but I’ll say this: what’s the point of making these claims if they can’t be backed up?  If all one has to show for all the claims is… “same old, same old”… as they trudge down the same self-defeating way as the rest of the sheeple? 
Yes indeed, kind of like religion: if one’s life is no different as a religious person than that of the atheist, pagan or agnostic down the street, wouldn’t it be wiser to just shut up about it and pretend one isn’t anything?
What is truly shocking about discovering one’s non-Earth roots is the myriad questions that arise.  Now what do I do?  How do I address myself to my life on Earth?  How do I perform my normal “duties” when they no longer make any sense to me?  How do I impart my awareness (or do NOT impart it!) to others?  To live in a place as an “alien” means one possesses a different set of values;  different code of ethics; of conduct.  One will be tempted to do things that would be shocking or provocative to the society one lives in and certainly, many things acceptable to that society will torture the mind and heart of the “alien”.  How to reconcile this?  How to live with it, since “leaving” is apparently not an option?
If you are of those who question the values of this particular society then you will know what I mean.  Have you ever asked yourself why you hold values contrary to your own society’s?  Ever asked the question a friend asked me: “Where do your ideas come from?”  If we are [only] the product of biological and societal programming such a thing would not be impossible.  And yet, many have been the “aliens” who have turned away from their society’s ways, or who have challenged them even to losing their lives in doing so. 
Some still do this, though in fewer and weaker instances.  (Meaning, some do it through entertainment, for example — and even make money doing it — and while lambasting the “evil” of their society, wallow in its degradation – a complete waste of good energy and total contradiction.)
So there must be more to “us” than meets the eye of the programming, huh?
The reason Earthian humans are so “dummied down;” so easily manipulated, is not because of biological imperatives, but because of programming and conditioning.  Conditioning is applied to every Earthian human from the moment of birth.  In some case, it is automatic, subconscious, knee jerk.  In others, it is carefully planned and executed – as in all system education and training, for example.  The problem with conditioning is, it allows one to believe in things that require no personal involvement or experimentation, as truth.  The onus of “proof” is accepted from statements made by authorities who have to be telling the truth because they got it from “dead smart guys” or in today’s world, the “bean counters.”  Conditioning is a deadly trap.  Cheap believism.  Emotionalism.
For the “spiritually awakened” individual no such easy believism, no such cop-out exists.  We don’t have “dead smart guys” to speak for us.  We don’t have books to enlighten us.  We don’t have a ready-made system to back our claims.  We don’t have organized groups to meet with and develop mission statements.  We don’t have a society that expresses what we think is the right and proper way to do things.  We don’t have a “God” or gods to pray to; to absolve our guilt or buy eternal life insurance from.  All the things mentioned above are tainted with the System’s greed and corruption because all, bar none, have been bought and sold in the System’s marketplace.  No seeker of impeccability can rely on such corrupt sources.
So we must not only function on two practically opposite levels, we must also create a philosophical, moral, ethical foundation for our personal and private (alien) way of looking at life.  Then we must live “impeccably” according to that foundation, for it is a foundation of one and if one fails the entire work crumbles!
Compare that to any other type of system foundation or collective work and see the difference.  If one or two people in a church, for example, are caught in some serious “sins” the whole church does not crumble — though it should!  If a member of government is turfed out for certain misdeeds (Richard Nixon comes to mind) the whole government doesn’t collapse — though it should!  If a corporation is found guilty of breaking the law and fined, the corporation doesn’t disappear — though it should.
Why do I say “though it should”?  Because it is obvious that what is “forgiven” or “forgotten” or “ignored” or “turfed out” or “fined” or “jailed” is not the disease itself but a surface blemish.  The disease IS in the heart of the organization and continues to eat it.  If the collective crumbled as a result of a member’s “sins” then the cause of the sin would have to be dealt with.  (Yes, another dig at collectives – and more coming.)
Basic “awakening” is different for everyone who goes through it.  For some, it means power over others and they can become a Hitler.  For some, it is scientific discoveries and break-throughs.  For some it is uncanny abilities in certain fields, such as piloting (any type of vehicle), war strategy, medicine, engineering, fine arts, salesmanship. 
But for some few, it is a general awareness of connectedness to the “field” and the unshackling of their *sixth* sense: empathy.  This I would specify and call “spiritual awakening.”
The most effective way I’ve found to handle my daily conflict with the “Matrix” or the system is by developing compassion for all aspects of life on earth.  This is not easy.  I too was conditioned like the rest to see things a certain way.  This is good, that is bad and that doesn’t matter.  You must survive.  You must insist on your rights.  You must hate the enemies of your country, your church, your God.  You must worship your god.  You must vote.  You must be a good team player and must support your team.  You must respect money and authority.  Simplistic rules that dampen the spirit and deaden the heart.  Simplistic “Fifties” concepts that have created today’s utterly damned society of users, abusers, destroyers, mass-murderers, whiners, bitchers, complainers and hedonistic consumers.
Compassion is not complicated but it is certainly not simplistic.  It calls for self-discipline and the making of hard and harsh daily choices.  Indeed, how could it not be so when it calls one to live meaningfully between worldly concepts that are basically at odds with each other?
But why compassion, in particular?  Because true spiritual awakening will, as I said, awaken empathy.  Empathy is not love.  It is not good or bad feelings.  Empathy is a sense.  As a sense, it will make you aware of the joy and sorrow that surrounds you.  And that awareness can drive you mad.  Ever wonder why there aren’t more “aliens” interacting with Earthian humanity?  Because they cannot stand the horror of Earth.  They are empaths.  The oppression chokes them.  They leave screaming in pain!  
Those of us who chose to do it while living here, in a physical body replete with powerful Earthian human feelings, have to have an antidote to the madness.  That is compassion.  Not to be confused with love.  Love does not work that way, it only makes things worse!  Compassion is detached, not reciprocative.  It has no expectations.  It keeps no records, not only of wrongs (as is said of  unconditional  love) but of “rights” as well.  It cares” only because nothing to compassion matters.  It has no agenda.  No long-term plans.  It “is”.  Only a truly compassionate being can ever say “I AM”.  When the desert God of Moses wouldn’t give his name (who could blame him, considering his record?) and said “I AM THAT I AM” he was not saying “I AM”.  Only later was it shortened to “I AM” and much later did New Agey disciples learn to parrot this meaningless slogan for themselves. 
What is compassion, exactly?  Well, it is not a virtue, that I know.  It is an energy-transferring device.  It takes the overwhelming awareness created by empathy and converts it into useful power.  Power to transform what we feel from others into serving to alleviate sorrow and sharing joy.  Power to give one’s life for another, not in the sense of duty, but in joy — either bit by bit over many years, or in one bright flash of connectedness.  Power to detach from all the lures of the System – of below and of above.  Power to become self-empowered, as the rider in my short story, “The Universal Taxi.  Power to face the unknown without fear or undue influence from any other.  Power to make one’s own choices in everything, whatever the cost to oneself.
Because compassion is of one, not reciprocative, it belongs to the realm of infinity.  It is limitless.  However much one grows in compassion, how ever much power one gains for oneself, the temptations to become a “Prince Humperdink” or some famous/infamous character diminish with each gain.  This happens because there is no possibility of selfishness entering into compassion. 
For this alien, compassion is the one and only safe path I have found that the Matrix or System cannot, ever, corrupt.  It remains untainted by the Babylonian marketplace.  (Reference is to the book of Revelation, of course!)

13 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening – Another Case for Compassion

  1. Sha'Tara Post author

    For those of you who “liked” this essay, thanks for taking the time to read such a long and somewhat badly grammar’d and typo’d piece.


  2. DhyvD

    There’s a common theme… “communication is impossible”… we can resonate with the meaning in others’ …minds… if we both have the same… empath-ions, and we can try to duplicate them by telling stories in one way or another. However, some stories just don’t seem to translate if the other person is driven by wrath… that’s my general overview of it, I’ll write more later, hopefully.

    For now… to “try” is all you can do when you communicate. No matter how well it is said, the meaning is subjective under the best circumstances, but English and especially the patterns of language which we were thought are meant to me ambiguous, manipulative.

    Consider what one man said to another, the other holding a gun:
    “Take care of him” — does that mean love him, or kill him?
    “Give it to him” — give him the gun, or shoot him with it?

    So, yes, we can clarify and try but even when we think we are clear, people see and hear what they filter.

    For what it is worth, I think it was worthwhile, it has resonated with some of my own memories, experience… empathion, really. The body needs rest, until sooner…


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thank you for those words. Every language has its “double entendres” which the moment has to clarify. If the language is one’s mother tongue there usually is not problem arriving at the correct conclusion. In the case of a difficult choice,or command however, interpretation will creep into it. You may want to re-acquaint yourself with the Stanley Milgram experiment designed to test obedience to authority. Quite revealing.


  4. cadxx

    Thank you for that Sha’Tara.

    As for language use, try the Mystery of the Cathedrals by Fulcanelli.
    Every time I read it there is something new. Like reading a different book.
    The language of the birds?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you… and I’m glad that you “get it” -it’s an obvious concept to grasp, just as difficult a concept to actually turn into daily practice. If anyone is up for a truly spiritual AND mental challenge, the practice of compassion certainly qualifies.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I commented on the approve post but can’t find it.  Thanks for reading and commenting on this post. Compassion I learned from experimentation does the problem solving. We just have to be sincere with our “desire .”


  5. Carmen

    Hi Sha’Tara,
    I’ve read through a little of your blog and see that you are living in BC. We have a daughter who lived on Salt Spring Island – two different times, in fact – and still have a niece who lives there. She’s a barber! BC is lovely and the I’ve heard this line often from other Canadians, “If you are rich when you retire, you go live in BC. If you’re poor, you live in the Maritimes”. I’m a Maritimer! 🙂


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Not all have to be rich to live in BC though it is more and more the case. At heart I’m more of a Maritimer than any other part of Canada although I never lived there: all my ancestry, to my dad, were Grand Banks fishermen from Brittany and many there were who got tired of the twice yearly and often deadly “commute” and settled the maritime shores…

      Speaking of Maritimes… have you seen these two movies, “Still Mine” and “The Great Seduction”?


      1. Carmen

        Haven’t seen either, I’m afraid. We’re not TV watchers and the only time I watch movies is when I travel (on airplanes). Now that you’ve mentioned them, though, I think I’ll look for them at the Library. 🙂


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