When you Die then you Live

[a poem by   ~burning woman~  ]

When you die
(I said to him)
matters not how many are around you
in your hospice bed
or none
as you perish in the storm
you die alone.

Then why
(I said to him)
when you live
can you not be equally alone
however surrounded by insistent motion
or in the stillness
of a moonlit snowscape?

But how can I love you
(he said to me)
when you wish to be alone
when you go away
leaving no note
when you stand so still
under the moon in our yard
and neither touch nor word
you acknowledge?

When you leave
(he said to me)
with no word of farewell
(as in that old song)
I die inside
but when you turn your eyes
to look into mine
I come alive again
(he said to me)
do you do this?

Don’t you know?
(I said to him)
Don’t you see it’s because
I want us both to know
what matters
and whom it is we truly love?
Love is a trade-off
where there is no pining
where there is no loss
there is no desire awakened
there is no gain

Would you know life
(I said to him
the last time I left us)
learn how to be alone
with your eyes wide open
with your mind on everything
except us.





13 thoughts on “When you Die then you Live

  1. Phil Huston

    As one of my favorite characters, Logan Bevan-Burns the Valley Girl ballerina would say
    Like thank fucking God, you know? I mean poetry is like well, everything! And if it totally makes sense and I understand it it’s like awesomeness a la mode, right? So I can like be all toooo mellow knowing like isn’t like dead or anything. Like meat. Which is why I don;t eat it, you know, because it’s like, well, dead. So

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. The big questions never go unanswered when we create with good intention and throw it back into the cosmic stream. Positive energy means we’re winning.


  2. rawgod

    Hi S’T,
    There is no way to die, but alone, the ultimate experience that can never be shared.
    But my personal experience with love, even is there is loss, there is always a gain.


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    The key lines are the two last. “WIth your mind on everything – except us.” Perhaps I should have said, “besides us” the point being that she is trying to bring him out of himself and his selfish feelings for her and make him aware that unless he takes in the entire world along with his feelings for her he will have missed the whole point of the relationship. She is the aware one and he will never know her, or have any normal relationship with her unless he takes on her awareness. She knows already that no matter how much he believes himself in love with her his natural jealousy of her greater love will force him to leave her. She is prepared for it though he has yet no inkling of this. (Experience speaking!)



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