Software Program or Soul?

Perhaps a better way to put it than the way I did, but then this is a “sermon”! I am going to answer his question, as a post on my blog since he doesn’t have a comment feature.

Freedom Loves Company

Here is the sermon for May 3, 2020.



Today is Sunday, May 3, 2020.

We are still in lockdown, house arrest, whatever you wish to call it. I heard a report that my governor says the state of emergency will be in place until July 6th. More smoke and mirrors. There is no end in sight.

Supermarkets are more and more regimented with amazingly well-produced signage telling you where to stand and how to behave. Don’t walk the wrong way down the aisle! Make sure you don’t encroach in another’s space! The employees are scrubbing your cart down before and after with magic solution. In the outside world, people are wearing masks while driving alone in their cars. What is happening?

It was raining yesterday. My wife and I thought to get a couple of things at the local Home Depot. We changed our minds when we saw…

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9 thoughts on “Software Program or Soul?

  1. rawgod

    This reply is not for S’T, but for the person who posted the above original blog, who allows no comments there. No one is allowed to contradict him, or even agree with him. I wonder why?
    Dear John,
    I am a spiritual person, have been for many years. I live on the outskirts of civilization because I cannot stand to see what other people think of reality. Yet I wear a mask when out of doors, and I choose to maintain safe distances from others. Why? Because I do not want to spread any virus that I might get, not just Covid-19. I am not scared to die, I made my peace with the world decades ago. Neither do I wish to live in this reality forever. My choice is to be responsible for myself, which includes my responsibility to everyone else. DO NO INTENTIONAL HARM.
    You seem to assume you can speak for all spiritual people. You cannot! You can only speak for yourself. YOUR WORDS CAN DO HARM! You are not being responsible. You say a lot of other untrue things. I ask you to stop. Spiritual people are going to do what they choose to do, you telling them what to do is as harmful as what you accuse the “elite” of doing.


  2. stolzyblog

    I was giving this Progressive Spirit a chance, an ear, until the bits about 9/11 “being a movie” and the hero worship for David Icke, Icke is one of the most speculative, unsubstantiated conspiracy writers I have ever wasted my time with. Regarding his press photo the other day in a news blurb about the FB decision, I was struck by how easily you could imagine lizardlike features into his visage. I understand where the frustration/energy comes from feeding the conspiracy market over the past three decades or more, but tossing healthy deliberation out the window is not part of any solution. Agree also with rawgod’s notion that PS seems to have decided it his right to coopt all ‘spirituality’ instinct on the planet and function as it’s spokesman. Diatribes are occasionally okay as a release, except when they contain untruths.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hadn’t heard from you for a while. Honestly I think you’re the one reacting emotionally to an emotionally charged and polarized situation. Nothing to do with the virus, real or made up anymore – the obedient believers have chosen to follow their high priesthood and that’s that. No more need for verifiable facts, no use brandishing the obvious that something is terribly wrong with the entire production: obedience rules. Well, I learned the hard way not to be “obedient” to authority, especially when that authority is made up of liars with vested interests in outcomes to choke a herd of elephants. Whether the believers agree or not is not going to stop me from writing, or publishing material about what I see as a massive abuse of official propaganda to promote a war against what was, for better or worse, a kind of normalcy. Now people don’t know what to think. Some like what’s happening because they believe that nature is recouping from the deadly predatory inroads of civilization – nothing to do with any virus. Others dream that it’s over for capitalism – noting to do with any virus. Some just hope that if they make themselves very small, join the Party and obey the Fuhrer, well, no Jews are being actually killed, etc – noting to do with any virus. We’ve seen this gross abuse of propaganda before. This time it happens to be global because technology makes it possible. That’s all I got to say about that except to point out that it is you who is making a thing out of the mention of David Icke, not the author of this blog post. There’s no hero worship here. It is you who is demonizing the man with the reference to lizard features. Just take a moment to look in the mirror: you may see the “lizard face” looking back at you. The point here is that free speech is now history and you’re cheering on the process. I guess there wouldn’t be much point in burning books now but when do you suppose are they going to simply cut off internet to individual homes where people use it to disagree with Big Brother? This is your transition time – from pseudo-democracy to totalitarianism and you’re one of those who can’t wait to make it happen. Remember, you read it here… when it’s not just an opinion anymore but the real thing.

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      1. stolzyblog

        I wont bother to token ‘like’ this clearly reactionary and uncharacteristically incompassionate outburst from you. Normally, as I recall, you have all your hinges intact. Obedient believers??? Not where I live. Just as before, a chaotic evolving mixed-up melange of opinion and inquiry ranging wildly across all spectrums.See it everyday, indoors and out. Have you relocated to Pyongyang? Your rant is so filled with false and untriggered presumptions about what I believe, think, root for, and want that I wonder the value of you as an interlocutor anymore. And this is because it is you who are under the influence of the hyper-emotionalized triggers. You, not I. Also, Icke. Give me and the world a break. His lizard bulsht was exactly that and he deserves to be called out for it. The blog author clearly cites and leans upon him as exemplar of myth-busting crusader against the ravages of orthodox conformity. And his face does look as lizardly as any of the stupid photos of celebrities he’s cited as ‘evidence’ in the past — illustrating how far off the cliff he’s fallen. Sad to see how little tolerance you have for dispute, even when you claim you invited it, presumably as some sort of ‘compassionate’ public service.

        Absolutely gorgeous mountain foto by the way. Have missed you & hope you are being well.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hey thanks for remarking on the photo, you’re the only one who has. Everything was just right that late afternoon. It was an amazing experience.


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks for your response – I didn’t actually expect one, this is good. As for my response to your response or reaction… I used what was offered. If you’d left Icke (whom I know little about – I don’t follow “conspiracy” sites, I don’t even watch TV – the ultimate conspiracy media) your point would have come across much better. Anyone who attacks another for speaking her/his opinions or ideas who isn’t there to defend themselves get short shrift from me. Call it upbringing as a victim in an overt racist community. You learn to defend yourself and any underdog. If you wanted to rant against a real “lizard” why don’t you go at Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos for starters? They’re the ones manipulating the strings behind this pandemic along with a few others of similar ilk. If “the world” or yourself want a break from David Icke it’s as simple as not watching, listening, or reading. He’s not the one creating this pandemic! Nor is Alex Jones. These people are entre-act entertainers – not very good but some people get off on that, or on watching the antics of the Kardashians. It’s called misdirection, all part of the game of distraction. I’m always surprised to run across those who fall for that. Don’t you find it sad that someone is automatically labeled a conspiracy theorist just because s/he doesn’t go along with the majority, the sheeple, and doesn’t bray in unison? Enjoy the day, whether you’re in forced or voluntary house arrest. I have so do some heavy duty stump grinding for a neighbour today so I’ll be getting my exercise! Take care (and as the wag would add, “and I don’t care where”)


  4. deteremineddespitewp

    Of course Sha’ Tara…
    You will appreciate ‘I an’t buying it’
    My scepticism of the Human Race to run anything so elaborate as laid out in this post is off most scales. The klutz gene is deep within our systems. We screw up, then we cover up, then we hide up.
    Also, we are not so grand in the scheme of things that we are above Nature thwacking us around the head from time to time.
    There you go.
    As ever, quasi-authoritarian European socialist and still proud of it (which is why it is as well I never listened to those who said ‘You should get involved in the Labour Party (UK) – one should always be aware of one’s foibles and the havoc they could wreak)


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      To each his own, huh Roger. I follow the Machiavelli Principle. Behind the apparent numbskull leaders are powerful manipulative con men, such as l’Eminence Grise comes to mind. Another of course is that arch evil mind, Nobel peace prize winner (of course) Henry Kissinger ( That creature is still active in the globalist agenda as are others, like Bill Gates whom the sheeple love to trust despite his financial and corporate criminal track record, particularly in the area of forced vaccinations on people in various places in Africa where there would be the least amount of outcry when his “vaccines” killed or maimed children. But in the exceptional “West” such things are all for the greater good, aren’t they. Why not test questionable vaccines on little black guinea pig babies? What have they got to lose? And for the Gates and their “foundation” the billions just keep on rolling in. No plan, Roger? A guiding quote in my life has been, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” I don’t think that the implied “doing something” means to join the frightened mobs in supporting the status quo. I think it means the opposite. Finally, one of the most useful and cryptic teachings from the Teacher, YLea: Believe all things, believe in nothing.

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