A Meditative Journey into the Cave of Fear

This story uses the prompt “Cave” and was written for the October “blog battle” at rachaelritchey.com,    https://blogbattlers.wordpress.com/2018/10/09/stories-cave/

Short Story by Sha’Tara

It began as a deliberate entry into a gaping opening in the side of a low mountain. I could hear water dripping from wet walls and feel the clinging cold dampness of the place. The question I had to face was whether to proceed into this cave. Of course I could not know the end of it without the experience of it, so I decided to enter.

There was a kind of track sloping down, made of natural crushed shale and slippery under my hiking shoes. After finding my balance, down I went, surrounded by a growing opaque darkness. I had no fire or flashlight, just my senses to guide me and my unquenchable curiosity to push me onward.

As I walked deeper into the cave, it became pitch black and I had to give up trying to use my eyes.  Without any light to define the surrounding darkness, there was nothing to see.  But wait, that’s when I “saw” a new kind of light, surreal, somewhat as depicted in Kirlian photographs.  I could see without seeing!  I could now step forward and down with greater confidence.  The water still dripped from the black walls and I could see it glistening on the ceiling.

There was a warm dankness about the place and I smelled an unpleasant odor. At this point the eerie lighting showed me a small tunnel branching off on the right. I walked to its entrance and saw a dry surface leading upward.  It had an easy walking surface, no loose rocks or shale, just flat grey rock.

Choice.  Should I take this inviting tunnel, or keep on the downward journey of the other one?  Something within me reasoned this drier tunnel would be a dead end, or take me back up and out the other side of the mountain.  I chose to continue down the original cave, ever deeper under the mountain.  That’s when I realized I had passed my first test.

I continued to question the purpose of this weird quest and who had carved these tunnels, and why?  Where was the King under the Mountain?  Where was the sound of hammers as Dwarves carved out the hard black rock to find their precious stones, their silver and gold?

“What will I find in the tunnel?” asks Luke Skywalker of Yoda.  “Fear” he replied.  “Your greatest fear.  Do not take your weapons down there, they will only contribute to your downfall.”  But the young, the rash, the foolish seldom listen to the voice of experience and wisdom.  He went fully armed into the tunnel to be  confronted by his arch-enemy, Darth Vader.  They fought.  Luke won and cut Vader’s head off.  When he looked into the terrible mask, his own face stared back at him.  Fear gives birth to anger, anger to hate and hate to death.  There is no escape. The undisciplined, un-empowered overconfident self is always our own worst enemy.

My fear of what lay ahead became palpable. I sensed a ‘Something’ not alive as we understand the concept and I knew it was lurking further down. It had eyes that could see the minutest details in the dark; that could see into the heart and find every weakness, every frailty, every shadow, every dark, hidden corner where residues of resentment, shame and guilt are stored.  That is what it wanted to feast upon.  It was starving for an orgy on human sin.

I knew then it would never let me leave this place, even if I turned and tried to run back up the way I’d come.  This was its world or perhaps better put, an underworld.  There were hidden passages I sensed as flow of air coming from the sides of the cave. It used these as shortcuts to waylay any creature that wandered this far.

If we intend to walk the darkness of the underworld we must not carry darkness within our mind-heart.  Only the pure of heart can pass unmolested to enter the sacred place of sacrifice.  Yes, that’s what had drawn me down this corridor of non-time.  I remembered what came at the end of this place: sacrifice and redemption.  I understood fully why the beast or beasts, for I now sensed many,  waylaid me.  If I passed, I would have a clear conscience and they would be defeated, left starving.  Thus I would be permitted to offer myself as a sacrifice upon the altar of fire at the end of this journey and in doing so I could call upon the great forces of spirit to grant my one wish. If I passed.

They knew.  And they came upon me to find my darkness; to feed on my fear, for fear is darkness.  I am so close to being devoured here.  I have no weapon with which to ward these starving demons.  I have no protection.  There is no place to turn, not even against a wall – they are all around me, salivating, snarling, growling.  “Give in to your fear… give in and hate me with all the passion that is within you.  Anticipate the pain you are going to endure when my poisoned fangs sink into your flesh, and scream your rage!”

This is when I found some of my power. “Peace!” I said to myself, I came to this place, to confront my fear and not to give in to it.  To test my resolve since that day long ago when I had made a decision and chosen my own name. Shalom Tara! I closed my eyes and slowly sank upon the rough floor.  Beings of light completed this vision then, approaching and taking my hands, helping me to stand and leading me through the rest of the way.

So did I pass my second test. The third has yet to come.

26 thoughts on “A Meditative Journey into the Cave of Fear

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Frank. As these “events” are purely symbolic, they need interpretation. It took me some time to realize that the “cave of fear” journey describes my personal journey to this point in time quite accurately.


  1. Lisa R. Palmer

    Amazing. As usual. 😀

    Such distance you have travelled without ever moving your feet. Such power you have embraced without stealing it from others. What inspiration you provide without claiming any titles…

    Thank you! Yet again…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Lisa. I honestly didn’t know how to respond without expressing some kind of false humility. Comments such as yours, Roger’s and Frank’s all mean so much, yet seem to me so undeserved. Anyway… a simple thank you, again.


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  3. Gary

    Wonderful imagery and a good take on the BB prompt (which is where I found the link to here, and wonderful I did!). Caves create a great scene for so much fictional short stories. Those I’ve read, yours included, have all been excellent. Looking forward to more…


  4. Apple Rae

    I felt you. I felt you and you brought me with you in this journey, so thank you Sha Tara. You are full of wisdom. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  5. adamspiritualwarrior

    Hello Shatara , I sense in my higher self a feeling it would if you see this comment, even if you delete it don’t moderate it, but important I sense, that you see it. Orionra offers different views from the views of that blog you unsubscribed to
    November 6, 2018 at 6:48 pm
    Somehow it didn’t let me know you replied to my post. Your higher self won’t let you die until it’s time. Especially if you’re aware of the law of free will and are actively using it. This may not have been our game, but we do have some control over it. As David Icke said…they use the fear and energy emitted by us to create our own trap, our own illusion. Withdrawing from the world, while actively helping to destroy the false construct, is the only way they won’t be able to drain beings anymore. When you see a false being suffering, from now on it has to pass through you without charging your chakras and making them leak out the energy these anti-gods feed off of.

    Even the controllers are afraid of the actual ones holding this place hostage. I was warned they were returning. It’s like in the movie the fifth element…the planet of fire is the anti-god and only by human spirit…or the fifth element, can it be brought down. The necronomicon is “their” history and humanity’s, but in a veiled form. There are watchers guarding it’s secrets. Each religion and belief system has a part of the key to this place. Gnosticism, which I’m mostly of, has the base idea of what this place is about…but doesn’t get direct enough as they were already threatened and massacred for their beliefs so they only represented bits and pieces of it.
    Many who are initiated into the Necronomicon Tradition are well aware that the Mad Arab spoke in a manner that seemed like he was against the workings of the primordial rites, when in fact he was a worker of them. Non-initiate of this Tradition can be helped to understand this by comparing his actions to the slaves who had to hide their worship of the Orishas by mixing it with Catholicism. So too, in the days of the Mad Arab, worship of some deities may have been offensive to others, and may have resulted in death. Thus, the Simon Necronomicon recognizes this paradigm as being realistic for the time that it is said that the Mad Arab wrote the Al-Azif.
    Different than the Biblical and Enochian perspectives of why the Watchers descended to the reamls of human folk, we find the legends of Ishtar/Inanna relate to a deescent for purposes of initation. First, we must consider that the name Ishtar means star. Therefore, the Descent of Ishtar is relative to the descent of a “star,” or as cited earlier from the Book of Enoch:
    “Preliminary and final Place of Punishment of the fallen Angels (stars).”

    These “stars” were actually the Watchers of Enochian lore and we find that the epic tale of Ishtar descending into the Underworld illustrates metaphorically, the descent of the watchers. In older accounts of the epic, wherein we find the Sumerian Inanna the subject of the parable, she is said to give up a “me” or creative power at each of the seven gates. if we compare this with what is written in the Biblical book of Genesis Chapter 1, we find an outstanding similarity. It is amazing that in this Biblical tale, every creative day is aid to end with the terms “evening and morning,” even before this chapter deals with the creation of the Sun and Moon. What is also ironic, is that the word evening precedes morning throughout these Biblical passages. Ishtar was known to the ancient people of Mesopotamia as the evening and morning star. Her “evening” aspect was regarded as a creative time, and as the “morning” star, she was considered warlike. Thus, we find that the Biblical epic, as described in Genesis Chapter 1 deals with the descent of the Ishtar Class, or the Class of Watchers from beyond the Stars. It seems that this race was responsible for restoring Earth to its beautiful foundation, as revealed by the fact that when they assumed physical form they were instructed to “replenish the Earth.”

    Some time after making Earth their abode other deities from the same origin decided to make human beings and assigned the “descending Watchers” the task of keeping an eye out on them. They were attracted to them and began to take some as marriage mates, which may have not been a problem, but teaching them arts of divination may have been thus, we find these words in the Biblical account:
    “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. “


    1. adamspiritualwarrior

      Heresanother one that might be of interest
      November 6, 2018 at 7:02 pm
      My consciousness is akin to a walk-in. Up till the year 2000 this shell housed a true light civilian trapped being and right on the year 2000 new years it was rescued. Afterwards there was a deep depression in the shell as it had no higher self anchoring energy…like a vacuous black hole…sucking in energy from everything around it. I allowed this to happen as it allowed contact with and integration with a high mind of darkness. This shell was at the time into spiritual satanism and was encouraged as it allowed the truth to unfold physically before it’s eyes so the belief system in things beyond that which can be seen need not be only a “belief”.

      I entered “walked-in” once there was already a high being of darkness mind inside this shell and began dominating it and overtaking the shell as it allowed me to read their energies and plans that they had going forward.For a few years in my initial state I had to do extreme purification to negate the constant dark energy. When kaos asks if you allow it to take you over,say no. It was like the black goo and then it permeated and became one with the shell and it’s energy constructs before I got in. After some time I was able to anchor myself to this reality by the words of Amitakh of the Xee-a Twelve site around 13 years ago.

      From then on my re-awakening and total dominance over this shell and my surrounding environment has gradually grown. Most high level players of this game come in under the radar and the dark beings you’re looking for are not going to be in the public eye…Soros? Lol…those are just puppets. I came in as the rescue effort and cleansing of this false light construct maya and trap is ending now and needed a push in energy. There is a displacement of consciousness…such as when one goes into surgery and afterwards comes out with a different soul and different identity…and then there are multiple souls in one shell and many or all of them can be walk-ins, energy overlay just like interfacing inside a virtual reality…aka the movie Ready Player One. This shell was specifically created for me from the beginning and it has key genetics from the original races. It is also the most defiant you will find and the most resistant to programming. It’s all about energy. It’s a war of energy. The physical is the least and most important part depending on how you look at things.


    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well Adam, I’m pretty open and flexible when it comes to theories and stories from other entities than myself. I look at the information presented, when it is stated comprehensively, or if I’m given a primer with which to proceed across the information and then I interact. I may have a few ‘out there’ ideas but when sharing them I try to keep the language simple enough that anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of English can grasp what is being shared. Try as I might, and despite dribs and drabs of recognition, these articles fail the general comprehension test. I have no idea what this entity is attempting to describe, or share with me, and it’s not up to me to develop the “skills” the communicate with that person, it’s up to her/him/it to do that. I am not removing the articles as someone else may be able to translate them and find something useful in them. If not… they’ll be like those items blown off the clothes line by the wind, lost in the bushes… 🙂



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