Antierra Manifesto – blog post #68

I know you are all busy, and many may not have noticed even, but for those who have been waiting for more of the Manifesto, finally and finally… with one computer back on line, here’s the next instalment. Enjoy!

As I explain to them the rudiments of worship and its real purpose which at its core is always self-empowerment, I ask myself how much of what I teach I believe.  But then, if you already know something to be true and real, you don’t have to believe in it.   You never have to fear that you could be wrong about such a teaching.  I have the experience of it and experience is the greatest of all teachers.

End blog post #67
Begin blog post #68

I know in my heart there are high-level entities who care about such as these oppressed people and will help them when they die if the connections have been made.  I’ve been there too, a helpless mendicant, lost and afraid.  I was taken care of then and that changed me forever.

I know we can “fly” without a body, go wherever our state of mind allows, I’ve done it.  I remember Altaria now without even trancing.  I remember how I manifested here in my pre-chosen form.  It’s in the remembering that one can choose the direction of one’s empowerment.

As for the prayer, well I know it is a communal exercise that brings the powerless together and in it they find a power they otherwise cannot have.  So it is good.  I am not lying and I am not making false promises or giving them false hope.  There is an immediate mutual benefit in this sharing of belief: they will be drawn closer to one-another and not see themselves so much as competitors.

The lesson is over for today and I motion to them to change places and resume exercising and practising the moves.  There is a new spring in their step which I immediately notice.  Is it the work of the Teaching?  Well, hope does powerful things, especially to people who have absolutely nothing and face death every day of their short lives; people who know with certainty they will die young and in violence.  People who know they will lose their friends and lovers to that self-same violence and, at least until now, know they are powerless to prevent it.

I move fast, push them hard to test them and release the tension I’ve created with such bold ideas.  They seem to enjoy the challenge and respond in kind.  I do not wish to hurt any of them and I parry their thrusts with blurring motions that remind me of Deirdre’s performance.  At the thought of her I feel a sudden pang of the heart.  I hold it and explore it.

‘Yes Deirdre, I remember you and I still love the memory of you.  But I know now that if you came back here I would not “fall in love” with you, nor would I take our relationship back to where it was.  I would set you free and you would have to set me free.  I think that you know this by now, wherever you are.  I thank you for the joy you gave me, but mostly for what you taught me.  I grew up with you in my life.  I became a better person because I’ve known you.  May you have the same effect on everyone you meet and may you know the bliss you were made to live in.  I release you – I release us from our bond of love.  Be forever free.’

As the training session ends for the day, the weather changes.  Dark clouds roll in and we hear distant thunder.  The air is charged with electricity, thick with ozone.  There is a flash and a discharge, followed by a deafening crash of thunder.  Lightning strikes one of the tallest eastern towers and a stone is dislodged, tumbling down the wall and through a roof.  We hear the distant yells of men.

The women look up and exchange startled glances.  I know what they are thinking, hoping.  They imagine it’s the work of their goddess beginning the destruction of the keep to set them free.  If they were allowed to cheer, what a din there would be!  I feel vindicated, somehow.  That was a timely portent.  A coincidence?  If I have learned anything from my endless wanderings it’s that there are no coincidences.  “Who” was behind that lightning bolt?

Let us just say it is the power of ‘the Teaching.’

We go to the water troughs, wash using the coarse home-made soap that feels more like the surface of a sharpening stone than a bar of soar, to scour the dust, sand and grime from ourselves.  I use the soapy water to wash my hair, now in need of cutting again.  It is matted and stiff.  As usual, we sit at the long, dark tables and wait for our evening meal.  Young trainees bring the food bowls and we eat hungrily.

Tiki brushes my back with a free hand as she walks by, still sulking from thinking of herself as condemned to gorok work.  I smile, but not so she can see.  The rain begins to pelt down but warm now in this world’s summer season.  I want to stand in it and dance just as total darkness falls in the courtyard.  That would be a sight indeed.  The oldest crone in the compound dancing wildly in the rain.  I know I could get away with it just this one time, but I cannot take the chance another woman would be punished for my actions.  They do have a sense of justice here, however twisted!  Somebody always has to pay or make up the difference.

End blog post #68

13 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #68

  1. Hyperion

    Another entrancing chapter Sha’Tara. The inkling of hope, the wellspring of action, simmers in the heat of the desert. I feel Antierra when she recalls Deirdre and releases their bond of love so that Deirdre and Antierra are free. I have always held that if I truly loved someone, I would not withhold their freedom to seek their life path without me. I would wish them well and keep their memory safe and indeed I have said goodbye many times not without the hurt it brings me but with no regrets. In battle, where death is assured and life is a random act of death’s omission, to let go of all bonds and release your will to live and your fear of death makes for a warrior who can fight and hold back nothing including any promise of survival. It is the fight with nothing before and nothing after and in many instances, this is how battles are won.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: ” to let go of all bonds and release your will to live and your fear of death makes for a warrior who can fight and hold back nothing including any promise of survival. It is the fight with nothing before and nothing after and in many instances, this is how battles are won.”
      That is a truth that cannot be argued against.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. deteremineddespitewp

    The interlude of the thunder bolt striking the tower has a very powerful resonance, particularly with the adding of the ‘yells of the men’….there is a feeling of these bullying brutes cowering before something they cannot control…Nature.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, certainly. Much like today’s elitist ‘bullies’ denying climate change by pushing their drive to harvest the world’s diminishing natural resources and destroying ‘natural’ ecologies including the people living in them. Their increasing bullying demonstrates their rising fear that maybe their male power (on Malefacus) or their money (on Earth) is no longer a guarantee that they can escape the very destruction they rely on to secure their predatory lifestyle. Maybe the mythical “Desert Beast” i.e., Nature, is coming back to fly the skies of Malefactus… and Earth.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        You can’t buy your way out of a Earthquake and you can’t claim that the Tsunami coming at you is ‘fake news’.
        And here’s a thing which proves the Vociferous Right really are ‘Shit for Brains’. They call folk ‘Snowflakes’ as an insult. They have not woken up to the fact that:
        1. Each snowflake is a unique creation.
        2. When all those snowflakes gather to together and come ‘a calling’ then all of Humanity has to take notice and comes to a halt.
        Of all the dum-ass notions of a insult.
        Me, I’m proud to be a snowflake, and everyone who is called that name should throw it back (Though with a lot less eloquence and many swear words, as that is the only language the festering side of the Right understand-literally)


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I don’t mind being a snowflake but I’m glad I’m not a social person – too many snowflakes maketh tough going, needing shoveling and all that. On the other hand (yes I also have five fingers) if enough of us collect up, we can definitely slow down those who make us snowflakes.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. deteremineddespitewp

        And the best part is they don’t realise they are paying us a compliment.
        I got into one of my ‘tussles’ in Facebook the other day and joy of joys got called a ‘snowflake’ at which point I said I had hoped they would use that word and explained why……not had a reply yet…..hmmmm?


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, sometimes it truly is. The trick is to then no bask overly long in our sense of self-satisfaction. Dangerous to walk while looking backward!

        Liked by 1 person

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