Urgent Message To Americans From Syria.


Ok, here goes, this is all new to me. According to the “old ways” this should be a reblog and what I am typing here should be my comment to the reblogged post. I want to highlight one line from the reblogged post: “If mankind doesn’t end war, war will end mankind.” I think that pretty much covers it, but how many “Earthians” actually understand the truth of this? They’ll say, oh well, we’ve always had wars and we’ve always come up on top. Yes, but on top of what? From my place on top of the pile I don’t like what I feel under my feet. Do you? (feel secure and safe and “right” I mean?)

16 thoughts on “Urgent Message To Americans From Syria.

  1. Sha'Tara Post author

    Why do I reblog posts speaking of world peace, and war?
    Some reasons, which are only one: As an empath, the very mention of war makes me sick. I don’t sense winning and losing, I sense death, mass murder, Earthian insanity. I don’t care who is right or wrong, when it comes to killing no one is ever right, not ever. I am also as anti all things military as anyone could be, being an “avatar” of compassion. Finally, have I ever explained on this blog that my name, Sha’Tara stands for Peace (on) Earth? Shalom and Tara joined forever? Come on people, when was there ever one good reason to kill your children, the innocent, those who happen to have less fire power than you or your leaders? When did you ever walk such a moral high road that it gave you the right to interfere in any other nation’s business, whether religious, political or financial? Live and let live? Please?

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Hugh. If it doesn’t end mankind it will certainly punch it back into a terrible stone age. Why can’t we not see this?


  2. colettebytes

    I fully agree with you Sha’Tara.

    Consider the current tirade against Iran… The US, under DT have instigated new hostilities against them. The US has also threatened other countries, including Britain (who has stopped all direct flights to Iran), not to do business with Iran or they will not be able to do business with the US. It is also a lie that the US is promoting to pull Iran into war.

    Consider this possibility… Iran have never instigated or even threatened hostility with America, or Europe, yet we give ourselves (under the shield of the UN flag) the right to dictate to them anything that they do with nuclear technologies.
    Why? And we should not jump to the conclusion that they are a threat to us based on their religious convictions. We do not threaten hostilities with Indonesia, and they have the same basic religious belief system.

    Persia (Iran) is the seat of one of the great past civilizations. It produces intelligent people, culture and wisdom within its population. If it is developing weapons, do you not think it is a result of thinking it might have to defend itself again Western aggression.

    Nothing is at is seems, and propaganda is in our most sacred beliefs. We are conned into justifying aggression. If you don’t believe it, just watch the movie, ‘Wag the Dog,’ with Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro to see how easy it is to fool the general population.

    I too feel the sliminess moving underfoot. We are manipulated into believing peace is not possible. And because of evil elements on the planet, it is not!
    We need to wake up! Nothing is what we think it is. šŸ˜Æ

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I agree with you 100% and nothing to add here except to say that “Wag the Dog” is a movie I have often watched and is on my shelf as a favourite. Remember when the propagandist (DeNiro) convinces the FBI rep that his job in protecting “America” is to join in the fake news lie, and he does? Dead on balls accurate depiction of how it works.

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      1. colettebytes

        Yes… Everytime I see Trumplandia news, I think of that movie… So accurate. History repeats itself and so do the lies.

        Only today, reports of Nazi supporting rioters trashing are coming out of German city of Chemnitz. Supposedly instigated by a killing perpetrated by a Syrian refugee and an Iranian refugee. The two days of rioting (attacking others of colour or race) has left a lot of injured and police reeling. We must be very careful what we believe… Innocents are being killed or terribly hurt everywhere. šŸ˜§


    2. esoterica

      I fully agree with everything said here and, interestingly, in 2012 the NDAA repealed the ban on using propaganda on the US public, meaning the lies from government officials and media are fully legal. They can paint whatever picture of the world they’d like, and we have no real means of teasing apart the truth from fictions. As Hugh mentioned, the military technology of our time gives power to a select few to push a button and wipe out all (or most) of mankind. Perhaps the most frightening realization is that when I (or other who suspect some high-level foul play) try to bring up the topic in conversation, it’s met with doubt and mockery. We’re in a very precious place and I pray that something shifts drastically in the near future to allow us to reach a peaceful global resolution.

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        A great deal of polarization is taking place world-wide and that can only spell: t-r-o-u-b-l-e for all of us. It means increased conflict, from the personal to the global. We are coming to the end of our Western hegemonic civilization. When largely populated nations like China and India basically adopted the Western mode of government and finance, making no effort to counter it with a different mindset after the classic “fail” of totalitarian communism, that was it. There is no longer any balancing factor against the 3 ruling powers or monstrosities of this patriarchal civilization, namely Religion, the State and Money (deliberately capitalized as forces rather than tools). Together these three dragons are going to devour mankind by destroying the last readily accessible resources that have made “western” civilization viable until now. We’re seeing a very colourful technological and scientific sunset, the colours being the effect of world-wide corruption of all things decent that make one a human being. To paraphrase anti-Trumpers, “we will never make civilization great again because it was never great to begin with.” For those who would argue this, let them ask the billions of women and children who were, and are, sacrificed as pawns, slaves and murdered victims of same patriarchal civilization. What a track record we have made for ourselves!

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    3. Sha'Tara Post author

      All Middle East wars are resource wars. They have oil, the Western Hegemon wants it and there is no amount of lies, fake news, fabricated evidence that is too farcical; too gross; too virulent, too unacceptable if it can get “us” the oil as in more profit for the already bloated rich. Greed is an addiction… “the love of money is the root of all evil.” (In some biblical translation they’ve soften it somewhat to “the root of all kinds of evil.”

      Greed negatively affects the lives of everyone living on this world. That is the disease all should most fear. Cancer, AIDS, heart attacks, tuberculosis, name any of them, none ever started a war. Every war ever fought was based on some type of greed.

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      1. colettebytes

        Oil and rare earth resources used to make the matrix that binds us Sha’Tara. I used to think that perhaps you had been reading too many science fiction stories to come up with your analysis of civilization, but now I’m beginning to think it is you above ground looking at reality, and the rest of us down rabbit holes drinking the promises from little bottles (to our detriment). I think more of us need to come up and join you on the surface to look at things without the wish for dreams.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for that “endorsement” Colette. Long ago I would sign my written observations “Cassandra” knowing that however clear and simple were those observations no one would believe them. Hence my next foray into discovery of the real reason why Earthians automatically reject the voices of their prophets while clinging to promises of good things a la Donald Trump or such popular snake oil salesmen.
        Things are not pretty on the surface. Civilization is as broken glass on bare feet. That is why a prophet(ess) becomes a WindWalker, of those who walk between heaven and earth. Our “motive force” keeping us aloft is detachment, not to be confused with uncaring. “Heavy” beings who carry loads of attachments in relationships and stuff cannot long walk the surface without getting seriously scarred and hurt. To constantly see what the Matrix is actually doing is quite devastating and heart-breaking.
        Why do people choose to follow Matrix leading rather than their own common sense and self interest? They are programmed to do so, deafened by a noise (endless propaganda) they are told is education, music and news. The programming, as I have alluded to many times, is accomplished through the “soul” which is implanted into every intelligent sentience usually in the antenatal stage.

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      3. colettebytes

        Who programs our soul, and for what purpose Sha’Tara? It is strange to me how some people seem to have everything go well in their lives… Everything they touch turns to Gold. Then I see others that have such constant, repetitive adversities plague their lives without respite. Most of us seem to fall somewhere between the two. If we are preprogrammed, is this some perverse game played out to prove something? If it is, I don’t think it is a fair game at all. Rather like the games played in Roman amphitheatre, there is much suffering for the entertainment of false Gods…What is their purpose?


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Those are the really tough questions, Colette. Not that I could not answer them, but that the answers to such questions bring into focus all the lies this civilization is based on, and how much the Earthian species has been hoodwinked over the millennia of its existence by forces their soul programming prevents them from having an inkling of; the constancy of the degree to which “divine” or spiritual corruption maintains a system of oppression based on a few knee-jerk hatreds perpetuated throughout the centuries, which have given rise to the dictum, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

        Universal history 101: synopsis. Take the two main oppressive forces of earth: misogyny and racism. Neither are sourced from this world but were “imported” here to accompany the Earthian species and be its ever-lasting curse. What keeps these going no matter what people do collectively to try to end these plagues is the soul programming. Since everyone is implanted, everyone is affected to some degree. The more “civilized” a collective, the more these plagues manifest.
        Enter “Never-Never” land with me. Billions of years ago this universe was discovered and invaded by a collective of forces we, the WindWalkers and others who have broken free of the programming, know as “the Time Lords.” When you hear people speak of gods and goddesses they are talking about Time Lords in some level of authority and power scattered throughout the universe. These Time Lords are the most evil and corrupt forces we could ever imagine. That is their very nature. They feed on the pain and misery of sentient beings. They are “the Matrix” or as the bible ignorantly refers to them, “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” They are “spirit” beings in that due to their particular vibration we cannot see them physically unless they choose to reveal themselves thus. Those shapes could never be trusted as they are shape-shifters and possess a chameleonic nature. An adept servant of a Time Lord will manifest as an angel of light, a beautiful woman to a man, or a benign old man ready to impart “wisdom” to any listener. They are consistent and persistent liars and the programming they have designed for the soul is always hungering to hear their lies; their siren songs. The programmed slave mind never tires of hearing their “music” and becomes a ready channel to propagate those lies within its own sphere of influence. Sometimes these “disciples” are richly rewarded and believers will accept that such rewards are but a sample of what they too will receive if they too believe… properly.
        To achieve their goal which is to cause the maximum amount of pain on which they feed themselves, their rule is chaos within which certain amounts of order are inserted so the sentients will continue to believe and to serve. These bits of order will never be allowed to build upon one-another but will always be toppled when they become too “successful” and threaten the Establishment of disorder.
        Some shockers (if perhaps not to you): Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah is a lesser Time Lord. They are one and the same entity. Jesus, the Buddha, the Christ and any previous or subsequent successful religion founder, protector and supporter, are all part of the Time Lord hierarchy, and they will all be male. The Time Lords exist in absolute hate and morbid fear of all feminine aspects of Life as the feminine is Life and they are the Anti-Life force. They are the destroyers. Only the feminine can create. The TL’s can only transform, deface, render horrible, ugly, lifeless. A proper symbolic image for a TL would be that grinning skeleton so many groups are proud of displaying.
        This is incomplete and but a tiny glimpse into Earthian history which says nothing about how earth was taken over by the TL’s, nor why there is so much spiritual struggle on this world but if I was able to pull this out of that elusive hat, anyone else who cares to, can.
        If you have more questions however, I am sure I can provide you with some more of our “history” that no one wants to believe. After all, as the argument always goes, “Why should you know this and no one else?” To which I must reply, “Have you ever tried to exist; to think; without relying on your soul programming? Without relying on the script you were handed at birth and subsequently reinforced and validated by the various people who lorded it over you or claimed to be your teachers, guides, gurus, employers, leaders and way showers?”


      5. colettebytes

        I can sort of resonate with this Sha’Tara. Others have different names for your Time Lords, but the description sounds similar. Have you seen David Icke? (Mainly on YouTube, but he does have a website too). He used to be an English footballer, then radio DJ for a while back in the 1970’s. Then an incident gave him some sort of revelation and he began to do research which continues to this day. He is constantly ridiculed by the media, but his world touring has begun to draw bigger crowds. Some institutions have upheld his right to appear when local authorities have tried to shut him down. He predicts a lot of stuff accurately… Like the US seeing conflict with North Korea and Iran, at least a year before it happened. I don’t prosetylise his work nor subscribe to his site, but I am aware of his adherence to his cause. And, despite growing up with ridicule from classmates, so do his children, one of which appears with him on tour. He has always maintained that there is a lizard like quality to some humans, and suggests that they are somehow put into all positions of power to control the rest of us. While that sounds very far fetched, it actually doesn’t these days. We know that when a few of us get ideas about breaking free of control (Wind Walkers as you call them), events start unfolding to eliminate the unruly. As you say, they instigate fear, anger, pain and loathing so they can feed off it.

        Why are they here? Perhaps they have already been to other planets and sucked them dry and left them devoid of life. They sound like the ultimate parasite. Well, they can’t have me. Or you, it would seem.


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes I certainly know about David Icke and many others who all have something to say about the Matrix… I say good for them, and go for it. Some are legit (I think) and some (likely most) are, par for the course, disinformationists – agents of confusion who will feed you a lot of “information” but never any real solution.

        That does not matter, it isn’t there that a “soulless” being finds her information even if some validates. Most of it makes me cringe, or laugh quietly… “When none of it matters it will all be yours.” (YLea the Teacher and a WindWalker). The only truth to be found anywhere must reside within ourselves. No one else tells the truth: that’s the gift and curse of self empowerment.

        Why are they here? Think, “As BELOW so ABOVE” – not the other way around. Imagine you live in Afghanistan and you see a US military patrol booting it across your field or garden, uncaring whether they crush precious crops that, to you can mean the difference between survival or starvation. Wouldn’t you ask yourself, “Why are they here?” Indeed, they are here because they are Imperialists, conquerors.

        Oh yes, they have laid waste to many a world across the universe. Many pockets of resistance are still fighting these Time Lords, their well-armed mini-divinities like their Darth Vaders or Saurons of the Yahweh/Allah variety. That war will not end (nor ours here!) until they are utterly defeated or they collapse from entropy. Within this universe are great theatres of wars, and tiny battle grounds like those of earth. They and their uncounted minions are “here” to feed off of the misery they create through these wars of oppression and attrition. As below (on earth) so above (in the universe).

        The rest, whether from myself or any other, is but stories and I can spew them out with the best of them. The problem with speaking “truth” is that everything is truth until it leaves the speaker’s lips… then, well, it’s either truth or lies depending on the hearers. We should learn to accommodate that process because it is called freedom.

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      7. colettebytes

        Good Answer. I think David Icke refers to the unseen, but present overseers as ‘Archons’ and says that they have been recorded back through our earliest human settlements, always with a similar form (lizard or dragon like). Whether this is a truth or not, is dependent on the freedom of the one hearing (as you point out). Thanks for your perspective. I shall work on my total detachment to find my truths. I certainly don’t adhere to any of the so called ‘sacred’ beliefs of modern society. They serve no one but your Time Lords.


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