America: Diversity versus Disparity

Some time back there was a tempest in the social media teapot. It came after his royal pudgy-fingered PG 13 (which at the White House means “Minimum Pussy Grabbing Age 13) President of These United States, declared certain races persona-non-grata in His Kingdom. Such nationalities and races didn’t fit the new profile being advertised as proper for the Kingdom’s expanding white supremacist swamp.

That, of course, wasn’t the first time such a thing had happened in the Kingdom but that was before social media so all can be excused for not being aware of it. After all America, and much of the rest of the planet, emerged from the Dark Ages to populate Facebook and imitators, spewing and spawning its collective BS as if it were the most precious substance in the universe. Who cares what happened in the Dark Ages before 2005?

Having got that out of the way, let’s get a bit more serious before the wine runs out.

During that tempest, the old cant that America was founded on diversity was brought out of retirement, dusted off and vigorously waved about to counter the Trumper King’s signing of the new Magna Carta handing out more power and money to his nobility and racist supporters alike.

The problem here isn’t what the Trumper King was doing. After all a King has absolute power and His Royal Self was demonstrating that fact, never to be forgotten.

The problem is the subsequent claim to said Kingdom being founded on diversity. Key word: founded.

A nation is never founded on ideals, that being the mission statement. Ideals are fine on a piece of paper protected by inch-thick glass but not beyond. Beyond it just means trouble.

Think of it like being comfortably ensconced in your favourite pew some Sunday morning while working out your moves for the golf course in the afternoon and suddenly, out of the blue (literally speaking) Jesus appears, nudges the preacher gently out of the way and takes over the pulpit. General consternation and cries of “No! No, no, no! That’s not how it works. Whoa! You can’t be here, you’re supposed to be in heaven where you can’t cause trouble. You’re outta here, buddy! Somebody, shut the sound system down, throw him out!”

That’s the problem with idols such as divinities and belief systems and constitutions. They’re only good as long as they support the status quo and if they don’t, then they remain securely under glass or on stained glass. You can’t drag them out into the open and use them. That’s not allowed, not without properly authorized “interpreters.”

The idea that America is founded on diversity is false. America is entirely founded on disparity. For those who don’t have a dictionary of synonyms, diversity is not a synonym for disparity. You can take my word for that.

Certainly it cannot be disputed that America’s social landscape consists of much diversity. The history is there and descendants of diverse nationalities or races are the people who make up the population of America. But to go from “consists of” to “founded upon” is a leap off the proverbial cliff. It is totally misleading.

What controls and shapes America is not the diversity of the many races, or minorities representative of such races, but the disparity that exists between its social strata. That is what it is founded upon.

If we want to put a label on America’s foundation, disparity, we can safely call it greed. Greed of gargantuan and unapologetic proportions. Greed that is currently eating the nation alive.

Oh yes, before Jesus was unceremoniously dragged from the pulpit and ejected out the door on his face, he did manage to say this, “And I repeat again, the love of money is the root of all evil!” Then he mumbled under his breath as he picked himself up and brushed the small stones from his tunic, “I’ll be back!” and vanished.

24 thoughts on “America: Diversity versus Disparity

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  2. kertsen

    A lovely rant with some very novel language, I must get back to school . Those dark ages are supposedly the great pyramid of civilisation on which the modern age stands triumphantly. But boy it’s good to feel that mobile in the right hand and tap that tablet as we send our ideas skating across the globe. These toys came out of the dark ages just like the motor car, the airplane and the beefburger. We stand on the past and threaten anyone who attempts to kick it down. It’s all written in the sacred books which never date but apply for all eternity. Why do we insist living with guns as if we were still in the wild west when only ministers and fools did not carry them? Why do we insist marriage is between a man and a woman when the modern world denies such a notion?
    The reason is we tip our hats to the past and think today’s truth is the same as yesterday’s, when it blatantly is not the same . We progress in technologist and stagnate in moral leadership.
    Jesus was a revolutionary who kicked the old Jewish law into the long grass he was not afraid to suggest human nature needed to change .
    ‘ You must be born again’ but Paul knew it was too much so he reinstated the old law subtly putting off the new birth until death.
    Paul was right but we can change the collective law of the land to make the population more comfortable , to increase freedom and look after our citizens.


  3. franklparker

    You are absolutely 100% correct in this one, Sha’Tara. Greed is the great motivator. And never far behind is fear. Fear of loss. The antithesis of fear is hope. Hope for something better on the other side of the fence, the river, the ocean. Those were the three things that drove the occupants of the Mayflower and all who followed them. Find a better place, never mind that it is presently occupied by others. We can take it from them and make it better for all. It’s what has made the Middle East a cauldron of war ever since Moses led the Israelites into ‘the promised land’ which just happened to be already occupied by others (Canaanites or Philistines, who cares?). And now, as we destroy the planet, the quest is to conquer space! Who was it wrote the book “Make Room! Make Room!”?

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Oh yes, there is one thing to add on re-reading and thinking on a deeper level about your great comment. You say hope, and I agree… but… could we say “hope accompanied by compassion” so it doesn’t just become hope for those of the Mayflower or the followers of Moses, but hope for all, those who arrive and those who receive them? For those arriving, hope for peace and freedom from oppression; for those receiving, hope that the new arrivals will enrich and expand the meaning of their own lives?

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting and reminding me of this reality! Introducing the possibility that compassion could become the way of life here is supposed to be my job according to the Teachers. The way they taught me on compassion; how it works; how it undermines the “Matrix” and develops self empowerment actually makes sense to me now. I know it’s not the way this world has gone, is going, or planning its future upon but I was warned it wasn’t going to be understood “this time around.” Plant the seeds, don’t even look for results, just keep planting. Just another “Stranger in a Strange Land” passing through…


  4. Rosaliene Bacchus

    The bottle of wine sure did clear your head, Sha’Tara. Disparity not diversity. Couldn’t agree more. The same is true for Europe’s colonization of the world. The effects of that greedy expansion haunt us still.


  5. katharineotto

    Cute, Sha’Tara.

    It calls to mind the clash of cultures that occurred when the Europeans arrived in the Americas. As far as I know, greed came with them, because indigenous cultures trusted nature to provide. Land-based cultures–based on the little I know about them–don’t need to expand, hoard, and exploit.

    As Frank notes above, greed is based on fear, or insecurity. Fear of lack leads to hoarding. It is sad, according to me, that in the land of (supposed) plenty, there is so much fear and competition for more resources than we need.

    I’m not sure I understand your distinction between diversity and disparity. If I’m interpreting you correctly, our “Founders” intensified disparities while trying to own and tame diversity. The economic and social hierarchy, for instance, would be an example of intensifying disparity.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Katherine. Quote: ” If I’m interpreting you correctly, our “Founders” intensified disparities while trying to own and tame diversity. The economic and social hierarchy, for instance, would be an example of intensifying disparity.” That is exactly what they did. Re: the false belief in diversity, one of America’s driving myths is the “melting pot” ideology. It never took root but that was the intent for American society, that somehow the diversities brought there would be blended into one people under God or whatever. The very last thing the “makers” of America wanted was diversity. The only country I know of that has successfully handled diversity without ethnic conflict is Switzerland. Every ethnicity is allowed to have its own language, customs and traditions. The Swiss I have met spoke German, French, Italian and English, all taught in their schools. Might be something there the rest of the world could learn from.

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      1. katharineotto

        Sha’Tara, I wish I were a polyglot. I believe most Europeans speak more than one language. Possibly the best way to understand a culture is to speak its language. Americans lose by not having more language “diversity.” Yet another way “diversity” was discouraged. Think of all the immigrants who were ashamed of their native tongues.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I’m a European Canadian. I speak two languages fluently, plus enough of a third one to get along when necessary. Learning non-mother tongue languages is an immersion thing, not a book thing. When immersed on a “foreign” culture it’s inevitable that we will absorb it as it absorbs us. If there is no racist policy or tendency against it, both side learn from each other and understanding is greatly expanded. Ignorance fears diversity.

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      3. katharineotto

        I agree with immersion, Sha’Tara. When I was backpacking through Europe, many moons ago, I became relatively fluent in understanding, if not speaking, French. It’s much easier when you are surrounded by people who are speaking it.


  6. Woebegone but Hopeful

    We as a race of Humanity have a limited time to change our ways. We do not own the planet’s infrastructure nor its mechanics. We sit upon the skin, footling about the place. There will be a reaction, and it will not matters how many ‘magic’ billions people are worth, they will go down just like the rest of the population.
    Geological record. That’s all one needs to look at to realise the forces involved.
    How small we are.
    We could be so much more.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Roger. Quote: “How small we are. We could be so much more.”
      Yes we certainly could be. Furthermore, we were given the means to be so much more, as a free gift, included with the download. It’s called compassion. It’s an add-on that needs activating but people fear to activate it thinking that it will cause problems.
      “It’ll slow my system down and I’ll have to learn new commands, new tricks. I’ll pass, too much bother.”
      Even if it’s guaranteed to stop your system from crashing?
      “There’s got to be other ways…”

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        The aggressive, the egotists, the exploiters and the hate-mongers can huff and puff as much as they want, at the end of the day, they will be so much dust, blown away and the planet will move on.


      2. Woebegone but Hopeful

        We will do that! From and to a place in Creation where we too least expect it!


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