To Jeff

So well put, please take a couple of minutes to read this… thank you.

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Lift the Lamp

As a kid, I didn’t fully grasp why my family hosted refugees. Trump has made it brutally clear.

Courtesy of Clara Jeffery; Nick Ut/AP

After the Cambodiangenocide began in 1975, my mom started taping pictures and headlines to our dining room wall. Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks and photos of the killing fields are what I remember about those meals. “We have to do something,” she said.

She started sponsoring refugees when I was maybe nine. We were clueless white people. There was no real preexisting Cambodian community in the Washington, DC, area. Our first refugee’s husband and baby had been killed. Something about a helicopter. She lived with us for two years, with no one to talk to in Khmer, much less her indigenous language. She was maybe 30 but needed a full set of dentures. She did…

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6 thoughts on “To Jeff

  1. ELLE

    What an insightful read, I can relate to this as the other side of the sponsorship–my parents were sponsored over during the Vietnamese war. Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. colettebytes

    Feel a big lump in my throat. This is the human tragedy of evil instigation of fake wars. Chilling and really moving. We must resist propaganda and lies.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, only too true: it’s the propaganda and the lies from psychopathic and greedy leaders and their sycophants that must constantly be countered within our own minds. That is the on-going war we have to fight, and win.

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