What it means to Believe

[thoughts from  ~burning woman~ …]

For those who have, or want to take, the time to read. I’m not sure the title is appropriate but here’s the story anyway.

I remember much of what I’ve been told over the years, even those things I came across I couldn’t as yet understand. Much was a jumble of contradictions but isn’t Earthian life a barrage of contradictions? Notice I leave nature out of this argument. Natural or non-people life exists in its created/evolved/adapted state (take your pick on that) accepting it, trusting it and using it to fulfill awareness. Unlike with my observations of Earthian life I see no conflict there.

Earthians (the people, man, homo sapiens, whatever label we give ourselves – again take your pick) need to constantly invent pseudo-realities, each one built upon another but each one further from sky, land and water; from the natural order we should be existing under. Let me qualify that by saying it is not our problem, per se. It is “how” we arrive at this perceived need. Maybe I can explain with this story.

Years ago I had a vision. A “god” showed me what he saw in me. He said to me, “You are of us – specifically, you are mine, though you do not at this time remember why that is, nor how it came about. The time has come that I must open your mind to another reality – beyond that of earth, beyond that of your fellow-man. I am going to give you the power, the strength and the understanding to be a bridge between realities. In time it will kill you but it won’t destroy you – you will survive for you are made of god-stuff. After you re-learn to walk between worlds in detachment and compassion you will form a bridge between two worlds: that of earth and that of man for make no mistake, these exist as two distinct dimensions however cleverly that truth is hidden.” (…to paraphrase Kipling here, O man is man and earth is earth and never the twain shall meet…)

“This bridging will seem a rather foolish and pointless thing to do because few of the rank and file will become aware of the existence of this thing. Fewer will understand and fewer yet will be changed by it. But you will know, and knowing, you will complete your labour. When it is done, and you have died from so much expenditure of energy, from abuse, exposure and time, I will give you a new life. You have been tested and you will not fail because you can no longer fail yourself. Use the information that is in your mind: think, speak and act accordingly. There is no need for more.”

And so, in the vision, I became this living bridge. Few indeed could understand the meaning. Predictably many of the ruling classes who knew of this “bridge” felt threatened by this presence. The consensus was that I posed a danger to the established order and  should be destroyed. So I was killed, my bridge-body cast down into emptiness. That should have been the end of the story. It wasn’t.

I reawakened in another place, another reality. My pain eased then left me. Only memories of what I’d tried to do remained; the sorrow that I could not make “them” understand. Now that hourglass’ sand had run down. I could not go back, certainly not in time to prevent a great tribulation from devastating man’s earth. In a dream state, I heard the cries and the screams of a world that was burning. I felt the hot breath of billions of prayers passing through my mind – but they had no substance and could not be focused. We the “Outsiders” (for now I was with my own people again) could only feel great sorrow; we could not reach back to prevent, nor heal. Because man’s spiritual reality was so dimmed, there was no return passage: the heart-rending prayers had no power to take us back to them. Had we done so of our own will, at the sight of us they would have forgotten both their prayers and their immediate pain. They would have blamed us for their troubles and would have killed us again.

I have pondered that vision over the years. Being a “bridge” can have many meanings. Let me talk a bit about “faith” for that concept properly understood is itself meant to be a bridge between worlds as those who remain religious or have passed through that stage should well know.

Recently I found myself, in my avatar mind, interacting with individuals who believe in their God; who pray to that God, and yet seem woefully lacking in the kind of power that

would help them overcome the tricks, traps and ruses of the Matrix complex. These people exist within the same maze as other Earthians, those who believe in other gods, goddesses or man-made powers, those who don’t, those who could care less: the selfish, the greedy, the ignorant, the narcissists. The God people remain helpless to break out and reach for that desperately needed fresh air of above/beyond-earth reality. They are

confused by many things, fearful, doubtful or unaware of the terrible responsibility they accrue when they claim to believe but do not live the life of obedience that demonstrates the truth of that path. They cover over this instability with verbal pronunciations of faith and attempts at imposing their religions upon others through subterfuge; by usurping

the democratic political process and spending huge monetary resources on ostentatious infrastructure. Failing that, as we see happening, they resort to overt violence and war. There is little else to show for all that religious effort.

So I found myself in an in-between position, between my life as an aspiring avatar (no faith in anyone but self) and God’s path for his followers or faithful. In these exchanges, I realized that being an avatar allows me to “obey” my detached reality while providing insight to other observers. I realized that if I am interacting with an individual who prays to God, hence must have faith in God, my task is to look into that one’s faith to see why it does not produce the fruit inherent to the basic tenets of that faith. Whether you are an avatar, or you are a disciple of Christ or believe in God in some way, the path is similar if you are fully aware of this one fact: that it demands total detachment from the things of earth (the System and its fruits) and living in a constant state of self-sacrifice. You are in the world but not of the world and you can never, ever, be confused as to what it means to live thus.

Believing in God when you live on earth and you are Earthian could be a good thing if that is lived correctly, i.e.,in humility and compassion. What I see, why Earthian faith, though widespread shows so little fruit, or I should say, produces so much bad fruit, is because people have used a book, the Bible (or Koran or any other “holy” book of any state sanctioned, incorporated religion) and relied on non-spiritual teachers and interpreters to anthropomorphize the ancient, original creator God into a modern travesty of a man-made Santa Claus who gives gifts only to those who can afford to buy them for themselves.

The kind of “faith” I would talk about from experience isn’t religion, science, or a product of evolution. Spiritual faith, to have meaning, must rely upon a holistic and whole aspect of man in relationship with spirit. In my earlier interactions with spirit or transcendent divinity, and in my readings about such, my spirit awareness has always been a call to compassion through self-sacrifice. That is the basis of any faith in any “real” divine entity. That is the only “proof” any faith-based life can give to the world. The believer or disciple’s life is the proof, positive or negative, that God not only exists, but is truly a good, loving, compassionate deity. The believer is called but to one thing: to make it so as if it was God itself in thought, word and deed. The believer is by definition the mirror image of her/his chosen divinity. When the world looks for some proof of God’s existence it isn’t in nature but in the self proclaimed exceptionalism of that God’s followers. Try as one might there is no other proof for God’s existence.

True faith has no use for wishful thinkers, deal-makers, “gimme-gimme’s” and much less for controlling power-wielders and greedy oppressors or liars. A man-made god is always conned, being but an idol, not so the intent of faith in a real divinity. Whatever the

shenanigans of organized religion to create a path to an imaginary god that by-passes volitional self-sacrifice, it’s fiction. The faith-based path to faith-based divinity and to wherever that may lead is one of selflessness, of self-sacrifice, of total abandonment to that divinity’s will. And where does that lead? To insane inner joy even while walking through a hell of sorrow.

So, what is that “will?” The funny thing about God’s will is that it cannot, ever, be found at the beginning of one’s walk. One has to “give in” and take the journey without ever looking back. One must turn from selfishness to servant-hood before any understanding can

manifest in the mind. I know this because I’ve passed through that stage. I know how it works and I know that organized religion’s sole purpose is to guarantee that no one will ever get it. Nothing is more dangerous to the organization than the one who has discovered how to synchronize one’s will with that of a faith-based divine will. Once

that is grasped, there is no need for religion anymore. Obedience is all that matters and that is the key to self-empowerment.

Do you see what I have done? I’ve logically concluded that this faith-based divinity can be none other than myself. I made a covenant with myself to think a certain way, to reason and live in such a way. Then I placed myself on the altar in obedience to my life choice.

This is where the vast majority of Earthian sheeple bleat their frustration, their anger, their rejection. Sheep, by nature, obey the herd instinct. Sheeple are bound by groupthink. There’s nary an independent mind among them and that one is always on the brink of being discovered and eliminated as a threat to the herd. Religions serve the herd. Faith serves only the individual.

By dropping the now-utterly useless God label and trusting in one’s self to make all life and death decisions, that is what self-empowerment means. One thing I’m sure of, it will not lead me to that never-never land the sheeple call heaven. For that I’m thankful. I’ve seen enough “heaven” here on earth to know I’ve had enough of it. But let me add this: I know, as a personal inner awareness, that I am an infinite being with infinite life behind and before me. My “home” is the cosmos and my “assurance of salvation” is the degree of compassion I express to myself and the world I exist within – however temporary the relationship.

Quote: An unconventional individual is never bound by conventional wisdom, tradition or belief system. (anonymous)

Quote: Milena lived in a culture that replicated itself endlessly but never gave birth to anything new. (Child Garden – Geoff Ryman)



13 thoughts on “What it means to Believe

  1. Neelam

    “relied on non-spiritual teachers and interpreters to anthropomorphize the ancient, original creator God into a modern travesty of a man-made Santa Claus who gives gifts only to those who can afford to buy them for themselves, ” – this is the irony.

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  2. jim-

    If christianity gave you what you need too soon, we’d all be like child actors that peaked too early. The other half of the problem is it never graduates anyone til they’re dead. and is the epitome of perpetual need.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Christianity is a machine. It is keyed to the system. Just as you can’t get a driver’s license, vote or enter a bar before a certain age, Christianity has its rules and you’re right, no one ever graduates but then most church goers are happier if kept in grade one. No need to really know anything of any use in everyday life.

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      1. jim-

        Christianity and islam are necessary (helpful) component to keep the game in play. If everyone knew, it would be over until next time.


  3. Hyperion

    Hi Sha’Tara. I can see a lot of parallels in the Christian Bible to what you write, the basic tone is one of condemnation of humans for not following a strict edict. In the Old Testament during the Jewish flight from Egypt we follow the history of God’s people repeatedly getting a real ass kicking from God for not following strict rules. The entire Old Testament which governs Christian, Jew, and Muslim alike is not a story of compassion, benevolence, altruism, self empowerment, magnanimous and loving nature. It’s a volume of some Despot Spirit-King trampling his progeny, enslaving them, slaughtering them, and generally making life unbearable and saying it’s good. Then Satan comes of age and God and his Son throw us to Satan’s mischief, which is to forever taunt God garaunteed we get even more ass kickings. Oh, then there is the few words on salvation, heaven and general loveliness, again predicated on King worship that defies our natural instincts. No wonder the three most powerful religions on earth are a perfected exercise in ambiguity, and outright hypocrisy. Since I was a wee child, I have chosen to follow my own god located in the pineal gland of my brain and heaven is actually my Limbic system, which of course is well connected to the cortex for awake and alert musings about ridiculous but fun things. So, this comment may struggle mightily to show relevance to you post and I’ll try to explain. Your self reliance and connection to the Teachers and other dimensions or planes of existence must be processed in your mind in that area of the mind whose purpose it is to entertain such things. Not to ignore the more powerful brain that controls our very life on a millisecond by millisecond basis which is the Vagas nerve complex and the center of life which is basically the gut. From there it gets more complex but the deeper we go the more relevance to all living things and further still to all forms of existence in the universe. And admittedly, we know with absolute surety, not nearly as much as we can know or potentially learn in time. Only humans would see gods and goddesses in a human like form. But what do Jelly fish worship and even more importantly, what do the miracle plants worship like Lavender or the Moringa tree? Could there be a divergence of perspective there? Now, you might be wondering why I choose nonsense to communicate. 1. I’m getting more eccentric than I can actually control, and 2. If we are truly to be self actualizing and still live according to the basic plan laid down in our DNA, how do we disavow our fellow human and be compassionate toward humanity at the same time with a tinge of godly scorn. My size 2 muffin brain would like to know. Truly, this isn’t intended to be a disagreement but a true question of reconciling our mental, physical, and spiritual schizophrenic approach to living and understanding life amongst the natives.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well Hype, I think the world as we’ve known it is shattering, it’s that simple. There’s a lot more going on here beside climate change and Covid-19. Everything is coming apart, some quite rapidly, some slower but any observant person can see this going on. If we’ve pushed ourselves into some “higher plane” of interaction with life then there will be little or no way to share that with the rank and file that still goes on believing that no matter how crazy things get, somehow they will be put aright again. The world is now ruled by psychopaths, sadists, narcissists, greedy slimes and the abysmally ignorant. How anyone can still dream of positive change under such circumstances is beyond my own “size 2 muffin brain” as you so picturesquely put it. I’ve been reading around the WordPress world and there’s some really smart people there. Yet the more I read, the more my head aches. My own “head elves” want me to quit but I’m not ready to do that yet. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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      1. Hyperion

        Indeed Sha’tara. It’s all those character categories you named that seem to be gaining in population, popularity, and power as those good categories thin out hastily. So, maybe an ass-kicker God with impatient and Homicidal tendencies has actually been successful in getting his peeps in line with his/her/its ideologies. In the mean time, some folks have backed away from the Old Testament ways, which reads like Greek mythology. My conundrum is, as we see the forces of nature and human clash more violently, why bother with trying to convince this force to stand down. Should compassion and empathy be reserved for the worthy and godly scorn heaped on the others? I no longer have a good grasp on what we would like to preserve, if anything. I do know that those I meet that operate routinely with a noble purpose are definitely capable of ruling their internal domain wisely. They don’t need my dinosaur compassion or empathy. Perhaps it is best internally reflected and the bar across the cabin door doesn’t keep me in, it keeps the bad stuff out. Now where did I put my Geritol elixer?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hello Shera. Understandable, with all that is going on! I too have slowed down with blogging and other “social” aspects of my life. I’m more into contemplation (as this post indicates) rather than interaction. My thinking, it seems, doesn’t align well with the chaotic mental environment we’ve been thrown into. It’s good to slow down and take the time to explore our own thoughts, isn’t it?
      [Ciao Shera. Comprensibile, con tutto quello che sta succedendo! Anch’io ho rallentato con i blog e altri aspetti “sociali” della mia vita. Sono più interessato alla contemplazione (come indica questo post) piuttosto che all’interazione. Il mio pensiero, a quanto pare, non si allinea bene con l’ambiente mentale caotico in cui siamo stati gettati. È bello rallentare e prendere il tempo per esplorare i nostri pensieri, non è vero?]



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