Antierra Manifesto-blog post #89

(In which an unexpected but hoped-for development changes the way the game is played.)

The difference between I and them is obvious to me in this moment.  They are more intelligent than I, being in their own element.  They are better equipped to understand.  They are more aware of the obvious.  And certainly they have more experience.  So what do they need of me?  They need the catalyst, that which forces change.  That’s all I am.  I have to put myself in the center of this latent force to create the explosion.  I am the mine that causes the avalanche; the detonator that causes the charge to blow.
End blog post #88
Begin blog post #89

So I say, “Good, we talk.  Now I tell you truth.  You women, you know answers to question already.  Is all in heart, I say true.  This I know.  What you say is only little bit what each one know deep in heart.  Afraid you are say stupid thing, other women make fun, get angry, think stupid.  So now I stupid speak for all.  I speak heart stupid for all women.  Listen.

“Is possible love all men.  Is possible be only good, not do evil to men like men ask.  Is possible everything.  But not safe to do, not always wise to do.  If women refuse obey men, women all killed, yes?”  They grunt agreement. 

“Agree.  Not good thing.  But if evil in man come from hidden beast, how to fight evil?  Must find other way.  Satisfy men, satisfy women.  How Anti beat evil Warmo?”

“Fight Warmo.  Kill Warmo.  This we know.  This we do always.  No good.  More Warmo men come.  Same thing happen.”

“If Warmo say, ‘Sorry, I do this no more.’  What Antierra do now?”

“Kill.  Warmo lie to save life.  Anyone lie to save life.”

“If Warmo say truth and I kill, who wrong now?”

“Warmo do wrong, die.  Cannot live.  Do more evil.  Truth not important.  Kill Warmo important.”

“Wrong.  Truth important.  If Warmo tell truth, Anti let live, Anti die.  Warmo different now.  Spirit of Anti in Warmo.  Try to help women.  Change many things.  See King, see good doctor.  Powerful man make life better for all women.  Is possible.”

“This stupid speak, Anti?”  The question comes from a very young, newly arrived trainee, a gorok.

I reply emphatically seeing a real opportunity to reveal the ‘humble’ and totally honest/innocent side of the Teaching:  “Yes this stupid speak – my stupid speak.  Say what many afraid to say.  Say that maybe woman can hear man talk in heart; understand man.  Love man.  Not for favour from man, but make man feel good.  Say that maybe man good too.  Say push evil out into shadow, speak with man as speak with woman.  Kind.  Stupid speak say even if man hit woman, not understand, woman still love man; not hate; not fear.  This stupid speak from old, stupid Anti.  I know no more.  You – all you – decide how you live.  As always same… or try stupid speak.”

The young trainee gorok speaks again.  “I be #1341-15-07.  Tieka is name I give goddess to know by.  I not want be fighter.  I thinking maybe I die, not kill man.  See too many evil things.  I no want do bad to man.  Now I stupid speak too, to all women,”  She indicates all the cages with her arms, “kill me if no like.  I be having love with man.  Special good feeling.  He be having love with me.  He no take other women, only me.  He touch me, I feel good.  I touch him, he say he feel good too.  He look at me, I feel good.  I have love for man.  He have love for Tieka.  I keep this now.  If I kill man, I kill love feeling too.  So must die to keep.  This he know.  He very sad for me.  Cry.  I see water on face.  He good man; he very good man.  I too very sad for him.”

I hear gasps and grumblings all over the cages at this revelation.  But this is an omen, much more powerful than anything I could have said or done, more powerful than any storm that could bring this keep down.  This is the key to our victory.  After all the years I spent here, this is the first public expression of a woman’s love for a man, or a man’s for a woman (taking her words for it and I entertain not a moment’s doubt that this child is telling the whole truth – she has put her life on the line for it among her peers.)

Now it’s my turn.  To be perfectly understood I choose pidgin talk again.  “Gorok Tieka doing stupid speak for all us.  Listen from heart now, women.  Listen to girl-woman Tieka with love in heart.  This I say is great gift from goddess now.  This Tieka strong woman, stronger than all us.  Ready to die for love of man.  Die terrible death you all know – flogging for not obeying.  And maybe if man found, he too die terrible death.  Evil now ready to destroy this love.  Is like little green thing grow by stone wall near wash trough.  Do we pull little green thing and give to trainers to destroy?  Do we hide, protect?  What we do now?”

Silence greets my question.  Then from farther in the cages a woman speaks: “Kill gorok.  She make big trouble for all.  Stupid.  Make gorok tell of man, report man to handlers.  Then I say kill gorok.  This big, big trouble.”

Hate.  Fear.  Jealousy.  Reactions to something new, challenging, dangerous, and the basic pseudo-human selfishness that resents something that could benefit another but not the self.  I must counter this thought with logical reasoning, not emotion.

“Listen women.  This from toughest fighter you see ever.  I say we take gorok in heart.  She be new change for us, this place.  I say we find power to keep Tieka from arena.  I say we protect love, all us, do what can to save from evil.  I say we make vow.  We protect, hide Tieka and man.  Say we find heart way for escape from here, take man with her, go into desert, into south far, far away from men, from evil eye. 

“Now must know.  Must hear from fighter who say ‘kill gorok’ – need know how woman feel now.  Must know deep heart truth from woman; if fighter talk to trainers, if  have Tieka and man killed.  Must all know.”

I hear guttural noises deep in the cages.  Angry talking.  I wait, trying not to listen to the arguments.  I hold Tiki close to me, wondering what she is thinking.  She hasn’t said a word, yet this was the same argument we had had long ago.  How do you love in such a place?

The same condemning voice is raised above the wind and sound of whipped rain on the tiled roof far above.  “I be woman who say ‘kill gorok.’  Friend and I talk.  We think this change dangerous but maybe good like Teacher say.  I be Gonda.  On name I promise protect gorok Tieka.  Promise to help if can.  Understand why must do this now.  I think time for change come for us all. I think Desert Beast coming awake for us.”

The effect is electric.  General agreement is voiced throughout the compound and all those near Tieka put their hands on her.  In their hearts they are intoning a protection chant over her.  We have unity of spirit.  I squeeze Tiki’s hand and whisper to her, “Things changing Tiki.  Much sorrow yet to have but things changing for good now.”   She wraps her arms around me and squeezes hard, holding on and sharing her joy at being part of this, not, I sense, understanding it all and a bit lost in the process.  After all, she is one of those  purebred fighters, the result of the breeding of certain lines for qualities desired.  In some ways she is much like the Cholradil with little latitude for choice.  How could she understand Tieka’s abhorrence of killing?  In the worlds of compromised morality… well, I have to admit, there be different levels of ‘love’ evidently.   Antierra old girl, there’s hope for you to learn new tricks yet.

Now the truly difficult part: to detach from these momentous events so as not to get devastated if disaster strikes ‘tomorrow’ – if someone recants and sells out Tieka or if the lovers do something truly stupid.  Win, lose or draw, I must carry on.  Other matters to attend to.

End blog post #89

10 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto-blog post #89

  1. George F.

    “Hate. Fear. Jealousy. Reactions to something new, challenging, dangerous, and the basic pseudo-human selfishness that resents something that could benefit another but not the self.” I dunno man. Because of these reasons, I think Gorok be killed. She no truly understand. Man evil. Man Will always be evil. That be truth. (Love your pidgen talk!)

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks George. Thanks for emphasizing the crucial point in this blog post. Yes, kill the change agents, the conspiracy theorists, those who propose dangerous new paths… they be trouble makers. They be putting others in danger… that’s the popular thought, isn’t it. Let sleeping dogs lie; don’t rock the boat. When you go out in a kayak on a very wide, fast flowing river like the Fraser river here, before you engage the current, particularly where there are whirlpools, the smart kayaker “rocks” her craft several times to loosen the back, to become more aware of the reach of the paddles and to remind herself of that built-in “second level” where the kayak can tip to without flipping over. It’s not a good idea to wait until one is inside the whirl to test that out…
      The women fighters are upset at the gorok for bringing in a dangerous concept in their midst but typically of humans they forget that regardless they are all condemned to die a violent death. If they protect their status quo, they have gained nothing. This is what ordinary people world-wide always fail to realize and what makes it so easy for psychopaths to rule the world.

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  2. Hyperion

    This really gets at the heart of the matter in its entirety. I’ve nothing to add except the story is building anticipation for the breakthrough that changes the course of Malefactus.


  3. Phil Huston

    You know much more of this and you’ll hit stride with Christine de Pizan. She did this, sans the “You Tarzan, me Jane” stuff, in Le Livre de la Cité des Dames around 1400. You can Google the Wiki or CliffsNotes. A thoughtful, literary approach from a woman who was mad as hell about the reigning patriarchal concept that women were ut on Earth to make men miserable. And as always, more story, less telegraphing head time would make this an allegory instead of an allegory and a soapbox. But then I am out of step, even with some of my heroes, along those lines. I am of the opinion nobody gives a flying eff what “I” or my characters think about the shallowness of society, they want to see them be who they are and show them a story.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hey Phil… thanks for the comment. Quote:” I am of the opinion nobody gives a flying eff what “I” or my characters think about the shallowness of society, they want to see them be who they are and show them a story.” I guess I’m not “Nobody” then because I seldom read stuff purely for entertainment. The world as it is gives aplenty or entertainment for the observer and it’s free. It should be, it’s damnably boring and predictable. The world is a cross between an endless sitcom and a poorly directed dramatic TV series. That of course is deliberate, it’s what guarantees that no fundamental change can ever take place. My favourite novels, short stories and articles are tools to carry a lesson, or lessons, which if we paid attention we could use to better ourselves.

      The Manifesto is a vehicle used to expose the patriarchy; how it infects men’s minds against women. The crimes committed against women, girls, and young children will never diminish until all people, men and women, decide to put an end to them. That can never happen as long as those who have a voice choose to use it to just show things as they are to tell a story. A real story has purpose and that purpose is infused by the writer. You can’t have an allegory without the soapbox.

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      1. Phil Huston

        The trick is for the literature to BE the soapbox. A story ABOUT something. Yours is plenty and, personal opinion, would be even stronger if you’d stop recapping what your story just did, what just happened. It is an age old writer’s issue. “Did you get it?” All I’m sayin’.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your efforts Phil. Unfortunately… duhhhhh! I simply don’t “get it.” Could you possibly give me one particular example to illustrate your point? If you can manage it I’ll most certainly appreciate it… and study it.

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  4. deteremineddespitewp

    Knife edged knowledge, leaning heavily on a stone of circumstance. One scrape and will the knife grow sharper, or will a spark fly loose and start a conflagration?
    I await the next episode,



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