After listening to Lakme, the Flower Duet

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ ]

I like beautiful music and although I prefer music over song, either can be from any era, just as long as it is beautiful to my ears and it moves me. So I was listening to Lakme, part I, The Flower Duet (in this case performed by Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca – See YouTube:

…And I was thinking, again, about Earth and about “Man” as Earth’s current lord and master. I was thinking of a line by Carl Sagan in “Contact”: ‘You are capable of such beauty, and such horror.” (Quoting from memory but the gist is here)

Whenever I engage myself, mind-wise, on Earthian matters, I get confused as to how I should approach it. Is it “you” and me as the cosmic observer, or should I include myself in among the observed? How do I decide this? First, I must be sure it isn’t a matter of hubris; that if my observation runs into negative judgment, that if I remove myself it isn’t in any way because I think I’m superior to the rest of Earthianity, but because I no longer think, speak or act as most of “you” do. This process, this judgment, must be impeccable on my part.

I believe it is, therefore I am going to be the observer and use the “you” though certainly in the generic sense. I do not know “you” as individuals, therefore it will be according to your conscience whether you “fit in” or can truthfully remain outside the picture. For you, today, I will once again take up the role of the Trojan prophetess Cassandra and say things you will not find acceptable.

You are capable of great beauty… certainly, and the piece of music I mention above proves it even by itself. You don’t have to be able to write, play or sing such, you just have to be able to listen to it and have the capacity to let it enter you and fill you and for the three or four minutes it takes, let it displace all other thoughts, feelings and emotions. Simple, really.

The problem however is that too often it seems impossible to let go. The “immediate” presses upon the mind and demands full attention. That immediate could be anything from the most pleasurable to the greatest pain or loss. The mind-heart refuses to let go of its current obsession driven by anticipation or the immediacy of physical or mental pain.

Earth is not a place conducive to an overall sense of peace, comfort and wholesome satisfaction. Even in the most remote corners, surrounded by nothing but nature, unless one is blind, the reality of the turmoil taking place in the skies, the seas, the trees, the soil, impinges on one’s awareness: predators, everywhere. You see, your world’s natural motive force is based on predatorship or perhaps I should coin a word here: predatorism, because in fact that is the concept that rules Earth. Some are born to kill, many, many more are born to be killed, eaten or absorbed into the natural fabric, their lives cut down long before they can complete their natural cycle. Even your great mountains are worn away by waters and passing winds.

I realize that most of you do not engage your world this way. You do not sense this, though you may be vaguely aware of it, and you generally shrug it off, or use it as an excuse for indulging in what Sagan called, “great horror.” You call it the food chain, and that’s that, as if somehow that explains it away. As if that same nature you want to wax poetic about can also be the brutal barbaric entity that supports your convenient food chain. As if there is no unacceptable dichotomy here, no problem.

That’s the problem, you see, the fact that you don’t see a problem with how nature works. You don’t see a problem because you don’t realize the direct relationship with your own social failures: your wars, genocides, social injustices of every possible kind juxtaposed with those of the world you happen to be temporarily using as a base because… you have no choice: you can’t get away, and if you could, you would have no clue where to go. Some of you feel that your species is a failure, but how many see your world’s “procession” as an equally and connected abysmal failure?

I feel both, the horror that is the working natural system of this world, and the greater horror that is an intelligent, sentient, self aware (ISSA) species calling itself “mankind” that refuses to question the modus operandi of its natural world; refuses to question its own modus operandi; refuses the simple expedient of connecting the dots in order to realize why things are as they are and why no lasting (real) solution to man’s social problems has ever come forth. The only times some significant change has ever happened was through the exercise of violence. That true statement should make any rational being stop and take note: why must it require violence to make significant change within the social structure, and why is it that any and all such changes have failed and are in the process of failing right now?

To me that would be the “why?” question of all the “why?” questions. Why do you always fail? Look, even now, while shooting off on all kinds of tangents based on IT and AI, you are helplessly realizing that this technology is quite likely going to supplant you, perhaps destroy you as ISSA beings. Barely has the technology begun that already you know without a doubt that some way or another it is going to bite you in the ass, and that severely so.

You see? There is no win-win here, not under the current hegemony; the current “force” or “power” that operates this planet. You, people of earth, are not that force or that power, but its slave species. There, I’ve said it, and but for rare exceptions, that is not something you will find acceptable, therefore you will find it necessary to reject the thought outright. If you did not, guess what? You would be forced to look into this in depth and who knows where that would lead? To confront your real nemesis?

No. I can easily tell you where it would lead: back to organized religion. Without self empowerment; without the power to cancel out all input and replace it all with your own thoughts, your own self-made ISSA reasoning, the forces or powers I speak of, will seem to smile in your brain. They will prod you along, with fine words or goads, down the chute into a ready-made religion that will, of course, explain it all. You will then accept the “new” ideas this “new” religion programs into your mind and who knows? It could explain how the AI is a divine power, or it could just as easily make you believe that the time has come to launch a “revolution” against science and technology and you will go off to destroy all vestiges of science and technology, mindlessly following the dictates of a few madmen who will tell you they are “making the Earth great again.”

Either way, you see, you’re not your own person: you are an actor, a puppet, a robot because you are not in control of your own mind. So you will go along (or you will be of those who will violently oppose the barbarians) and indulge in much, much more horror and under your feet, in the seas, in the trees and in the air, predators will continue to kill and eat, and billions of lifeforms will die premature deaths in attempts to sate the hunger of an insatiable system – as Costello would say, “Same as you!”

Quote: “Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works. Anything that’s invented between when you’re fifteen and thirty- five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it. Anything invented after you’re thirty-five is against the natural order of things.” (Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt)

19 thoughts on “After listening to Lakme, the Flower Duet

  1. rawgod

    I don’t know, S’T, I am not really hearing anything new here. We are fucking our world up, and unless we change, we will go right on fucking everything up. People have been saying this almost as long as we have been able to talk. Saying it does nothing. Giving something to change our world, that is what is needed. You truly are being a cassandra, telling the obvious truth, but leaving out the how to fix it.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting on this difficult topic, rawgod. Quote: “You truly are being a cassandra, telling the obvious truth, but leaving out the how to fix it.”
      I had hoped that anyone reading the piece would realize, based on the many posts I’ve written on “the fix” that I deliberately left that out – to see if anyone made to obvious connection.
      The FIX is as beautiful as it is impeccable, and we all possess the wherewithal to apply it, right now. I call it choosing to live by compassion. Just compassion. Compassion towards all things, living or inanimate. Compassion without exceptions or excuses.
      When we engage life thus, we can’t help but realize how much of what is done ‘in our name’ or what we do for our comfort, benefit, security, survival, is simply put, wrong. We exist in an aura of existential wrongness. Without compassion we cannot sense this, certainly not to the extent we need in order to set positive and permanent change in motion. Without compassion we so easily accept evil as normalcy and we satisfy ourselves with little news of something good happening somewhere because that makes us feel good.
      Why am I harping on this? Because any intelligent person can readily see that our current way of life is unsustainable and increasingly destructive.


      1. rawgod

        (I think you caught me on a bad day!)
        Is it a fix to say choose to live with compassion? I understand what you are saying, no problem, but the world, including nature, does not choose compassion. Everything on this world has to eat something, whether it is sunlight, or pollen, or meat and blood. Life lives on life.
        Compassion is a luxury for higher beings. Humanity has not yet earned that billing. Hopefully we will, but present indications are against it.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Whenever we are confronted with a life changing proposal, it is not something to which we usually say, “OK, cool, I’m in!” Obviously what I am proposing is difficult for Earthians because they are gregarious creatures who like to do things in groups. In fact most of them entirely discount personal empowerment as having any kind of power to change one’s environment. This is where the spiritual being separates from the rest. As a self empowered being I am no longer bound by man-made beliefs or rules. As a compassionate self empowered being my thoughts, words and deeds supersede anything “good” proposed or implemented from within the Matrix which we usually call civilization. This is the kind of “super mind” (which in fact is the normal mind for a human being) I am proposing people awaken within themselves, not as groups nor as belief systems but as free human beings.
        That is the first step. Without that step being taken, anything else I try to explain or discuss, such as predatorism, cannot be understood. You say life feeds on life. Yes, that is a correct observation, from this one world amongst trillions of other worlds with intelligent, sentient, self-aware life peopling them. What do we know of those? Should we, in typical ignorant or prideful stance, declare that all of them exist by life eating life, that none of them could possibly operate differently than Earth? What do we know of those who may have conquered that terrible process, or evolved beyond it? Does “eating” necessarily have to involve imposing fear, pain and death on others who only seek to live out their allotted lives in peace and safety? Could we not learn to transfer energy into our physical bodies without killing? Compassion says we can, and must. It will take us there if we take her hand… but of course that choice is not without a huge price.


      3. rawgod

        I personally only know what physical life is like on this planet. We have had this discussion before. Compassion and life on earth have nothing to do with groups, as much as it does natural history. To be compassionate we have to learn we can be different from our ancestors, which is not as hard as you seem to suggest. The biggest problem as I see it is ego. Ego already thinks it is the greatest thing in the universe. Teaching it its real place is key.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Interesting comments. Perhaps for some, being compassionate as a way of life; purpose of life and full-time “occupation isn’t difficult. Based on many years’ experiences, the personal losses incurred in terms of possessions, lovers and friendships as I chose compassion over expectations, and also based on the reading of many works dealing with changing one’s nature, I have found it to be, well, all consuming, totally demanding and extremely difficult.
        I have a question for you: how does one teach ego its real place, and what is ego’s real place anyway? I’m sure that my understanding of the term, ego, differs from anyone else too. In my world ego is simply a tool, like a secondary computer board, that transfers information flowing from mind to brain. It has no way to change information except it can function as a choke to block information that could be damaging to the brain and to the body. Since we are speaking theoretically, the explanation I was given is quite likely as good as, or better, than Freud’s.
        What do you think?


      5. rawgod

        Ego in my opinion has little to do with Freud, beyond giving us the word, if he even did that. Ego is how most people encounter the world. We are not born with an ego, but it is built for us as we are socialized as children. It takes the world in, and centres us in that world. Everything revolves around ego. We are forcibly taught that we are our ego, and everything that entails.
        (What follows is how I process the world.) But we are not our egos. We are spiritual beings, wanting to live together with the world, with each other, with all living beings. We are compassionate beings–a word I learned from you–caring more about others than ourselves. We are searching beings–looking to find purpose in the chaos of life.
        Unfortunately, ego hides our spiritual selves from us. Our society praises ego while damning spirit. Ego chooses what face to wear in every situation in order to best protect us from harm, while at the same time making us look as good as possible in the eyes of those we are encountering. Ego is the facade which hides the true us.
        I discovered my own ego at least 40 years ago. I kept getting glimpses of myself doing things like putting on faces, saying one thing to one person, then the exact opposite to another person, while not truly believing either. How I started this process I cannot really say, but I started watching myself, observing myself being me, taking notes of how I reacted according to whom I was in the presence of. And I realized I did not like myself. I wasn’t a bad person, but I was dishonest–with myself! So I went on a journey to find the true me. (Back in the 60s, the people I associated with–hippies–had a saying, know yourself. I thought I had done that.) But now I began realizing how little I really knew about myself. I came up with a mantra I repeated to myself 30 times a day, as well as writing it everywhere I would go more than once a day. I used to travel everywhere by foot or bicycle in those days, so I took some paper and taped it to my handlebars. “Know thyself. Integrate thyself. Be thyself. Be!” I took this mantra everywhere I went. It was a helluva journey of self-discovery. I ended up reexamining every belief I had, and discovered 90% or more of what I believed came to me from outside myself. So I asked myself, is this a belief I can live with, or do I need to reject it. I ended up rejecting 85% of the beliefs I thought I had. I basically made myself a blank slate, and started to create myself all over again. This comment is getting too long, so I will qiickly tell you whst happened. I became a new person, one I could present to everyone in every sphere of my life. I literally forced myself to be just one person, me. It was not easy, but that was how I met my ego, and I had a lot of long talks with myself about who I was and who I wanted to be. My ego protested, telling me others would think I was crazy. And I answered it, good. If I have to be crazy to be me, then sobeit. And over time I convinced my ego I was serious. I did not need its protection, but I did need it to help me discover my way in the world. I gave it the job of driving the bus, but not according to how it wanted to do that. If it wanted to stick around, it had to follow my directions. And that is how we still live today. We share my body, but I am always me–the spirit me.
        So yes, ego is a tool for me too. It is my guide through physical reality. But I live in spiritual reality. And ego cannot go there.


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “So yes, ego is a tool for me too. It is my guide through physical reality. But I live in spiritual reality. And ego cannot go there.”
        I think you summed it up perfectly right here.


  2. franklparker

    Absolutely on point. We need to accept that every living thing is there as food for some other living thing. That is the natural order. Acceptance of that fact is the way to a peaceful mind.


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks for commenting, Frank. Let me quote, ” We need to accept that every living thing is there as food for some other living thing. That is the natural order. Acceptance of that fact is the way to a peaceful mind.”
    You do realize that is the exact opposite of what I wrote, right? When I hear people say, “that is the natural order” or “the nature of things” I do not sense peace, or even balance, I sense helplessness, or worse, uncaring. I used to watch “nature shows” that went to great lengths to show how predators stalked, took down and killed their prey. I long ago stopped watching such things and gradually I made the connection between our own tendency to violence and the accepted “natural order.”
    The question I asked was, ‘how do I know this is a natural order?’ How can I know unless I have something else to compare it to? If if feels wrong, then maybe it isn’t the natural order? That set me off on a quest to find evidence for or against “predatorism” and I found it, and it was squarely against.
    As long as we accept our localized interpretation of ‘the nature of things’ and convince ourselves that it cannot possibly be any other way, then we will also be saddled with our own innate violence that endlessly erupts in bullying, domestic violence, violent sports and attendant mobs, international conflicts, wars, genocides, to name but the few main problems of violence we face daily.
    Like Donald Trump in the White House, man is in a unique position to make a difference in the way things work on earth but like Donald Trump, man chooses to continue pushing towards more negativity: more violence, more imposition of irrational power against a world that can no longer sustain such attacks. Like Donald Trump, man is going to fail in his efforts to finally control and own his entire world but not before much, likely too much, damage is done.
    “Acceptance of that fact (predatorism) is the way to a peaceful mind.” Is that a true statement, Frank? If it was the case, would we not all live within a peaceful mind, since we accept “that fact” without hardly ever thinking about it? I know I’m being harsh here, but the harshness of the times and conditions call for equal response.
    Think compassion, Frank. How can a compassionate person be at peace surrounded by predators and prey?


  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    Hi Adam, I will ask one more time that you DO NOT POST anything from Augtellez on this blog or I will have to moderate your comments. Also please address THE TOPIC of the post and keep your comments reasonably short – and on point. Thanks.


  5. adamspiritualwarrior

    Is there an off topic place on this blog I can post helpful things such as smart meter blocking covers for example and other stuff ?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I’m sorry but no. I tried setting up an “alternate” blog for off the wall stuff and conspiracy theories but… first that blog conflicted with this one – I couldn’t keep them separate – maybe you have to pay for that privilege – and second, I simply didn’t have time to “babysit” an extra blog. You’ll have to find a home for that stuff on other blogs that lend themselves to that. “And…” I won’t discuss smart meters. I have one on my house anyway because they were going to charge extra for manual reading… we may not be “of the world” be we are “in” the world, hah!


  6. Woebegone but Hopeful

    A very good choice as a theme. One of the most harmonious duets.
    After a trip down the swamps of FaceBook I still see that ignorance and very selective sifting of snippets still holds sway. Hypocrisy is rife on all sides of the political, religious and social divide. Apparently the number of Europeans voting for populist parties is increasing; like WWI & WWII never happened.
    Survival will rely on those small groups of folks doing their heroic or selfless acts in various ways throughout many communities. We cannot rely on our leaders or worse their supporters to see anything close to sense or common purpose.
    Hope lies with the small folk doing their best for their communities.
    And the enjoyment of arts and nature for their own sake


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Roger. For those who need and “do” hope, let them find it wherever they may. Yes, change, if there is to be change, will come from individuals discovering that they not only have a conscience, but they’re supposed to pay heed to it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        My present requires a time-machine into which are can drag various hate-mongers back to WWI & WWII to site were lie mangled rotting corpses and demanded of these shrill folk, if they are ready to take their place on or sacrifice their children on this altar of horror. (I’m done with try to be Mr Calm and Composed….maybe 2020)


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