For the Greater Good

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ ]
What is the one sentence used by anyone in some position of power over the rank and file that should set any intelligent mind tingling?

”It’s for the greater good.”

Yeah right: The gambling casino advertising that’s its sole reason to exist is to give people free money.

Any semi-intelligent mind has to know that the last thing those in power are interested in is “the greater good.” So why use that particular line then? Because it works, it always works. Even those who know better; those who do not want to believe, end up believing. Or if they don’t believe at the very least they’ll want to “do something” and if it’s an election they’ll cast for “the lesser of evils” as if there ever was such a thing.

That was as far as I got that other evening when I realized the late hour, the need for sleep to face the next day’s ordeal.

Today I’m thinking maybe such an obvious observation should just be deleted like I’ve deleted thousands before. Yeah,

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
(excerpt from “Everybody Knows” – Leonard Cohen)

So why repeat it, then? Seems so pointless. Yet the question won’t go away: why, despite all evidence to the contrary, do people continue to believe in and support “the System”?

The next obvious question is what would happen if just for once “the people” stopped believing and supporting?

The answer to the first question is programming. People are programmed to believe. They really can’t help themselves. Even if they get really mad and violently uproot one gang of predators (France, Russia) and kill them, all they can manage is establishing something as bad or worse (Napoleon, Stalin). That likely explains why in these times people are unwilling to step over the line drawn in the sand by their elites and kill them off. Public education has made too many of them aware of the hopelessness inherent to violent revolution, and if not violent revolution, then what?

There is nothing in their programming to replace the status quo. I’ve read thousands of books, articles, essays ad nauseam, looking for something that proposes genuine, radical change, the kind that would eliminate any and all aspects of the status quo. Many describe the evils of predatory capitalism and the military industrial complex. Many describe the evils inherent to traditional religion. Many propose “changes” within these evils but none ever lay out any real change, any total change.

“The people” exist within a choreographed dance of chaos and confusion and never was this more obvious than in today’s world. We exist within the most corrupt system of “rulers” this world (of man) has ever experienced. The corruption is endemic to the point where the “average Joe” thinks only of getting his own piece of the rotten pie. He still lines up dutifully; if reluctantly most times, at the slaughterhouse door convinced that this time, this particular time, there will be something personally beneficial for him when he steps through that door and punches his time card.

To the second question, if people stopped believing and supporting, the “System” which is nothing more than a cheap game board with a few loaded dice, would simply collapse. The only way the vile, corrupt, self-serving, predatory elites can continue to play their game is because they know how to take advantage of the programming imposed upon the peons (pee ons). They didn’t create the programming; they just discovered uses for the power over the herds of sheeple it gives them.

Could eight billion Earthians survive without the System’s madness? Could they exist without the folly? No, they could not. Therefore they would have to learn to live instead of simply existing. Not as easy as it looks. When you’ve spent an entire life as a believer, as a non-person, as the un-dead, it’s not easy to look at the world and think, “Hey, wait a minute, under all the fakery, the bullshit and the technocratic anti-life machinery there’s an actual natural living world and I have a natural, physical body that I can adapt to that living world. I don’t need this so-called civilization’s shit and its crap rules. I am a person. I can be a natural person. I can live not just off of, but with, this natural environment. I can let nature take its course instead of treating it like an enemy.”

That, of course, would spell the end of the programming. That is why it can’t happen: the programming was put in place by ultimate predators no one (no normal Earth mind that is) can become aware of or the game would be up. The programmers need their victims: solar systems, planets, sentient life, everything, to maintain their empire; to attempt to satisfy their insatiable hunger. What they fear most isn’t rebellion but the awakening of intelligence throughout their conquered worlds. Their fear is real. It has already happened on some worlds; it is happening on many more. But never fear, Earth isn’t one of those.

Most readers will immediately discount that last paragraph as delusional or at the very least, highly imaginative science fiction. Pay attention to that, it’s telling “you” that your programming is working to perfection… to continue believing and subconsciously destroy everything good you always dreamed of as a possibility. On Earth, no good deed remains unpunished.

36 thoughts on “For the Greater Good

  1. sherazade

    I have read your arguments with great attention and interest. However, it is all very complex and difficult for me to write down an answer that would be easier face to face.
    A rather tiring period of work and family problems. the pandemic has made everything very difficult emotionally.
    I embrace you and I wish you to be well.


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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Difficult to communicate ‘philosophy’ through AI translation. I’ll respond when I’m at the computer at home. Take good care of yourself.


  2. Hyperion

    Woulda, shoulda, coulda, can’t. It’s a tough situation getting tougher. As I descend ever faster into the fog and memory fails me at every turn of the head, I suspect the answer is significant and rapid depopulation. Regardless of my wishes, I’ll be an active participant in the depopulation part. I just have to hope no one replaces me in an attempt to balance the equation. Thankfully, there are so many options in that area of depopulation, we don’t need to bother ourselves with how it will happen. The world will be depopulated and the largest majority of us won’t be around to ponder what to do next. What a tragedy it is to be frivolous over thinkers with the attention span of a underwater hippo fart. It’s no wonder we’re all running hither and yon, willy-nilly to and fro. Rats do that too when there is one grain of rice for every fifty rats. We’ll be googling recipe’s for BBQ swamp rat before it’s all over. It all tastes like chicken anyway. All of us naysayers will be saying it was all for the greater good. We’ll be dead so our posthumous opinions will bear no fruit. Mr. and Mrs. Rat Roaster will only be concerned if there are enough rats and whether or not it’s time to include the tail. That’s my age related demented view. Disclaimer: no sane people were harmed during the making of this rant. Grossed out, maybe, but not harmed.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Got turned around and replied to George first but I think my reply also applies to your comment (and thanks for commenting!) The depopulation you speak of, well, I’ve known for some thirty years that it is inevitable because few will make the effort to understand what’s causing it. They will only see the surface, the chaos and the violence. Some will fight and some will run, to no avail. Mankind or homo sapiens is the problem, the actual sickness that infects this entire world. A cancer or the deadliest sort of virus. Always we’ve been focused on looking at others or nature as our enemy. We needed police and armies to “defend” ourselves from created enemies. We needed drugs and a growing paraphernalia of medical interventions to protect us from raw nature. We became insular, bloated with ego and hubris and grew to threaten all life including the very planet we survive on. All that was planned, Daniel – no surprise. We had to be the agents of our own destruction so no one else would have to take the blame to genocide us should we break out of this solar system and threaten the galaxy. We came close, very close but the shielding held and we remain prisoners on our “prison planet”. We are the most dangerous aliens extant in the galaxy, if not the universe. Isn’t it awesome to be great at something, huh?

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      1. Hyperion

        George is far more worthy. I feel no slight in your order of replies. Poets and Prophets were always misunderstood in their lifetimes. That is likely why we ignore the known to seek the fantasy created by our own hive minds (programming fully engaged). I can say one thing good that I’ve seen develop out of our debauchery is yoga pants and young women becoming attractively well fit and strong. There are infinite possibilities in great numbers of women who can easily overpower a nefarious and sick patriarchy. It appeals to my reptile brain, which is the only functional part left. I think this is what we once called looking on the bright side. I always find your posts and comments full of fire, brimstone, and intellectual humor. Perhaps you too are a Prophet of the truth, the way, the inner light, which would explain why it will take us a century of studying your words to finally get it. Unfortunately, some enterprising scam artist will likely turn you into a goddess, set up a new religious televangelist scam, and milk old people and fools out of their life’s savings. Old habits are hard to break. Don’t let this possibility stop you. The Truth hurts, but it is a bitter medicine that heals those that accept it. (This is not an attempt to goad you into debate on what truth is. I merely mean to say, you tell us what we need to know to wake up our sleeping beauty persona’s and ditch this sick world society we’ve created for a better option)


      2. George F.

        “is yoga pants and young women becoming attractively well fit and strong. ” OMG! So true, so funny, but the unintended result is that this leads to more excessive breeding…and what are we to do with all those new babies…all those new forms…what world will they live in?

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      3. Hyperion

        Good question Bro. I see the general male population being obsolete once females are able to purchase artificial designer insemination kits from Wal-Mart (made in China, of course). I’d adapt to the role of pleasure puppet, but really, I don’t think I’m eligible due to my dinosaur status. The best I can hope for is pool boy. After the Jerry Falwell Jr. pool boy scandal, I don’t really want that job. I’m going to have to retrain into carpet vacuum specialist. I should write a short story on my bizarre views of the future.

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      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        You say, and quote: “you tell us what we need to know to wake up our sleeping beauty persona’s and ditch this sick world society we’ve created for a better option”
        When I was young and recently “introduced” to cosmic reality I thought, like so many before me, that if I had “the” knowledge of a superior way then I should preach it, cry it from the rooftops, write books about it, tell all and sundry all about it. So I did that for a time, long enough to realize that if it hadn’t worked for such as Jesus, or Buddha, or Gandhi or (throw in any other name you can think of in this list) it certainly wouldn’t work for me. That left pointing out some obvious observations and leading by example. Sure, I can tell anyone who cares to listen (not just hear) about that superior way but how it is achieved – that’s what’s important – will of necessity be different for every individual. For example, I can tell you (generic) that the answer is to become a compassionate being. But that’s like telling you that to get from London to New York you can swim across. I could tell you that to really understand your own life in connection to the earth you just need to detach from everything man made, shed your clothes entirely and walk out into the wilderness.
        The reason I abandoned Christianity is because it made these wonderful statements about the perfect life and salvation but every promise of empowerment to accomplish such things were broken, the power non-existent and the people who dutifully followed the teachings were no better, often worse, morally speaking, than those who did not practice any religion. Yet they kept claiming that they were exceptional, the only ones loved by God. See where I’m going here? So, each and every one who decides to break free of the status quo must develop her/his own sense of purpose, forge ahead through the misunderstandings, remain “human” in relationship to others without developing dependency on any system or allowing anyone to become dependent on her/himself for any assurance that what they are doing is correct. The purpose chosen by which to live one’s life has to be the ultimate guide the individual relies on to do “what is right” until the end. I don’t believe in luck yet consider myself extremely fortunate that as soon as I ditched any reliance upon the system I was gifted with teachers from the nexus, from liminal space, who patiently taught me for thirty years. That teaching wasn’t meant for me to push it on anyone else, it was meant for me to discover that I could change myself… and I did. I think that when I chose to become an avatar of compassion that I made a good choice and I know my teachers were pleased with that, so much so that they said goodbye, job done. Instead of telling you what to do, let me ask this: isn’t it obvious what needs to be done and how much an individual has to change her/his thinking and ways so the work of dismantling and rebuilding can begin in all seriousness? (And, thanks again for your awesome comments – they always make me re-think how I express myself on this blog. You have a great intelligence and you are using it.)

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      5. Hyperion

        Beautifully said Sha’Tara. I have begun that swim to the other side. I’ll make it one stroke at a time and coarse correct when needed. As for religions, sadly they are a magnet for the power hungry who would enslave all to an ideology of service to a master with the blessed ones who act as intercessors lording themselves over everything and cheating everyone. We have a long dynasty of Papal history, well recorded, to show that Gods, religions, and their believers have nothing in common. Governments, laws, and religions have scarred humanity and humanness beyond recovery. For those that can make the swim and return naked to a natural existence, life is short but a thousand times richer. Do carry on Sha’tara as I know you will.

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  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    It was inevitable, George. A matter of time and diminishing ‘returns’ such as resources but primarily availability of usable space. We were designed with a personal and a species time limit. We’ve predictably reached non-sustainability, not as individuals, but as a society, as a global civilization. Our nemesis is entropy. We’re literally looking upon the end of our type of world, or should I say, the artificial world created by our own designers, the genetic engineer greedy fools who invented homo sapiens then were forced to abandon it to its own devices. Earthians, except for those rare exceptions who saw through the programming could but carry on with the brain patterns they were endowed with. We destroyed ourselves because we were programmed, should we get out of control, to do just that. Thousands of years we’ve been chewing away at our environment and each other, gaining numbers and power while losing all that mattered as sentient intelligent beings. We may have a few hundred years left if our current balance of terror and fear holds. If not, we may be looking at a sudden Armageddon. The end results will be the same. But I know this: it isn’t the end for Earth or humanity, just the end of an unsustainable corrupt and corrupting mindset. Bet you, if you probe into your character that “Paul” knows this too now.

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      1. George F.

        Not for you, I’m not. You seem obsessed with me and can’t stop conjuring me, although I’ve attempted to ignore you for years. ‘Zup wit dat? Be Anonymole’s mentor. Not mine. Go haunt those who welcome your moans.

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      2. Phil Huston

        You’re a mere curiosity. Like why is there still dog shit on the sidewalk at the corner. Is it fresh, or is it simply refusing to biodegrade or is it a repeater?


      3. George F.

        Time to visit your blog…with rude, unprintable comments. Perhaps if you were Stephen King, or someone who’s actually published a book instead of being the self proclaimed “best writer on WP” your comments might have merit. I know of no other blogger who, banished from one person’s blog, “hunts” that person down on other blogs to release their noxious gases and vicious comments. In that, I suppose, is hidden high praise that you would take the time to stalk me, and can’t get me off your mind. Love/hate are two sides of the same coin…only in indifference lies freedom. Try to get there.


      4. George F.

        Now I’m inspired to write again…sooner than plannned…so you can pretend not to have stepped in it. You know where it is. But you keep going there. ‘Zup wit dat?

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      5. Phil Huston

        Indeed. See, thin skin about creativity is a bad thing. I should be able to walk into a room and say “So how’s Prince Valiant the cosmic bed salesman and part time Messiah?” And you should laugh and say “they’re in a spin cycle of violence and confusion because I have no idea where the hell they’re going. How’s your thinly veiled first person romantic adventure with the cliché flyboy and the Mexican babe?”
        And I’d say “I kept throwing characters at it looking for a way to bring them back out of the tall weeds but now I’m going back from about chapter 4 to see where the wheels really came off and try to fix it.”
        But then I’ve done way outside creative for fun, and for $ and the same things apply. Only out in the weeds can be called art if it’s avant garde or jazz. Otherwise we have own it for what it is and carry on. Like confession. It’s not like part of our anatomy or children or anything. Or like we’re doing the Sistene Chapel. “Yo Mike! How’s it goin’ up there?” “God’s finger’s too damn short, that’s how.”
        “From down here nobody’ll notice.”
        “Talk to my OCD about that, not me.”

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      6. Phil Huston

        I think some Frenchman suggested in the neighborhood of 30. Bonanza is Star Trek with a costume change, or vice versa. “Depends on what flavor Kool Aid they’re apt to drink, Jim.”

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  4. Phil Huston

    You’re credible because your thematic motif never changes. However, my dissenting view is only in the context of maybe it’s not all gloom and doom. Maybe we were put here to fart around, and all of this is mere momentary madness. Blink and we’re gone. Of course we’ve fucked it up for the other beings we share the planet with by blindly following the whimsical patriarchs of finance gain. But even their game, in light of the bigger picture, is farcical at best. There is no ultimate control in this sphere, only the hope of understanding that which is beyond the behavior of Us.

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    1. George F.

      Of course it’s all mere momentary madness. We have the lifespan of a virtual particle in the face of infinity…what other brilliant comments would you like to offer? I know…compare something to music…

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  5. George F.

    No argument on that one. If you weren’t so out of tune with your own vibrations, you could come up with comments like this more frequently and resonate at a higher frequency.

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  6. Sha'Tara Post author

    I’ve decided to just acknowledge your comment once again and let it go at that. I appreciate that you make such a great effort to try to figure out my thoughts on things. It’s gratifying. I also wish your well in the hope that you find your personal peace amongst the growing madness of society.

    Translated: Ho deciso di riconoscere ancora una volta il tuo commento e di lasciar perdere. Apprezzo che tu faccia un così grande sforzo per cercare di capire i miei pensieri su cose. È gratificante. Ti auguro anche ogni bene nella speranza che trovi la tua pace personale nella crescente follia della società.

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  7. earthwalking13

    Excellent! As you say: “Therefore they would have to learn to live instead of simply existing. Not as easy as it looks. When you’ve spent an entire life as a believer, as a non-person, as the un-dead, it’s not easy to look at the world and think, “Hey, wait a minute, under all the fakery, the bullshit and the technocratic anti-life machinery there’s an actual natural living world and I have a natural, physical body that I can adapt to that living world. I don’t need this so-called civilization’s shit and its crap rules.”

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