Antierra Manifesto – blog post #56

I’m a philosopher by experience but also because I am a natural-born Altarian.  We are doers, of course, but not exactly fools who rush in where angels fear to tread.  Before we act we seek to know.  Of course it is not always possible to know, since knowledge emanates from a blend of experience and information.  So we act on what what we’ve studied and already know from experience and attempt to move forward. Thus we are more than what we do; we do not necessarily act according to what we are – that is, what we have become.  We do not allow nature or programming to box us in so easily.  As the doctor pointed out, we have a devious mind developed for one purpose: to thread its way unerringly through the labyrinth of life. That labyrinth takes us, of necessity, through the darkest paths of hell — through the experience of evil.
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Chronicler Michele Dellman notes a shift in the monologue here.

The following is purportedly from An’Tierra’s own actually hand-written notes found in the same medical facility attached to the gladiator compound in the Great Keep of the city of Hyrete in the kingdom of Elbre.  They were uncovered buried under a corner stone, sealed in a cheelth envelope she probably had her blacksmith friend manufacture for her. These are An’Tierra’s own words as she wrote them.  We must assume that the reason for this shift would be because the “recorder” was not available and she was convalescing at the time.

‘Sometimes when we find our forward movement lost in some impenetrable fog, we must retrace some steps, look back and take stock of our understanding.

And in this search for the source of evil, I must now look back.  I will probe ever deeper into my memories and find me, or a partial me, who has already done this kind of evil and I will study myself there.  I will dig out that buried part of my past that I may understand Malefactus and from this knowledge, trace the evil to its source.  The bait that will attract this source to me is my own heart; that part of it that once belonged to evil and for which evil has, and probably always will have, an affinity – or until I discover the source of this sickness and destroy it.

There could be no better time than now to do this.  Already so deeply compromised, with little room remaining in my heart to go but up, I must firmly and conclusively go down those remaining steps into my ultimate darkness and embrace my own spiritual death.  In that death, I, An’Tierra, will personally atone for all the deaths I have seen – and been the cause of – on this world and before that.  The difficult process of redemption can thus begin – with me.  That was always the plan, to lose myself in this process out here on one of Earth’s stack worlds which could be referred to as a part of the ISSA conscience of Earth.

Why conscience?  Because it should be evident by now that the real purpose of any set of stack worlds is to provide a place where incarnates of ISSA consciousness of any such world can find a temporary home after dis-incarnation – after their physical death.  The spirits, or ‘souls’ of people needed a place of rest during their ‘lost’ times between incarnations.  So their makers; their gods, created astral copies of their world which I, long ago while still living on Earth, dubbed stack worlds.  These worlds have been variously described as the Abode of the Dead; Heaven; Valhalla; Nirvana; Olympus; Great Beyond; Limbo; Purgatory; Sheol; Tartarus; Hades; Place of Torment; Hell and a host of other names found in all Earthian languages – all of them.  They feature heavily in all of man’s religious beliefs and mythology.  Nor are the concepts and beliefs tied to them restricted to Old Earth.  Wherever humanity is found, this belief is also found.  The reason for this is simple.

Over the aeons of human evolution and climb to self-awareness, it became evident that “life” was more than one short passage on some world, having a series of perhaps interesting but ultimately meaningless experiences after which came permanent obliteration of all that one had ever been, ever known, ever accomplished.  Teachers, often called lords or saints; avatars or saviours, appeared here and there over the years and taught continuity of life, personal responsibility and accountability to the whole through worship of some divine source or ‘All Thing’ called God and a turning away from doing evil.  Such evil was generally described as that which causes harm to others and would earn one eternal punishment in some sort of torment or annihilation.

It was taught that spirits or souls of the dead went to certain “worlds” where they were permanently rewarded for their good deeds in heaven;  or where they were prepared for a return to their “home” world – in this case Earth – through further spiritual evolution by suffering,  either in ‘purgatory’ or on some other astral world. Or, they were permanently banished to suffer eternally in hell for having lived evil lives without repenting of such. These were the basic, simplistic teachings given Earthians by their Teachers.

Some described these outer or astral worlds graphically, the best known images of such worlds being the joys of heaven and the tortures of hell.  Generic terms that served well enough in their time but have now lost their meaning entirely.  In the spiritual emptiness of Earth, from the 19th Century (C-19) to C-22, dissatisfied individuals began to earnestly search for the real abodes of the dead.  By the end of C-22 no one believed in death as termination.  It was then known that de-incarnation meant re-incarnation somewhere else.  It was also known by then that the ancient gods, or the God – basically male and autocratic – was no longer in charge of events in the cosmos.  A great shift had taken place which all ISSA beings sensed even if they did not comprehend its nature and wanted to deny it having taken place.

By the end of C-22 Earthians were dying by the millions.  Localized armed conflicts of a violence and viciousness never seen before flared and burned in every large country, and these broke up into small fiefs, kingdoms or independent city-states.  Unknown diseases, mostly caused by decomposing human bodies, ravaged large areas leaving few alive.  Waves of genocides were launched by groups against groups until no one remained to fight or one overcame the other and totally decimated them.  Revolutions took their toll.  So-called Earth changes, Earthquakes and tsunamis devastated low lands and mountain cities.  Food growing lands were poisoned by the rampaging waters filled with deadly chemicals, residues from destroyed petro-chemical refining and storage plants and the ever-present pestilence caused by decomposing bodies of humans and animals.

By the onset of the 22nd century (C-22), Earth had begun to enter her Great Death that would proceed inexorably to the middle of C-24, bringing the peak human population from 8.6 billions at the end of C-21 to possibly less than one billion.  (The exact lower figure is unavailable as the die-back was still in effect when I was in contact with information from Earth) This massive die-back began to have a sobering effect upon the technological and market-place madness that had rendered Earth all but un-inhabitable for most land and sea life.  But one thing remained to plague Earthian humanity: its inability to consider equality of genders.  Through the die-back, women and children’s position in society fell drastically once more. Men regained most of their patriarchal power positions and absolute authority.  Female and child slavery surfaced openly everywhere.  Sexual bondage became the only way a woman had for seeking protection for herself and her children if she had any.

During those terrible times a small group of WindWalkers incarnated on Earth to study the situation.  As one of those  (we were only five individuals) and an “expert” on Earthian mores, besides being now a full-fledged Altarian master of logic, I led this group.  Our purpose was not meant to render physical help as such an effort would have required a massive input of support and services from the Galactic human family which was at that time weakened by, and fully involved in, fighting the Melkiar invasion and in any case was still cut-off from interaction with Earth and her stack worlds.

We concentrated our efforts in determining what was wrong with the thinking patterns of Earthians, that they could not see the damage they were doing to themselves and their world by oppressing the female aspect.

At the beginning of our investigations we had blamed their misogynist tendencies squarely unto their greater religions, all of whom claimed a divine right to make laws based on worship of a single Male Deity that basically, in whatever form worshipped, feared and hated the female.  But these fabrications were no longer in contention for power.  What remained was purely secular.  Political power was ascendant, followed distantly by money.  A kind of Neo-Late-Dark-Age mindset ruled the planet.

The five of us, three males and two females disguised as males of necessity, used various approaches to do our research among two basic groups:  the rich owners from whom we hoped to learn of their needs to oppress their females and young, and among the most exploited groups, in the compounds where women were kept ostensibly for their protection, along with their children.  Among these “protected” groups, young nubile females – and not a few young pretty boys also – were chosen to sate the sexual and sadistic appetites of rich and powerful males.  Many young women were simply auctioned off as house slaves or into the sex trade: to pimps and owners of proliferating brothels and entertainment houses.

As we casually walked among these people and interacted with them, using simple logic methods for questioning, we analyzed their ways and motives.  In doing so it became obvious to us that they were not free of mind to do what they were doing.  “Something” was driving them.

That “something” I concluded was an energy that emanated from one of Earth’s astral worlds.  I remembered having had that idea long ago in another life on Earth.  I had dubbed my “imaginary” world “Malefactus” – first as a joke and a play on words, then as a means of focusing on its reality – at least for me.  A starting point.  I advised my WindWalker group that I would de-incarnate from Earth, re-incarnate on the training astro-world Beta-9 for my license upgrade, some more basic training, and join the fight against the Melkiars as skipper of Jump Scout ships.  Whatever I could learn on Earth I had already transferred via mind-jump through my Galactic Altarian contacts to be stored in Altarian archives dedicated to me as Al’Tara – copies to be filed on the galactic wandering library mind Aíoná.

Following this – I had a clear awareness that I would die in that war – I would return to Altaria for rest, refocusing and research on Malefactus.  My plan was simple.  Once I had enough information regarding that possible astral world, I would re-incarnate on it and proceed to do whatever could be done to effect change there – at what I hoped would be the source of Earth’s misogynist sickness.

As already mentioned I fought and died near the end of the Melkiar invasions.  I spent some years on Altaria, found some of the information on Malefactus I had hoped to locate, and re-incarnated (manifested physically) on ‘Stack World minus four’ (SW-4) of the lower set of the six dark worlds where I am now living, or to put it in a more accurate sense, existing and surviving day to day, always under the shadow of imminent death, as are all of the women in this compound.’

This concludes the Michele Dellman article.

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10 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #56

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks commenting Roger. While I don’t claim to be a writer or even have any desire to become one, I think I read somewhere that introducing the unexpected in a credible way is good writing. Maybe huh!

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Oh definitely!
        Take people down one road and swing out the diversion sign.
        Although it has to be a credible one
        (Test: Think ‘would this work in a ‘soap’? If the answer is ‘yes’….don’t so it)


  1. Hyperion

    A gripping soliloquy so close to the reality we so deftly ignore that I was taken into my own quest or sojourn through life. I knew from an early age that I would seek the depths and heights of life and there was no better way than to visit as many cultures as I could and to do that I joined the military. I spent time on every continent in cities and primitive environs and found my answers after living on the Savé River near the Chipinge Reserve between then Rhodesia now Zimbabwe and Mozambique long before the A10 roadway was constructed that runs through the area. I observed nature undisturbed and saw how beautiful and merciless life was in the velds and forest. Humankind has always been the exception to a natural environment but that exception has grown worse as we grow further from our bond with the physical earth. I saw the manifestation of many religions and cultures that were primitive and some more advanced in meaningful ways than my own culture. I saw the commonality throughout the world as well as the superficial diversity. I suppose I may have been more than just a casual observer. You are the only person I know that is tuned to these deeper levels of humanity or humankind. It is like validation of my own thoughts to read Al’ Tierra’s notes and travel back to those infinite memories and lessons learned. I have wondered if the balance of dark and light is not necessary and universal to all matter in the universe and to obliterate one, obliterates the other. Instability is what causes natural radioactivity and elemental decay as the unbalanced element sheds atomic particles to rebalance into a stable state. This rebalancing causes the original element to become a totally different element because its atomic structure has changed. I also wonder if the rebalancing of living organisms doesn’t also change the nature of what we call life, biologically and spiritually. Perhaps we should try and see. I realize this is totally different to your intent and message Sha’Tara but it is not an argument for or against, just my observations along the way and this magnificent story rekindles a lot of what has gathered dust in my eccentric mind. It has not been an unkind recollection but a joy to read you and wander further into this mystery of the root of evil and man’s desire to destroy the things he loves.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Your observations are well founded, being as they are from ‘committed’ first hand experience, i.e., your personal sacrifice in entering into these experiences. To comment back to your comment would require pages, and time I do not have at the moment. Please accept that I have read, and hopefully understand what you are communicating to those of us who read this blog. Personally I still don’t know what balancing light and darkness means but I hope to have better understanding and perhaps even some answers in my next incarnation. If you have the time you may want to read “Lisa’s” post on evil… link:

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      1. Hyperion

        Hi Sha’Tara. I do put myself out there and not much of it is acceptable to anyone that has already bitten the apple of global media communications and their extreme skew of the intrinsic facts of any subject. I work on the absolute bleeding edge of technology bringing to fruition things that if read about in today’s media would only result in screams of liar liar liar but we aren’t lying, we are getting it done in spite of the huge head in sand life the world lives in. This is the same as when Philosophers had to take the hemlock or the church called for the death of heretics that tried to show the earth was not flat. And now that everything that has nothing to do with politics is politicized, it’s just not worth the effort to try to educate the masses. They don’t want education, they want to rant about nonsense because nonsense makes more sense to them and it’s a lot of fun to bully people with false logic. I use light and dark in the ancient sense of good and evil which is also subjective depending on if a person spears someone or gets speared. The Chinese figured out life 5000 years ago and nothing has changed. We have evil and we have good. It is inherent in every known mass in the universe. The sun gives us life and will take it away. Is it good or bad, well, it’s both. So to balance it means we seek the benefit and accept that too much of a good thing ain’t so good. Men are evil but also good. From a man’s perspective women are good but also bad. Silly, I know, but that is what I have accepted, that everything has the potential to interact with us in a good or bad way depending on the subjective judgement of the individual. With humanity, there is the added criteria of choosing to do good or evil and at varying levels. Laws and religions attempt to moderate our activities to no avail. Nothing is more evil than religion and laws implemented by humans. Hitler did not murder more people than religion or criminal justice systems. So which is more evil and does it really matter? Just my thoughts on the good versus evil debate. I would never classify a patriotic parade of Independence day as evil because I dislike the President. I’m a veteran and patriotism is not a law or a religion. It’s a choice and veterans feel mighty strong about people who would piss on their sacrifice and their flag. Non veterans will never understand this because they have never met true evil on such a mass scale. My measure of evil is different but I can easily agree that it exist and is far more prevalent and powerful than our measure of good. Why, because it is out of balance and it is the shift from balance that we make the most note of. Perfect balance is also not good because it is a form of stasis that causes entropy to take hold. A small shift is the impetus of life and a large shift is the end of life as we wish it to be. Just my thoughts. No rodents or insects were harmed in the formulation of my thoughts. Well, except that spider that dropped from the ceiling on my face sending me into a spasmotic attack complete with unmanly squeeling. That poor rascal got the crap harmed out of itself. Spiders are evil. 😉


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I like spiders; I even like mice – I just don’t appreciate them thinking of my house as free lodging and my pantry as free food, so a line is drawn: stay outside and I’ll coexist with you. Sneak in and Bug’s Bunny famous line will be said: “You know of course this means war!” A little mouse fell down my basement stairs a while back and got caught at the bottom. She must have thought her last hour had struck when I finally cornered her, picked her up and carried her into the back yard under the laurel hedge. When I let her go she kept running back to me and tried climbing on my foot. Finally, after a few nudges she accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to kill her and eat her. I guess she too had been thinking, ‘I am so ready!’ I hope I didn’t disappointed her too much…
        Yes I suppose perfect balance would stop everything, like a teeter-totter with two equivalent weights at either end, but in this world I don’t think we have to worry about that happening. Evil always outweighs good and to quote “Dark Helmet” from “Spaceballs” – “Evil will always win because Good is stupid!” Maybe on Earth it really is stupid to try to be good… just kidding!

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      3. Hyperion

        LoL 😂. I enjoyed this comment. I share equal sentiment for the freeloaders but don’t mind them in their outdoor role. I have lots of creatures in my little space and they only occasionally make the wrongful assumption that my place is greener pastures. Mice and the smaller version of rat are actually amazing animal acrobats and hardy little survivors. I do think evil has been fed very well and the weight difference on the see-saw between good and evil has good up in the air.


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