The Sea, The Individual

[voice from the Other Side – Sha’Tara]

It is difficult to express a new thought about the sea. The sea has
fascinated mankind since… when? Since “man” became aware and realized the
sea was where he’d evolved from? Or since the day the created human stood
beside it and saw his first storm and his first sunset? I don’t want to
enter into a creation/evolution debate here but the fact remains: most
people are still fascinated by the sea.

I am fascinated by the sea.

The sea is a living being, as alive as you and me. And you can count on her
changing moods. She is charged with emotions. From the standpoint of a
single human life, she is an ancient being. But she remains very much in a
primitive state, for such an entity. She is young, often angry and quite
intolerant of other life forms. If you would exist within her, or on her,
you have to have adapted well to her ways — she does not adapt to yours.
There are no individual drops of water in the sea.

What I find most fascinating about her is her soliloquy. She talks to
herself all the time and one is easily mesmerized by her voice if one
learns to still the internal dialogue and listen. She murmurs, groans,
thunders, roars and rumbles. Rarely does she remain silent. Is there some
special message in that cacophony? Or is it just the discordant cries of
loss and despair from countless drops of water absorbed and disenfranchised
within the tidal flows of that great monster?

There is another sea I tend to sit and listen to, equally frightening,
equally sad. Equally fascinating.

The human sea. The sounds of the great collectives that crash
against one-another, grinding each other, never understanding. Equally as
brutal as the great waves crashing onto the ancient rocks, inexorably eating
away at them. Individuals ground between these monsters seldom realize
themselves as entities that matter or can make a difference. The human
conundrum. They are victims of movements beyond their control, beyond their
strength to move out of their way, let alone master.

Or so they believe because that is how they are programmed to believe.

I read a comment on one of my essays which stated: “I feel so guilty when I
realize what is being done. I wish I was more involved and would do
more…” The implied notion is that this dis-empowered person cannot do
anything, or much. And of course, within the sea that is true. The sea
does not allow individual drops of water to be empowered. She swallows it
all into her great hungering maw, her absorbing oneness. Not for the
benefit of the individuals thus swallowed, but to sate her own blind,
primitive need: mindless power.

From the visions of *Al’Tara:
There will come a time in your future when those of you who remain alive
here (Future lives? Future generations of your loins? Matters not) will
learn the ultimate lesson of the *ISSA being. You will repudiate all of your
institutions, your collectives, your global madness. You will come as
rag-tag individuals, staggering out of the sea to establish your own
personal little place upon the planet. You will see your neighbours’
campfires and you will greet them with only one thought: “Is there something
of mine I could share with you to help you?” All of your desires will be to
help your neighbour, and to bless and honour the world you walk upon.

You will have no laws, no government, no religion, no rich or poor, no
injustice. You will no longer seek to form power groups. Not even families
will matter. Children will roam freely from house to house, learn freely,
mate freely, create new homes freely. Old people will be revered for their
knowledge, wisdom and experience. They will belong to all, your ultimate
riches temporarily held in their frail and failing bodies. When one of them
smiles upon you and your efforts you will know you are being blessed.

There will be, in this distant future, constant rejoicing upon this world.
And man will live at peace with all of nature.

Two things you will no longer experience: guilt and shame. You will know,
individually, through your own awareness and your ability to know yourself
that even though you choose to bear responsibility for everything that
touches you and you should fail in some way, your efforts in the process
are impeccable. Any failure will not carry blame because your desires are
aligned to the greater good, not to personal gain.

It is not what you accomplish that matters but the state of mind you are in
as you seek to do the greater things. The state of mind you are in as you
contemplate your dream, your vision, your quest, the path you have chosen as
an individual, to walk upon. In self-empowerment. In complete detachment.
In compassion.

Let those who claim to have wisdom understand the true meaning of this
“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first
earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.” [Revelation 21:1
– The Bible]

(*Al’Tara: Mind sharer; alter ego; astral and cosmic traveler)
(*ISSA: intelligent, sentient, self aware)

15 thoughts on “The Sea, The Individual

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Sarah! I’ve been reading and pondering what I call your “love sonnets” and using your own wisdom to keep me grounded and inspired these days. Just haven’t had much time to comment on other blogs than this one. Time… time… O, give me more time!


  1. Phil Huston

    The sea is the real power on this planet. Good observation. Stand and listen to it wail and crash against the cliffs, whisper to a sandy beach, be beautiful and obscene in the same location over the course of a day. I have seen the sea laugh at lighthouses, throw its gentle breeze through gauze curtains, waste cities. Speak to the sea and you speak to the life of Earth. Listen and you hear her story.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Interestingly, the sea is also an alien invader here: it came from another planet called Tiamat, a now defunct water planet of this solar system that was many times larger than earth. Some say earth is a piece of Tiamat, others, that earth received some of Tiamat’s waters when that world was smashed and destroyed. Thus an alien invader caused biological life to spread, flourish and go nuts on this world.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Phil Huston

        I still think we’re the aliens. After the water planet and amoeba with legs thing got situated, dolphins and whales and all that, then a handful of us got left at the way station one day.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Still the best explanation (and ref: the two creation stories of biblical Genesis) remains that we were naturally evolving creatures until intercepted. We were “gmo’d” by another set of much later aliens, the Anunnaki. They’re the ones who invented homo sapiens. Little did they know they’d just invented a very, very nasty predator that would eventually practically eat itself off its only world.


  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Beautifully lyrically Sha’Tara.
    Two thirds of the surface is water. The ocean currents affect the weather. Coastal communities are conditional at its behest. We travel upon it with caution.
    If King Cnute ever did sit on his throne on the shoreline it was to prove to his sycophants just how minor a Human was against nature (he was of Viking stock ,so was in a good position to know that)


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    The Sea! Now but a fraction of what was part of a mighty water world, Tiamat, from whence come our “myths” of sea monsters and of course, the mer people, or “mermaids”. I have to write about my adventures as a mermaid on Tiamat, some day. Did you know that our strange over-sized “moon” which we have yet to name (and isn’t that a bit strange we’ve never quite managed to name our sun or our moon, but have diligently done so for all other planets and even planetoids we’ve discovered around here?) was a satellite of the shattered Tiamat (the largest planet then in existence in this solar system), and was called “Kingu” as in, Mighty One? When Tiamat was shattered, parts of it became the asteroid belt. One of the parts that did not quite shatter, so it is believed, followed by its faithful Kingu, became planet Earth, hence why there is so much water on earth, and why life so suddenly sprung up here: it all came from Tiamat. Also explains the powerful attraction between “Kingu” or the moon, and our Sea. They still mourn the loss of Tiamat.
    Well, as “rawgod” would put it, “nuff said”!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Incomplete comment above: “They still mourn the loss of Tiamat.” and adding, as do I, in my greater moments of lucidity. Some things we can never, ever, forget. Tiamat was my home, over 4 billion earth years ago. It still calls, across time and space. The shattering of Tiamat, a political move by forces so mighty we cannot conceive of such power, was beyond shocking. Some of us on the earth fragment survived, billions of others were flung out into space with Tiamat’s waters, some to collect and freeze on the outer planets, where they remain to this day. Earth was born from predatory violence and developed from that as its primary energy. When people speak of “the goddess” and “mother earth” they don’t mean this piece of earth at all, they mean Tiamat, the peaceful nurturer of proto life in this system. Another term for Tiamat could well be “Genesis”. {of note: “earth” is not a name either. If we can put “the” in front of it, we consider it but a thing.}


  4. Rosaliene Bacchus

    “There will be, in this distant future, constant rejoicing upon this world. And man will live at peace with all of nature.”
    ~ Alas, a distant future indeed! Before must come a great dying of the darkness of humankind.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Interesting your choice of words, “Before must come a great dying of the darkness of humankind.” This isn’t a “shameless plug” at all, just to point out that in the latest novel I’ve been almost “forced” to write, my two main characters are going to do exactly what you say: eradicate their mutual human (Earthian) darkness from within their hearts and minds. I have an idea how they’re going to manage it, but I know from personal experience, it will not be an easy thing to do. I couldn’t even begin to list all the obstacles they are going to encounter in this process. As usual, I will say this (and this is a shameless plug) it can be arrived at through compassionate living. I know because I am doing it and I know that from people who’ve known me for many decades and are saying they’ve noticed the change. What can I say, I go with what works.


  5. kertsen

    ‘ The Sea of Faith
    Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore
    Lay like the folds of a bright girdle curled.
    But now I only hear
    Its melancholy, long , withdrawing roar,
    Retracting to the breath
    Of the night-wind, down the vast edges drear
    And naked shingles of the world.

    Ah, love , let us be true
    To one another! for the world, which seems
    To lie before us like a land of dreams,
    So various, so beautiful, so new,
    Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
    Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
    And we are here as on a darkling plain
    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
    Where ignorant armies clash by night. ‘


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Nice! Couldn’t remember the poet’s name so had to look it up: Matthew Arnold, circa 1851. I thought it would have been a classic WWI or WWII poem!!! Certainly fits how I see this civilization, or “world” myself.



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