Antierra Manifesto – blog post #60

(Another late “Antierra Manifesto” blog post… better late than never ‘they’ say!)

She continues with the same angry, disillusioned tone:  “Why you want to hear stupid story?  They call you Desert Beast for green eyes.  You come from desert, yes?  This they say.  But you no beast, just bigger woman, longer arm, legs, stronger.  You die too, like us, like all woman.  No different.  Same.  All same, always same.  I know.  It the way of it.”

[end blog post #59]
[begin blog post #60]

I realize in that moment I’ve just had my very first conversation with a true T’Sing Tarleynan woman.  That is the mindset I have to work with.  A distant tale of some possible alien intervention on this world by a race of tall “green” people with scales (Reptilians?  Armour? Reflective pressure suits?) who appear to have been females.  A battle for control of Malefactus that resulted in the female alien race being defeated and destroyed to the last, the invaders in the “black sky boat” who looked like men made of metal taking control and instituting a new law that decreed females would be the slaves of males. 

Current facts certainly seem to bear the truth of the story.  Were the black sky boat metallic men a global phenomenon, or local?  Is all of this world under the same total domination by males?  I need to speak to the few black female slaves about their remembered experiences, if I can get them to talk.  Maybe it’s different where they come from?  Could they possibly be remnants, descendants, of those aboard the black spaceship, of slaves of the black metallic men?  Could these black “metallic men” have been a type of Melkiar Cyborg adapted from thousands of years lost in space? 

What about this world beyond the great water as they call their ocean?  What I learned of Malefactus before I incarnated here said it was a world ruled by misogyny.  Fear and hatred of the female was the modus operandi.  As a stack world, the effects have to be global.  So, for the time being, barring miraculous intervention or change I must continue to assume there could be no place on this world where a woman could conceivably escape to and find sanctuary. 

I cannot trust my Altarian research.  There were too many gaps in it, too many errors.  Whoever filed those reports must have had a rather shallow experience of this world.  I suspect the reports were written from observation orbit, not from personal interaction with the people of the planet.  How could I have been such an idiot?  Why did I not locate the source material used for this information?  How was it taken across the dimensional barrier?  Who was the recorder and courier?  How long ago?  The records were old and had no tracer and no date.

Then I begin to silently chuckle to myself.  I was no idiot then but I certainly am the idiot now! I knew then, as Al’Tara, where the research came from, and why it was so shallow and why I accepted it at face value without question!

I remember a time when I reveled in being a “conspiracy theorist.”  I made a point of considering every major event the result of a specific conspiracy.  I would immediately create a plausible scenario in my mind that explained the conspiracy.  Believe all things, believe in nothing, that was my motto.  Did Earthians actually land on the moon way back then in C-20 when they had no working space flight technology worth speaking of; their world poised on the edge of war based in radioactive nuclear fission technology?  Having just survived two world wars in one century only twenty years apart?  My answer was always, “No.”  It was a put up job.  A conspiracy to hide something else.  A hoax like their “The War of The Worlds”* radio program that created such mindless panic.

*(The War of the Worlds was an episode of the American radio drama anthology series Mercury Theatre on the Air.  Directed by Orson Welles, this was the radio program that created mass panic.)

But of course the answer was always “Yes” also.  You can always have both, according to Altarian Logic.  If you have one, you have the other.  Dangerous walkway that is, if you are betting your life on it.  I did, many times.  Why?  Because even if you can only see one side of a thing it is preferable to admit the logic that it must have two sides rather than stubbornly believe only in one side, claiming the other does not exist.

Take the information I found on Malefactus, from Altarian logic.  Who brought that information to Altaria and put it in the holorecs?  That’s simple: I did.  The day I received information about stack worlds and my mind began to “see” these realities is the day I began to enter the data in Altaria’s mem-banks so the computers would begin their algorithmic searches to extract useful ‘information’ for future research by whomever would be interested in the stack world theory.  That, of course, would likely be none other than I.  You see, if I were to bet my life on the reality of the stack world scenario (and believe me, nobody agreed with my conclusions then, few enough even later when it became obvious there had to be “something” in it) I needed something to begin my quest. 

I needed to look into the future far enough that I could create some plausible information from what I saw, index that information in a safe place, my home world of Altaria, so I could in the past that remained my future, access that information as if it came from someone else and use that “fabrication” to create my personal future living reality on Malefactus.  Hence I realize now, the inexplicable “gaps” in the reports and the research.  I could not place there what I could not know unless I had already lived on Malefactus, and that would not happen until I had studied the information available and formed a plan for that particular information-gathering life in the future. 

It was a catch-22 situation yet basically a simple and logical approach to the problem.  I was proceeding as with a conspiracy theory – from projections I mirrored back at myself to test their reliability.  Since both sides are true, and as in the Möbius strip, they are but one side, I could never be wrong.  I just had to accept I would have to trust my life on incomplete data, something that I was very familiar with having lived many lives on Old Earth.  Everything done there was based either on incomplete and unverifiable data, or data ever condemned to shortly become useless. 

Yet despite the gargantuan problems the race created for itself, it propagated like a veritable disease all over the planet.  Yes, you can live, you can function, you can learn with incomplete data.  It gets you started.  That’s all that’s needed for life to move forward: a volitional push.  It needs to be inseminated.  Wildly.  Seeds thrown to the winds of change and chance.  Without plan or forethought?  I still don’t know how to answer that question but the two naked lovers lying on their sweaty bed are answer enough.

[end blog post #60]

15 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #60

      1. jim-

        Shadowing, chilled twilight eerily awaits in stark rooms-
        Flickers of past lives, chills from behind doors-
        Flash, digital memories fleeting to recall-
        Ancient recollections wander ahead in the dimly lighted corridor-


  1. Hyperion

    Once again, I see parallels to the research findings I’m aware of or involved in. Also, you track well with what I’ve learned of human history as well as earths physical geology. What I find remarkable is the general accepted truth that the moon landing never occurred but there is zero public conversation on what has irrefutably occurred which makes moon landings and all the effort to make it possible seem like the invention of the cotton gin. It was merely a baby step to get us where we are today (bold faced lie or not ) and where we are is far greater than any imagination man possesses using fictional reckoning to explain the intrinsic facts. 21st century humans are less advanced physically, mentally, and intellectually than the Mongol tribesmen of the 10th century who feared thunder more than the suffering of survival on the plains of the Gobi Desert. Our ignorance as a collective of societies is astounding. Stack worlds are a fact, they exist in dimensions humans cannot see except with highly specialized optics in light bands outside human sensory perception; with the naked eye, so to say. The ancient Norsemen believed in stack worlds and it is common popular literature choking the internet to entertain us. Those renditions are fakes but true Norse Beliefs evolved from the Germanic tribes that exterminated all cultures before them and populated the Proto Indo-European world giving birth to all the languages of the world except Asian languages and Finnish. But they weren’t the first, nor the last. Their influence is a part of every mind that carries the DNA of this ancient peoples. So, we are ignorant barbarians for the most part making Malefactus a believable world. It fits. The telling of this tale drives deep into my psyche where it collides with many parts of my conscious and subconscious universe. This is a rich story that has many hidden gems of knowledge just below the sandy surface of Malefactus. And, it just keeps getting better with each chapter.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Daniel. You are the first person I am aware of who understands the concept of stack worlds. Pretty amazing. Yes I agree we are ignorant barbarians, for the most part indeed (and proud of the fact it seems.) How much of our history is pure clap-trap? I read recently that new findings indicate that Troy and the Homeric travels were located in the North Sea/Baltic Sea areas of the world, not in or around Greece. Many good points can be made about any sort of historial records to prove or disprove… even those we ourselves lived through because propaganda is more powerful than observation. I have noted over the years that Earthians are terribly unobservant and the more they ‘travel’ the less they really know about their world, or the less they can comprehend. Television, now the Internet, are the worst providers of information imaginable, unless used with EXTREME discernment. The “Avatari” or wind walkers (walkers between worlds) do not rely on their memory or written records but on their “remembrances” for their knowledge of living worlds. Remembrances include dreams, visions, astral travel through time/space as well as one’s observations and analysis of cause and effect, also including one’s philosophy – it’s a wholistic approach to knowing. I rely on my remembrances for past/future lives recollection. You can ‘remember’ something that will happen from this dimension because it has already happened in another. To break the linear programming and to link those different dimensions in one’s mind, that is the trick but it is coming to a greater understanding of life. Once the time-space “continuum” is shattered as fake information, it’s put on your helmet and fasten your seat belt, we’re flying.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hyperion

        This is such an interesting subject to me, it’s hard not to blather eternally about it. Time-past, present, future is a worthless measure in space because it all exists simultaneously. What we observe through our stargaxing apparatus occured millions to billions of years ago depending on proximity to the observing scope. Plus, the fact that black holes exist everywhere and bend light, those objects we see are not where we see them. Sooooo, our straight as an arrow perception doesn’t work at all and our cincrpt of time is useless but it will help you meet your friends at the right time for lunch. We know now that there are 8 dimensions of which we can normally observe 3. We must realize that our normal human senses are extremely limited and there is far more going on than meets the eye, so to speak. And History is largely fake news and wild ass guesses but ocassionally we can tie these things to factual evidence and that is far more reliable than Homer’s Illiad. Those cave drawings are real and a human drew them. Everything else is a fabrication to the hest of our very limited imagination. Maybe this inner fibber makes life tolerable but it certainly ignores reality and facts and in some cases when watching a Disney movie, it’s okay.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Well put. To break our physical limitations we have to give our minds, ourselves, the freedom to ever speculate and postulate. It’s what good science fiction does and much of that becomes our physical reality. Someone says, “I don’t know what’s behind that clump of blackberries but instead of declaring it a holy site or national heritage (making it stagnant and allowing it to continue spreading, as in ignorance), why don’t we cut through it and have a look beyond?”

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      3. Hyperion

        Yes indeedy. I’ve always been that kid that wanted to look beyond the bush giving my poor mother a lot of angst. She did her best to keep me patched up and moving forward.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for reading and engaging Roger. A book to me is like a bucket. Sometimes it carries water, sometimes dirt, sometimes veggies from the garden… it should be used to carry an assorted number of “stuff”. I like a blend of action and philosophy with a minimum of descriptive narrative. That’s why I enjoyed your novels and will certainly be re-reading them again – got them ensconced in my Books-All\WordPress Writers folder… and safely backed up. Now awaiting book 3 of the series. Hopefully Flirty Singles isn’t going to take up all your spare time with her misadventures!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. deteremineddespitewp

        Glad to enage on writing, any time!
        I do like the bucket analogy. I’ll bear it in mind. My favourite part of writing are the verbal exchanges between the characters and the thought processes going on at the time. Yes there will be plots, big pictures and actions, but it’s how (to quote from Michael Herr’s ‘Despacthes’)….the ‘shit-faced grunt’ reacts (Trelli would object to the phrase , but Arketre would snort approval).
        Since I self-publish and am concerned with getting the novels out there and leaving the rest to Fate and Futures….who can stop me?
        Thanks again for your support here.
        Since Flirty is not keen on being ‘looked’ at and Arketre is all ‘sergeant-major’ on me to get ‘that damn’ book written sweetlin!(snarl)’ Flirty will only make the occasional appearance.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Flirty, though she may take umbrage to my saying so, will always be welcome for some comic relief when things get a bit tense in the Precipice Dominions! After all, Karlyn did kind of go all serious on us when she was off to such a good start with Custodian Meradat.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. deteremineddespitewp

        Karlyn and I…..ahh….. understand each other.
        The main problem we have (between us) is to stop readers (if the books got that popular!) saying she is a Harley Quinn knock-off, which since she’s been around long before I knew of the lady is unfayre (‘Really proper unfair Sha’Tara! We jus’ got similarities, s’all’).
        And so we, together, concentrate on her journey…Meeting up with Arketre (‘Flaxi! Roger….pleeeeeze!’) has brought love into her life and she is learning about her real heritage, which does give a person pause for thought.
        Whispered aside: She also worries a lot about losing Arketre.
        And there’s that troublesome previous life……
        So sometimes the comedy and antics take a back-seat, but you can’t keep The Good Karlyn down for very long.
        Fortunately for me, Miss Singles (I, personally, dare not call her anything else) has no time to read my ‘scraps’…..I understand her current reading time is divided up on research into ‘Eye Gouging tactics’ and ‘Swift and effective Emasculation in combat’…..I don’t ask about the details, you understand……


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