Antierra Manifesto-blog post #72

That was the first and last addict I encountered in the compounds.  She lost her appetite for stim, at least around me.  I could have left my cube lying in her cage and she would not have touched it.  Maybe it was cruel; maybe it wasn’t funny but Tiki and I and a few other women laughed much over this unusual episode.  That it should happen at a time when I was flying so high was also of note.  The air of celebration continued until the day of the fight. 

End blog post #71
Begin blog post #72

The Warmo, now a condemned prisoner, is escorted naked into our compound to choose his weapons.  There is much staring and gawking, but no noise as we had been warned the silence rule would be fully and viciously enforced while the Warmo was among us.  I could feel the tension and hate among the women.  There is not one here who would hesitate for one second to throw herself at him and tear off his balls and finish him off.  Well, he does not look cut.  He’s  not a eunuch so his lack of sexual desire towards his female victims must speak of something else.  Homosexual?  I could throw that in his face tomorrow.  And I’d just love to add that aberration to his public rap sheet!  Homosexuals are as common as sand here, but that can never be admitted to – another capital crime.  While female fighters and sex-slaves are expected to have same-sex lovers, males are prohibited from expressing themselves in similar fashion. 

I follow the Warmo’s movements as a hawk watches its prey.  What weapons will the rat choose?  The staff.  That’s good for me.  But he does not stop there.  He appears to have a special permit to use several weapons in any order he chooses.  He picks the long sword and the combination rapier and short sword.  Now I have to figure out his game.  There is no apparent sense to his choices so he’s worked out a system whereby he can defeat me with these choices.  I must logically deduce the reason behind his apparently random and meaningless choice.  He is escorted out and I ask permission to consider the weapons just chosen.  I watch the faces of the trainers when I make my request.  One of them sneers openly at me.  Ahah!  There is a connection between some information he has given Warmo and the choices.  Well, never mind that for the moment.  First concentrate in what order a thoroughly trained and professional fighter would use the particular weapons chosen.

First the staff.  Its strengths I am familiar with.  What are its weaknesses regarding the other weapons?  It’s long and thin.  A good blow across it with the large sword would easily weaken or even cut it in half.  Point one.  Warmo intends to switch weapons during the fighting, not during regular drinking breaks.  He starts with the staff, forcing me to match him, gets me engaged then switches to the sword and cuts into my weapon, breaking it and leaving me wide open to a thrust.  How does he intend to switch weapons so fast?

He cannot leave the sword just lying in the sand – a menace to his feet and I could grab it.  A scabbard!  He will be wearing the long sword on his back.  That has never been done in the arena but this is no ordinary fight.  We are billed as Beasts, therefore rules can be bent or broken to accommodate the fare.  Judges can be bought.  I have to remind myself of the awesome load of gambling money riding on this contest. 

Allowing for my intuition being correct, what about the rapier and dagger?  To carry poison.  Despite my invented stories I have no access to poison and besides I wouldn’t use it.  I intend to bring this creature down piecemeal, literally cutting him down to size.  I am the cat, he is the rat.  He may bite but I will get him in the end.  He is just one rat, not a pack.  This rat will use the long sword to tire me out if he hasn’t dispatched me with his switch already.  At the first opportunity he will trade for the rapier and dagger to make an opening for the poisoned tip to come in contact with my skin. 

What kind of poison?  Certainly the deadliest known.  It will be the concoction they call yalney, a deadly yellowish liquid stored in glass containers complete with glass stoppers.  Nothing else will hold it. If you put it on your blade it eats through it in about an hour on average.  They demonstrated this to me at the forge and I’ve never forgotten what it did to our beautiful steel.  It bubbles lightly and gels quickly on steel and you can pour it lightly over a surface that will contact flesh. 

Within fifteen minutes of contact anywhere on bare human skin the body begins to close on itself.  It impacts the nervous system, relaxing the muscles, first in the extremities then working its way to the heart.  The victim remains fully conscious for hours and finally goes into convulsions and spasms then death.  Very painful.  But imagine the pleasure the Warmo would derive from thus disabling me then proceeding to take me apart while I remain conscious?  He’d cut open my wrists and ankles and expose the bionic circuits to the judges.  He’d be vindicated…

Who will put the poison on his blade?  It would have to be put on while we are fighting, not before or it will have eaten through by then.  One of the floor judges or an assistant.  While we are on a drinking break.  Of course, simple.  After the break, he casually switches weapons as if nothing was out of the ordinary. 

I’m in a bit of a sobered state of mind now.  I realize I have my work cut out for myself in that fight.  Time to assess my strengths – I know my weaknesses and have dealt with that, perhaps a bit too much.  You can easily psych yourself out that way too.

Analysis of strengths. 

I’m at least as proficient in the use of weapons as is the Warmo.  I’m younger and faster.  I have bionic implants.  I have more recent training and most likely I possess superior weapons, simply because the “new and improved” ones were not in the weapons lock-up cases when Warmo made his choices.  My “special house blend” including all armour and my ‘magic’ sandals, is now being prepared and packed for the arena and will be safely stashed into the weapons lock-up shortly. 

Tiki was sent down to the forge to let the smiths know of Warmo’s choices.  I have already advised the chief smith I want him to personally bring up the weapons and armour, not to entrust them to his young charges.  I fear the jealousy and hatred of that young apprentice may have spread to the others and could result in deliberate sabotage or “accidental loss” of my weapons package.  Any such misadventure would certainly result in my death.  Who knows how long Warmo’s arm still reaches throughout the keep of Hyrete?  Who can know who’s been bought?

So much is riding on this match to the death.  So much, for the women of the keep, especially for Tiki; for my friend the doctor and his Cydroids.  At this moment I hold their fate in my hands.

I know that according to Elbran law, if the male “criminal” kills his female fighter, he is exonerated of all charges against him.  If this were to happen, Warmo would immediately be given his position and power back.  He would re-open his torture dungeons and sweep through the women’s compound to grab any of them who ever fought with me, were trained by me, slept with me or in some way befriended me.  Such is the pattern of psychotic hate.  I remember it so well from a life on Old Earth in C-20.  They called themselves Nazis, and the worst ones (called distilled villainy by one of my history professors in a following life) were SS guards.  You were guilty by association and torture was automatic if arrested. How many would Warmo claim?  How many tortured to death? 

No, this will not happen.  I have a job to do.  My training and my enhancements were all gifts to me exactly for this moment.  XBA9 was tortured to death so I would have this opportunity.  This is one of those classic turning points in history when one person, one “hero” can make the difference and everything changes, forever.

End blog post #72


21 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto-blog post #72

  1. Hyperion

    I find it exhilarating to go inside Antierra’s mind as she goes over her assessment of Warmo and his weapon choices. Every warrior and every weapon has strengths and weaknesses. Antierra is wise in that she will exploit the weaknesses and avoid blunting her energy and attacks against Warmo’s strengths. I wait with nervous anticipation to see how she will take control of the battle, weaken Warmo’s mind and body and then dispatch him thereby helping him avoid a long life of pure evil.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that comment, Daniel. You and Roger are in sync here as you assess Antierra’s thoughts on weaponry. We are about to find out how well these two “Beasts” use their acquired skills – elements of the Jedi versus the Sith here. For one, a most dangerous task, for the other, satiating a long-festering need for revenge fueled by contempt and hatred.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hyperion

        It is an epic story with many parallels to my own experiences. For me, it offers a more entranching tale often times too real to call fiction.


      2. Hyperion

        It’s one hell of a story. I know it would find a cult following if it made it’s way into the mainstream. It’s like E. R. Burroughs and his Tarzan series. I read every book as a preteen in a period of time that captured my imagination of a capable male living a wild and challenging life with a strong moral compass. It helped set the stage for the rest of my life. Antierra is such a heroine that demonstrates her humanity and even frailties but willing to do and endure whatever it takes to accomplish the noble purpose she arrived on the planet to achieve. It’s a story relevant to our times and I’m sure many people can find an element of inspiration in seeing the process of long suffering victory over evil. I do see and feel your brilliance in this story.


      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote from your comment, Daniel: “Antierra is [such] a heroine [that] (I prefer “who”) demonstrates her humanity and even frailties but willing to do and endure whatever it takes to accomplish the noble purpose she arrived on the planet to achieve. It’s a story relevant to our times and I’m sure many people can find an element of inspiration in seeing the process of long suffering victory over evil.”
        First is to admit that “evil” does indeed exist. There are many deniers today who want to politically correct the term away! Second is to realize that all of us, bar none, is infected with this sickness. Third is to tap into our greater “self” or mind to find the means to counteract and eliminate this from ourselves. Fourth is to develop the fortitude of mind to challenge a world that has become established on evil through its parasitic leadership. We actually have an Antierra among us today, if only just started – speaking of Greta Thunberg. Will she allow them to buy her out with a Nobel Prize as they bought Malaya Youzafzai? Will she see the trap, or will she keep on fighting to the long, bitter end, like Antierra? Will she be snuffed out as was Joan of Arc if she becomes the cause of serious financial loss and power for mega billionaires and their puppet governments and assassins? I wish I could have one hour of her time to hear her answers to the hard questions. Instead, I’ll spend that time with Antierra and watch what she does. Thanks for your comment, Daniel.

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      4. Hyperion

        Hi Sha’Tara! First thank you for the gentle reminder that good gramnar is helpful when trying to make a statement. I do often make the that-who error. I wonder if it’s a freudian thing alluding to my inability to distinguish between animate, sentient, and rocks of all sorts. Nevermind, I am calibrsted once again with your help. I nearly weep reading this because it is way away from the current way which we know is no way to be. I have these, if only we could (add verb noun agreement in an appropriate clause here) moments. We can do these things if we try. Poor Greta. I see an innocent an inexperienced girl blessed with the fire of a leader and the intellect of those I spoke of earlier. Her passion is unrestrained. My own thoughts is she will be corrupted, co-opted, and a highly photoshopped and sound bitten icon that will disappear in a flash when the profits for her handlers fade our she no longer serves their ulterior motives. Then she will have the awful burden of trying to figure out what happened to her mind, body, and soul sold to the sweetest talking and highest bidder. Of course, she may actually have a stronger constitution and not give in to the evil that stalks her and in resisting lose the access to the public forum. It will be up to her to chose well and move forward with a successful strategy. We need a few million more like her.


      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        I agree entirely with the whole comment, and quote, in part: ” My own thoughts is she will be corrupted, co-opted, and a highly photoshopped and sound bitten icon that will disappear in a flash when the profits for her handlers fade our she no longer serves their ulterior motives.” She’s been to the UN and close to Obama… I’d get a tetanus shot right away for starters.
        I’d make one correction to your last line, and note: “We need a BILLION like her” and I’d add, from every country in the world but particularly from the USA and China. Good luck with that?

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      6. Hyperion

        I’ll hold out hope but keep stashing extra beans and freeze dried beer and pizza for the upcoming natural apocalypse that will monkey stomp humankind back to the stone age for a reboot where we will compete with cockroaches and Tardigardes for world domination.


      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        I get the feeling that if it comes to serious competition for survival with cockroaches and tardigrades, man has already lost the war.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Hyperion

        Our only hope will be to adopt them as a food source but if they become sentient then the game is over.


      9. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think they’re already sentient. I was thinking of renaming them, “Tardigrasis Sapiens” and “Cockroachis Sapiens” and see if that goes viral… As for man, a demotion to homo non-sapiens, not that it will make a spark of difference, the creature never was sapient anyways.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Hyperion

        I think if we study several species of primates from a sociology point of view we will find our behavior is quite similar just masked with many more layers of non essential ego masturbation, which seems to be the line of embarkation between primates and Homo-Et. al. While that solves zero problems and accounts for no notable discoveries, it at least helps me justify scratching my butt and thrashing about angrily when management forces me to attend pointless meetings.


      11. Sha'Tara Post author

        These meetings should be supplied with butt scratchers and every chair come equipped with “the cone of silence” so one could rage at will without affecting anyone else. The facial expressions would be worth it though… (and thanks, Maxwell Smart!)

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Hyperion

        Hi Sha’Tara! Everything I learned about discussions with management, l learned from Maxwell Smart and Inspector Clouseau, The Pink Panther. They drove management insane in the most comedic ways, which I endeavor to do with my simeon ways.


      13. Sha'Tara Post author

        Trying to make a point at a more than usual boring and pointless meeting that had quite a few from across the country big guns in attendance, I broke out into a very loud turkey gobble right in the middle of it. Brought the house down and they decided it was time to break for lunch… You never know where these sorts of impromptu interruptions will lead. Sometimes even “they” get the humour even if it’s aimed at “them.”

        Liked by 1 person

      14. Hyperion

        LOL! I would love to see that scene on YouTube. I would definitely give up my best guffaw at the meeting in a show of solidarity. I can blow a mean duck call. I should try that next. I think anytime you can add just the right touch of humor at the right moment it helps move things along. I also believe in providing read ahead information so that everyone is up to speed before the war games begin. When all else fails, I bring out the whoopie cushion.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, this is where Antierra gets her feet back on the ground, back into the reality of a woman fighter’s physical life on Malefactus. At this point, yes, she is, and admits it, the predator. In this case though, Warmo and Antierra are both deadly and inimical predators, and they realize how much hangs in the balance for either of them for one has to die. Thanks for your comment Roger and for reading through the philosophy to get here.

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