I think of a lot of things to write about while working up here in Williams Lake, B.C., Canada.  Especially lately while replacing houses lost in last year’s fire while being surrounded by a host of new fires and breathing more smoke than oxygen… even indoors, the smoke is into everything. I was told today there are some 600 (!?!) active fires currently burning all around.  It’s like a war,  except that unlike last year, the town isn’t being evacuated!

Anyway, I’m too tired to wax philosophical here. I do want to remind all those reading this blog that I appreciate all your “LIKES” and your comments.  You make my world a whole lot bigger and more interesting than it would if we were not interacting. So… THANKS!

Some pictures, if WordPress will allow me to place them inside this post.  Yeah! It worked.

#1: the house I am working on. Delivery of the metal roofing, flashing, etc., two days ago. (The roofing is now complete.)


#2: Where the fire passed through.


#3: Another view of the house and our vehicles, equipment trailer…IMG_1068#4: Getting the front deck done, and ready to install metal roofing.IMG_1078

#5: Backside of house-basement entrance.IMG_1084

#6: Ever heard that old song, “Canadian Sunset”? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BJE6hwRpOc)  Well, this is a BC sunset, in smoke! IMG_1097

#7: Come a little closer… I want to feel that hot breeze from your wings! IMG_1100

#8: Disappearing act, good night sweetheart…




18 thoughts on “Williams Lake Volunteer project-update

  1. jim-

    I was just passing through Williams lake today…near Colville Wa. Yours is just another 9 hours up the way. Nice job on the house. Looks like a beautiful area. Looks like about .two more months and you’ll be done. I’ll be done with my daughters in about a week. Ready for vacation.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Jim, yes, you’re probably very close on the timing for the final touches. We’re got two houses now getting painted, trimmed (inside) and it’s been about 3 months for those. Another Williams Lake huh? Well… does that mean I’ll now have to use the locals name for it: Willies’ Puddle? 🙂 It’s actually a pretty big puddle!

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      1. jim-

        Never heard it called that, but I’ll not embellish an interpretation on that one! I dread all the painting. So glad that is DONE! Your on for a month up there if I remember? Good to work hard isn’t it? Is Canada home for you?


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, Jim. I was born in Brittany, France but Canada (Alberta and B.C.) have been home most of my life and to the end of it. Unlike so many I find no pleasure in travelling unless there be a working reason to do so. These projects seem to agree with me as I can drive to them with my “mobile tool box” (GMC 2500 Van) and settle in for as long as I can, usually 3 weeks but I am in for the 4 weeks here and if nothing calls me back, probably longer. It’s like a sort of working camp life and yes, meaningful hard work is very good. No problem sleeping every night. I have to admit though that, despite my upbringing in religion, I’m getting a belly full of it this time. I have to keep reminding myself of why I do this and force myself to overlook and ignore the … I’ll be charitable and call it waste of time…

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      3. jim-

        I’ve worked a few phases with another carpenter near me that listens to Christian music all day and just loves to talk about god. He kidded me one day “how come you never talk about jesus with us Jim? Uh, because I just don’t but into it. Jesus, religion, nome if it. The were shocked. I seemed like such a nice guy. They were pretty cool about it but I could see them thinking. They would love to convert me. But, I’ll stay to my own path. I volunteered a lot in Panama but on my own. Built on many many homes there. Good times and great people. All Catholics but very few religious. Gringos would often ask me if I was on a mission there. Nope. Then who are you with? Me and my wife. They were perplexed every time. Good heart Sha’Tara. Love is a verb.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Love is a verb? Aw shucks… all along here I was thinkin’ it was a rose, as the song claims:
        Love is a rose
        but you better not pick it
        It only grows when it’s on the vine.
        A handful of thorns and
        you’ll know you’ve missed it
        You lose your love
        when you say the word “mine”.
        Jus’ bean humourious… thanks for that comment, Jim. Yes, I do want to help people, it’s so heartbreaking to listen to someone talking about losing all that they own overnight in a fire… yet, you know, I’m getting really… REALLY “godded, jesused and lorded out” out here. There’s a house I want to see well advanced so I’m sticking it out 2 more weeks but then, I need to find another way…

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      1. mcaimbeul

        I think about that same thing regarding WordPress. Where I average between 8-15 responses here the same post on another site Will recieve 150-200.

        Blogging isn’t what it used to be, if you’re not into playing the chasing traffic game your traffic will remain low. Fortunately I don’t put a lot of time or effort in my doodles so WordPress is more of a depository.
        You stay with it Sha, you’re a clear thinker and extraordinarily cohearent writer that we enjoy reading, a glimmer of talent amongst the dark mediocre. Mike and Lori


  2. Regis Auffray

    Hi Sha’Tara,

    Thank you for the update. Looks like you are doing a great job. Worst summer ever here. Going outside and inhaling that smoke. Anyway. I probably have work for you if you want it. Roof and gutters. I think I got old. I’m not into it right not and it needs doing. When and if you willing and able.

    Be well as you will…


    *Régis (Reg) Auffray*

    Email: *r jauffray52@gmail.com *

    *Website: **http://www.authorsden.com/regisjauffray *

    *Facebook: **http://www.facebook.com/people/Regis_Auffray/538821429 *

    * *

    On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 8:43 PM, ~Burning Woman~ wrote:

    > Sha’Tara posted: “I think of a lot of things to write about while working > up here in Williams Lake, B.C., Canada. Especially lately while replacing > houses lost in last year’s fire while being surrounded by a host of new > fires and breathing more smoke than oxygen… even i” >


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you very much, Carol. This has been quite an eye-opener for me, as far as working with a Christian organization… As much as I “enjoy” the work in terms of providing homes for those wiped out in the fires, and as convenient it has been to simply latch on to this group in order to volunteer time and money, I realize, once again, that there is no upside to the religion. This will be my last volunteer project with MDS so I’ll have to find more creative ways to provide help to the marginalized. I have no doubt that I will find another way. Thanks again for your good wishes, they won’t be wasted… 🙂

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  3. Phil Huston

    Smelled the smoke in California, saw the charred remains of 2017. Mother Earth gets sick enough of us, we’re toast. Hell hath no fury, you know?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I agree. I don’t think of the current state of affairs on this benighted planet as either of a natural occurrence nor accidental. Small groups of vocal, often radical, environmentalists of the 70’s and 80’s, including yours truly, loudly warned of these coming times. To counter, the “System” launched a massive glut of technological toys to be greedily grabbed by a consuming sheeple that may soon be consumed. Just deserves? Yes.


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