The Shared Mind

a vision, by Sha’Tara]

It is difficult at times to determine if a vision is good or bad. I suppose it can be argued that it’s all on how it makes you feel, or the effect the memory of it has. In any case you may find the following entertaining, interesting, perhaps even intriguing. Perhaps you even know what this is all about.  Perhaps this is also a part of your reality.

There was a girl on the street. A quite ordinary looking girl in scuffed runners, faded jeans and an oversized blue sweat shirt. Her dark hair was tied in a loose pony tail. How old was she? You don’t ask a woman her age.

She was kneeling by a broken vase someone had heaved out of an open window.  It’s possible it had simply fallen. There were stems of dried, long dead flowers scattered all around, and some spots of rust coloured liquid spattered the cement under the broken pieces.   Water or blood?

I watched this girl very carefully, though she could not see me. I was using a wide power pole to hide behind so I could observe the scene without disturbing anything, neither her thoughts nor her movements.

She picked up the broken vase, and carefully held it as she arranged the pieces so it would look as if it was still in one piece. It had been painted over with a cheap imitation of mother-of-pearl. So, rule out the possibility that it had been either a fancy or expensive item.  She picked up the dried flower stems and put them in the vase. Then she stared at it, unmoving for several minutes.

I waited and wondered. What was the girl thinking?  Doing?

You know those balloon things you see over the heads of people in cartoons?  I saw one of those over her head.  I saw what she was thinking.  She wasn’t thinking in words, or perhaps I didn’t know her language, but what I saw did surprise me.

There was an image in the balloon.  It was of the vase she had so carefully reassembled.  A man in an outlandish uniform was holding the vase, and it was filled with the most beautiful bunch of red roses.  He was handing it to a woman.  The woman was veiled, her face hidden behind a white lace and her hands, as she reached for the vase, were covered by white lace gloves. In contrast, she wore a floor-length black dress with a high collar. They were standing in a large room and I could tell from the man’s uniform, the woman’s dress, the curtains and pictures on the walls, that this was of another time, and of another part of the world.

What kind of past life memory had I come upon?  What old love story was being brought forth from the nether worlds by this strange and unexpected vision?

The girl on the sidewalk slowly let the broken vase slip from her hands and its pieces spread out as before.  The balloon image vanished.  She got up, holding her right hand over her eyes, found her balance and looked around.  I had stepped out from behind my hiding place and when our eyes met, I saw her eyes welling with tears, and more running down her face.

Her lips made a surprised “O” and she turned abruptly, running away from me down the street.  I looked down and there was nothing on the sidewalk, just the dirty, old, cracked cement. No broken vase, no dried up flower stems, no rust-coloured stains. Down the street, no woman running.

I knew instinctively that I had no need to go running after her and try to glean the story from her.  In my mind I knew I had seen her thoughts because I was one of her “partials” as my people explain it.  A piece of her mind linked to mine.

I will find her again and I will get the story (if I want it), whether in a restaurant, in a dream, in a vision, in a walk by a lake, in a memory, even in another life, in a lovers’ embrace, none of those particulars matters.  We are linked in a shared mind, that’s what matters. It’s what I needed corroboration for: the shared mind theory.

23 thoughts on “The Shared Mind

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hey there George! Yeah, my heart had so many band-aids and sutures, the Teachers had me in surgery to give me a whole new one. That new one doesn’t break, I think it’s probably silicone or something like… This one doesn’t do emotions. 🙂

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      1. kertsen

        Judging from this mystical tale it is full of emotions. No doubt Freud were he around could make something of it I expect he would equate the broken vase to the broken world we all seem intent on piecing together, and our tears because we cannot do it. Out of the broken comes beauty and wonder , perfection lasts forever but goes nowhere. They say the New Jerusalem will be perfect , well if so I want no part of it , imperfection is part of my life-blood . I heard a fiendishly difficult solo violin work by Paganini , it’s a wonder it can be played, he had reputation of being possessed by the Devil.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you for your deeply thought comment, Kertsen. Food for thought, certainly. Do you know the title of this Paganini violin solo? I might be able to listen to it on YouTube. A agree with you about perfection. Another of those absolutes that cannot “manifest” in our material order without evaporating it, like the universal solvent. Healing and reconciliation however do not mean perfection. They mean acceptance when possible, avoidance when not, but no resort to violence. It’s the violence the healer is concerned about. As the vase was broken by violence. It’s our innate violence we need to eradicate from our own hearts and minds so we can experience at least some degree of peace, freedom, and security. That is a gift we can give each other. Why must we cheer at destruction and yawn at creation, as has been observed?


      3. kertsen

        Paganini wrote 24 caprices for solo violin it is the last one no 24 it seems to set everything on fire. You are quite right acceptance is the greatest of all gifts and there is no rest until we give in to its healing balm.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Wow, that is some piece of violin music. No wonder most of the comments indicate some degree of being stunned. How did that violin survive such treatment? 🙂


      5. George F.

        Perhaps my guess was close…by some of your posts I gathered the emotions were gone…you wrote something like: “I can’t love you but I’ll help you pack…” which devastated me…


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, George. Sorry about the “devastating” but I suppose there is no help for that. I would make a very good Vulcan actually. I don’t take any emotionally-based acts: they lead to impulsive reactions and grave error. They prevent a proper assessment of a condition or situation. It doesn’t mean one has to be a cold bitch. A better approach is through compassion which is not an emotion, but as I have discovered, a force without a dark side. You see, love always gives rise to hate – complementary emotions.

        In computer terms, love would be called an app or program. Compassion is an operating system. Once installed it goes through the computer (the individual) and roots out all aspects of previous operating systems until only compassion is left. Then it accepts downloads and install only of compatible programs. Once one runs on compassion there is no need for anti-virus or anti-phishing programs either. It’s a very powerful thing. Love will confuse you because it is unreliable and reciprocal. You may find yourself going from one lover to another by falling in love again. You will find that love demands feed-back, reciprocity, from that which it is attached to, and love does not work without powerful attachments.

        Compassion stands alone, needs no validation or feed-back, has no attachments. It works equally well within the duality environment (Earth and universe) or outside of it (in cosmic infinity). Love is endlessly making judgements of approval or condemnation. Compassion uses discernment. Love is exclusive, compassion is totally inclusive. Love is constantly open to the curse of jealousy (even God claims, “I’m a jealous God”); compassion cannot be affected by any aspect of jealousy or competition.

        Seems rather obvious to me but then I’ve been using this operating system for decades, so I know what it can do. It’s a bit like ditching Windows to run on this Ubuntu system.

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      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        Gowsh, golly George… I’m dessicateded with humblification… and in accepting this award, I wish to thank my oldest brother, my parents, their parents, the Pope, my first grade teacher, the boy next door, Mr. Sams the ice cream man, the third act clown in last summer’s circus, my best friend Josephine, and finally, George F. without whom none of this would have been possible. {deep bow} Thank you, thank you, thank you, I really, really mean it {being dragged off the stage waving wildly}

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  1. Phil Huston

    Visions and exposure to the answers of silent questions as they are presented is the shared mind at work. The issue is to be ready, and willing, to accept them. The stories are on the air. All we need to do is tune in, and on occasion, wait.

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  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Enthralling. Not my part of The Cosmos but I can still witness something intriguing happening.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Visions generate many levels of awareness. I found out the story behind this one, by the way. The woman’s husband unexpectedly returned from a campaign and discovered the roses, put two and two together. There was violence against the woman and her lover who was killed in a duel. It happened in Spain. The vase had been flung out the window. Doesn’t invalidate Kertsen’s interpretation, the deeper one.
      What I was after however was a demonstration of the shared mind concept; that “partials” share “mind space” with each other so that a mind doesn’t have to be alone. Once we realize that we have intimate friends sharing our mind space, life becomes much more colourful and we give up trying to control all of our thoughts since they are not all ours! As you say, a different aspect of the cosmos!!!

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        A nd works very well Sha’ Tara. Whereas there will be much speculation generated on telepathy as a scientific matter, Empathy between people in close harmony is achievable.
        Thought for the day :Radio pundits should stick to garden, cooking or flower arranging hints. Far more productive.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I agree on your TFTD, but that won’t happen as long as there is $ involved. I solved my own radio pundit (and TV talking heads) problem over 40 years ago, the last time I listened to radio, or watched TV. Imagine the empathy one can have within a shared mind. Perhaps that is the elementary stage where we learn to re-acquire our sense of telepathy. We had it once, as suggested in the “tale” of Babel. That is a story that curious and intelligent individuals should study and dwell on. Imagine a “power group” (of the kind you think about as ruling an unruly mankind) observing that as telepathic people sharing all our thoughts we had become so powerful and advanced we were actually involved in building space-faring ships (the Babel “tower” that would reach to the heavens). Unfortunately for us, fortunately for them, they were our masters and controllers. They had an implant they could activate to destroy our ability to cooperate. Quick review {and quote}:
        Ge. 11:5 But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building.
        Ge. 11:6 The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.
        Ge. 11:7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”
        Ge. 11:8 So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city.
        Ge. 11:9 That is why it was called Babel — [That is, Babylon; Babel sounds like the Hebrew for confused.] because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world. From there the LORD scattered them over the face of the whole earth. {end of biblical quote}
        We still use it in a very limited sense when we speak of imagination and “inspiration” or of our muses. We’re just afraid to violate societal taboos by taking it out for a real ride.

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      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I can’t imagine any pundit doing anything constructive with their time on the airwaves, after all, where would be the $/£ etc in that. It was just a passing museful notion.
        When dealing with the Bible we have to bear in mind we have to deal with a lyrical, poetical, often oral tradition where illustrative lyricism is used to construct the narrative. So ‘Babel’ which is part of the whole of Genesis can be seen as an folk-story. In this folk who had been told to go out and cover the earth and are not doing so but hunkering down and being insular are made to do so. The ‘tower’ being a illustration of their arrogance in not spreading out, but getting up to Heaven and trying to take over. All very allegorical.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks Roger. Once again you remind me of how different are our mutual worlds. Allegorical? OK, so I buy a child a toy with coloured pieces that go together. Before I give the child her toy I say, “Now listen. This is a toy. Just a toy. It will not teach you anything about matching colours, or shapes, or putting things together. It isn’t to teach anything at all, not observation, not dexterity. It is strictly for your entertainment. So the child plays with the toy for an hour, gets thoroughly bored with it and never looks at it again: what would be the point? What if I had said to the child, “Here is a truly magic toy. It will show you things you didn’t think possible. Colours, shapes, pieces fitting together to make other things according to your fancy. Look…” and now the child’s imagination is fired off and will never go flat again. The bible, or any such part myth, part history, part observation stories, are magical. They work on our imagination, our genetic remembrances, our suspicions, our theories, our wonder at the existential, endless question: who am I? If we are not forever putting puzzle pieces together, we are the zombies dutifully, pointlessly trudging through a life that has no meaning.
        Remember this, Roger, the only time, the ONLY time one is wrong is when one harms another through neglect/uncaring, anger, fear, hate or greed, i.e., through selfishness. One can never be wrong when analyzing, interpreting and drawing conclusions or developing theories to arrive at some truth. Only when these are done with intent to cause harm is it wrong. Believe all things, believe in nothing.
        There is nothing wrong in watching a bumblebee and wondering how it can fly. Squashing it just because one has that power, that is wrong, in fact it is criminal. Imagine how much worse is the squashing of interpretive imagination, something that organized religion and official education excel at doing. Then ask yourself this critical question: why would they do that?

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      5. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Why would they do that? Why would they do that??
        Because they could be:
        Arrogant, or
        Greedy for Power or,
        Hate to be proven wrong or,
        Ignorant, or
        Stupid, or
        Convinced theirs in the right way, or
        Believe they know best, or
        Feeling the people ‘follow’ them will lead, or
        The folk before did it that way, or
        Scared in case someone kicks them out, or
        Our leaders stumble, bumble, fall, or some just get nudged aside and fade away. The constant in trying to stay on top, the means are variable, the individuals they come and they go.
        Some think they have a bright new idea. Some think they must preserve The Way. Some believe they are The Person of The Hour.
        And folk believe them.
        It’s incredible we’ve made it this far. But we can’t rely on The Survival Instinct all the time. Maybe we are doing something right in small ways and maybe we will make it through. Perspective would be a useful tool in the kit.


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        In our thinking we need to move away from “leadership thinking” to “self empowered thinking” which means taking responsibility for our thoughts and acts. I believe we were severed from the so-called survival instinct when we were split from the natural and normal “evolutionary” process into a whole new aspect of life in which we had to adapt because we no longer fit the evolutionary pattern. It’s easy to see that this happened, if a bit difficult to put a time on that event. Suffice it to say that it was horribly revolutionary and destabilizing to the entire planet. A misfit lifeform was created, cloned, invented, and prodded into life. It was an experiment and no one knew what would come of it. Well, we became too successful and the makers tried to wipe us out at least once, unsuccessfully. And here we are, turning our natural world into an artificial one, into megalopolises. We’re literally eating up our own world and we’re already eating each other up in resource wars. We are not natural creatures naturally “evolving” until nature decides enough is enough and wipes out 90% of mankind. Nature is no longer in control of this experiment (never was actually), only man is. Man’s terrible success is not due to his reliance on some law of survival of the fittest. The successful pride doesn’t keep on killing and killing until an entire herd of wildebeest or buffaloes is annihilated. One kill to satisfy current hunger is enough and nothing will be killed until hunger manifests again. That is not a subtle difference between mankind and “the king of beasts.”
        As my visions of a distant future have shown me, we need to completely redefine how we approach our world, how we interact with it. We need to develop a whole new way of thinking and apply it. We do this or we will indeed become a spot on the fossil record, only it is man that will have caused that extinction event, not nature. To accomplish our own human survival and mental evolution we must develop and practice individual or self empowerment. Our leadership is corrupt, as are all the institutions led by such leadership. We know that corruption is not fixable, we have our history to show us. That leaves us with only one option: self empowerment and taking personal responsibility for every aspect our our lives.

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      7. Woebegone but Hopeful

        HI Sha’ Tara. I’m sticking with us being part of just one part of the Life Cycles upon our planet. Our currently position in terms of the history of Life is less than a tiny fraction of a heart-beat in comparison with other species, and we may not have the capacity to survive much longer, which is what Life is all about. We may well be very self-aware and adaptable, but unless our collective minds can change the room for error grows narrower and narrower. The fossil record gives us ample warning (Even if was (Sarcasm Warning:) knocked together on the Fifth or Sixth Day as a celestial message ‘- ‘Don’t Mess With The Planet kids!’)


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