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Covid-19, one more time around the mulberry bush, OK?

As “followers” of this blog you know already that I personally have never bought into the so-called pandemic and while everybody around me was screaming that the sky is falling, I’ve been scratching my head wondering how this nightmare got going, as in, what was the source of the panic? Who died? And someone said that they knew someone who said that someone they knew had died. What? Someone died? On earth? Or worse, right here in the Lower Mainland? That’s never happened before! It’s a crisis!

Anyhow, whichever side of the story, and it is a story, you happen to have taken, I am suggesting, if not urging, for sanity’s sake, that you take the 2 hours and 15 minutes needed to work through this video. The information therein will blow your mind… well, unless of course you’ve gone from “something is going on” to “I firmly believe in the official line and I shall not be moved.”

Go ahead, this is a dare!

Trump vs Fauci: Battle of Agendas in the Corona Virus Control Grab

or if you want to go directly to YouTube: