Antierra Manifesto – blog post #32

(Looks like I missed a day… oh well, can’t always be at the grindstone.  Sorry it’s taken so long to get through this dialogue between the Fighter and the Doctor, but this should be the last post on that… for now.  Going back to the fighters’ compound next.)

[begin blog post #32]

‘Indeed doctor’, I think to myself as I release Deirdre so he can remove my gown to inspect the auto-medic’s work.  He is pleased at how well my internal wounds have been repaired. 

As I wrap myself up again I ask, “What about King Tassard, doctor?  Who is he, really?  Another member of your network masquerading as King of Elbre?”

He smiles broadly at my words, obviously pleased with something.  “Perceptive!  He’s a pure clone, not combined artificial intelligence.  We made the switch very recently, at great risk.  His brother suspected the existence of our network and was suspicious of my close relationship with the king.  He worked for years to expose me before his brother only to be foiled by my spies.  Even had an assassination attempt done on me, foiled by XBA6, my best guard in disguise.  The assassin was quietly dispatched, the blame foisted upon the city’s riff-raff.  Investigations came to nothing.” 

“Where is the real king now?”

“Having the time of his life learning to be human on Koron.  I am joking, of course.  He’s not happy at all, so I’m told, but doesn’t remember much of his previous life as king.  I’m afraid we had to do some drastic re-programming on that one, or our women would have made short shrift of his priapic leanings and unwanted attentions.  Our world is heavily defined by intellect and gender has little to do with how power is shared on it.  I would say that men and women are by and large on par in our social interactions; definitely so in our laws which make no exceptions for gender, or gender preferences.  Lesbian relationships as you have here among the fighters and homosexual companions are common and completely recognized, accepted and legal, even in our religious institutions.  By the way Antierra, do you have any idea how many Cydroids we have here?”  he adds with a sly smile.

“Well sir, I’ve only seen two.  Why?”

“It’s important that you realize you’ve seen much more than two!  They keep changing.  All the males look the same, as do all the females, except when they are in disguise.  Naked it is impossible to tell them apart.  Some of your handlers and trainers can be Cydroids.  They program themselves to fit into the Malefactus mindset as per instructions.  One of them was involved in the death flogging of that poor girl you witnessed so long ago.  He did not perform the flogging, but he observed it.  Thus they avoid detection and serve me (and the group I’m connected to on Koron) as spies.  There is always at least one watching you – and your little lover friend.  We have female Cydroids in key positions, but because women do not wear clothes, we cannot have more than one in any place at any one time.  There is one in the kitchen.  She rotates with another every two days or when safe to do so.”

“Quite an organization.  To what end, doctor?”

“I believe basically the same as yours from what you’ve told me.  We feel Malefactus is in trouble internally.  Maybe a mini-black hole at the core, like a cancer, beginning to eat the planet.  Or something else.  Weather patterns indicate all is not well.  The seas are withdrawing, as if sucked into a bottomless crack.  The desert is expanding exponentially to the north and the south is cooling.  Snow, a complete anomaly on this world, has been reported at the south pole.  Much loss of indigenous life noted as well as increasing planetary changes that have no natural explanation and to our minds, threaten the life of this world, not just that of its denizens.  If it involved only the people themselves, we could possibly ignore the problem.  In the end, even if the people destroyed themselves the planet would remain to provide balance in the system.  Our research indicates that may not be all.  We fear the planet itself is disintegrating from within as from a malignant tumour and we are no closer to discovering the cause of it.”

“So Koron’s concern is that the death of Malefactus would cause a serious problem in what you call your constellation of twelve worlds?”

“It’s a matter of balance, isn’t it?”

He stabs me with a deep probing look.  I stare back, overcoming my natural fear of him.

“Yes sir, it is a matter of balance, always.  But balance is more than physical, I can attest to that.  It is also of mind and of spirit.  Without balance of mind doctor, no other type of balance can be achieved.  But there is another thing that is threatening the balance of these worlds, and that is Koron’s ability to travel through space now.  Do you know if any other of my so-called stack worlds also possess space travel, or may be in the process of developing space programs?”

“We have not investigated any other world but this one.  Our probes indicate we are currently the only world in this sector with space flight capability.  This could change at a moment’s notice, since our technology was plucked from our space, so could any world who developed basic space travel to reach, say, a moon, encounter a lost jump scout ship or perhaps even an x-ram drive, huh? 

Assuming his questions are not rhetorical, but that he is seeking answers, I reply as candidly as I know how.  “All very good questions to which there is no answer as yet.  As Antierra, I feel such a possibility is not only likely, but imminent.  However as an Avatari I say that the Supremacy is not going to discover this dimension under its current agenda.  There are greater forces than stack worlds, Supremacies and Melkiars or United Space Commands overseeing the greater movements of worlds and their lifeforms.  Earth is important in the greater scheme of things and she needs her stack worlds to maintain a sense of purpose and directions as regards her evolving pseudo-humans.

“Despite the efforts of the many residents of these worlds, Earth and adjunct “stacks” are being protected from outside interference and remain hidden, at least for the time being.  As Avatari we do not constitute “outside” influence since we are bona fide residents of these worlds and our full intent is to protect them by teaching and example to help them evolve beyond their crass selfish understanding.  Our purpose is to demonstrate to them the necessity of seeing life beyond simply the bagging of cheap resources and energy by preying upon the natural environment, including the defenceless elements of society to provide instant gratification.  Our purposes on these worlds is primarily to move them from their current predator-prey conditioned reflex action to an increasing awareness of the sacredness of life.  Ultimately doctor, changing the mindset of a stack world changes the mindset of the primary world. That is why I’m here.   

“The greater need for balance is in the transfer of mind and spirit energies.  Stacked worlds provide support for a base world’s developing ISSA population.  The people who die on base worlds need a place to go, a proper home.  They cannot be let loose upon open space for two very good reasons.  One, they’d be enslaved or destroyed by alien forces their minds would encounter and not be able to deal with.  Two, if they found a settled human world and were able to be re-born there in a child, they would be carriers of all the evils they have experienced and for many, quite enjoyed, while living on Earth.  Billions of entities would be let loose upon unsuspecting galactic worlds and beyond.  So the stack worlds were developed to house these Earthian minds, according to their belief systems and their basic nature.  Every inhabitant of a stack world bar none was once an Earthian and most, if not evolved enough mentally will be one again.  With mind unchanged, there is but one way out of a stack world, doctor, and that is to return to your base world. On Earth they call it karma. There you are once more given freedom of choice, something not so easily found in the stacks; in these absolutist worlds. 

“I hope that my explanations, though unacceptable to you, do make some sense?”

“You have given me much to think about Antierra.  I can see why we have crossed paths here.  A part of me wants to accept what you say because there is a kind of strange logic to it all my mind can appreciate.  Overall, however, your understanding of this part of the universe is, to me, quite off the wall if you know what I mean.  You are saying that even I, however long I may live, must ultimately leave everything I’ve done on Koron and here on T’Sing Tarleyn and “return” to a world I come from which I don’t remember at all; which according to our probes does not exist; and there be born a child, not remembering any of this past?  I fail to see the point of all that.”

“I know it sounds fantastic and not just a little ridiculous, but that’s the set-up we are all a part of, for better or worse.  The part about not remembering, doctor, is not quite true.  Anyone can remember, it’s but a matter of overcoming the old programming and get past the reticence to engage the “unthinkable” and opening oneself to the greater forces at play in our cosmos.  We are all so much more than we allow ourselves to believe, doctor.

“There is also this to consider when you think about all of this: that all of us ISSA’s in the making are potential Avatari.  Any spirit-mind involved in the betterment of life for others gravitates, or better said, evolves both spiritually and mentally to that place of greater knowing.  I can tell you this, that some who have been of the Avatari long eons of time are now ready to move into the next higher dimension of living expression.  While I have only an inkling of an idea what that means, or what it entails, it is there for all of us.  We are, as living entities, in a fascinating event, doctor.  We are not stuck in some questionable concept of life to just make the best of it.  Every place where we land is but a launching pad to another.”

“Ah, you make it sound so simple… uh, Altarian!  I wish I had the propensity to just draw a line across all that I believe and accept your words at face value.  But I cannot.  Maybe in time.  As you said earlier, believe all things, believe in nothing.”

“Yes, in time and beyond time.  You will remember this conversation and you will know.” 

[end blog post #32

12 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #32

  1. Hyperion

    There is quite a lot to think about here as usual. I’m getting your meaning with Pavlovian eagerness. I do ad ire the melding of spirit and mind, emotions with the hard science. It is the holistic balance we need more than just the answer in terms of our existence. Plodding along slowly but still plodding.


      1. Hyperion

        Actually, it’s the kind of literary break like Dan Simmons uses often. He goes from mouth dropping action to intelligent discourse to sort of fill in the details and then he smacks your mind around some more. It’s those changes in pace that keep it interesting and shocking when it suddently turns in a new twist. I like it.


      2. Hyperion

        Not losing my reader is something I think about often. Since I always write in a stream of conciousness method, my sentences can be more like a conversation with a stroke victim than a carefully crafted flow. I have to go back and really try to figure out what the mumbling is about sometimes. Your writing does have a natural flow and rhythm. I also like the feel of intelligence coming from Antierra. The contrast of how she lives as a fighter versus her deep spiritual connection coupled with her mission is refreshing and gives the story depth. I sense the story growing in epic fashion as the doctor and Antierra’s conversation reveal the grander scope of what is happening. It’s one of those can’t look away stories.


      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        As a reader, and reaching the end of Poul Anderson’s “Boat of a Million Years” I have to say that although it is a fascinating tale of a few immortals (we don’t know how many until near the end of the story when they finally trust each other enough to allow themselves to come together – there are 7 of them) there is a lack of continuity between each story and each era. The reader is forced to stop and go back to try to figure out “what the hell just happened here, I was in the Holy Roman Empire and now I’m in China circa the 17th C. I was reading about an immortal from Cyprus and now I’m following a Japanese nun escaping slavers through the Chinese countryside and into Tibet, and now I’m confronted by an immortal of the American great plains, then I’m in Chicago during the depression reading about a black ex-slave immortal running a string of speakeasies… I expected that somewhere in each chapter a link would be provided but none was except near the end of the tale. That went beyond annoying. I can understand that in a murder mystery but at least the detective(s) on the trail provide the link as the story jumps between towns, states, even times and worlds as in the case of detective Brawne Lamia in Dan Simmons Hyperion/Endymion series. As a writer I try to be well aware of the need to keep the connection between characters and events tight, smooth and believable, avoiding any deus ex machina trick. If such is needed, then re-writing is paramount. I do make use of such in some of my comedic short stories but it is always presented in that Bugs Bunny Road Runner cartoon way: it’s deliberate, hopefully to bring out that last extra laugh before exit stage left, even…

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hyperion

        I feel the same about jumping around without the connectivity. It just confuses me. Also, with all the scene changes, I like to show a convergence of the story, all roads lead to the big event sorta thing. It’s easy to go off on tangents and I do try to give hints of how each scene contributes to the main story, but since I live in the mainstream of eccentricity, it’s as easy to lose myself as it is the reader. What I like about Antierra’s story is it is already written for the most part and you post on a good schedule to keep it going. My story is posted as it evolves an my time is very limited so there tends to be long stretches between chapters. That has slowed the readership but I sincetely appreciate my regular readers that hang in there and give me their feedback on what works or doesn’t work. My favorite part is the conversation after the show.


      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        You have a great talent for keeping the conversation going after one of your story’s blog posts and that is all a part of blogging, of bringing writer and reader together “for coffee” so to speak. It is a lot of work as well, which I file as part of the writing effort. The thought exchange on the material is why I decided to post “Antierra” in predetermined sections, to see if it would raise a bit of feedback.
        Sure, we can write novels, or books of short stories and poems and drop them in the “Smashwords” bin for free, but then what? To gather etheric dust? Or we have to transform our creative mind into that of a traveling salesperson and still end up spending more “on the road” than our wares will ever return. I’ve been wracking my brains for a solution and I don’t see any except the one yourself, George and I are using at the moment.
        Personally what I do with your story, George’s and mine as WordPress kindly hands it back in emails is store them post by post in an email folder. In your case I don’t get the full post in my email so I go to your website and copy and paste the contents back into the email (Thunderbird allows an email to be “drafted” which opens it up for editing. I have 3 such folders at the moment: Paul’s Story (Random Walk through an Intelligent Universe – for George; Return of Dragons (Agony of Ecstasy – yours, and Antierra Manifesto. I periodically review all 3 to get the flow when a new email shows up. I would use the same system if anyone else was posting a story that was of interest to me – we can’t like everybody’s stories after all.
        So the thing to remember is interaction with readers is all part of the process of creativity. It also helps with the connectivity. If a reader doesn’t get it, s/he is more likely to comment on it, allowing for re-writing. Better than a disappointed reader giving up on the novel and thinking, well, I’m done with that writer, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Hyperion

        I have a similar outlook. I kept all my novels and short stories thinking simeday I might do something with them. I’ve sent them out for exploratory editing, in otherwords a review of the potential to be worthy of being accepted for publishing. Of course, I failed miserably and it cost a lot of money to learn I suck at real novel writing. But there was light at the end of the sphincter. With some rewrite and attention to detail without too many details, I could do it. I just haven’t done “it.” I dont need the money but dont need to go in the hole either, so it seems the best deal on the planet is right here on WordPress and all I have to do is tolerate their monkeying under the hood and blowing up my webpage from time to time. But my regular readers are like dear friends. I feel like I know them personally and some have been regulars for several years now. Ultimately, the satisfaction is high and I’m not looking to generate income so it keeps everything lovely and clean. Later just to impress strangers and small animals, I may publish my body of works on Amazon or Apple and let them be my repository. What I think would be really cool is to use a print service to create a printbook and just put it in my library to surprise my heirs who will likely throw the books away but if I hide money in them, they will at least flip through the pages. It’ll be fun.


      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        You have to indicate that somewhere within one of the books there is a code that by reading the book, can be deciphered once they find the hidden primer which then leads to a secret map which then leads to the hidden treasure. The primer, of course, is scattered throughout all the books and has to be put together and… I forget where I was going with this…

        Liked by 1 person

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