Murdering the Truth is Terrorism

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Source: Murdering the Truth is Terrorism | New Eastern Outlook

Gordon Duff

Dec 20, 2018
Americans are being dragged into a war with Russia and I can readily see by comments on blogs that the anti-Russia propaganda is working wonderfully well, especially now that Trump has announced withdrawal from Syria. Immediately social media was a-buzz with the same argument used years ago against withdrawal from Vietnam, ergo, there would be endless massacres if the godly USA military wasn’t there to keep the peace. It’s like they opened up the tombs…!

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Murdering the Truth is Terrorism | New Eastern Outlook

 Gordon Duff

Dec 20, 2018


The New York Times, in early December 2018, ran a 5000-word article outlining how Russian propaganda, supported by independent media, has destroyed America’s understanding of what is real and true. This time I wasn’t cited personally as last year when Newsweek, the Washington Post, Politico and The Hill named me as a Russian agent.

Endless hours with Federal investigators began to recreate a sense of reality. They genuinely began to understand that they are the ones who have been the victims, fed a narrative of lies for years. It was heartening.

In particular, the times went after the downing of MH17, the Skripal poisoning, or whatever it was, various gas attacks, the alleged election rigging, blaming Russia for making it hard for them to get their version out and believed.

For my part…

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