Antierra Manifesto – blog post #15

begin blog post #15]

“You were dropped here, then?”

Again he emphasizes the word “dropped” to indicate it means more than what he is saying.  I don’t understand what he really means by it but I infer he means landed by someone not of Malefactus, for some purpose of their own, someone who then vanished without trace in some flying contraption or shuttle craft equipped to detect and foil all of the planet’s detection systems.

“No sir, I do not believe the word dropped is the correct way to put it.”  I still dare not tell him what I really remember about myself: that I was able to reincarnate full grown out there in the desert having travelled here from some place even I can barely describe at this time.  So I try to create a plausible story that he could buy, at least for the moment.

“I must have been cast away then, but I cannot remember from where I am, or what or who brought me here.  I awoke on a sand dune, as the reports indicate.  True, and walked a long way until I smelled the wood smoke from the rebel women’s camp.  I went down into it.  I found I could speak their language enough to communicate easily.  They gave me drink and food and saved my life.

“Two days later the slave hunters found us and the women killed five of them before they were overrun.  All the children were slaughtered and most of the women – there were twenty one of them.

“I knelt upon the sand during the fighting and killing, not knowing what was happening or why women and men were killing each other there – or why men would kill defenceless children.  Six women survived, two badly wounded who were killed and left on the open desert.  Only four and myself made it back here.  That is all I remember.  You know the rest, sir.”

“Yes, yes, I read the damn report.  You take me for a fool, gora?  You’re lying.  How many others were dropped with you, on this planet or nearby worlds?  What do they hope to accomplish here?  What are you here for?”

I look at him and shrug, turning my head just as he lifts his hand and hits me totally unexpectedly and brutally on the side of my face.  As a trained fighter I should have been able to detect some shift of body or some give-away in facial expression.  I should have been able to sense something.  But I saw or sensed nothing unusual coming from him, either before or after he hit me.  It’s as if he’d already planned to terminate our “interview” in that fashion or he wasn’t even aware of what he had just done.

I make no move at all, taking the blow within as if fully deserved.  Blood pours from my lips, cut on impact on my own teeth.  He stands up suddenly and pressing the com unit on his wrist to open the outer door he orders in a peremptory tone that broaches no hesitation on my part: “Go! – Get out!”

I walk out, near to collapse from the blow to the head, the previous beatings in the fight and an empty stomach.  I stand groggily a few steps outside his door freezing and shaking in pouring rain, every rain drop giving the impression of an ice needle going into my skin.  I have to hold my hand over my mouth to keep my teeth from chattering.  Water and blood mix and run freely down my arms, thighs and legs to the wet stones.  I wait, as I must, for no woman is allowed to go anywhere without being escorted.

Handlers arrive, presumably summoned by the doctor, and they escort me to the eating place, to the long rough-hewn tables with smooth-worn benches along the kitchen walls.  Several women are there, as naked as I in the freezing rain, eating from bowls filling with rain water as if this was the most normal thing in the world.  Well, for them, it probably is because they cannot imagine the possibility of alternate choices.  I wish I couldn’t either; maybe what I am going through at this moment would be easier to bear of I did not know of alternative lifestyles.

The food is served by the youngest trainees.  Old women, not fighters, work in the kitchens.  My portion arrives and I find myself ravenous.  I eat carefully, trying to avoid my broken lips, wincing with the pain.  One tooth is loose and I feel terrible.

I force my mind away from my immediate problems to create a “safe zone” in my thinking.

So it was that damned chakr drug that so upset my stomach.  Idiots, they could have killed me with that stuff, or I could have passed out entirely after the fight began – I’m intolerant to most drugs.  Must work on that too.  I can accept the inflicted pain – can I learn to overcome the effects of their poisons and drugs?  On Old Earth billions of humans survived the toxic effects of air, water and soil pollution for over two hundred years.  I remember living a life I considered healthy during the worst of their environmental crises.  So it’s not impossible to adapt to poisonous conditions even given little lead time.  Humanoid bodies are short-lived but quite resilient in their own way.

I wolf down all they give me and seeing I’m still hungry, they double my portion at a nod from the handlers.  They certainly seem pleased.  My “doctor” may be upset at me now – and may well have me killed – but somebody’s happy from my day’s success, I think.  Somebody made good on my “work” of the day I bet.

And at that moment I feel nothing but absolute disgust for these men.  Ugly, stinking, heartless creatures, all of them.  The women refer to these types as “dungut.”  And their world has shaped itself to their ways.  Why would I have thought, long ago in some never-never world they or their counterparts on Old Earth were worth redeeming?

So, great.  Add “hate” to my list of personal failings to date.  That particular vice was not supposed to be part of my repertoire.  I’m still plummeting toward my personal nadir.

[end blog post #15]

24 thoughts on “Antierra Manifesto – blog post #15

  1. adamspiritualwarrior

    Hello Shatara, heres something for your readership in Canada plus please pass this on far and wide to people you think may benefit with this cold weather Adam X

    Helpful Hints
    January 28 at 7:04 AM
    I own a heating company and wanted to share this for all.

    Monday night through Thursday we all will experience temperatures and wind chills that our homes’ heating systems are NOT designed for. -20 to -30-degree temperatures with wind chills into -40 and up to -50+.

    Newer homes will struggle to maintain temperature and older homes will NOT maintain temperature and the temperature WILL drop while the heating system is working at full capacity.

    1. Please raise the temperature in your home on Monday, 2 to 4 degrees above your normal setting.
    2. Take all programmable thermostats out of setback mode and set on a permanent HOLD.
    3. If you have a furnace; replace the filter.
    4. Keep garage doors closed.
    5. Limit opening exterior doors.
    6. Make sure air vents and radiators are not blocked or obstructed.
    7. If you have a 90%+ furnace and boiler: You must keep the intake and exhaust clear of ice and snow. During these cold temperatures, ice can build up. A 90%+ furnace and boiler have 2 white PVC pipes; an exhaust pipe and an intake pipe that are generally on the side or back of your home. In some instances, they are on your roof, do NOT go on your roof to clear the pipe.

    If the temperature in your home is dropping and your radiators are HOT with boiler systems or you have HOT air coming out of your vents with furnaces DO NOT PANIC. Please make sure that your heating system continues to operate.

    If the temperatures drop in your home, it will not be able to recover until temperatures rise and the windchill diminishes. Our heating systems cannot overcome temperatures -20 to -30 with wind chill up to -50+. They are sized to operate at 0 degrees outdoors. Put your thermostat on hold 70 degrees or higher.

    To help minimize temperature loss you can boil water, make soup, or stews; they help introduce humidity and warmer temperatures into your home. DO NOT USE YOUR OVEN or a GRILL TO HEAT YOUR HOME. Please check on neighbors and elderly residents during these extreme temperatures. Stay warm and safe this week and share this email with any of your family and friends.


  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    Hi Adam, thanks for the heads up. I don’t live in that part of the country, in fact I spent part of today suntanning in the nude in my backyard under a bright sunny sky. I think, (and hope for their sake) that Canadians who live in that part of the country affected by polar vortices should know how to deal with them! I was raised in Canada’s north and I have seen the Fahrenheit thermometer plunge to sixty degrees below zero and who knows what the wind chill factor was? Nobody measured that! We lived in a shack insulated, more or less, with wood shavings. I remember my dad having to bash the door open with his logger’s axe in the morning: everything was frozen solid. Our blankets were frozen to the ice forming over nail heads on the inside walls and there was over a half inch of ice on the two windows. We still had to go out to feed the animals and check on the snares set for snowshoe hares so we could eat. Bonus, we didn’t have to walk the half mile to school through the fields for a couple of days (our cabin was a half mile from the village main road). Good times, eh? But you know what? Nobody died, just took it in stride. We had our supply of fire wood and coal oil for the lamps and us kids got to experience a bit of home schooling. Modern people greatly lack the sense of real adventure as provided by nature; they make every little thing off the “norm” into a disaster… bah!


    1. adamspiritualwarrior

      Wow. Interesting childhood. And yes full sunbathing very healthy indeed!

      Dr. Jack Kruse is at Kruse Longevity Center.
      January 28 at 6:00 PM · Slidell, LA, United States ·
      Researchers have shown that when our skin is exposed to the sun’s full spectrum rays, Nitric oxide is released into our microcirculation in our blood vessels that helps lower blood pressure while ALSO slowing electron chain transport to decrease our need for food. The findings suggest that exposure to sunlight improves health overall because the benefits of reducing blood pressure far outweigh the risk of developing skin cancer. Full spectrum sunlight also reduces the need for food so it is the way nature asks us to naturally calorie restrict ourselves.
      UVB and UVA and the VDR receptor augment this “fasting effect” on our colony of mitochondria. Very few people understand how sunlight truly keep us well.
      Do not be a fool and think standing behind a pane of glass on a sunny day is wise. It is not. WHY?
      Glass block all UVB and most UVA light. It blocks 30-60% of IR light and HAS no effect on blue light from the sun so on a relative basis standing behind glass inside means no Vitamin D3, markedly reduced nitric oxide production which raises your BP, reduction of red to lower your ATP production, and excessive amounts of blue through. Acutely this can be a short term win, but chronically it is a big problem.


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks Adam. Maybe some who were not aware of this information will pick up on it. Yes, living in the sun is healthy and yes, the more clean air and sun, the less food one needs to ingest. No wonder the food conglomerate don’t want people to become aware of this. Long live the natural people!


  3. adamspiritualwarrior

    Hi I agree with the final Matteo commenter Shatara. Ive metioned referred to you here but not by name. Thread FB comment exchange
    Dave Armstrong James Godbeer Many have that opinion that u make it own world but I do not. You can to a certain extent but it is micro. We ALL collectively can influence reality shift but their has not been that kind of unity for a long time. If u want blue trees you will have to paint them. If we all want blue trees and use enough energy they will turn blue. I think that kind of unification of will could literally change the earths orbit. Do u mean merkabah soul traps?

    Adam Bacon Dave Armstrong Interesting stuff! Is that literally true? if every single man woman and child here visualised blue leaves, would they really turn blue? Ive had suspicions awareness of this kind of thing about our reality being moulded by the mass consciousness and focus and how this has been exploited and used to trick us. But literally blue trees. Astounding.

    Dave Armstrong Adam Bacon .it was just a metaphor. But we could stop hurracaines tidal waves connect with and heal the earth. Not sure she would want to turn chlorophyll blue though.

    Adam Bacon Dave Armstrong Can I clarify something here. Ive read a few bits and pieces over the last 5 and a half years and the Merkabah, I have stumbled upon. I read it is when the human being unfolds to their highest potential, spiritual development, as well as physical detoxification and remineralisation and health imporvements too. And then I read the Merkaba is some kind of tetrahedron energy around us that gets built up layer by layer until we are resistant to many attcks and can even travel anywhere ithout technology, using our Merkabas. Have I swallowed disnfo here is this wrong? Im very far off anyway developing whatever the merkaba is from what I read anyway. Plus I can easily throw out this information from my mind as I have no fixed beliefs anymore on the search for truth. So the merkaba is actually some false soul trap thing? If true this would shin a light on a few online people out there saying how great merkabas are

    Adam Bacon Dave Armstrong Ive even heard from 2 people I consider to be genuine and know their stuff. They have even told me the shocking thing that the soul itself is an artificial Spirit entrapment creation. For this recycling trap. One of them , a woman in Canada whose past lives have come back to her, told me she got rid of her soul and finally feels free. So im wondering if a much simpler reality exists. We are Spirit consciousness our higher selves. And then maybe have the ability to step this down into denser forms to interacgt and experience more, even create avatar bodies to go into. But no soul. The soul and lifes memories it picks up then to get wiped. All points to an ancient trap set up but with this new Tartaria and 18th century reset and other things now I seriously wonder what the word ”ancient” means anymore. This person told me the chakras too are part of the enslavement trap

    Dave Armstrong Adam Bacon the soul is your source connection. You can have a corporal astral body with no soul. Trust me u want to strengthen your soul connection to source not get rid of it! Getting rid o chacharas if know what you are doing mabey not sure but you need to activate and harmonise them all first starting with the lower red then moving up to the yellow at the navel then up to the solar plexus heart centre which is green then up to the throat Chakra which is blue then up to the third eye and Crown chakra which is magenta and golden. Once you harmonise balance and energise these chakras sufficiently in the correct order you can then move on to hire meditations this is an important process especially for a beginner and I can’t see how you would do this process if you removed the chakras. Not sure kundalini is a good idea either in freemasonry there is a ritual where the Freemason in he rapes the younger and initiate by to force the kundalini into his anal and it’s supposed to call it up and when it gets to a certain point smash his consciousness and give him psychic powers but it causes a lot of harm and I think it’s filthy. And negative.

    Matteo Dilullo The body soul is connected to the matrix.the only thing real is spirit


  4. George F.

    Got this post. Don’t be afraid to notify me of a your new Manifesto posts if it looks like I’m gonna miss it. I’m diggin’ the story and all the work you’ve put into it! I just put up a new post and, finally, the nanites are in play…man, I’m slow. But slow ‘ n steady wins the race!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Didn’t know we were in a race (just kiddin’). If your system is set to receive email notification, you’re bound to receive the blog posts. According to my master plan (hah!) there should be a post every second day. Glad you find the story worth reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hyperion

    The doctor’s interrogation and smackdown was unexpected but should have been. I see things in this action that are not necessarily bad. Appearances must be maintained in dangerous environments. Another inebriating chapter. The tensions never let up. I feel the makings of a prisoner of war. The experiences are similar. I had an experience of being taken prisoner once and was put in an interrogation room that was once a primitive butchers work room. It was thick walled and no windows to keep out the desert heat. On the walls were meat hooks with years of blood soaked into the plaster walls and floors. The most recent blood was from humans unlucky enough to be on the wrong side of ideology and politics. It’s a long story but I didn’t hang around to be interrogated much to my capter’s chagrin. One goes through a lot of fast adaptations in such circumstances and I’ve been around many who spent years in such situations. It is as you describe, which for me is uncanny. I understand why you know such details down to the slightest nuance of survival in captivity. The authenticity is remarkable.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Daniel. As I said already, we’re but at the beginning of Balomo’s and Antierra’s relationship. Much more to come. It’s possible that I was using my own remembrances of being tortured to death in an SS prison in Paris in 1943 – that being my last remembered Earthian life. But there is more to Balomo’s reaction to Antierra’s shrug than an unsatisfying interrogation…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        Dear me. How do you cope, have you coped. This must have had an overall distressing but also toughening effect on you, to start remembering all this. I imagine you have to wall off those memories, put them in a box, and then open the box to examine and remember and feel. Otherise how else could you function. Or perhaps the memories just become part of you.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks Adam. It is enough to know, to realize, that millions of people have passed through the same fires I have. Earth (and similar worlds) is a crucible. We can be crushed in it, or we can use it to change into something else, something the torturers can no longer hurt.


      3. Hyperion

        You really played that well. It was intense as you take us through Antierra’s thought process and Balomo’s reaction. The clues you give to this relationship is enough to make me spin through a lot of scenario’s but its the reading and learning that counts. My imaginations runs away with me often. I enjoy it tho.


  6. Woebegone but Hopeful

    The claustrophobia and the pointless of the brutality is coming through very strongly. These women are remarkable survivors.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for that pointed comment, Roger. Yes, they are remarkable survivors but not so different from millions of impoverished and forgotten women in this world at this present time. On a side note, I’ve been severely hindered from my “Wintry” blogging with Spring happening all of a sudden and now I have to work 10-12 hour days, even through this weekend just to attempt keeping up to the demands! Once upon a time I thought landscaping and related work was easy-peasy. Not no more! Here’s hoping things aren’t as hectic on your side of the pond.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Hi Sha’ Tara.
        Sorry I’ve been very absent.
        It’s been a bit hectic on all sorts of fronts. And I went in a Francis Ford Coppala ‘Apocalypse Now’ phase in the final re-write which was freaky, but it’s done now.
        So another attempt at catch up.
        This is good. Antierra is a fascinating, strong and very patient woman, that to me is her principal power….so very patient.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you Roger. My idea when I wrote the Manifesto was to look into my future, discover Antierra and by formulating her story, that it would become mine as well. I needed a character I could emulate in “this” reality. The process made me a disciple of compassion and although I know that in my present state I couldn’t hold a candle to Antierra’s devotion, yet I can honestly say that my life purpose, to become a fully compassionate being, has been greatly pushed forth by seeking for my true self as if I were Antierra… and of course as I understand the non-linear Altarian view of history, it is my own story and I will live through that reality. It’s no wonder, I often think, that the ability to “see” or describe one’s future life or lives, is frightening to the “normal” Earthian. I can imagine someone having a vision of their next life and it describes a horror show! It seems we’re OK plunging into our horrors just as long as we don’t know about them in advance, or at least not in specific details.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        And which dimensions and temporal flows will pick us up and take us?
        It is a brave person who dares to even attempt to map out or accept there will be another Life.
        Yes it would be frightening for folk to encapsulate that knowledge, I would suggest it would result in a global psychosis .
        The adage ‘Where Ignorance is Bliss ‘Tis Folly to be Wise,’ does carry some currency in some cases.
        In the meantime I continue with my catch-up.
        (PS: Book finally cleaned out…and naturally re-written…I always am disatisfied with endings until they gone through at least five re-writes…..You want a copy?)


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Do I want a copy of your book??? Desperately so, yes! Got a Word circa 2000 version? If not I can usually convert to epub with Calibre. Thanks for the offer – you’ll remember I already got a teaser taste of the MS.


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