The Move

a sci-fi short story,   by Sha’Tara

“They’ll never know.”  Voice intoned.  “They must never know.”

“Some suspect…” 

“Hypothesis; conjecture — we’ve always encouraged that.  We’ve also encouraged the opposite: belief that physical proof is necessary to acceptance.  They’ll follow the pattern.  Those who do not, who “see” will be disparaged and disbelieved.”

Council dissolves.

In their private chambers, Orthon and Agria discuss the matter. 

“We are manipulating their minds, Orthon.  This goes against the Teaching.”

“This is a very primitive race, Agria.  We must prevent global panic at all cost.”

“The move will create great disruptions, as the Council has been made aware.  The tips of the spirals will overheat and some of the smaller worlds will be burned up.”

“The Generators are working on the psi shields, are they not?”

“They won’t be ready in time, and there is no way to test their resilience to such a move.”

“Erthe is a minuscule entity.  Surely we can produce a powerful enough effect to shield it while it is being moved?”

“We… ahh, hope.  Why is the Council so concerned about Erthe?  Why not let it burn?  The Biologons from Elgir scanned it and found nothing remarkable, except for two unalterable facts:  one, it contains the greatest diversity of life forms anywhere and two, the Erthes are destroying their own living space on it.  Why would the Council want that world spared, particularly?”

“It has deep reasons, Agria.”

“Convince me, Orthon.  Impress this truth upon me.”

“You have my trust, Agria.  I will share with you.”

And as Agria opened herself to his mind probe, she began to sense why the Council would be duly concerned by Erthe’s fate.  Deep under one of her oceans the Biologons had recorded the existence of  an Anomaly.  The recordings described an intelligence unlike any other on Erthe,  expressing from within the magma.  The Council had attempted to have the expression analyzed but every available transponder/decoder had failed to translate the anomalous expression.  It remained the only unreadable expression emanating from any of the known Universes.  Even the great Lotharias Logos could not make any sense of it.  In fact, when the recorded expression entered its logic fields, the Logos temporarily froze.

But the times had come.  The Galaxy had to be moved to a new location or it would fall prey to the black hole caused by an imploded star know as Sol Dallin.  Already there were signs of great instability among the larger systems. The ripple effects were spreading as more and more matter-beings were sucked into its giant maw, destroying balance.  Soon the entire Galaxy would be beyond saving.  But if it could be removed from the vicinity, the danger of a Universal melt-down to anti-matter posed by the black hole could possibly be averted.  There were no alternate options in the mind of Council.

“Ah… my dear Orthon, I thank you.  We stand to lose much if we do not act swiftly.  So, Council would first move Erthe to Galaxy Eleven, then move Galaxy 58 to Sector P19?  There is more to the Anomaly than you have shared with me then?”  

“The Logos believes the Anomaly may be the Source of All Life.  It fears the implosion of Sol Dallin was caused by the Anomaly in a move to destroy itself.”

“But why would the Source seek to do such?”

“The Logos suspects a malfunction within the mind of the Anomaly triggering a self-destruct sequence.  It believes the All Life desires to terminate.  The Logos cross-referenced all its available data and concluded the activities on Erthe were the trigger.”

“Tell me more, Orthon.  Why, for example, would All Life be located in Erthe, particularly — or why did the Logos reach this conclusion?”

“Facts about Erthe herself, my dear.  Well-known facts.  For example, diversity of life, despite Draconian attempts to control, has continued to expand and mutate exponentially on its surface and in its atmosphere and oceans.  The resultant complexity has apparently caused overloading in Source Mind.  Such otherwise unknowns clashing with each other – fear, hate, violence causing physical terminations on scales unimaginable; these juxtaposed by passionate explosions of love and protection.  Predators met with ever-adaptive means of evasion and defense.  Violent rejection, violent attraction.  Wars between Erthes themselves.  Life birthed in blood and pain, sustained by death, giving way to laughter,  turning to dust.  A maelstrom of organic dysfunction.”

“It frightens you to look into these things, friend.” 

“Yes, it does.  And do you see?  Fear was never a part of our psyche Agria.  This fear we now feel, it was generated from our brief, accidental contact with the Anomaly.  As to its location, logic dictates that wherever the All Life is located such a place would become endowed with more life than any other.  Erthe, if truly the heart of creation, would pulse with an over-abundance of creative energy.”

“Yes my dear.  But the All Life chose Blessed Rest after the Completion.  Is that not the Teaching?”

“It is.  But the Logos believes the All Life was Binary.  When the One chose rest, the Other was forced to enter the process continuation.  It was inevitable.  Life demands continuous involvement, change, expansion.  The Other tried to limit its input and involvement, withdrawing, hiding within the core of Erthe but even this was too much.  Life’s needs increased over the billennia.  The Other served life with compassion, all the while accepting the need for the destruction to prevent over-building and collapse.”

“What will happen if the All Life located in Erthe’s core is destroyed, then?”

“Entropy, Agria.  The Logos believes this will apply to all known worlds.”

“And what will happen to us?”

“We will experience termination.  Without fresh input the extant will fall into stasis and cease.”

“Well my dear, let us continue with our plans to build our psi shields.  I do not think they will suffice but it will keep us focused while we contact the One who chose Blessed Rest and re-unite the All Life Binary.”

“My dear Agria, there is no Teaching even hinting that the One could be brought out of retirement and reunited with the Other.  If such was possible, would they not have done so?”

“As below, so above Orthon.  What the Teaching does not say is “why” the One chose Blessed Rest, leaving the Other to carry the burden of All Life.  But we, the female energies of Om, know intuitively what happened.  Simply put my friend, there was disagreement in the Binary, resulting in the Split. 

If I can approach the Anomaly and am allowed to enter her Mind it may be she will share her fear, anger and feelings of rejection with us .  She may yet choose to live, Orthon.  She may have learned the lesson that all of life has yet to learn: that no part of life is greater than any other, not even the All Life, and that any part can be friend with any other part.”

“Well said, friend, but where would you begin to search for the One?”

“Not necessary.  If I can make her aware her loneliness and desolation are caused by her separation from the Twin, it may be she will allow us to contact the Blessed Rest and speak to the One on her behalf.”

“Have we come so far that life would have the wisdom to speak for the All Life?  That we, the created, could bring peace within the realm of the All Life, thus bringing peace within all of life?”

“They made us in their own image, Orthon.  It is time we made use of this awareness.”

“Ah, Agria, please consider this before you proceed: the Logos predicted our conversation to Council.  It asked:

{What will you do if the All Life, instead of coming out of retirement or ending the self-destruct process, confers its powers upon you?  What does Agria-Orthon choose if offered the power of All Life?} 

“What do we choose, Agria?”

“Life, Orthon.  Always life, whatever it entails.”

19 thoughts on “The Move

  1. Regis Auffray

    Once again, an engaging story, Sha’Tar. You must have found a spring of inspiration which fires up your imagination resulting in the engendering of your intriguing stories. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Oh, that rising spring of inspiration, well, it’s all due to the heavy rains we’re having, and the general rise of waters due to climate change. May as well take advantage of it, can’t do much about it. There’s another classic one I should be working on, begins something like, “It was a dark and stormy night… and not a creature was stirring… Oh yes, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, straight from the horse’s mouth into the notebook: that’s all she wrote.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hugh! I thought I wrote an acknowledgement and thank you but can’t find it, so belatedly, thank you for reading and your valued appreciation.


  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    A very captivating story on a cosmological scale. I am fascinated by the powers which would be used to move objects of a galactic scale, truly send the imagination into high gear.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Roger. I got some inspiration from Greg Bear’s novel “Moving Mars” for that one, but the philosophy, I have to claim that one as mine… but please, anybody, borrow it and use it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I like the concept. In this Universe, I’m not arguing! You’re tuning into something.(NSA’s Gaia mission puts the latest estimate of stars in our galaxy alone as 100 billion….love those figures)


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Nice numbers, and if each star represents a solar system, and if each solar system represents several planets… yet “they” assume a possibility of only 100,000 earth-type civilizations in all of that? Hm. Then there’s that annoying Fermi paradox: very high probability of intelligent life all around us yet zero contact. But if I have made contact with aliens from outside this very universe, the question has to be, what’s wrong with our perception? People ask me, why can’t I meet with your Teachers? I have no answer except to point to personal accountability and responsibility. With higher mental development, relationships are not based on such crude methods of expectations as Earthians constantly display. Why would “you” want to meet with an alien? Well, it’s the old, “I want, I need, gimme, gimme!” that rules the day here. How many people go within seeking a passage outside Earth’s etheric walls to offer help to anyone else? How many times, in our science fiction history, have we launched into space with the intent to find other civilizations in need of succour and prepared ourselves to do just that? Isn’t it just the opposite, all the time? If we don’t go with guns, we go with cameras and various recording devices. We go to the moon, we take rocks and leave garbage behind. We never think of giving, only of taking and polluting. The answer to Fermi’s Paradox.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        When it comes down to basics, we still do not know.
        The most learned and astute accept this and do not try to make wild assumptions others try to make as solid facts.
        Me, I am just fascinated.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Spock to Captain Kirk: Fascinating, Jim, but where’s the logic? followed by raised eyebrow. (OK, that’s a joke, no knickers in a knot here, I hate un-knotting knickers before throwing them in the washer.)

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Yeahhh, Logic’s ok for some of the day to day mundane human interactions, but after having a run in with two guys who had some sort of degrees in some sort of Logic studies I was left with the impression ‘Sheeesh! When it comes to the Universe and creation……That’s dull and limiting)
        And it’s no help with towels which cruelly tangle themselves up after being washed and think it’s funny!


      6. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Quite…I tried telling them that!
        I got these long pedantic replies which simply did not hold my attention and demonstrated very limited thinking.
        Let us raise an allegorical glass to the free mind.


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    By the way, Karlyn has just spotted the Manse… and the other two heroines now know they’ve been brought to the borderlands by the mysterious Elidian during the night! And “Flaxi” isn’t thrilled about it! Now I get to think about Ragithyl getting his long-deserved comeuppance! Great read, Roger, and I do thank you for seeing it through.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woebegone but Hopeful

      Sorry ’bout the delay in reply Sha’ Tara. For some reason WP didn’t see fit to let me know you’d sent this…. Skynet I tell ya!
      Anyway, always glad to know you are enjoying the read…that’s what it’s all about for me.
      Vol II is now back on track with a better foundation, so I’ll be around WP a bit more.
      Big thank you for your encouragement!



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