What is the Cost of Maintaining a God?

[thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

Quote: “God, help us all to wake up and learn to love as community and not organization.”

This I’ve learned and this I’ll take with me to my next level of understanding: God (or whatever lives beyond the reach of mere Earthians and parades as creator) will not help “us”. Quite the contrary. The people who believe in God are often the worst kind to have around. And that is as it must be. “God” is, if one bothers to study Earth history, a monster. He is a hater of the feminine principle and destroyer of life, mostly of innocent life.

It is because Earthians have been programmed to “wait upon the Lord” that they cannot, will not help themselves, or one-another openly and freely; cannot break free once and for all from their slavery to “trusted” systems that have now supplanted religion, in particular monetary schemes.

“Man” is what God made him; “woman” less so, for she in truth, rebelled against the original programming. Some say that God is what man made it… if that is true, that only makes man worse for that makes God the scapegoat for all the man-perpetrated evil done in God’s name since the beginning of civilization.

It is said that God is also the author of love and what is that but a chameleonic emotion? A powerless concept, except within collectives where it can be practiced in the most exclusive and selfish ways? People should remember that it was the God of love who instructed His people to go throughout the (known) earth and kill all those who refused to worship Him – man, woman and child. Who instructed his fanatic followers to rip open pregnant women and kill their unborn children before their very eyes. To plunder, enslave, rape, torture and murder — all in the name of His love.

It is the same God, make no mistake, who directs the ways of the New World Order or call it predatory capitalism, the “new” religion of greed that incorporates the old patriarchal “values” based on exploitation, suppression, enslavement, plunder and general destruction of the planet and its life.

It is said that “man” would never know the ways of the Lord God. True. Few men have demonstrated an evil so utterly depraved as to rival God’s though many have tried. Hitler was one of those, a name to remember on the anniversary of the freeing of Auchwitz by the Soviet forces in 1945.

The awakened INDIVIDUAL does not need to know such ways. The awakened looks into the cosmos and knows life. The awakened is free to look in the face of evil and call a spade a spade. Such a one has no soul to worry about, or to feed with emotions and passions. The awakened knows logic and common sense, though not devoid of feelings. Conversely the soul-being is prey to endless roiling of passions and emotions that fight against one-another, for the soul, that precious gift of God, is the container for Earthian madness.

Few can accept this. To most, God is a sacred concept. To know God is to know love. To possess a soul is the mark of life, of belonging. But what is the historical evidence from maintaining such a belief?

If you look at history, you will find that all efforts, bar none, to find “love” – sharing, community, acceptance, freedom, peace, etc., have failed. Even in the tiny groups that survive as “Christian” (or other kinds) in “communities of brethren” have failed to spread and are now rife with dissension and pointlessness. Think of the Quakers, the Amish, the Hutterites, the Mennonites – and many others… they are dying anachronisms in this society. Few are attracted to their ways because they make no sense and their interactions with the modern world are full of contradictions.

What would make sense, then, in today’s world? Only an individual can find that answer, test it, and choose to walk in such a “sensible” way. Only the one who has learned NEVER to cry out: “Help me!” Only the one who has seen beyond hope; who has exposed the mockery of faith; who knows that love is a chimera. Only the one who’s quest for more of life is untrammeled by belief systems, whether such are based on God, Money or raw Power.

25 thoughts on “What is the Cost of Maintaining a God?

  1. jim-

    Love without application through compassion is pointless words. I got a plea for help in the mail from Kenneth Copeland, trying to raise money to feed the elderly in Israel. His current net worth is $670million. These ‘men of words’ preach and solicit others to help, that is the way of the wealthy, while and the other billionaires spoon feed dollars and cents to tread water and install light bulbs to impoverished nations, while their accounts stay in full and their self importance intact. 100 people are richer than half the world. All it is is talk


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Compassion is our only answer to all of it. Check this story if time permits: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/01/oxfam-world-richest-26-wealth-poorest-190121054249908.html
      The gap between the richest and the poorest has become vile and repulsive. These “rich” people are nothing but massive criminals, their crimes far exceeding anything this world’s worst perpetrators of violence has ever seen. Yet there they are, flaunting their immoral fake wealth and making a pretense of legitimacy.

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  2. franklparker

    It’s important to remember that man made God(s), not the other way around. From that simple truth all other truths flow naturally. In taking the Adam & Eve story at face value are you not (uncharacteristically) falling into the religion trap?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Frank. I did point out that if man made God, then man must take direct responsibility for all the horror done in God’s name. As to falling in religion’s trap, I was raised in it; in staunch Catholicism, then into the born again evangelical aspect of Christianity, so I’m quite familiar with it, and aware of what you call the trap. The only thing I said in that article was that woman rebelled against the dictates of God. If “God” is the patriarchy, then woman obviously rebelled and has since been severely punished and sanctioned for her rebellion, kept in bondage and as of lesser worth than males as any cursory look at man’s civilization clearly demonstrates. I’ve engaged that point many times in my essays and short stories and it’s the main point of the novel I’m blogging piece-meal at the moment. Misogyny is man’s #1 crime, greater even than racism. If it arose from religious observance, why does it not automatically disappear in countries that have ostensibly broken out of the religion trap? Why aren’t women given equal power within all institutions since they comprise half the population? Why do they have to comply to a male-dominated agenda if they would reach the highest levels of leadership and so easily brought down if they do not adhere to said agenda? If there are – WERE – no God or gods, where do the great unnatural evils that saddle mankind originate from? Does “God” or do “gods” necessarily have to be imagined unseen beings, or is there history behind the concept? Why would “men” imagine gods to create them and rule over them if there was nothing behind the concept? These remain unanswered and unexplained questions and they may well be the most serious questions we must face as our current civilization shows serious signs of implosion. (also ref. Fermi Paradox and its failure to face such facts as monolithic constructs on earth that defy man’s ability to reproduce even with today’s technology).


  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    (Hand waving at the back)
    Err..Hi Sha’ Tara. Coming in from the other end of the Universe here.
    I believe in God, I believe God created the Universe. I believe God wished for us to enjoy this Creation.
    Annndd we screwed it all up! In the name of God, Democracy, Socialism, Communism, National Pride, ‘Freedom of Expression’ (there’s a term which now translates as ‘I have the right to vilify others’), Capitalism and a few dozen others I can’t quite get around to typing.
    Right now as I type we are witnessing our UK Titanic drifting towards a very large iceberg with Brexit carved on it, all in the name of ‘national freedom’ (apparently).
    From my perspective God isn’t the problem.
    To repeat.
    We were gifted a Universe, we were gifted freedom to explore and prosper…..Annnddddd we keep screwing it all up.
    See you, some ‘time’ in ‘some’ form at the Other Side of the Universe.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yeah Roger, lots of us are at the crossroads and having to decide what is real, what isn’t; what is true, what isn’t, and which way seems the best … Very reluctantly, years ago, I decided that God and I were through. When I started on my path of faith, it was all or nothing, religion notwithstanding. God would have to decidedly abandon his support of all organized religions and declare unequivocally that he was not, never was, behind any of the claims made in his name, particularly those of misogynists, war-mongers and racists. In other words, shit or get off the pot.

      I needed a clear declaration as my condition to continue believing. I had all the promises, in writing, literally a constitution: the New Testament. Would the “President” honour his own Word? Sadly my friend, God chose to hide, remain silent, do nothing and let the sharks have the day to carry on their depredations against women, their children, the weak, the poor and watch “the church” throw its wholesale support behind whatever powerful empire ruled the day, behind slavery, massacres, genocides, territory and land grabs.

      It was a great learning experience, my first real step into self empowerment. No more begging for favours from anyone pretending to have power over me, in fact no one was ever again to have any power over me even if they claimed to. Make no mistake on this: I’m not an atheist and I have my own irrefutable proof that God does indeed exist. Though I will let atheists claim the non-existence of God (that would be a preferable condition in any case according to my understanding) I know they are in serious error.

      Using the “If-Then” approach as to who really screwed up Roger, I had to go to the beginning where God creates ALL things. Literally all things which means all possibilities, all thought processes… God creates the possibility of evil then manufactures creations capable of working with the concept since presumably He could not. His existential question: what will they do with it? But he already had his answer even before he asked it, so Lucifer, then mankind, were all victims of a psychopathic act of creation. Sentient creatures were implanted with a virus against which they had no immunity

      Conclusion: there never was any need for God to insert evil into His creation… unless it was to sate some bottomless perverted need. That is why God has always supported the spread and intensity of evil even while pretending to be appalled by it. If he was indeed appalled by evil he’d certainly put an end to it. That end is ever promised but never brought about because that never was God’s intent. That’s logic and if it is faulty due to missing information again the blame can only be ascribed to God. This is but common sense.

      Did God put the same virus inside mankind, particularly inside men, that he put in Lucifer and is that not why we cannot shake it? Because through normal channels as offered to man this virus has no cure? Yes, that is what happened. The cure can only come through self empowerment and choosing to live compassionately, directly, without faith, hope, love or trust. This requires a change of nature, literally a mind-mutation. It took me 40 years to work this out, heh! Tell you what though Roger, the ball remains in God’s court. Anytime He wants to talk, I mean really talk, I’m open and willing to engage a meaningful conversation, not indoctrination or being threatened with an eternity in hell. That option no longer exists.

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        The question as to why there is evil within the scheme of things has always bothered and ‘bedevilled’ believers in a deity. From the Christian perspective it works like this; briefly and thus an imperfect explanation:
        If you accept there is God, then what ties in is that God is perfect and perfection is God. Now since God is the only God anything else is less than God. Thus anything less than God is not perfect and flaws arise, from there you can build the concept of evil arising out of the failure for us to combat our flaws. This is where Faith has to take place and also an honesty that we cannot blame God for own faults, we have options.
        To draw an analogy someone can be the best parent in the world and their child can still turn out to be an unpleasant sort.
        The next challenge which is faced; again from a Christian perspective is ‘why does God let these things happen?’. To say it is God’s Will doesn’t hack it for me. It is necessary take a far wider almost cosmic picture and again to use the parental analogy. We are given this gift; this Life and this Free-Will. A parent teaches a child to drive, best tuition, buys them a car not a sporty type, an ordinary model, the child still crashes the car, they die or someone is knocked down and dies. Who is to blame? This is not to say that a Christian will accept everything with equanimity and there will be very few who have not raged at God for one reason or another; we do.
        There is always the question of disease. For this one I would say, the whole concept of Life in its myriad forms and complexities is still one we are only scratching the surface on. Why disease; I don’t know. I don’t pretend to have a cosmic view of All of Life, of which Humanity is one small part.
        When we, as Christians come down to it, we believe God suffers with us, this is part of our Faith.
        This is how it should be. But this is how it is not. Folk blame this. Folk blame that. Folk should look at themselves.
        As for the concept of Hell. We are pretty adept at making these on Earth for others and for ourselves. What happens when we die….I am waiting with interest to find out, but not just yet I have things in Life to finish off.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, I’m fully cognizant of the points you bring up regarding God. The greatest obstacle to any honest and open relationship with God is what has been termed “the silence of God.” There was a time when God, or the gods, spoke directly to people, even interacted with them. Then came the great silence but people kept up the pretense that God, or the gods, were still around, watching, caring. No proper relationship is possible, or survives in any great silence. If a husband not only never spoke another word to his wife from the moment she said “I do” or never showed up again, but she only heard of him from others, and all of it hearsay, and if he did nothing to help her but let her struggle with all the burdens of life, unless she was stupid she would dissolve the marriage. That is what I’ve done. But that does not stop me from seeing what those “others” who believe in my ex-husband and worship him, do in his name. Knowing a bit about him, I know that he’s in on it, and gets off on it, because his nature dictates he could not remain aloof to the various situations developing from the power his name gives certain groups and institutions. For me that’s where the bridge ends – permanently or until God decides to return and complete it, i.e., fulfill his promises. I’m not building the bridge for him or sitting “on the dock of the bay” pretending the bridge actually exists. Sorry Roger, but that’s where it’s at for me. Meanwhile back at the ranch…

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      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        There is an account of a priest in France encountering a peasant sitting in Church, looking up. The peasant explained ‘He looked a God and God looked at him’. The Silence is something of a concept for those who chose this path and belief it to be so it is a kind of tuning in. That’s how it is for some.
        We all work in our different ways in this universe.
        I am wary of the ones who tell me I should do it, ‘this way’. Politics is one thing. My beliefs and my religion are another. I’ll do it my way and other folk can do it theirs. They can say what they want about how they ‘walk’ just don’t tell me ‘I am wrong’….I tune out straight away.


  4. sherazade

    “L’uomo” è ciò che Dio ha fatto di lui; Meno “donna”, perché in verità si è ribellata alla programmazione originale.

    Attenta! Ancor prima la donna è creata dalla costola di un uomo e dunque già alla nascita subalterna all’uomo.

    La mia famiglia mi ha insegnato la libertà di pensiero io sono agnostica e nello stesso tempo voglio ancora credere e praticare umanità e compassione nel senso più vasto della parola



    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hello Shera, My comment about woman having rebelled against the original programming was not based on the biblical myth of Adam’s rib. “God” is the force behind the misogynist patriarchy that oppresses women world wide and keeps them as second-class citizens or worse. This patriarchy has its source “somewhere” and any intelligent person must know it is not a natural occurrence. When I speak of “programming” I mean exactly that, I do not mean creation. Things were not always as they are today under the life-hating force of a patriarchy.
      I am not an agnostic, nor an atheist. I know that “God” does exist as an alien force, or power, and that such force is inimical to women because women give life while “God” in any form and however worshiped, is entirely anti-life. The patriarchy we are existing under is destroying this world through fascist political systems and degrading the quality of life through predatory capitalism. It has done this to countless other worlds throughout the universe over billions of years. Of course no one is supposed to know these things, but some of us still do because the programming did not completely destroy our remembrances.
      Ciao Shera, il mio commento sulla donna che si è ribellato alla programmazione originale non era basato sul mito biblico della costola di Adamo. “Dio” è la forza dietro il patriarcato misogino che opprime le donne in tutto il mondo e le mantiene come cittadini di seconda classe o peggio. Questo patriarcato ha la sua fonte “da qualche parte” e ogni persona intelligente deve sapere che non è un evento naturale. Quando parlo di “programmazione” intendo esattamente questo, non intendo la creazione. Le cose non erano sempre così come sono oggi sotto la forza che odia la vita di un patriarcato.
      Non sono un agnostico, né un ateo. So che “Dio” esiste come una forza aliena, o potere, e che tale forza è ostile alle donne perché le donne danno la vita mentre “Dio” in qualsiasi forma e comunque adorato, è interamente anti-vita. Il patriarcato che stiamo vivendo sta distruggendo questo mondo attraverso sistemi politici fascisti e degradando la qualità della vita attraverso il capitalismo predatore. Lo ha fatto a innumerevoli altri mondi in tutto l’universo per miliardi di anni. Naturalmente nessuno dovrebbe sapere queste cose, ma alcuni di noi lo fanno ancora perché la programmazione non ha distrutto completamente i nostri ricordi.


      1. sherazade

        Mi sono espressa male o comunque intendiamo la stessa cosa: io parto dal mito per dire che la subalternità della donna ha origini lontanissime proprio perché Dio è maschile. È vero che la donna compie il primo atto di ribellione ma è altrettanto vero che a lei viene addossata la colpa e quale sia lo status è la donna a pagarne le conseguenze culturali ancora oggi.
        Buonanotte 🌹


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ah sì, capisco il tuo significato ora, e siamo totalmente d’accordo. Grazie per il commento
        (Ah yes, I understand your meaning now, and we are in total agreement on it. Thank you for commenting)


  5. Hyperion

    The great God debate. I have my own personal view that is totally unobscured by history and the limitations of human thinking on faith and belief. The God of religions is a creation of man. Our first mistake is the extremely limiting view that gives God human characteristics. The next agregious fault handed down is the concept of sentient beings versus living and inanimate things. We need to have a scapegoat and so we have myths, gods, and people to blame for our individual inadequacy. Any true God wouldn’t be obsesed with few biomasses on a single planet when the entire collection of universes are God’s domain. The God of religions is a convenience to assauge our psyche and has evolved with us into our mass personality disorders and corrupted reasoning. God is genderless and cares nothing about gender equality or gender inequality. The Gods of our universe are the countless “Black Holes” that consume galaxies and exhaust the building blocks of stars, planets, and universe flotsam and jetsam, or more plainly written, the building blocks of all things to include our misguided arrogant selves. We now suspect there are more than one universe and we have proof that our three dimensional existence is really eight dimensions and possibly more. The unexplainable is rapidly explained but for humanity, it makes no difference at all. We chose our convenient lies, declare them truths, and wage war happily ever after. I believe in the Yin and Yang of all things the mind can fathom. To me, it’s the only thing that makes sense and my lie has allowed me to live happily ever after. Others may find their mileage may vary. There is something very ancient and astute in you Sha’Tara. Keep it coming. We can all learn if we can first listen. I am pleased to be able to sit on the rug next to your avatar and ponder the wisdom you share.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that great comment. As for my awareness, or knowledge, although I know it isn’t from this world and I know ‘stuff’, sometimes I sit in the dark and ponder the possibility that I am a complete phony. But then I “remember” other ‘stuff’ – times, places, ages. I remember living differently than possible on earth, for example being a “mermaid” on the water world Tiamat that once existed in this solar system, but other places as well. I remember being a dragon-like creature (without the fire breath) on a world we called Roccar. I go through spates of feelings and emotions and then I know it’s for real, whatever “real” is. As for the God thing, there are gods and there are gods. Most are made up, but some are real and more than just energetic forces like black holes. They have actual natures and manipulate much power, power which they learned to steal from life and life-emanations long ago. There are the death-makers and through our systems, or the Matrix, we encounter them all the time though we do not see them, just their puppets. Your own characters are facing such puppets and hopefully they will make the connection that they are facing much more than flesh and blood.

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      1. Hyperion

        My editor has talked about the invisible beings among us kinda thing. She has a friend who is an engineer that channels these beings on ocassion and explained it. We are aware that new research has proven we have 8 dimensions and can only detect 3 with our senses. The other 5 present evidence of their existence that we can detect. But this is in its infancy of our understanding and what things exist in these dimensions are unknown at this time in terms of being well defined and accepted. We can’t see it so it doesnt exist for us, but it does exist for itself. I never say never.


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