Making the Darkness Conscious – The Awakening of the Heart

This post truly touched me… don’t forget to play the music offered while you read the words, then please comment, let me know what you think of it!

For All


*Listen to this song while you read the words below.  This post will be purely from the heart.  

We all have that moment.  That moment you stop and feel something is just not right here, something is very wrong.  Maybe you felt it as a kid, or as a young adult or even now that your much older.  You may have buried that feeling for a long time or maybe you contemplated and thought about it.  Maybe you decided to listen to it and not bury it, to see where it goes.  You try and use the old ways you know to see who else listened to it and what path they took.  You try to see what pattern they followed, to give you some guidance.  Yes, you find guidance but you eventually realize that it is merely that, just a guide, you have to walk this path yourself…

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8 thoughts on “Making the Darkness Conscious – The Awakening of the Heart

  1. George F.

    Great share. Listened to the music too. Evolution, not revolution. I am in the process of making my connection to the All. Love that phrase.



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