The Warrior’s Fire

[an allegory by    ~burning woman~   ]

After the dark night of the soul, when the battle is won, morning comes. But the sun does not shine that day.

You’ve won the battle, you know this, but all around you are the bodies of friend and foe alike and in this twilight you can no longer tell the difference, nor care who the dead are, except that they are dead and so are you.

In your own eyes; in your feelings, you’re not the great winner; the hero; the one who took the day. You’re the survivor while the best things of your life lie dead at your feet.

You don’t know what to do. You feel blood on your hands; on your body. Though most of it isn’t yours, yet you well know it is an indelible mark that will never wash away. You remember. You’ve been here before.

Do you blame others for putting you in this place because you were known to be a warrior and they expected it of you? They are all dead, what good would blame do? Would it ease your broken heart that continues to beat though your broken sword lies at your feet, it too washed in the blood of strangers?

You ask, though tired beyond the cure of sleep, did I not choose this path? This action?

Then you look within to the time before the battle, for is it not of supreme importance now to know what feelings; what moods; what emotions; pushed you to lead your small troop over that hill and confront the invader?

What was your motivation, you ask? Was it fear? Anger? Rage? Lust for revenge? Was it purely the sense of duty and did you move under the banner of simple courage? Was it just habit?

Does it matter now? Step after bloody step I made it from the top to the bottom of that Hill. Yes, from the top to the bottom. Perhaps that is what would qualify me as a hero, were there any left to do the qualifying. History will keep no record of this day and if it did, I would not be reading it.

Now, though I sincerely wish I were one of those blessed and cursed dead lying on the hillside, there remains but the fire burning within, unquenchable. I don’t know what I am in this moment of deadly quiet before the scavengers of the night and the tombs claims the bodies that mark my passage, but whatever I am, my fire within made me.

That fire, it will re-forge both sword and heart and continue to drive me relentlessly against every foe to the ends of the universe and of time; a wild fire that burns under sun and moon, burrows under the peat bogs below the snows until the sun draws it out again come the raging passion of spring and mad lusts of summer.

“There is no rest for the wicked” saith the Lord. If I cannot rest, what then, does that make me?

14 thoughts on “The Warrior’s Fire

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for commenting. I apologize for replying to other comments before yours, but yours presented me with somewhat of a challenged: how to respond? Seems to me it would be quite an atypical politician who would react to her/his “victory” as in this allegory? I know of no such politician today, though I do remember the very first time I ran for office I had to ask my “manager” who I was supposed to vote for – it seemed so wrong at the time to vote for myself and all other candidates were of the opposition, so couldn’t vote for any of them. She convinced me it was OK to vote for yourself in an election. That’s when I began to understand the depth of deception that undergirds all politics. Again, thanks for your comment.


  1. George F.

    “That fire, it will re-forge both sword and heart and continue to drive me relentlessly against every foe to the ends of the universe and of time.” Wow man, that’s a description of passion that I’ve never heard! Love it. May use it. Too good!


  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Yes strong and vivid images.
    The Anthem of Every One….. until?
    So much power here has to be reblogged Sha’ Tara.


  3. kertsen

    A grim and bloody tale which demonstrates there is no rest for the living. Some declare meditation relieves the fervent mind but the seething internal geyser will not be deceived.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Great comment, Kirsten, and if I may allude to past life memories as well as this one, experience tells me that is so. 



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