The Sacrifice

          a poem – by Sha’Tara

“It’s mine to think on, mine to decide, mine to know —
mine to act upon” – so she thinks alone in the dark
as the day wears upon the snows, rivers, forests and mountains;
upon bloodied cities of men and upon their children’s ghosts
as she conceives it all — the torrential flow of despoliation
filling every valley, leveling every mountain, drying every river.

“It is mine to do as I please in this respect!” Invisible
she stumbles through her thoughts, alone in the crowd,
jumbling the words that will not form the proper conclusion
she is looking for in her mind — “mine, not theirs”
she repeats endlessly as the fouled winds suck her breath dry.

“However unacceptable, however deformed, however strange,
my life belongs to me and me alone. It is mine.
Thus am I empowered to keep it, or to give it away:
who shall gainsay me in this? The gods?
Those who had me killed for my healing hands?
Those who said the Devil empowered me?”

“Perhaps the Devil rules this planet of the damned —
his works are plain enough for all with eyes to see —
but if that’s so, the God who craves humanity’s love
most certainly is drunkenly asleep on His crystal throne
with not one daring enough to wake him from his stupor.”

“So, earth, I ask you: if those in whom you trusted
have abandoned you to the ravages of entropy;
forced you to serve them as an aged, denuded whore,
will you accept my help this time around?
Will you speak to me if I bring you the wisdom you lost?
Will you turn your heart to me for the compassion I carry?”

“Will you this time accept the alien cast upon your shores
and agree ’tis time you should humble yourself
before the one who would pardon your waywardness
and teach you the one sure way to save your innocents?
Will you reject your false lovers, your handsome Powers,
your predators whose hearts carry the stench of death;
your oppressors whose mouths are filled with carrion?”

“Will you settle in my cupped hands as a wounded bird,
seeking refuge from your emptiness and loneliness?
Will you draw close to my open arms under the moon
when I offer you my life to heal your boils and open sores?

There is coming upon you and I the day prophesied
when the sun shall not rise as expected and the stars will fall;
when a poison of darkness will seep into your very marrow
and death will proclaim his victory over you and yours.”

“In your pride you said: “This shall never be.”
for the people said you were a goddess of power:
Gaia, they called you, and you accepted this false honour
though it never was yours to accept – and you knew it.
I just wanted you to know that I know – for it was said
that all things would be laid bare, even the deepest secrets
and they would belong to those who sought for truth.”

“Here’s my olive branch, wrought from my heart, my very life,
offered to you without strings attached: will you take it?”
And without waiting for an answer she continues her walk
whether to hall of fame or scaffold, she no longer cares
for now she sees it all and all makes perfect sense.

“Yes,” she sighs, no longer in weakness but in renewed strength:
“I will do what I determined, what I set out,
what I came, to do for ’tis I who since before time
carried the humble title of Gaia the compassionate.

I never lusted after power, I was, I am, I will always be
the giver of Life, the final rest for the innocent:

16 thoughts on “The Sacrifice

  1. Regis Auffray

    Deeply engaging, moving, meaningful, apt, timely… …this place and time need for Gaia to do as she must… …even if it will mean the end of Earthians. Thank you for sharing and once again, eliciting thought, Sha’Tara.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for that, Regis. Misery loves company, they say. If I’m “cursed” with having to constantly think about things, I’ll drag some others down with me! 🙂


  2. Hyperion

    This poem carries such a powerful message to anyone who can visualize its meaning Juxtaposed over the endless warnings of the planet’s impending collapse of support for our current means and way of life. It also dovetails neatly with the Malefactus Manifesto. These days, I feel myself letting go of my programing and my mind is erasing a lifetime of memories and replacing them with a soothing emptiness. I’m seeing this ending without regret. It is no longer a thing of frightening horror but a long overdue cleansing. Does the infection suffer when cleansed from a wound? I suppose that falls into the category of who cares except the bacteria struggling to gain a foothold on the host. Dang it! Here comes the peroxide again. Arrrrrrgh! It’s not like we don’t know what comes next, we just hope to get in a few more hurrahs before it happens. Just my pre- coffee thoughts this morning.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ah Daniel. I quote from your comment: ” These days, I feel myself letting go of my programing and my mind is erasing a lifetime of memories and replacing them with a soothing emptiness. I’m seeing this ending without regret. It is no longer a thing of frightening horror but a long overdue cleansing.” Yeah, that’s it, exactly. It’s rather freeing isn’t it to find that inner power to make an about face and walk away from all the things that we are programmed to believe are so important; when we wake up and realize that the only reality that is important is the one we take with us when we die.

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      1. Hyperion

        Yes indeed Sha’Tara. My about face is long overdue. I’m fighting the fight at work by saying basically, get someone else, I’m done with that. I went on a hike this morning and did more cleaning of my cluttered mind. Letting go is such breeze of freedom.


  3. deteremineddespitewp

    Powerful! For a while I thought I was reading a plea from Antierra unto the ‘Deep Beyond’ (sorry about the artistic license there).
    I can see the image, the hands outstretched, hear the cry.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Roger. Such “visions” have followed and haunted me my entire life but it’s only with the development of the Web with email, sharing groups, social media and blogging that I’ve been able to share them with more than one or two people. They used to frighten me those visions. Now what frightens me most is sharing them because I know that not everybody has worked out the self-sacrificial aspect of “the call” especially the necessity to “walk alone” even in the midst of a crowd or a group of friends or family. Not everybody understands that the hero/heroine who is called to save a world from its own madness is each and every one of us. Once we accept the call then apocalyptic visions are no longer threatening. There is no longer any need to look for a saviour, no longer any strong desire to save one’s own life. I learned decades ago after getting involved in a life-trade, i.e., my life for that of another condemned person, that true empowerment is in letting go; to plunge wholeheartedly into self-denial. That’s what self empowerment comes from: the abandoning of everything we normally associate with power or safety.

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you Roger. I suppose ‘bold’ could describe it. Single-mindedness, focus and a liberal dose of madness is probably a better description. I’ve looked intently into the mindset of my few Earthian heroes, those who were, those who still are, some names: Joan of Arc (top of my list), Gandhi, Jesus (the real one, not the modern caricature), mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Jose Marti, Che Guevara, and I’ve seen madness there, and inevitability. Those who accept their call – and I believe all get the call sometime in their life, it’s what differentiates us from other lifeforms – give themselves over as living sacrifices to their calling, whatever that may be. There are so few because many never hear the call; many refuse it and many more live out their calling within their smaller circle and their lives never get in the history books. Nevertheless I say that it is those unheard of and unsung “heroes” who have the most impact upon the world; those who work alone without the support of followers, masses, or officialdom. They are the ones who face the greatest danger and on a daily basis. The System knows them as its real enemies and hates them more than anything because they cannot be bought. The Status Quo is the Achilles’ heel for those who accept “help” from the very System they seek to disempower. Anyone can immediately see the contradiction and hopeless entanglement in such a Mephistophelian compact. I was led to that place of choice once – so close to power, notoriety and money – and I saw through it, walked away, lost everything, home, partner, children, even the car! That’s when I learned the true costs of accepting a calling and refusing to compromise on false promises. If I had to do that again today I would laugh at the offers and the temptation. We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for, Roger. (And as a by-the-way, what I lost I got back later, and much more, thus making me a recipient of the promise that “those who lose everything for the kingdom of God – the Calling – will receive much more of… etc, etc.)

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      2. deteremineddespitewp

        Then you chose your way Sha’ Tara and stuck without favour or profit which is a true answer to a calling (Amazing how many ‘mavericks’, ‘outsiders’ and ‘rebels’ seem to make a very wealthy living out of it).
        For this you are to be saluted, along with the thousands, probably a few millions who are doing the best as they can, how they can.


      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks again Roger. Yes, the real game changers, they/we are out there on every continent doing what our sense of compassion calls us to do.

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      4. deteremineddespitewp

        Who knows? In the long march of Humanity, but the short stretch in the Life Cycle of the Planet you all maybe the small difference in the Human set-up which allows you to survive and spread while the rest die out. Evolutionary?


      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        At this point in my awareness I believe that compassion, a “natural” trait of all true humans, has evolved as the strongest force in this universe and possibly beyond.

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