Antierra Manifesto – blog post #93

“Wild” slaves such as myself, rarely found, even rarer they manage to survive the rapes and tortures suffered in the orgies, are branded by admission year plus a #-1, meaning number of ‘wilds’ and non-crèche raised.  These brands are usually found only on the black women captured beyond the desert.  For whatever reason, although they are physically taller, stronger and superior in weapons handling, the men of Malefactus have not seen fit to breed them.  Or perhaps they have and the breeding program failed.  They are moody and very dangerous.  They seem to be missing an essential element of the ‘normal’ ISSA mental make-up due to breeding or evolutionary branching.
End blog post #92
Begin blog post #93

My first order of business is to contrive to have Tieka and the ‘Lover’ put in  the same cage.  Obvious – they must be able to plot together and must know each other’s abilities and weaknesses to a fault.  Also they must know if they like each other and if both be willing to die for their love.  Not such an easy task.  Glad I am I don’t have Tiki to worry about anymore.

“You!”  The overseer points at me.  “Come here.”  Oh-oh, what now.  I walk slowly with head bowed to his private table under the overhang.  He is chewing on some concoction that smells of onion.  Even for this malodorous place, he stinks.  Glad I am at the moment I am no longer sexually attractive or desirable.  I stand a meter from him, stop and wait, head still bowed.  A slave does not make eye contact with an overseer, at least not until he orders her to, then if she does not, he slaps her.  If she does, he slaps her.  It’s the no-win game they like to play.  This one is the worst kind we’ve ever had running the compound.  Not one redeeming quality have I ever observed in him.

“You ready now die old witch?  Tomorrow get two challengers, they fight you together.  They kill you sure this time.  I tired you be around, cause trouble with young slaves.” 

I know he’s the one who arranged for such an unfair fight, two men together against one woman.  The gambling once more will go against me.  What chance do I have to survive this?  Especially if the two men are pros.  It’s been many years since I’ve done two on one but after Warmo it’ll be either extremely easy or impossible.  Which do I choose?  No choice.  I’m still needed here with the women, as Yoba stated.  ‘I fight, I kill.’  It’s our mantra.  I say nothing in reply, wait.

“You I hate more than others, old bitch.  You ugly, disgusting krosspeeg.  You think you man killer, huh?  Maybe I kill you now.”  He pulls a dagger from a concealed sheath in his belt under the soft overhanging paunch of a stomach.  He points it in my direction, standing up slowly.  Instinctively I jump back and spread my legs, poised to ward the thrust and take him down to fall on his own knife.  He knows I can do it, and easily too.  He grins, his yellow teeth sticking over his lips – yeah, who’s ugly!  I think, ‘coward piece of shit.’

“They choose weapon already.  Maybe I tell you, maybe not, huh?”  Another violation of strict policy.  The challenger must choose his weapons in front of the fighter.

“Must need know for weapons judge.”  I reply simply, letting it hang there.  Just a hint of a threat which I know he gets.

“One choose staff.  Other axe.”  But that’s a total violation of any regulation, an impossible conundrum for the fighter.  Unless it’s two on two, they must use the same weapon.  How do I choose mine now?  Shithead.  I want to jump at him and crush his stinking face in my hands.  I feel the bionic circuits pulsing.  Fortunately a red-robed judge walks by and I importune him, taking a considerable chance.

“Please sir, there be problem with weapons choice for tomorrow.  I fight two men, same time.  They choose different weapon.  Which I choose?  Legal problem, cannot decide.”

The judge turns on the overseer in obvious anger.  “What’s that Achnarr?  How can two challengers choose different weapons on one fighter?  Who authorized this?”  What a pleasure it is to see the overseer go weak with fear.  Well, well, well.  This fight is a more than personal hate on Achnarr’s part.  It’s a put-up job, obviously, another assassination attempt on me, the winnings going to the overseer.  No one obviously has been advised of Achnarr’s illegal manipulations in his favour.  The judge’s face now matches his robe.

“Guards!”  Five burly black-suited guards come running from their barracks, laser guns drawn.  “Take this ‘dungut’ and lock it up.”  Indicating the overseer. 

“I, Algomo, authorize the arrest.  Charged with crime of fixing fights.  He’s been fixing the fights for himself.” 

I just manage to lock eyes with Achnarr as he’s being put in restraints.  ‘I want you now, Achnarr.  See you in the arena.  How brave will you feel there?’ 

The judge turns to me:  “You slave, you say nothing.  Tomorrow’s fight is cancelled until this is sorted out.  I know you can understand my speech, no need to pretend with me.  I know you well, Antierra.  I know you by name and reputation.  Doc Bal and I are friends.  Tomorrow I get the challengers to choose weapons properly in front of you.  Then we schedule this fight for next day if there is an opening for it.  Can you handle two very good challengers on your own?  I may not be able to change that part.”

“Yes sir, I can.  I fight, I kill.” 

“Good.  You may go to your quarters.  Do you have any requests at this moment regarding living arrangements?  Do you need a lover?  I hear you have given yours up to the ‘Concubine.’  You continue to amaze us Antierra, and maybe frighten us a little too, I don’t mind telling you.  So?  What do you need?”

“Ah, sir… you amaze me too.  I don’t know; slaves do not ask.”

“I give you an order then.  Tell me what you want done.”

“Slave #1336-14-09 would like trainee #1341-15-07 for lover.”  He lifts the heavy sleeve on the red robe and activates a Datacom.  He enters the numbers without asking me to repeat them.  Pretty good, I think.

“It will be done.  And you, I order you, ask.”

“Sir there be a matter of a corrupt judge who tried to have me assassinated during a training session.  The fighter to question in this matter is #1341-29-03” (See blog post #86)

“That will be done.”  He enters the numbers on his Datacom. 

“More on this matter, please.  If the judge is condemned to arena challenge I’d like for the fighter he implicated to be the one to fight him.  A just exchange, I believe.”

He stares at me for some moments, eyebrows raised.  “You have a sharp mind.  I think Balomo may be right about you.  You shouldn’t be here at all, but at the King’s palace and Council chambers making policy for this land.  What a waste of good material.  Sad.  Now tell me about your current living arrangements.  Would you like some change?”

“I’d like to have friend #1334-02-28 if it pleases.”  He enters the numbers and motions me to head for the cages where the guards wait for further orders.  He walks to another hut and two handlers walk to the cages behind me.  I am let in to my space and soon the ‘transfers’ are done.  I move into Swala’s cage; Tieka is moved to Zel’s cage.

End blog post #93

24 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #93

  1. George F.

    ” It’s been many years since I’ve done two on one…” Yes, it’s been many years for me as well. But, it is a sign of deep respect. They either desire you tremendously, or fear you and know you will vanquish them. Well done, Sha’. Men never fight “fair.”


  2. deteremineddespitewp

    This is an episode that keeps the readers on their toes. Antierra swiftly turning an overseer into a condemned wretch and almost herding a judge.
    I like the way she has become as deadly and swift in the politics of the place as she is in the arena.


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Sharp observation, Roger. In the context, not knowing the passing “judge” in question, Antierra was taking a huge chance even if legally she had to have advice on how to deal with her situation. But she is no stranger to taking chances with the insanity of the Malefactus/Elbre system of justice. I can’t remember now if she gets to have it out with Achnarr in the arena. Couldn’t be much of a challenge, unless she decides to toy with him. We’ll see. Of course if one were to go back to the beginning of the story, I think it said there that Antierra, as an Avatar, is no stranger to politics, negotiation and manipulation of opposing camps in the war against the Melkiar AI infestation. Shades of the Star Wars episode, “The Phantom Menace” in which the neutral Jedis find themselves nevertheless providing information and support in favour of the Queen of Naboo against the nefarious Trade Federation. Even God can’t remain neutral in a system that relies on a system based in duality.
    BTW, just read the Aureyboreyalice Pt XII… The Conflicts of Jolliness ( ). Kept me in stitches from the first line to the last.


  4. deteremineddespitewp

    Hi Sha’ Tara.
    Sorry for the delay in replying. WP decided I shouldn’t read it. So while I was replying to #94 I would check that WP had actually recorded my reply to #93.
    In some respects there is something of a goddess of Judgement in Antierra. Always the feeling in the reader that at some stage, she will become ‘Death the destroyer of worlds’ to this blighted society. Tension is always there.
    Glad you liked Pt XII of the continuing saga (no I don’t have a clue how it is going to end…these characters. It’s on hold a bit because Arketre has come on in with a very, very loud ‘AHEM!’….Ah me, poor hapless writer)


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well Roger, time to let your character know who the creator is, after all. I’d tell Arketre that I admire her dedication and commitment to the cause and all that but lady, chill! Go spend some quality time with you little sweetie Karlyn. (Then duck!!!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sounds to me like she needs to be sent off to another siege, either inside or outside, don’t matter as long as she has some serious occupation!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Good! That might keep her from trying to control too many theaters of conflict at one time!
        BTW, I finally looked up why I should write “theatre” instead of theater. Simple enough: in Britain, you kept the old French spelling: theatre (same as centimetre) but the lazy Americans went with the sound of it, which reverses the ending of words ending in “re”. For me being French it’s always been “re” but when writing those words in English it’s a crap-shoot. Will that be “re” or “er” with that ending sir? (And sotto voce: do I care?) Well, sort of.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. deteremineddespitewp

        That’s Arketre for you. ‘They’ trained her up, now ‘they’ ve got to deal with her being on the loose. She didn’t start it, though she might finish it.
        ‘er’ or ‘re’….there’s the rub!
        I have a suspicion what with the huff ‘n puff in the 1770s and becoming their own nation Americans started to spell things one way because The British spelt it another way.
        If they don’t care to spell things correctly that’s their outlook. (traitorous bunch!)


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Come to think of it, if all the world had to worry about when it comes to “America” was their bad spelling, we’d really have nothing to worry about. It’s “everything else” that’s worrying, especially for us living just across the border, always waiting from some right-winged A-H in Ottawa to start using the word “Aunschluss”… or in more politically correct terms, “re-unification of the children of a common mother” Ref: Common mother refers of course to Britain… and yes, she was rather common in the hey-days of the empire!


      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, well, the people who cooked up this imperial claptrap wouldn’t have the brains to think historically past the appearance of good ol’ Cap’n George Vancouver who managed to have two coast cities named after his passage along this coast. But your comment once again raises an interesting point: if mankind is the result of sexual shenanigans in Africa, how is it that so much of the species is not black skinned? Methinks our evolutionists are trying to claim that apples fell out of the fig tree… Dig those genesistical allusions!😁

        Liked by 1 person

      6. deteremineddespitewp

        Annnnddddd I bounce back with the good old environmental adaptions argument. 😉
        Over the generations skins would pale due to the differing environment, like reverse tanning. Evolution y’see is adaptation.
        Me believe in evolution! My ancestors throw rocks. Me still throw rocks, but with a sincere political agenda.
        Hang on 🤔 That’s not quite the point I was trying to make.
        Let’s dial back…..Less sunshine…..paler skin…Yeah that’ll do 😃


      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        Oh yes, no problem with the concept of adaptation of a species to changing circumstances, but still, when it comes to skin tones AND severe differences in body shapes not carried through or appearing for no explainable reason, and with little or no noticeable recidivism… one has to question the whole thing very seriously. Methinks we’ve been fed a massive bill of goods for political AND RACIST reasons. That’s what we have to watch against. Also much of the push to install “evolution” as a scientific fact and fait accompli in governmental institutions, particularly in the education system was anti-religious, mainly anti-Christian, brain washing. That’s blatantly obvious. Commonly and naturally occurring speciation is a total crock.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. deteremineddespitewp

        Depends who takes the evidence and what they do with it.
        Anyone who tries to place one group above the other on grounds of race is to be avoided, shunned, denigrated, reviled and if necessary locked up in a prison for re-education (or life if they are really stubborn about it)


      9. Sha'Tara Post author

        I agree. Unfortunately most of those who “inherit” their places in leadership tend to support race exceptionalism. So much of that has been evident in the 20th C. and continues apace now. As unfortunately but not surprising, it isn’t the racists who end up in jail, or lynched, but their victims.


  5. Hyperion

    How fortuitous. It does seem that Antierra has slowly amassed a network she can somewhat use and trust. The network will solve the lovers’ problem, maybe. The intelligent tyrant knows that an old fighter didn’t get old by being stupid. They make better allies than enemies.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, and Antierra, if used properly in the arena represents a great deal of money. Now with one of the more rare two-on-one to the death duels, the betting will go sky-high once again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hyperion

        They are learning that an older woman that makes them tons of money isn’t such a bad thing to have around. Like my daddy always said, boy why drive a Volkswagon when you can have a Rolls Royce. It took a few years to get that one.


      2. Hyperion

        I do believe Antierra is a valuable operations officer that has made a lot of people a lot of money. Her groundwork is first rate. I am secretly hoping the King and the Doc don’t let anything bad happen to her; bad being a relative word on the planet.


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