Thoughts on Change

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha’Tara]

“We cannot fight change because we are a part of it.”

Doesn’t that read like a great thought? It reads as if change will happen without fighting for it, just because.

But what if the change spoken of is retrograde, what then?

If we cannot fight such change precisely because we are a part of it, then does it not behoove us, as intelligent, sentient, self-aware beings, spiritually and mentally aware, to separate ourselves from such retrograde change?

Must we ever remain victims of forces we believe are beyond our control?

The price we must be willing to pay if we would renounce our collusion with destructive, if not murderous beliefs, forces and powers, is to become self-empowered.

Did I just conclude that last sentence with a swear word?

Every religious; every political, every financial; every belief system, by nature of being a system, has stood viciously opposed to Earthians ever daring to become self empowered. Every teaching; every public education system has one refrain: study the accepted, recognized authority figures. You, as an individual, have no voice.

Self-empowerment equals the end of every controlling system on earth. No system can exist without our willingness to offer ourselves, in chains, upon the slave auction block. We’ve done this since we became what we proudly think of as homo sapiens sapiens. So long have we dutifully followed this path from conception to death that we’ve come to believe it is a sign of superiority, of power and great intelligence.

We love to be enslaved. We want to be led, no matter where, just as long as we don’t have to make that decision.

The opening quote comes from the movie, “Belle” based on a true story. It addresses the problem and horror of the slave trade in England circa 1750. A bit of a slow start – I almost turned it off – but it finally picks up to a mighty grand finale.

An intelligent movie. A great story.

28 thoughts on “Thoughts on Change

  1. kertsen

    What if change is retrograde to some but an advantage to others?
    This is nearly always the case in what Charles Dickens called the battle of life. It is the origin of natural selection and Tennyson’s great summary Nature is red in tooth and claw. It is the reason behind the wealth pyramid , globally and nationally.
    In the great turmoil the moralist has to decide who is right and that will depend on their standpoint. Some moralists decide that their rules are not for them but for other people , others decide their rules apply across all living sentient beings who they believe have equal rights, they may be surprised to find the roads blocked with horses and cows and the petrol stations with no gas while the electric lights don’t work.
    Sha’Tara you belong in Boadicea’s chariot raging against Roman occupation.

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    1. stolzyblog

      I don’t think so. You cannot abstractly generalize Darwin’s ideas about change in the context of Nature to human cultural development, you have to think more deeply than that. Nature’s changing, in Darwin’s view, is random — issuing from haphazard mutations effected by who knows what, which accumulate and vie, unconsciously, for propagation to following generations. Whether this is accurate or not, which many intelligent thinkers do not automatically accept, it has little to do with the change Sha’Tara is speaking of.

      Social, intellectual, cultural, and psychological change (and now the side effects of technology must be added to these too) is a human affair. And no matter how forseen or unforseen the results become, these are products of human thinking somewhere along the way. Becoming self-directed, in Sha’Tara’s sense, as I see it, necessitates applying more careful and deliberate investigation and awareness to each incremental change before or instead of merely accepting it unthinkingly.

      Which is, it is getting more obvious, exactly what is missing and more called for in our present circumstances, mostly because people are lazy consumers in their approach towards life.


    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Kertsen… I’ll reply by quoting your last line: “Sha’Tara you belong in Boadicea’s chariot raging against Roman occupation.”

      That may well go down as the greatest compliment I’ve ever received in my life!  I don’t deserve it, but I’ll accept it. Boadicea has always been one of my historical heroines along with Hypatia and Joan of Arc.

      Quote: “What if change is retrograde to some but an advantage to others?”

      Isn’t it always if we are talking about man-made change? Further, under this civilization, hasn’t such change always benefited a dwindling number of elites at the expense of the majority, and the planet? Should we simply give up our sense of morality and and understanding of humane behaviour in favour of a gas pump? A light bulb?

      What have we become, Kertsen, that we can so easily accept the horrors taking place everywhere and just give them a passing shrug, if any thought at all?

      As to the reference to, quote: “Some moralists decide that their rules are not for them but for other people , others decide their rules apply across all living sentient beings who they believe have equal rights, they may be surprised to find the roads blocked with horses and cows and the petrol stations with no gas while the electric lights don’t work.”

      I was raised in such a world and both morally and humanely speaking it was a better world than this one. We did not have electricity or telephones or televisions. We did not have indoor plumbing of any kind. Certainly it was a hard and often harsh life, but we lived on, and off of, the land itself. That was our primary provider, not the government and certainly not the corporate world. It may surprise you to know that when I finally came to the more “civilized” world with all its modern conveniences “they” discovered that my backward upbringing had given me an education years ahead of anything they could offer here in their fancy high schools. I studied through correspondence courses by coal oil lamp light, and no access to libraries, so how could that be? They had to justify it by claiming I had a high IQ, which is no more than a measurement of hubris.

      What have we lost, Kertsen? We lost our spirit, our determination, our dreams, our humanity and our feet walking on the planet, not on a fake plank-board floor in an air-conditioned apartment with TV ads blaring from room to room.

      I suppose it’s worth it, for a high end Samsung smart phone and a car with GPS.

      We have our modern conveniences, bought with the blood of millions {we don’t want to hear nor know about that} but what have we lost? We lost our humanity and our world. That is a small loss for most, but it is a loss I can never accept.

      Now, where did I leave my chariot last night?


  2. kertsen

    No not random governed by natural selection which eventually resulted in our good selves. Humans do much more than think they compete for the available cake and sometimes the competition is very bloody and neatly summarised in the phrase ‘ The weak to the wall.’
    We are not blank intellectual slates but emotional ambitious clever thinking animals who behave as what we are and a good look at the world shows we are not united in one mind.
    I do not believe we are in control of our own destiny any more than the Dinosaurs were in control of theirs.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      If we are not in control of our destiny, it’s not because we cannot be, it’s because we don’t want to be. I think people assume an awful lot about the dinosaurs and the reason(s) for their demise. Most likely it was climate change.


  3. George F.

    “We love to be enslaved.” Yep. One way or another, we’re all slaves. And, reading the comments, I see you attract the deep thinkers buried beneath WordPress to your sight. Just nice to know.


  4. Rosaliene Bacchus

    A thought-provoking article, Sha’Tara.

    “We cannot fight change because we are a part of it.”
    ~ This statement presupposes that we are a part of what needs changing. We must therefore awaken to the reality that we are the problem before change can occur.

    “The price we must be willing to pay if we would renounce our collusion with destructive, if not murderous beliefs, forces and powers, is to become self-empowered.”
    ~ I don’t consider self-empowerment as a “price…to pay,” but rather a new way of thinking and being of an awakened mind. We pay the price when, as self-powered individuals, we challenge those in power. I think here of the Black Panther movement in the USA in the 1960s and Guyana’s black historian turned opposition political leader, Walter Rodney (1942-1980).

    “Self-empowerment equals the end of every controlling system on earth. No system can exist without our willingness to offer ourselves, in chains, upon the slave auction block.”
    ~ Totally agree.


  5. kertsen

    The dwindling number is the nature of the wealth pyramid , but each layer clings to its position and endeavours to climb up to the next. I’ve said many times I’m near the top of that global pyramid not by my efforts or intelligence but by birth. You could globally say I’m among the elite but as you know there are millions who would not willingly change places with me and millions more who would love the chance to take my place. The horrors are not new but they may be more numerous because of the huge global population and we may know a lot more about them in this information age. You have fought your way up by oil lamp and dogged determination so you are a pyramid climber and I suspect made greater headway than many with the same start.
    There is a good case to believe a large meteor strike killed the dinosaurs but as has recently been pointed out they still fly among us as birds.
    Many of those late dinosaurs had feathers and as we know the immortal gene survives everything . To kill the gene all life down to the smallest microbe would have to be eliminated as beautifully put in Richard Dawkins The selfish Gene.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your further comment, Kertsen.  You say, quote: “The horrors are not new but they may be more numerous because of the huge global population and we may know a lot more about them in this information age.”

      My point, and it is my point, as a human being, and I do think of myself as a human being, is that these horrors  NEED NOT BE. It is more than high time that the people of earth took responsibility for their knowledge and awareness and stopped being sops of systems of power and exploitation gone completely off the rail of human evolution.

      We are not animals, Kertsen. We have an awareness that makes us conscious of right and wrong. Think about that because that means we ARE mentally conscious of our acts and morally responsible for everything we do.

      That to me is a case closed.


  6. adamspiritualwarrior

    I assumed you long knew this by now. ALWAYS copy and even cut onto a new gmail or whatever and PASTE onto a blank surface wherever. Before you post any interesting valuable comment you’ve put your thought, heart, Etheric Qi energy into. So it doesn’t ”vanish” and your valuable consciousness energy thought energy is stored .


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes of course I know this!!! That’s the beauty of replying via email as it leaves a “sent” message in the folder. If the reply goes off into the ether, I just re-copy from the sent folder, which I what i did this time only Word Press fooled me by actually tracing my lost email post and posting it AFTER I’d pasted in the second try. All fun in fun and games…


  7. rawgod

    As Pogo said many years ago, “We have met the enemy, and it is us.” We know each other a little bit, S’T, and we understand what it takes to be self-empowered, and that is not an easy road to walk. But the more people who walk that road, wherever they come from, wherever they are going, increases our chance of getting somewhere meaningful.
    I hate to have to agree, most people are followers, because it is the easiest road to walk, beaten smooth by those who walked there before. But that does not mean we cannot change. I was a follower for many years before I encountered a path that led off the old road. But that road, Buddhism, turned out to be its own beaten path, and I eventually stepped off into the ditch, and across an untrod field. There is no path now ahead of me, I walk where nature, and my life, allow me to go. The amazing thing for me is the farther I walk away from beaten paths, the more I see others following their own paths. We are not all going in the same direction, for direction has lost all meaning. But we are all struggling to get somewhere, and it matters not if our somewheres are the same. It is still “somewhere.”
    And by the very act of every living being who is creating their own path, we are creating change. We are discovering new possibilities. We are entering no-life’s land, because it is not only men who walk here, but any living being capable of advancing it’s own or its species situation. And that is why change will come, and why it will be positive change. There are more of us every day, more of us going every which way, and evolution, both physical and spiritual, always leads somewhere that is a progression from the now.
    I know you know all this, as I believe all who walk their own paths know all this, but I am saying this aloud to cheer on those who are encountering barriers, or those who are newly discovering they are on brand new paths. Walk on, whoever you are, and walk where you will. You will get somewhere, someday.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I agree in entirety with your comment… except for one thing, and quote: ” And that is why change will come, and why it will be positive change.”

      Unless the seeker has a clearly laid-out purpose and knows why, if not where, they are going in their particular direction, there is no way to be certain the change agent will create only positive change. The problem here may be semantics based on the word “positive” of course. If we believe that any change is necessarily positive, then it is.

      My experience prevents me from accepting such a “positive” approach to change. What comes to mind here is the attempted application of the dictatorship of the proletariat during and following the Russian revolution. Granted the powers that be rushed in to ensure the change would not succeed and did a marvellous and bloody job of it too, but shouldn’t the change agent, in this case Marx, then Lenin, have foreseen this and presented their idea for change in a way that made it impervious to take over by destructive forces?

      Good ideas not presented properly, or in the wrong hands, can certainly have other than positive results.


  8. adamspiritualwarrior

    On the subject of Change, enslavement, taking our lives and health into our own hands, and stepping free of the matrix making it irrelevant. Pass this onto your friends and loved ones. Apple juice is what they use but malic acid powder i think for a few days instead can be used for those who don’t want the sugar.
    Liver flush update
    We had a fabulous flush Saturday night. Wink, wink for those that know of what we speak. We hadn’t done a liver flush since March 2016, after a series of flushes over two years that seemed to cleanse our gall bladders and livers completely. Today – hardly anything. Which goes to show you that once you get all this environmental junk out of your liver and start paying attention to what you are consuming, you can begin your own ascension process towards better health and some amazing surprises along the way.
    Read about the Moritz’s Amazing Liver Flush here.

    This cleansing process is part of the ASCEND diet. We call them “sacraments” for a variety of reasons so don’t get wigged out that Betsy and Thomas want you to get involved in some strange cult activity.
    Naturopathic doctors, like Betsy, will understand the importance of providing this information to people as a spiritual, not medical, practice. There are many laws that keep naturopathic doctors from giving out good information to the public. We have seen the untimely death of many recently.

    Each lesson in the ASCEND protocol is a sacrament you can do to honor, bless, and heal your physical body, chakra area by chakra area, as you take control of your digestive system and blood stream from the globalists who are trying to sicken and kill you and your family with their irradiated, GMOed, glyphosate-sprayed crops while the Rothschilds run chemtrail operations from the sky fumigating you like vermin and Big Pharma violates your bloodstream with their pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
    Be of good faith. Eventually we will get this planet cleaned up and the globalist criminals in prison, but in the meantime you can take precautionary steps to protect yourself.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Sorry Adam but Blogspot uses that utterly ignorant captcha thing with selection of images to ‘prove I’m not a robot”. Tried 6 times, then realized I was being made fun of. Gave up.


      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        Thankyou its ok shatara, thanks for trying anyway, Heres an excerpt from one on my posts written from my own fair hand. I realise though now in 2018, compassion lies above all this, but id love it if the higher state of Compassion can be combned beautifully dovetailed somehow with love too. Since theyre all high internal frequency internal emotions on the lad ray quantum calibration scale

        Human 3D-6D calibrations scale: numeric values 0-1000 and their meanings
        NOTE: While Lada Ray Quantum Calibration scale is based on groundbreaking work by Dr. David Hawkins, PhD. and his book Power vs. Force, you will see that it is much deeper and more all-encompassing. It is also substantially more practical, allowing us to calibrate and interpret anything from global events to personal issues and one’s life path. This scale is used in conjunction with Lada Ray Chi Kinesiolgy method. The truth embedded in this scale calibrates at: 995 – Buddha consciousness, or absolute truth.
        IDSW- The Interdimensional Magic of falling in love. That amazing all enveloping multidimensional feeling of having warm syrup poured on your head from above, getting to know someone’s mind, being enthralled at falling for their uniqueness. Seeing and feeling profound lifechanging wonderfulness in their eyes that are gateways to the soul and multidimensions. But a feeling of peace and calm and deep relief and excitement at having found someone. is something truly that defies and goes beyond any scientific explanation despite identifying oxytocin and dopamine being active players. Hopefully in this entire process, that other person feels the same way about you, too.

        In this interesting IDSW report, it has been suggested that the DMT Spirit molecule Governments have banned but occurs endogenously naturally in our brains and bodies including in the plant world. Its effects are similar or identical to Falling in Love. This naturally leads us therefore to imagine the tremendous multidimensional travelling together two lovers can embark on together if both are equally committed to it. A woman’s sexual power is a force to be reckoned with and combined with her heart being soft and open and bestowing love towards her partner, the Space/Time Fabric Etheric Field transforms and causes tremendous bliss, healing, bonding and transport them both to Heaven on Earth – IDSW


  9. Phil Huston

    More rage against the machine? Did someone say ‘bust the gypsy fortune teller’ in a serialized TV cop show? The butler did it? What is it, Lassie? Is Timmy in trouble? Chicken or egg.

    I used a line a novel – “Mo would argue with a fire hydrant ’bout what kind of dog it was peed on it last Thursday.” Being neither the dog or the fire hydrant but having an opinion for both, even if they didn;t care to listen…hmmm…(removes blindfold). I knew it! Burning Woman!

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      That ~burning woman~ again? Annoying, isn’t she. Now Phil, just be thankful that I don’t live in your neighbourhood and I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness knocking on your door everyday!
      Always remember that little ditty: I woke up this morning feeling terribly depressed. I opened the bathroom window and a little bird sat on a limb just outside, singing his little heart out: “Chirrup, chirrup… things could be worse!” So I took his advice. I cheered up and sure as hell things got worse!” Just cheering you up, ol’ buddy! Things are never as bad as they seem, sometimes they’re worse. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (Don’t you just love the logic in that?) Finally, my own life’s motto: Expect the worse, you’ll never be disappointed.” (That one takes some getting used to.)
      But just in case, one more for the halibut: All ranting against my viewpoint(s) is water on a duck’s back: deeply appreciated, certainly, and the effort fully recognized but doesn’t do much good…


  10. Lisa R. Palmer

    I have read, and re-read this post, trying to figure out my own response to it, but it has been too muddled to make sense of it. Yes, change is necessary. Self empowerment, personal responsibility – yes, to these as well. And yet there remains change at a level beyond conscious participation that I cannot quite explain…

    I wouldn’t call it progress because that implies something better. But it might not be all bad, either. I know I am one of the “guilty” ones you harangue against here, because I have actually heard myself say occasionally that almost any change would do, if it would simply get things moving again. Anything to break out of a rut I feel stuck in. Of course, that statement, in whatever form it takes, is a challenge my self (my universe) cannot resist, and the change that comes is often instantly regretted…

    It is the self empowered, self responsible me that can only laugh when that occurs and say, “yep! I asked for that…” But it is truly unfortunate when others get caught up in the aftermath…

    How’s that for saying nothing meaningful at all? ;D


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Lisa. Interesting thoughts here to which my mind instantly proposes why’s and wherefore’s…

      Quote: “Anything to break out of a rut I feel stuck in. Of course, that statement, in whatever form it takes, is a challenge my self (my universe) cannot resist, and the change that comes is often instantly regretted…”

      It’s like the person who is so broke, she decides to use her almost maxed credit card to buy a lottery ticket.

      I’m no teacher but I had great teachers. A powerful lesson on how to proceed in life was to set a life purpose for myself, one so out there, there was no way I could call it a goal: I was never going to reach the end of it, or complete it. The word is “never” as in never!  It’s my own never ending story.

      “Create a very real life for yourself from choosing a life purpose. Choose what purpose you wish to serve in your life, then simply live that purpose. No more doubts; no more wondering; no more questioning who “me” is.” That was the teaching that changed everything.

      I am my purpose, that’s it. With a purpose everything clarifies and the fears cannot hang around. There’s only “time” for the purpose. Everything I think of, say and do flows from my purpose and defines “me” ever more to the purpose. The goal, though it is unattainable is to become absolute compassion. I will then, if there could be a “then” exist as nothing else but compassion. Total transformation, beyond me and my humanity.

      To my way of thinking and reasoning it’s the only way an “Earthian” can become a fully self empowered human being. Imagine being able to say, “No!” even when the rest of the world insists the right answer is “Yes” and know that “No!” is the correct response. Then to face the consequences of choice with equanimity knowing they could not be avoided.

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      1. Lisa R. Palmer

        Ahh… well, then, this explains my dilemma. My ego self does not wish to be abandoned yet, to transform into pure purpose that fuels and directs itself. For to do so is to abandon the illusion of control and choice, to become an absolute, an idea(l), without a conscious entity at the helm. I understand that you believe the goal to be unachievable, and so such total transmutation remains avoidable, but I would not choose it for myself. To have purpose, yes; to become Purpose, no. That is not a life I’d choose for me at this time…

        Obviously, right? ;D


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        And that, I would say, is the beauty and the curse of having individual choice. That is what it means to be human. We choose and only then can we experience the consequences of our choices. A person learns detachment through some great “virtue” for example. What would happen to a person who says, “I don’t want to be loved and I don’t want to love, I want to be Love!” To another who says, “I don’t want to be treated with kindness and I don’t particularly want to be kind, I want to be Kindness.” Another, “I don’t want to receive things and I don’t want to have to give things, I want to be the Gift.” These individuals are choosing the red pill.
        This is at the core of all real change.

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