The Secret – my version of it

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ ]

I was watching the lower branches of some spruce trees waving slowly in the breeze rising from the River on the north side of Chilliwack mountain today as I worked at re-mulching terraces and pathways. It was dark, grey and cold and my feeling was of strangeness, of alienation. Once again being forcefully reminded how little of Earth desire I harbour in my heart. Once again having to face the fact that I am from another place, soon to return to it. For those who cannot understand that, it is what it is.

The most difficult task I ever set myself to tackling is understanding Earthians. I cannot. Even when I deliberately lost myself in the Earthian mythos, forcing myself to “be one of them!” – one of you – all I accomplished was losing myself in a swamp of perceptions that had little to do with me. I became unreal to myself, a creature of habits and knee-jerk reactions to everything. In time I seriously panicked. I would have ended it all through suicide if I’d been allowed to follow through but instead I reconnected with “my people” and what they had to say and to teach was in my heart language and I eventually re-discovered myself.

I’m still trying to understand Earthians and I’m still stymied and utterly bewildered, even though I know why the people are the way they are; why they do the things they do. I call it programming because it’s the term that fits best – and also because I know it’s programming but on a level that Earthians are forbidden to access.

Jumping around a bit here: the greatest gift the Teachers gave me was expanded awareness. They gave me a greater history of this universe than I could ever find in Earthian records, or would have ever received from any Earth teacher. You can’t write or teach what you can’t know and as long as the programming is active in someone’s mind, ‘truth’ will remain subjective and subject to change without notice. Never, however, can any ‘truth seeker’ be permitted to explore outside the boundaries set by the programming. Think invisible dog fence. The dog wears a collar that will hurt it if it gets too close to the fence even though it cannot see the fence or know of its existence. That’s the reality of living withing the confines of Earth’s Matrix.

I am certainly old enough now to seriously think about my journey home and the calling has made itself felt stronger lately. One of the reasons is obvious to me. It will be forty years ago on Good Friday, that I had my intervention, a physical healing and a mind opening that set my life on a totally different tangent. April 19, 1979, at approximately 3 in the afternoon. It was another dark grey, cold and cloudy day, perhaps chosen on purpose to demonstrate that light can come from within. Perhaps also because this time of equinox is particularly powerful for renewal.

Forty years of studying, experimenting with, testing and practicing the Teaching in a state of expanding awareness has certainly made me look at man’s world in ways quite alien to the *ISSA residents of planet earth. I see why the things being done here don’t work because I know the source of the trouble and it is a hidden source to all the wisdom and all the systems operating within the programming.

For example, I can claim, and state without any reservation that I possess the key to the solution of this world’s greatest and most vexing problems. I can also state unequivocally that I have never made it into some sort of carefully guarded secret to be imparted to some chosen few, nor used it to make disciples and followers and create another institution or collective replete with its fund raising committee. That is not how we operate. Should I write down “the Secret” for you to read? Let me seriously disappoint you – and your disappointment is the sign that you are responding predictably according to your programming. The “Secret” or the key is called compassion. Not love, not charity, not caring, not wishing, hoping and a-praying, just compassion.

It should be easily seen that living the compassionate life puts an end to… exploitation… oppression… misogyny… racism… fear… hate… anger… selfishness… greed… power seeking… pride… rape… torture… need for adulation or some kind of public or popular success… war… genocide… condemnation. Ultimately it ends all the great collectives and monster governments.

That is how we live on my home world therefore it is eminently doable. But not on planet Earth. On planet Earth we do things differently. We create massive problems for ourselves which we then attempt to solve by creating even greater problems. There is an exponential aspect to this which condemns this world to terminate in entropy. In terms of civilization that is exactly what we are experiencing now and we’ve added an even more terminal effect: planetary entropy through overuse and abuse of natural resources.

“Après moi, le déluge” is supposed to be Louis XV’s admission, on his death bed that he had squandered France’s national and imperial resources without ever attempting to rein in the excesses of his peers and courtiers. This would have been in 1774. Fourteen years later came the storming of the Bastille and the beginning of the bloody French revolution.

As in every other time of crisis, the solution is here, accessible to all and ready to be put in practice. As in every other time of crisis, the wrong choices will be made; the wrong solutions applied and the propaganda will do the rest. Earth, thanks to man, is in its downward spiral of entropy.

Could it still be stopped? “Nothing is impossible” asserted the Teacher YLea among other priceless gems of wisdom. But here on Earth there is a program running and that program dictates how people respond to crisis. Unless and until the program is neutralized, the wheel will continue to turn; to crush the poor and the oppressed; to spread terror, famine and disease. Gradually but exponentially even the most advanced and affluent nations will in turn fall under the wheel and be crushed like the rest.

Even if the programming was neutralized and every Earthian individual was suddenly free to practice compassion, there is still a time frame for such a drastic change of mind to become effective. It has been forty years for me and I still feel as if I’m but scratching the surface of this concept. Granted if everybody was pulling in the same direction that time frame could be shortened, but do we have, say, even ten years left in which to change our mind and choose life over death? How long must we “practice” before we fully realize that the only way to choose life is to give life, meaning giving full freedom to choose to all comers?

*ISSA: intelligent, sentient, self aware

Quote: “Most of the change we think we see in life is due to truths being in and out of favor.” (Robert Frost)

10 thoughts on “The Secret – my version of it

    1. Phil Huston

      Keep this up and you’ll hit Thomas Aquinas’ ‘Summa Theologica’. Man and God and ‘Law.’ With perhaps a more than slightly different perspective.


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Having been raised Catholic I’ve heard of the dude but that’s as far as it goes, I honestly don’t know anything about the Summa Theologica – man an god and law as you put it. All I know for a fact is that if we were all truly compassionate beings we would have no use for god and no need for law because our nature would put us above such things. I wonder if I beat ol’ Aquinas with that claim…

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      2. Phil Huston

        Well, he had somewhere like 600 plus questions and 1300 some answers to them, and then on his death bed concluded that his life’s work didn’t even scratch the surface. About a week’s worth of your blog ;0


  1. madraallta

    i would be surprised if there is 10 years left….that optimistic. The planet is dying as well as all life on it. trees and ocean that produce oxygen are being wiped out deliberately. the price of greed is death. in more ways then one. thank you for sharing your experience. i have no teachers. just myself. though there are times i wish i did. i do feel like i am on the wrong planet though. this seems like Biff’s world from back to the future movie. I belong somewhere else and I can’t get there. trapped on this prison planet.


  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    The good thing is, Madraalta, is that the trap is illusory and transitory as well a temporary. This is my blog – yes, I checked! – and I can say whatever I want in my comments, so let me say this, that we are eternal mind beings and this trapped life is going to end, the pretend doors will open and we will sail off – some with a known destination (that would be the likes of me) and some to discover that suddenly they have real and serious choices to make. That may come as a shock but at least they will know that their choices mean something. Good luck to you Madra!!!

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  3. Hyperion

    What were we like 115 million years ago when we had only nature and each other? The planet was difficult on the best day and we died from simple things. Between 2 and 3 million years ago, all evidence of humans disappears and then resurges again. Well, we are tenacious and hardy it seems. Could it be that compassion and tight integration in the clan was the only means of survival? Now that individualism is preferable to submitting to a clan, we have deviated far from our natural tendency. Even family units are not spared, much less the individual. I wonder what we truly deviated from that led us to where we are. Are we sick because we are out of touch with our true nature or is it because we did not evolve away from our true nature to the divinity we are destined for? Hmmmm, must ponder this.


  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    There is much unremembered, untold and unwritten history between the events mentioned in your comment, Daniel and it’s those blank spaces that are the source of so much ignorance, assumptions, conflict and despair. Of necessity I was told some of that history. “We” were not here 115 million years ago – not even thought of. Our species, homo sapiens, was cloned circa 350-400 thousand years ago! Contrary to convenient anti-religious belief we are not a naturally evolved species but descendants of programmed slaves. The programming did not include remembrances and our developing a mind was a later ‘intervention’ done under the very noses of our lords and masters whom we were forced to call ‘gods’ with the understanding that they had full power of life and death over us. We were their property. Once we discovered we were mind beings we began the long struggle towards independence from our makers. That struggle is still on going today, with tragic consequences. Long story with bits and pieces of what I ‘know’ scattered here and there in this blog. Point: we are NOT naturally evolved beings and we are not of this world even if its the only one most can know because of the programming. We are literally aliens and strangers to this world’s life.

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