Conversation at the Bus Stop

[short story dialogue  by Sha’Tara]

“Wish you’d go weird out on someone else. I’d really like to be left alone now and I think that’s my bus coming.”

“I like to think about things, then I like to talk about things with someone else. You seemed like a proper someone else. That’s not your bus Rita. That bus is going down Main street to the mall, not Hazel down to townhouse row. Two more buses, then yours.”

“I didn’t tell you where I live. I didn’t even tell you my name. What’s going on here?”

“What’s going on is, I’m bored and when I’m bored I start looking around and playing little games. Your name and address are on your iPhone, Rita. If you don’t want all your data mined from your phone, entertain me. Talk to me.”

“My name isn’t Rita, so you got that wrong!”

“Agreed, it’s Margarita, and you positively hate that name. Everybody knows you as Rita.”

“So what are you, some sort of super-spy? Homeland Security detail? What am I supposed to be then, a Mexican spy?”

“Yeah, you’re spying on our Tequila stocks to make sure there are no worms in them.”

“I thought there were supposed to be worms in Tequila?”

“No. That’s Mescal, a cheap, low quality drink made from infested plants. If your Tequila has worms in it, it isn’t Tequila but Mescal. I guess you’re not a Mexican spy.”

“Great deduction, Sherlock.”

“Do you watch people Rita? Observe their antics? Wonder about their lives, what’s with them, what’s not. Dreams? Happiness quotient?”

“Yeah, I observe three people: me, myself and I. I try to make sure we get along most of the time.”

“Where two’s company, three’s a crowd. Are you a crowd, Rita?”

“OK, so you know my name. Now I think I’ve earned the right to know yours.”

“I’m agent 666. I’m from the bureau – you know the one.”

“Oh sure, totally. Aren’t you guys, and I didn’t know there were more than one, supposed to go around in a black robe wearing a hoodie and carrying a sickle or something?”

“I’m disappointed in you, Rita. Scythe, not sickle. The black robe and hoodie, that’s just drama stuff. I like wearing comfortable stuff and not standing out so much. You see, with all the violence in your society these days you’d be seeing us everywhere, all the time. After a while the novelty wears off and nobody cares. Remember the Black Death?”

“Say what?”

“The great plague, or whatever you want to call it. We were everywhere then but it was a time of super, super, superstition, so people thought we were hallucinations, or claimed we were, otherwise the Church would have had them burned at the stake, if you get my meaning.”

“Why should I remember something like that?”

“Well, it’s called past lives remembrances. Also it’s history.”

“Never cared much for that. I mean, who cares, right? People die all the time. Wars, mass shootings, Aids, plagues, what’s that other word for mass murder when your neighbours y’all got along with suddenly show up at your door in the middle of the night with a machete and start hacking at you and your family, that sort of stuff?”


“Yeah, I suppose.

“Yeah, that sort of stuff. Well we’re always around then too but not everyone can actually see us. It’s more like they can sense us and it takes the will to live from them. Remember the millions exterminated by the Nazis during the second world war?”

“No, but yeah, heard about that. Shit happens, right?”

“It’s a bit more than that Rita. What I meant to say was, these millions, if they’d realized how many they were they could have fought back and taken over all the camps and work sites. But they didn’t see themselves as a force to be reckoned with because they feared their bully masters, see? They “knew” they were going to die, so they just let it happen. Happens everywhen and everywhere, even today. Less and less will to fight to live, more a desire to run, to escape, to find safety and security but of course there is none, nowhere, if you don’t make it for yourself. But the fight’s gone out of most people. They feel entitled to life and as a result they just die or trust their leaders which is even worse than dying.”

“So, like, you’re trying to take the will to live from me then? And by the way, how come I can see you?”

“You don’t know much, do you Rita? Not much curiosity and not much of an attention span either I see. You can see me because I’m visible, not because you’re any kind of special. I want you to see me, so you see me.”

“Why? Am I dying?”

“Everybody’s dying, Rita, don’t you know that by now? Everything that’s born is born to die and the moment you are born you start dying. We’re the collectors and I daresay you keep us rather busy.”


“Oh, an opinion! You should be careful with that, it could give you a heart attack, or at least a serious headache. Then you’d blame me and insist that you’re dying. Do you like living, Rita? Do you like your life?

“Why do I sense that’s a trick question?”

“Because it is?”

“I serve meals in a fast food outlet. How exciting is that?”

“So, you don’t like your life, then?”

“No I don’t. I’d do just about anything to get off this treadmill.”


“Yeah, seriously, what do you think?”

“I can make that happen.”

“Oh yeah? How?”

“Come on Rita, you can’t be that dense. How do you think?”

“What? You mean, like, I just die?”

“Well that’s a matter of speaking. You wouldn’t actually die, Rita, you’re already dead. You died some years ago.”

“I did? How so? I feel quite alive right now.”

“Remember that time when a friend was going to Tanzania to work as a volunteer nurse in an orphanage and she asked you to go with her? To be her assistant? Remember toying with the idea, only all you could think about was how it would affect you? Did you even think about those kids you would have been able to help?”

“Well sure but…”

“Whoah, you can’t lie to me Rita; maybe to yourself, but not to me. It was all about you and because of that you didn’t go. That’s when you died Rita. You had been summoned and you did not answer the call. That’s what happens to people. That’s why they die. That’s why we’re so busy all the time.

“Come along now, don’t worry about your body, they’ll get rid of it. I need to extract your soul now.”

“Will that hurt?”

“No, you can’t feel a thing any longer.”

Nothing is more deceptive than an obvious fact” – Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes

30 thoughts on “Conversation at the Bus Stop

  1. sherazade

    Molto interessante perché tocca gli aspetti fondanti di una vita con i suoi dubbi e risvolti psicologici.
    un abbraccio cara amica.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      …in a “off the cuff” shallow sort of way? 🙂 Or not. So many people are the living dead because they either never paid attention to their summoning, or they deliberately turned away from it due to exigent concerns, or because they thought it too onerous. If we are already living as zombies as shown in the movie, “The Matrix” seems to me that being called out of the body is irrelevant as nothing worthy is being accomplished. Death says, “Come along, I’m not really taking anything of value from you, just freeing you so you can think about trying again.” Because of our materialistic society we become pathetically attached to our bodies as if they were the be-all and end-all. Those who have reclaimed their status as “WindWalkers” know it isn’t so and learn to expend their physical energy in ways beneficial to their extended life, and that of others.

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      1. colettebytes

        Maybe death also comes a calling when we have totally fallen off any meaningful path. Programmed souls can experience technical errors I suppose.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Death: depression, despair, despondency, spiritual/mental destitution, downfall, denigration, downgrading, hmm.  Does a computer know it is failing or does it just “die” due to inability to keep up to vicissitudes of change, mutations within the programming? Earthian “souls” are programmed with certain apps that have a best before date. The more the creature responds to its programming the more it will be entrained to the rest and follow certain patterns inherent to the group. When the group self-destructs, individuals otherwise quite able to avoid the downfall are swept into it nevertheless. They are unable to activate their own power source or self empowerment since to get there they must go through the programming: a vicious circle. That would be the “technical errors” you are referring to. To us they appear as errors but to the programmers, the effects are deliberate. An interesting anecdote from the book of Genesis.  In Gen. Chapter 6, Yahweh, or the Lord God or the Elohim decide that man is utterly evil and depraved (i.e., the creatures won’t behave according to the programming from the Master Race, a programming they call “the image of God”) so they declare that henceforth the creature would die by the age of 120 years. Prior to this we read lists of patriarchs who lived close to a thousand years, and in the Sumerian accounts, into the tens of thousands of years.  So we were programmed to die relatively young, though due to our diminishing awareness in time, 120 years of life would be considered a long life today.  Perception.  We accepted this because we could not access the programming and prevent it.  Just as at the Babel episode (Genesis Chap. 11) we are told that the whole world had one language and a common speech and again, man’s ability to combine his intelligence got the programmers upset. Quote: The Lord said, If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will no longer understand each other. We are constantly up against forces we mostly denigrate, ignore, worship and know nothing at all about.  They manipulate us to our detriment ever and anon and we respond like sheep, two responses being the classic ones: praise and worship or they don’t exist.

        So we are not technically experiencing errors; we are being constantly manipulated and used.  The resultant pain, terror and horror is what these “Elohim” or “divinities” feed upon. They are the ultimate predators which eventually must be exposed and defeated. Some day we will catch on and when we are summoned to join up with other intelligent races to defeat this “master race” we will understand the need and will accept our responsibility in the struggle for mental and spiritual freedom.

        Until then, “Agent 666” or Death or “The Programmer” will accompany us through each recycling, taking out the old obsolete soul and giving us a new one with a new programming and we won’t know any of that is actually taking place.

        Ignorance is not bliss, is it.


      3. colettebytes

        Great answer… I should study the Bible agaon with new your insight… Except that I actually don’t have one now (used to). But I am sure I can find it online. However, I do remember the passages that you refer to. I was always confused (ever since I was a small child), why we all spoke different languages. The separation by distance, doesn’t really explain it… Especially as we know that Earthians were widely travelled long before history catches up with them. The other thing that confuses me (not Biblical), is that we obviously cross bred with other early hominids (like Neanderthals and the Denisons). Was this the result of breeding experiments (a bit like GMO’s) by these Time Lords? I have often wondered about how we came to be so different to our primate cousins (despite some similarities). Pure evolution doesn’t quite answer it… No other animal has a reverence or servitude built into their behaviour quite like we do (unless we have instigated it in them). This suggests that something a bit more tangible than a ‘belief only’ actually controls us. Very interesting.
        You know, if people could just refuse to get upset and angry, refuse to hate, refuse to despair, refuse to hurt… They would likely short circuit the Matrix and reality would be revealed for the first time in Human history. I wonder if Jesus was trying to break the programming but doing it cleverly so that the ‘Lords’ were fooled? He obviously failed because his, has been turned into yet another ritualistic dogma (damage control in the Matrix).
        Interestingly, I have never seen the movie, ‘The Matrix’ or any of its spin offs, but I think I get the concept of it. Our whole reality is becoming an electronic Matrix. How many of us now, can survive completely without Internet, instant electronic banking, instant card or telephone payments. Our whole ability to do anything is dependent on credit ratings, social insurance numbers, health insurance numbers, and so on. If you have not got these, and you have no one to support you (parents, etc), then you cannot work, cannot buy anything, cannot live anywhere.
        We are frighteningly monitored for every minute of our lives and no one has really been aware just how much.
        Here in Europe, any Web site that is visited, has the user say ‘yes’ to setting ‘tracking cookies’ before they can browse the site. This rule was brought in as a part of the Data protection rules policy rolled out by the European Union. This is an insidious piece of legislature making sure that people sign away their rights to privacy (rather than the other way around). So now we have no recourse to a defense should the powers decide that we have been bad little boys and girls. Think Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange… They too have tried to expose the Matrix and are now wanted criminals.
        I shall go a step further here… Most people worldwide see Brexit as an unfortunate situation. It is touted as doing a terrible disservice to people and as bringing hardship to Britain. But this is actually, I think, propaganda and control rearing its ugly head. Again, looking at the Bible, the end days in the book of Revelation. The people of the South rise up against Israel (Think of the current situation). The people of the North come down too (Think of Russia, who today are conducting the largest war games exercise in their whole history).Then the people of the East (China) march in their tens of thousands. And finally, the people of the West (The revived Roman Empire that is the EU) for the greatest battle of all time.
        The European Union is not, I repeat, not an economic entity… It is a political giant of control over every nation in its clutches. It pretends to be benevolent and an amalgamation of ‘the common good’ but this is the falsest image of all. One needs to look at the entrance of the Antichrist here… And one can see that person…
        While I am not religious I am aware of unfolding prophesy…


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Evidence from simple observation, assuming one has a modicum of developed brain matter and has exercised it enough to know how to use at least 10% of it, tells us some pretty basic truths. As a species, particularly as we are split into aggressive and confrontational collectives we react to “news” emotionally, i.e., our response is knee-jerk, almost autonomous.  That means we are programmed to react thus, without thinking. We collectively believe “in” things that make no sense; are contradictory in themselves (the god thing being the top event) and generally work to our detriment and the detriment of others, often our own children and families. We eagerly engage war for any and all reasons, particularly if we’ve been denied “a good war” for some time.  We have an insatiable lust for violence in many forms and are always able to justify our reactions.

        On the other hand, “good” people bemoan the fact that being good and remaining so demands energy we often feel we just can’t manage. It is easier to do evil than to do good. Not because that is our “nature” but because we are programmed to choose violence over compassion in our social interactions. Bullies lead and the sheeple follow. If they’re incited to kill in the name of some authority, they do so with passion knowing it will be justified and might even be called heroic.

        Why are there exceptions to this general rule? Again, programming. In the case of “conchies” or compassionate individuals you have a failed or partially failed program or “app” in the soul implant.  In the general case of women being less violent then men, again programming.  If women were programmed the same as men few would carry through a pregnancy and after a few tantrums the mother would kill her child without qualms.  The programmers knew enough to ensure the population would always surpass the losses.

        Oh yes, we are being manipulated, all the time.  All of the events we expend so much energy on, from wars to religious conflict to competitive organized sports to climate change and on and on, are all part of the programming.

        OK, why? Because the forces we cannot see, and cannot sense due to the programming, feed on our self-inflicted pain.

        As long as the programming runs, though not perfect, that is how long Earthians will continue to exploit, oppress, enslave, rape, murder and slaughter each other. The programming is so poisonous and addictive that no matter how many times the creatures start wondering why, oh why did I do that?, they will repeat it. There is no actual cure to man’s madness except by breaking the programming as was rather pathetically demonstrated in the first “Matrix” movie.  The point there, of course, was to allow a revelation to be made in such a way that it would be seen only as pure entertainment and of course, fiction without any basis in fact.

        The bible is a much denigrated and “demonically” misused piece of writing. Much of it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, but it has certain key verses, passages, put there for the discerning.  There is a “code” in it but it’s easy to extract.

        I’ll quote only one and close this comment: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the powers, against the authorities, against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Bible-based exegesis has “spiritualized” the meaning of this verse of course, but to anyone who has followed through the entire book to extract “interesting” verses, this one will not escape its share of pondering.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Lisa. I don’t know about the “easy” part, nothing’s easy when we live with attachments, but the allegory shows that we need not remain in the materialistic trap.


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Unless of course it’s from the frying pan into the fire… Nothing is ever what it seems in this we insist on dubbing “reality”.


  2. Phil Huston

    I leave you with Canada’s own Burton Cummings –
    “I’ve never been much on religion but I sure ’nuff would like to hear ya call…”
    And about that opinion thing. For a “free” society it seems criminal to have one these days. Opinions, I mean. And death? Indeed we are. I got into grasshopper/ant discussion with a freind of mine who “retired.” To do what? Ride around in golf cart and drink? Bake cookies? YOu can slave in the matrix and amass “wealth” and one day you’re dead. With a half-assed golf game, some drunk stories and money you can;t use in a bank that doesn’t care. Kind of a rigged game so why not listen to wind and lsiten for the call? My take, anyway.
    Your dialogue is fun. Wordy and a little preachy when fewer words that went BAM would do, but it runs a comfortable pace!

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Phil. I’m going to blame the “preachy” on reading too many Russian novels and short stories. I just gave up on Taras Bulba, even though it put me into a fantastic deep sleep. I had to remind myself that’s not what novels are supposed to do but give me some credit: I lasted until he shot his own son. As for religion and peripheral beliefs, I straddle the worlds and my motto is, believe all things, believe in nothing. I agree with Cummings that some sort of response from “god” would be very appropriate. Anytime God, and don’t let my list of questions scare you off. I’m sure that someone as erudite as you have to be can handle even the toughest ones, hm?

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, give them an entire chapter and they’ll describe a six-step basement staircase, providing of course there’s nothing fancy about it, that would entail two extra chapters and god forbid someone should be using it at the same time: a novel! 🙂

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  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Very good Sha’ Tara. A good insight into some of the ways of the world and Humanity.
    If you happen to see agent 666 around the place and he’s looking for me, tell him not to bother, I an’t buying into it yet, too damn’ busy by half!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ah darn, I had a response typed out and then I went surfing and when I returned my comments had drowned and laid shredded upon a wet beach… About that Agent 666, he did come a nosing around asking about you. He was mumbling about an upset in the etheric due to an Earthian writer who’d stumbled upon an alternate reality and was giving some of those people ideas… ‘That won’t do,’ he kept saying as he looked over my shoulder at my email screen, ‘we have to do something about him.’ I wouldn’t worry about it Roger, they’re not that smart, being little more than computer programs, like Agent Smith in the Matrix. You may want to warn your warrior trio, Karlyn, Arketre and Trelli that these “agents” are now more active than they’d been due to their recent actions in the Stommigheid. You start meddling in alternate realities and next thing you know, you’ve raised some hackles in high places… thought I’d mention that, you know, friend to friend 🙂 A couple of stories/movies on the subject that may interest you: The Adjustment Bureau (Matt Damon/Emily Blunt) based on the Philip K. Dick short story: Adjustment Team and “Meet Joe Black” (Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and the beautiful Claire Forlani).

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Thank you for the ‘Heads Up’, since I am several steps beyond Reality they might have trouble finding me (Sometimes I have trouble finding me!).
        Agent 666 and his superiors should stay away from the ‘Patchwork World’…If they try and mess with those three girls, they are going to be so sorry and if they hurt one, the other two will bring all kinds of hells, hurts and severe butt-kickings.
        The Adjustment Bureau is a film I did enjoy, Philip K Dick now there was a writer!
        Have still to meet ‘Meet Joe Black’ though.


  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    Always the wrong bus on a repeat loop, huh? Yeah, that happens… a lot… too much! 🙂 Maybe you should think about hiring the Universal Taxi – that one’s a guaranteed one way trip.



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