Antierra Manifesto – blog post #99

To facilitate and complete reinstatement of my basic programming I needed to create a string of pertinent data as to my location – a necessary reference point.  They informed me this place is called Hyrete, kingdom of Elbre on a world they call T’Sing Tarleyn – I like your name for it better: Malefactus.  From what I deduce from your mind, that suits it well.  That’s it.”  
End blog post #98
Start blog post #99

Cedric may be an automated AI but nevertheless it does feel good to be inside him.  I mean ‘him’ not it.  There is a ‘humanity’ here that I can trust.  I realize his earlier banter was to put my mind at ease; to make me temporarily forget my discomfort and fears.  The perfect psychologist and counsellor.

And he’s the perfect surgeon.  I already know I’ll come out of here in a body that will be almost as good as it was before this last fight.  And that’s as good as it gets, considering what’s been done to it and my age.  I’m now way past my due date for permanent retirement from office.

Speaking of office, I awaken in Bal’s office again.  He isn’t there but YBA4 is checking me over with that typical Cydroid beatific look.  The more contact I have with them the more I respect them.  There is a completion about their make-up, their unity of mind and body I have not encountered in other beings.  It’s not that they do not have emotions, they  must carry them to understand the humans they interact with constantly.  They do not use them for themselves; they do not need them.  They possess something far superior and due to their biofacturing process they do not need to experience the emotional state to arrive where they are.  Yes, I do admire them.  I admire their certainty and their individual strength.  Certainly I would never feel threatened by a distant future that contained only Cydroids instead of humans, or where humans have become as Cydroids, able always to choose to do the right thing and knowing when it is the right thing to do.

How does one automatically know what the right thing is?  This question implies we are all action beings, that every moment we volitionally impinge upon our environment by our thoughts and subsequent choices making it a better or worse place in which to exist.  The right thing assumes it makes the environment a better place.  As action beings, we conclude that the ‘right’ act is that which causes no harm to another, however that affects the self.  That’s our basic foundation.  Next comes the act that benefits the other even while it appears to impoverish the self.  For human ISSA beings this is high level Avatari awareness.  The lesser level, such as I in my incarnation as Antierra, relies on a more primitive concept: compromised morality or teleological reasoning.  If I hadn’t given myself that mind-cushion, Malefactus would have killed me on my first day!

Having interacted with pseudo-humans whose basic awareness is that of the “I want” mentality which leads to the “give me” constant entitlement mindset; with Cholradils or natural empaths who have no personal choice in sacrificing themselves for any and all others; with Cydroids who have that choice but know what is the right thing to do and choose to always do it (could there be others who would choose otherwise? Possible, I haven’t met any); with high-functioning humans of avatar mind who work from compassion through an arduous process of self-discipline, self-denial and self-sacrifice, I find the Cydroid to be the superior path.  What are its dangers, then?

Cydroids are vulnerable to destruction through the scattering of their ‘family’ ties.  At full death, that is if they cannot be re-cloned and re-grown from their own genes or that of their family group all that they were is lost.  They have not, as yet, needed to find a way to reincarnate as none of them have yet truly terminated.  There is no guarantee, except in the laws of worlds such as Koron where strict control is maintained on the cloning process, that evil minded Cydroids cannot be grown for nefarious purposes.  I admit that possibility. 

However, looking at the other alternative to higher mental and moral achievement for sentient life, the Avatari, that also poses serious problems.  Avatari carry ancient baggage and have worked their way through the sinuous process of enlightenment for aeons.  That process has allowed them to experience evil, to work with it and enjoy its fruit over extensive periods of time.  Those memories may be purged of their emotional ties now but they cannot be expunged.  They remain dormant and I know of some who have reawakened their old memories, returning into the darkness, becoming powerful evil entities and reincarnating on worlds where they could manipulate inherent weaknesses to their own ends.  Warmo was such a one.  So destroyed was his mind from sucking upon the dregs of his evil that he was incapable of remembering the times in-between when he and I had worked together in close and warm association.  I would not be mentioning this even now were it not this revelation is an integral part of the Teaching.

Long before we enter the definitive path of the Avatari, each potential ISSA carries the seed of evil as well as the seed of life.  Which one we nurture moment by moment remains a choice.  Often a very difficult one, for example for me at this time, in this place where I must proceed on the razor-edge concept of ‘doing right by wrong,’ on the assumption the ends will justify the means.  This you must always remember when you come to the place where you decide to become an avatar – such being denied to no one except by personal choice – and that is, in the blackest of moments when you are certain you no longer have any choice as to your next step, there remains a choice. 

I be not speaking here to those who have already decided it is the better part of valour to abandon all their potential choices into the hands of a trusted or worshipped deity, or into the hands of one they believe is already an avatar and empowered to take care of their future.  The Teaching is of no value where choices are abandoned beforehand for it is totally dependent on awareness of freedom of choice beyond all inducements i.e., self awareness, self empowerment and self determination.

I cannot speak for deities for I have yet to experience that particular state of beingness which to my view is a highly questionable quest but I can speak for us avatars.  Recognize us thus:  we never ask anyone to follow us, whether into hell or bliss; we never make ‘disciples’ and would castigate sycophantic followers.  We never promise life to anyone based on obedience to our simple Teaching.  True Avatari teach detachment and self-empowerment in all things.  We do not create dependents just as we are not dependent.  Our home is the cosmos and together we seek to shape it to the betterment of all life as it reveals itself and its chosen purpose. 

Remember this also, that truth as it self-defines with each sacred breath you take of life is characterized by simplicity.  Evil, being its opposite, is characterized by complexity.  With this information you can readily identify the true nature of the forces who vie for control of your life.

End blog post #99

17 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #99

  1. Hyperion

    Quote: “Our home is the cosmos and together we seek to shape it to the betterment of all life as it reveals itself and its chosen purpose.” I think you just published my inner navigation star. It is what I believe and what I tried to do. I am judged by what I do now and not what I have done, but what I have done in the past, judged right or wrong by others has defined who I am today. I believed in doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time. What is right before was not as hotly debated as it is now. So, in the eyes of my fellow earthians I may have done great good or great evil. I may have been the slave Spartacus, or the conquering hero Spartacus, or the vanquished rebel Spartacus. All I know is that I was Spartacus figuratively speaking and I desired freedom from evil for myself and the innocent that could not defend themselves. I have been on that path for 38 years and today I am the vanquished Spartacus, the warrior turned to more mindful things. There are no heroes, messiahs, noble and compassionate beings. There is only the frenetic vibration of discord and dissonance. I lost. My favorite quote, “the world is not saved by grand messianic deeds but in the everyday kindness of small acts,” is what I try to DO and your message above is why I do it. This was a deep and meaningful post to me, Sha’Tara. It reached into that inner space where the core of my existence prevails and lives well within. Permit me to thank you for that gift of your kindness.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that beautiful comment, Daniel, and please allow me to simply let it stand without further input. I hope that all who “follow” this blog will take a minute to read it, and a bit more to ponder it.

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    2. deteremineddespitewp

      In this post Sha’ Tara has prepared and laid out a format for exchange, it would be a shame, yea even a folly not to take up this gift.
      We, Humanity, are part of Life, which is part of the wonderous vastness of the entire Universe. To quote from Walt Whitman’s magnificent poem ‘Alone on the Beach At Night’…. ‘A vast similitude interlocks all’
      I read your response to Sha’ Tara last night (UK-22.30 BST 13th April), but like those beloved hand sized transistor radio of yore my mind couldn’t quite tune in, (brain static) so left my response until this morning (UK 9.00 BST 14th April).
      You and I are on different paths, but not so far apart. It is easy enough for me to wave across the small divide and comprehend your journey, for it seems we hope to reach the same journey’s end.
      Who amongst the vast majority of us can really judge our true worth and contributions? For certain none of us have trodden a completely perfect and seamless path. No doubt we have done some harm, and some good. For some reason of late I am plagued by memories of all the mistakes I have made, maybe this is a purging out who knows? Paradoxically it is probably as well my life worked out this way, it would not have gone well should my flaws been allowed to flourish under the guise of success.
      To return to the main subject. Wishing you well on your own journey. Shorn of the need to accumulate wealth, casting off the bitter toxic clothing of hate and prejudice, seeking ever to rise above the mire of ignorance and the shallow words of venal opportunists I am sure you will reach the place you seek.
      Best wishes

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      1. Hyperion

        Great and apt words my friend. I’ve had a lot of the same reflections of late. I accept what got me here today. I feel more part of the whole than as a single entity unlike any other. I think my greatest misconception was that my sacrifices with my comrades was improving the world and helping people, entire villages, cities, and nations find peace and a better life, but in this time I realized I only helped delay the inevitable. It wasn’t enough. But I can say there are children and grandchildren living well across the planet that would not lived had no one done anything. I’ll take that as evidence, it wasn’t a total fail.

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      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        We can’t know when we enter the fray what effect we will have but we can be sure that if we do not, we will have no effect and that’s the saddest realization of all to make when the hooded sickle man is at the door and cannot be denied entrance. Sometimes though I wonder if people in this modern drug age are still able to sense regret when they are dying?

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      3. Hyperion

        That is a good point Sha’tara. Perhaps for some it’s a last moment to look for someone to blame, to feel it’s unfair, that the government abandoned them, that someone should have done something more for them. But for others it’s simply good bye and a last wish that everyone will be okay on their own. I don’t know. I do know what went through my mind as I felt myself gurgle my last breath and people throwing me on the stretcher to haul me away. My last thought was, it’s somebody else’s turn. Obviously, I made my way back much to the chagrin of those I had aggravated previously. The darkness was the best rest I ever had before or after.

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      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Of course it is impossible to know what the last thoughts are for the person who has crossed the boundary and entered the point of no return. But upon the last door closing, I can imagine the recorded voice: “Welcome to nowhere. Nothing here is going to be what you expected. If you expected annihilation, this isn’t it. If you expected heaven or hell, this isn’t it. If you ever watched the movie, “The Game” this is the part where you take the test before the next installment of your game begins. Please take a seat, relax and wait for your instructions. You’re thinking, ‘Do I get a vote on this?’ sorry, no. Choices had to be made before your last body terminated. That is why you were given those extra years. A normal lifetime needed to complete that leg of your game would normally be thirty to forty of that world’s years, more than enough to avoid boredom and pointless movement. Live, learn, enjoy!”

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      5. Hyperion

        Maybe it’s like birth. Not many of us remember the 9 months of hanging out or our birth, but no one doubts that we were there in the womb of our mother. Time is meaningless until the curtain of consciousness opens on the next act. That we might not remember the in between time, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I like your description. I could picture me in a well worn waiting room with a bunch of other people waiting to be in-processed or out-processed.


      6. deteremineddespitewp

        Exactly. As by your actions children and grandchildren are alive you did very well indeed.
        As the old song goes:
        ‘If I can help somebody, as I travel along
        If I can help somebody, with a word or song
        If I can help somebody, from doing wrong
        No, my living shall not be in vain’
        And if like me your are of Christian belief there is Matthew verses 35-40
        35for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in;
        36I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’
        37“Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink?
        38When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You?
        39Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’
        40And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’

        Rest assured friend, you have put value into this world.
        Keep on keeping on.

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      7. Hyperion

        I think that is how we find our humanity through that compassion that is often remarked here. Excellent words of example of how we should look to treat one another. Let us continue one act of kindness at a time.

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  2. deteremineddespitewp

    This was a breath taking post to read. The sense of an after action commentary ran very strong through Antierra’s words. Here were her views of the risks taken, comments and opinions on various ‘types’ or personnel and ‘equipment.
    We are indeed listening to a warrior who has been ‘there’ and ‘come back’ and for the brief interlude after heightened danger when coming down from there having the momentary detached view of a successful survivor.
    Excellent piece of work


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Roger, for taking the time to really get into this part. Skipping the false humility trip here, I agree with you!!! When I was editing the passage I was reminded once again how often as writers we are literally taken over and we experience what some psychics call automatic writing. There are but two ways I could explain to myself how I came to write those thoughts of Antierra: one, I was totally inspired and managed to keep myself out of the flow of thoughts. Two, I was reliving a “remembrance” which in this case would have had to be of a future this “me” – Sha’Tara – has yet to experience. I don’t mind the first, I’m not crazy contemplating the second possibility. Thanks again Roger. One comment like that makes it all worth while, and you’ve given me lots to feed on (along with Hyperion!)

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      1. deteremineddespitewp

        Credit where credit is due, I always say Sha’ Tara.
        The Power of Creation or Illumination through the Writing Process, comes from deep within. When this force makes its way through to the surface then the writer should grasp the chance and soar.
        Antierra came to you with another message, because you were willing, able and open to putting the message into words.
        She could be part of you, or coming from another segment of Creation and you were tuning in, or even one of the same. The important thing was you gave her a voice. And thus she took form and remains ever living in the minds of the readers, in consequence you both achieve a place in the pantheon of the Sagas.
        Onwards, onwards ever onwards.

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