Reflecting on Life and Those deemed Unworthy of Life: A Visit to the Hadamar T4 Euthanasia Center

Another “Padre Steve” post, and considering the direction the “great” religions and politics of this world, a timely reminder to all and sundry to pay attention. Yes, the Earthian species is well known to ignore real danger until after it has fallen in the trap it has unconsciously or consciously been constructing for itself, but perhaps this time, with access to so much information, it could avoid, not the pitfall itself, but putting the final touches on the pitfall. Personally I think it’s too late for that but I’m a perennial pessimistic optimist so you can’t take my word for it. Instead, take current events and do some tough mathematical deductions, like 2+2 and see if it comes up with something other than 4. Reason, logic, common sense, are we still capable of some of that? Padre Steve, show us some of our very recent history now.

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Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

In a couple of weeks my wife Judy and I will be traveling to Germany for a time of relaxation, study, and visits with German friends. I will be writing about those events as they occur. But as we get closer to going I began to reflect on our visit to Germany last year. At the end of that visit while visiting our friends Gottfried and Hannelore I took a trip with Gottfried to the T4 Euthanasia Center memorial at Hadamar which is about 12 miles from where they live.

Hadamar had been a mental hospital for decades before it was chosen as one of six places where an euthanasia program ordered by Hitler was to be conducted. Hitler ordered the program on September 1st 1939, the same day his forces invaded Poland.

Between 1941 and 1945 over 15,000 people, deemed to be “life unworthy…

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13 thoughts on “Reflecting on Life and Those deemed Unworthy of Life: A Visit to the Hadamar T4 Euthanasia Center

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Good share Sha’ Tara.
    There are always those who can ‘make a good case’ for this type of action. They will explain this is for The Common Good, and it is for the best for the ‘suffers’.
    They can go at you in the most unexpected ways; ‘making sense’.
    They have always been around, now they have advanced technology.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      When we say “They” we need to be sure we are not excluding ourselves. The thing is, Earthians can justify any and all type of horrible behaviour under the “right” conditions. It’s knowing this, particularly my excruciating remembrances of my last life as a victim of the SS, that sent me off into “never-never land” searching for an answer. I did find it but soon realized that it was the one answer no one wanted to give credence to. And so we ride the merry-go-round, only it’s not so very merry for billions of addicts and victims of systematized oppression. The one thing it seems most are fearful of is that the wheel would stop turning. Even when the wheel crushes its victims until their blood rises to the level of the horses’ bridles according to the last book of the Bible, there are those who want to be there to “enjoy” the gruesome spectacle provided for them by their favourite god. Then what? If there came a time, or place, where overt violence, torture and bloodshed of innocents is no longer possible or permissible, what are the numbties going to entertain themselves with? Pulling wings off of flies? Self mutilation?

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        They will be amongst the bones Sha’ Tara. They will be consumed by their own follies, appetites and hatreds.
        They will not be missed.


      2. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Think of those who thought how glorious Hitler and the Nazi cause was whose bones ended up bleached between Stalingrad (and beyond into nameless prison camps) and Berlin in 1945


      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hey Roger I’m reminded of that WWII picture of the frozen Wermacht soldier near Moskow with the wire rimmed glasses… yes a perfect image of the perfect soldier hero.

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      4. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Or the one, squashed, by a Russian tank, flat into the mud.
        Or the exhausted, dirty, ragged, lice infested lines being marched out of Stalingrad in 1943 eastwards, far, far away, most never to return.
        These fools in the neo-Nazis groups just haven’t got a clue have they?


      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Bullies, cowards and psychopaths but ultimately their bodies join those of their victims on the piles. Proper behaviour, assuming it is an Earthian learnable trait, is never achieved through any aspects of any system collective. It cannot be taught but it could be demonstrated by any aspect of leadership if the creatures supported such leadership example. But even so, if an individual refuses to make the effort to look upon all of life compassionately then, that’s all she wrote: that species becomes a worthless appendage to life and will be pulled into the annihilation trap. For Earthians, the bait is the blinder called hubris.

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      6. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Compassion, Respect and Tolerance.
        The seeds may wind the current weather hostile to their growth, but seeds have a knack of sleeping long in the ground to burst forth.
        I expect the worst but hope for the best.


      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        Expect the worse, hope for the best: that’s a great statement Roger. If I did “hope” I’d steal it from you. As you may remember, three “great” concepts I no longer consider valid: faith, hope and love. Sorry guys, you’ve been fired for poor performance.

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      8. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Hi from Captain Stubbornly Hopeful over here in the UK 🙌😉


  2. Phil Huston

    Sadly, the short term memory span of today will ensure a repeat performance as we strike out reminders of where we’ve been in an attempt to whitewash our collective history.



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