Antierra Manifesto – blog post #85

Late again… resuming blog posting of the “Manifesto”… 

“You are too hard on yourself, almost to the point of blindness.  If you refuse to see the good you have brought here by your sacrifices how will you ever succeed?  Antierra – you will die in that arena, perhaps soon.  The auto-med reports many failures in setting things to right in your body.  The Warmo did things to you we cannot repair.  Your heart is damaged but not all of your damage is physical, do you understand?  You must regain control of yourself for this world still desperately needs you.

End blog post #84

Begin blog post #85

“By the standards of Hyrete fighters you are the longest surviving ever.  Granted you began your fighting at an approximate age of twenty-five compared to the usual age of sixteen for regularly bred fighters.  But that only means you had much less training and experience when you were pitted against some of the best challengers in the realm.  Still, no fighter has ever lived past thirty in the official records.  You are approximately thirty seven.  Just a reminder to you that you held on in hope of accomplishing more.  And you may yet. 

“I’ve heard of your ‘Teaching’ among the women.  The slave you call Tiki tried to explain it to YBA4 in the kitchens.  I understand it not at all – seems foolishness to me, but I won’t be caught underestimating you again.  Just be careful with that line of ‘work’ because the men are nervous and it would take but a spark to ignite a pogrom against all the females of this realm, perhaps in the entire world.  You have brought all of us to a critical point.  We are not all as certain of what lies beyond death as you are, you know.  However short, however terrible its circumstances, life remains precious to us all.”

I know what he is saying.  He looks so sad and I feel self-conscious and stupid for being the cause of so much upset.  One of my Altarian elder teachers had given me the following proposition to work through: 

  1. a) Prepare yourself with all the knowledge you can, train yourself in manifestation and self-regeneration, go to this world you speak of and cause the change you believe will help the people there and save your other world you call Earth, if that is what you know you must do.
  2. b) Follow the path of Ultimate Logic and close off the parts of your life that had anything to do with Earth and her stack worlds as you know them to exist. Take the rest cure you earned, change yourself and return to us for re-assignment when you feel ready for something else, perhaps somewhat less daunting?  There are a number of worlds assigned to us now being terra-formed and populated.  They could use your expertise.

“Know this, then: there is nothing anywhere that can be used to measure or determine which of your choices will cause the greatest ‘good’ in the aeons to follow.  The good you choose to do today may be the great evil of tomorrow.  The world you save today may become your nemesis of tomorrow.  The evil you pursue to destroy may yet claim you also.  Conversely if you do nothing, the results may still be the same.  The question is for your mind alone.  We can neither agree nor disagree with your choices.  For at the avatar level of mind all choices you make are entirely your own and you live by them until you change them.”

I turn to the doctor again.

“I understand only too well Bal.  Don’t you realize how much I wish I could do it all myself without involving others in the additional sacrifices demanded by planned change?  That cannot be.  As I chose then, they too must choose now.  And so must the men.  When a world succumbs to a particular evil, Bal, the people on that world must wake up to it and decide eventually to fight it or be destroyed by it.  This is as true of individuals as it is of worlds.  This I have seen in my travels.  That was the fate of Old Earth: that her people refused to see the obvious evil that was destroying the fabric of their societies and continued in it long after there was even any point to it.  Result?  Billions died Bal.  Billions!  For nothing.  It did not have to play out that way.  There are always two paths for every ISSA.  Always choice, always.”     

Chapter 35 – Training Tiki – Clumsy Attempt on my Life

I am sad to leave the comfort of Bal’s place and the peace of mind given me by the Cydroids’ presence.  But if I’m to remain here longer I have to return to the training compound; to my world.  I walk slowly back unescorted as is now my unofficial ‘right’ to do.  It’s the third day of the week, early morning and the sun is already beating down into the courtyards.  Some passages are stifling hot.

Not much has changed, I notice as I re-enter the training areas.  There has been some rain and the stones were swept clean and washed.  The smell is a bit more tolerable and there’s a steady breeze blowing, cooling the space of reflected heat from the midday sun.  The women are lined up, sparring savagely against each other, their white bodies shining with sweat.  Some already have bloody cuts and black bruises.  I may not have mentioned it before but many women die in these training sessions.  Often the training is used as an excuse to kill a rival who may have ‘stolen’ a lover or to get rid of a suspected snitch.  The hated woman will be fighting her opponent when set upon from behind by another trainee in league with her own opponent.

Training kills are superficially investigated and seldom punished.  It is considered as maintenance costs.  The male thinking is that any trainee who lets herself get killed in training wouldn’t be worth putting in the arena.

I introduce myself to the new trainers and am escorted to Delton’s office, the overseer.  I bow to him and wait to be addressed.   

“Hah, our killer slave return from dead.  You look disgusting.  I hear they be discussing your execution huh?  Good.  You past prime now.  Die soon.  Killing orgy, I be thinking.  Good to watch.  I get ticket, yeah.  You be wanting?”

“I be wanting to train slave was in my cage, slave #1339-32-19?”

“Ah, that young one, she be good sex.  I enjoy her much.  Wiry bitch.  Deek?”  He yells out the door of the office to an assistant sitting at one of the tables playing cards.  “Off your lazy ass.  Get the ‘teela’ from kitchen, now!”

Within a couple of minutes he returns with Tiki in tow, dragging her roughly.  She sees me and her face for a moment lights up then she also bows, hiding her face in her hair.  Delton eyes her and is thinking to take her in front of me just for the malice of it.  He senses I wouldn’t care and says:  “Take the teela.  Train good and I fight it myself, beat it down and fuck it for you.  You watch.”

If I did not understand the ‘moods’ of Malefactus I would have been horrified at his whole attitude, indecency, crassness and hate.  This is nothing to get twisted about.  A man may be kind and considerate to you one day and treat you as filth the next.  I take three ‘reverent’ steps backward, as does Tiki.  Then we turn and walk to the end of the training line.

End blog post #85

12 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #85

  1. Hyperion

    The wisdom shared in this chapter is simple and exquisite. I feel a wave of poignancy as I remember my own path through and away from violence. Choices can seem impossible paths blocked by all our accumulated doubt. When life was no more a blessing than death, I lost my fear of living or dying. That was when choices became more clear and obstacles mere stones in the path of water that never ceases to flow. I found Delton’s dialog familiar. It wasn’t far off from conversations and shared thoughts of earthian males from certain cultures, usually blue collar, low income, and poorly educated. They tend to thrive in a culture of predation on anything perceived as easy prey. But in that mix are always those with dignity they choose never to compromise. Not since the era of the seven kingdoms of benevolent rulers in China has humankind ruled with dignity, respect, and social grace. In earthian history, that period was an anomaly but in all these centuries past, the world hasn’t forgotten and the struggle for peace, and the right to live unmolested remains a worthy goal to recapture. I see Antierra as a sort of Ronan Samurai who seeks to plant the seed of free will in the women of Malefactus. What will surely cause the change Antierra seeks is if no matter how many the status quo eliminate, another leader takes the banner and moves it forward. Corruption and degradation always succumbs to a shared and enduring dream of freedom. Anyway, these are the thoughts this excellent chapters stirs in my dusty old mind.


  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    I really appreciate the way you bring “my” thoughts into the real world (today’s world) and translate them in a way that they stand out, not just as entertainment, but as a lesson for everyone, in this very day. Your personal experiences and your education/historical knowledge become the file that sharpens the “Manifesto’s” blade. That had been my intent, certainly, but you provide the proper translation. I’m simply amazed… that’s it, just amazed. I hope your comments are read by the 500+ who now follow this blog even if I hardly ever see any comments except for rawgod, another reader who keeps me on my toes and thinking… thinking… thinking. Thank you, Daniel (and a wonderful new year to you!)


  3. deteremineddespitewp

    Firstly I will be waiting hoping to read of Delton painful and drawn out death. His sort throughout all the ages deserve it, sadly many wriggle through the nets, which is a shame. Retribution is sometimes necessary to restore balance.
    That said the overall theme which drew me in this episode is the facet which underlines how Antierra is still vulnerable to doubts and battle fatigue. Too often in fiction an experienced protagonists is portrayed as hardened, unfazed and one step ahead even in very trying situations. Antierra’s circumstance has an element of the heart-achingly realistic grinding down.


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think the times are demanding that “ordinary heroes” arise, and we give examples of such. We are not the only ones. “The Hunger Games” comes to mind. As planetary and social conditions worsen (and they will, make no mistake on that) there will be ordinary people who will rise to challenge death and die in the process. They will be the ones who choose not to go gently into that good night. They will have followers, will be hunted, besmirched, persecuted, tortured and killed when captured. You and I may not be here long enough to see this happen, although it is already happening in Belmarsh prison, in black sites around the world and to ordinary rebels in places we hear nothing about. We are entered into a grim reality and our characters are speaking and acting for us.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. deteremineddespitewp

        I take a great deal of comfort from The Three. Karlyn being anarchical (or very censorious, pending on which mood) refuses to be in awe of any opposition and thus will not give them a kind of respect they think they are due. Trelli is forever the Hope that we can overcome our destructive desires and come to terms with our gifts. Hers in a journey of discovery (while not being insufferably prissy). Arketre is the front-line warrior who does what she decides she has to do, and has become something of an arbiter, fortunately the combination experiences and the closeness of Karlyn and Trelli ensure no notions conquest and temptations of power ever enter her head.
        Thus none of them will ever embrace ‘The One Ring’


      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        You invented an awesome and sweeping vista of drama, pseudo-history and romance with your novel and sequels. Can’t wait to get my hands on the final results! Your three heroines are stellar stuff.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. deteremineddespitewp

        Thank you so much Sha’ Tara, those words mean a great deal to me.
        The girls pass on their thanks too (and want you to know ‘it’s pretty hard work getting the guy to steer properly’ so all encouragement is much appreciated by them)


      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        They’ll get you there yet, Roger. My own experience as “the biographer” tells me they have a serious stake in the outcome of these novels and I can’t imagine them giving up. Stories must be told, it’s the nature of stories.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. deteremineddespitewp

        That they do. Each of the three has a story to tell and then there are the permutations of them as a trio and the three couples they form. Becoming more than books here….
        As we used to say:
        ‘Wow, like, dig that beat man,’


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