We the People: a Grim Fairytale

[a short story by  ~ burning woman~ ]

Once upon a time (well, that is the usual opening for a fairy tale, is it not?) there was an empire that covered an entire world. It was not a peaceful empire, in fact it was terribly dysfunctional. However, the kings and other rulers of the various kingdoms, duchies and quaint inventions called “nations” liked it that way.

There were endless wars which greatly benefited the elites and allowed the peasants and serfs or citizens to pretend at being “somebodies” by fighting and killing each other on a regular basis. For that world such behaviour was considered entirely normal. People who thought otherwise and who refused to fight and kill their neighbours were classed as traitors and in some periods, were executed, in others simply jailed. One thing for sure, at all times they were mocked and called cowards.

Such conditions are conducive to bringing forth cowardly and corrupt leadership and at times some group of people would overthrow such leaders and change the status of their land from, say, a kingdom or a colony to, say, a democracy. None of them actually understood what a democracy was since there had never been any to learn from, but they made it up as they went along and lo and behold, before they knew what had happened, their “democracy” had become a totalitarian regime quite identical to what their history books told them of the times before their revolution.

But, they cried, how can this be when it is “We the People” who decide how things should be run? So they talked, loud and vociferously about the role that “We the People” played in this drama and why things had turned on them. They blamed one-another for failing to vote, or for supporting the wrong party and those who were blamed, blamed right back. They blamed the politicians, well, of course! They blamed their elites, just as their forebears did. The problem was that now the elites operated with impunity within the democracy that “We the People” had presumably set up precisely to prevent such a thing from happening.

As things heated up, there even began talk of another revolution. It was a lot of angry talk and no one really knew how to bring about a revolution. It seemed that would require much organization and really, no one was up to jump starting such an irrevocable step. They needed the support of “We the People.”

In keeping with the propaganda relating to the previous revolution, it seemed logical that once again it would be “We the People” who would have to rise up, overthrow the entire corrupt system of religion, government and finance/business, and establish a new system. That made sense, so those with the loudest voices decided to bring “We the People” together.

And children, that is when those who wanted a revolution discovered that “We the People” was a complete chimera. There was no such thing as “We the People.” The idea that a majority core group held the real power of the democracy had always been pure propaganda by the two-party system of government so that the people would continue to believe that at the heart of it a legitimate, patriotic, educated, aware watchdog group of citizens kept tab on its government and had a tight leash on its politicians.

It was a terrible blow to the ego of those who would stop the corruption to discover that there had never been a “We the People” force in the land but exactly the opposite: a ragtag collection of people who distrusted one-another and often hated one-another for being of the wrong skin colour, or from the wrong ethnic background, economic level or religion. Instead of unity, they saw mass shootings and mass incarcerations of innocent individuals. They saw greed, hubris, abuse, violations of every known human rights and widespread destruction of the environment. They also saw that the masses, those who should have been “We the People,” identified with these destructive ways and participated in them, often with gusto while supporting and defending their blatantly corrupt leadership.

“Sadly children, they did not live happily ever after.”

“What happened to that world teacher?” asked a small boy.

“As to be expected, it destroyed itself and all the people on it died.”

“Oh!” echoed the children in horror.

“But it’s only a fairy tale, isn’t it?” Ventured an older girl in the back row.

“Well… no, it’s not really a fairy tale at all.”

10 thoughts on “We the People: a Grim Fairytale

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, that it is huh? But there is really nothing to worry about; there is now Jeff Bezos’ Amazon to replace the one that’s burning up in Brazil. Forget the environment, go shopping, there’s always great deals on Amazon…

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  1. wolfess

    I want a good, old-fashioned not-American-revolution … I want a French Revolution in Uhmerikkka replete with barricades and … GUILLOTINES! I am beyond sick of being abused by our elected terrorists who only care about how much money they’re going to get for their next election! I am beyond exhausted at how all of my fellow peons can’t get enough crap from Amazon; and can’t see how we are ALL sheep being led to slaughter! I don’t want to spend the next 10/15 years just eking out a miserable, tattered existence — I want to stand up and tell the oligarchs (uh, that includes our elected whores) they can go PHUQ themselves … right before they lose their ignorant, mindless HEADS!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. wolfess

        🤔I must admit Sha’Tara that you really do have a knack for drawing out my inner beastie (yes it’s true — Maleficent is one of my favorite movies 😎). This particular ‘grim tale’ encouraged me to let it all hang-out — thank you!


  2. Hyperion

    We are in luck because the probability of a life destroying meteor striking the earth is 100 percent. The first chance comes in about 10 years as we observe lots of rocks coming our way. Of course, no guarantees of success. We may need to rely more on global warming to start the mass extinction. It might come as a huge disappointment that global nuclear war is less likely to have the desired effect in a timely manner but it might help, there is always that. Personally, I think AI and gene manipulation is the best way to go out.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      So, you think, another round of humanoid genetically organisms to replace this failing one? Wouldn’t it be a shame if they didn’t get to play with their nuclear weaponry before the end, though? Maybe Herr Trump will have some aimed at asteroids so he can get to push the magic button, if he can’t aim at Iran or Venezuela?

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      1. Hyperion

        I do feel your pain at the lack of above ground nuclear testing. Thankfully, we have made huge advances in our optics and space travel. But who wants to wait forever for an asteroid. We can blast the escaped Water Bears on the moon with pin point accuracy plus observe the whole thing live on Discovery Channel in 4k resolution. The next best thing to being there. Of course, the repercussions and unintended consequences may be a little messy for a few decades but humans have very short attention spans. All the gov has to do is wait two days and then blame The Trumpulator for the rise in SDT’s at ANTIFA rallies and the whole world will instantly swing their focus away from our ruined moon. It thrills me to think of the high quality conspiracy theories that could emerge from this. As for GMO hominids. Hell yes! What do we have to lose? I’m thinking of the people of the scattering in Dune and the Ousters from the Hyperion Cantos. Would that not be the coolest thing? What about Playfems and Playhims genetically designed for maximun carnal delights for those loooong space flights in search of other planets to terrafarm? Ah the beauty we could create if only we could eliminate religious constrants, morals, ethics, and values. We could extend life beyond 300 years with a single tweak of the genes. We could make hedonism or anarchy our innate desire. All of these small adjustments could make life better while simultaneously reducing overcrowding. That part would be messy but necessary and we wouldn’t have any lingering subconscious second guessing or regrets. I think we should test this theory on an unsuspecting public in a foreign country yet unspecified. Are you in? 🤓

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      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sure! I’ll explain eventually. First, I know some people who would jump at the chance of such a situation, looking at the carnal pleasures of hedonism with absolutely no thoughts to consequences. But here’s the rub (explanation as to why I’d go for it) as in everything else, boredom would soon set in no matter what and having no alternative, as on a space ship, mass suicide would follow – which might not be a bad thing as space is limited in any case! When I was typing space ship, my fingers thought that space shop was a better way to put it. In retrospect, I agree with my fingers. Mass suicide and evac into the ‘void’ solves a lot of Earthian problems at one fell swoop… It’s so sad, isn’t it, that man doesn’t have the courage to call it quits so he can play with his pretty little nuclear missiles. All that artwork on their sides never seeing the light of day, or admired and cheered by a targeted recipient city while being tracked by TV cameras. Man is so wasteful. Every weapon of mass destruction, by UN mandate should have a best before date stamped on it: “Use before December 25, 2019” for example. Imagine the talking heads going on about this between now and the “best before” date. As for the Muggles or sheeple, it would peek their interest for a day or two, then back to focusing on the really important stuff: commuting and shopping and of course, the weather.

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      3. Hyperion

        I bet it was all a bluff and the real danger is Pootin electing Trump for another term. I’m voting for Williams because Bernie is too old. The stress will kill him. I think if Williams gets it, she’ll give AOC the Secretary of Defense position and we will go into plowshares for the poor transition program. But, if Pootin is sucessful in electing Trump again, no one will have to fire a single shot. The world economy will collapse. Marijuana sales and undertakers will be the only business left. Well, some alcohol and cigarettes not to mention the sex industry will likely survive as well. Suicide from boring sex. That might be something we should establish outreach programs for mitigation. Maybe training and educational brochures on how to use an extensive Bene Gesirit or Honored Matre approach would work. It just dawned on me how much work would go into endung the world. I think in this case everyone will just say we can’t afford the world ending costs and labor so, just let nature take its course.

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